Carter’s Keep Me Dry Flannel Bassinet Pad, Monkey

Carter’s Keep Me Dry Flannel Bassinet Pad, Monkey

Carter’s bassinet crib pad provides extra absorbency and comfort for all your waterproofing needs. Place the pad under your fitted sheet in a bassinet for extra waterproof protection. 100% waterproof back protects mattresses from accidents.

Main features

  • 100% cotton flannel
  • Imported
  • 100% waterproof
  • Cotton flannel offers maximum absorbency
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


4 stars for price 5 for function

It works great on our changing table. It’s already saved it from one mess and I’d rather toss this in the wash than the fitted sheet. Took it out of the dryer and it still looks wonderful.

Robyn Okay, OK


This product is ok. I thought it would fit on the bassinet mattress better but it isn’t fitted at all, I had to tuck the edges under. Other than that it shipped fast and is cute.

Erna Carolina, PR

Keeps me dry!

We use these on top of our changing pad. Even on top of the changing pad cover. We have 3 or 4 different ones so it’s super easy to just change these out when they get wet or dirty and only wash the changing pad cover when it needs it. They also work well in the bassinet or even in bed.

Kellie Palau, PW

perfect fit for travel crib!

This was a great fit for my graco travel lite crib between the sheet & mattress pad! I wanted something that could add padding but also keep it dry and this does both!

Krystal Beverly, KS

this pad works great

It really helps preventing messes on the changing station. It stays in place, is water proof, feels soft, washes well, I need to get another one…

Jamie Williams, IA

More useful than a barrel of monkeys

This is so cute and incredibly useful. We bought this to protect our son’s bassinet bedding/mattress. We’ve used it to protect guest laps, to cover the changing pad, as a portable floor mat, anywhere we want to make sure to keep something dry or provide a clean surface for the baby. It’s easy to wash and after four months it shows no sign of wear. We love it so much I bought one for my pregnant sister!

June Stanley, IA

A got-to-have baby item IMO

These are great for covering diaper changing pads, public changing tables, protecting your couch if you change your baby there or when visiting a friend, protecting the bouncer, johnny jump up and other cloth seat toys, the car seat when potty training… They wash over and over and stay intact if you follow the care instructions. So much easier to toss a pad in the wash than to clean a couch, etc. I like this size best, but they do have a smaller size available as well. Also, this fits a Summer Infant Bassinet Pad (I’m using it with my Graco Travel Lite Crib) with about an inch left around the sides, so it covers the important places. Its just a waterproof barrier pad, not the kind that add padding or thickness and not a mattress cover that has elastic around the edges or is fitted. Its completely flat. Just wanted to make that clear to the new mamas out there. All the baby products out there can be overwhelming sometimes!

Rose Cumberland Gap, TN

Great Pad

I used this in my son’s playpen and it does what its suppose to 🙂 It is also very cute.

Vonda Roanoke, AL

Does the job!

These pads work incredibly well. We have several and have never had a leak through them. I highly recommend them.

Edwina Perry, TX

Perfect size to place in the crib under the newborn

Perfect size to place in the crib under the newborn. It’s much easier to swap these out if the baby spits up or drools. It saves you from having to change the sheets all the time. I like to have about 3 or 4 of these on stand-by. Great purchase.

Brenda Trout, LA

Use it daily, easily washable

This is a thick flannel pad that works good for changing my son. It fits great in his Pack ‘N Play, which keeps the sheets clean when I change him. It is thick and soft, washes well and if folded right when taken out of the dryer, it folds flat. It does tend to wrinkle if left in a wad or in the dryer for too long.

Lori Dale, SC

cute, soft, and water proof

I love these Carters flannel bassinet pads. They are the perfect size for placing over a changing table, or the changer thing on a pack n play. I also keep one in my diaper bag for changing diapers away from home. I have 3, the monkeys, the frogs, and the “ecru” one with the little animals. They wash well too…these monkeys have been pooped on 3 times and you’d never know the pad was ever washed except of course the poop is gone 🙂 I’m going to order a 4th pad since blowouts have been a daily occurence in my home lately. I like them a lot better than the plastic-ey ones.

Jannie Wadley, GA

Small, but good

This pad does not cover the entire basinnet mattress, however when centered covers where it matters. Thick and absorbent, nothing leaks through.

Blanca Emery, SD

Another “must-have” for my baby.

This is really great and has saved me from having soiled bedding. High quality fabric, very absorbent, with a super cute design.

Hollie Ellicott City, MD