Carters Keep Me Dry Flannel Lap Pads, Ecru, 3 Count, Animal

Carters Keep Me Dry Flannel Lap Pads, Ecru, 3 Count, Animal

Carter’s multi functional 3 pack waterproof pads can be used during diaper changes, feeding, travel, and playtime. Measures 12×13.5 for plenty of coverage and has an absorbent and soft flannel front with a waterproof back. Phthalate and PVC free.

Main features

  • Includes 3 pads
  • 100% waterproof
  • Cotton flannel surface
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


You need these if you’re having a baby…

I love these pads. You just need to know what they are…they are not burp cloths. They are little pads that you put under your spitter upper or under baby’s bottom on the changing pad or on the carpet for a quick diaper change.I would get different colors so you never put a pad that’s been under someone’s butt (whether it’s been washed or not) by someone’s mouth.Again, I love these they are wonderful.

Jillian Guilford, IN

Small size also by’m

Small, I think, but I still too small .. -.Guess ingeo newborns except hard to write …추천하고 싶지 않은 제품인거 같아요

Gwen Temple, NH

Just get the bassinet-sized pads

Eh, these are okay, but I can’t really think of when I’d want these over the bassinet-sized pads (also by Carter’s) which are about six dollars each and are a much more practical size. I use those as changing pads wherever I might be. These have just been pushed to the side because after your baby is more than a couple months old, these are no longer very useful. They do wash well and the pattern is cute, but hands down, get the bigger size if you’re undecided between the two.

Beryl Literberry, IL


Baby quickly outgrows these….they are ok to line a car seat, but not for much more than that. Ok value.

Elda Crosby, TX

Soft but very waterproof – great to use under diaper changes.

We use these as an added layer of protection between our baby’s bum and the decorative changing table pad cover that matches our nursery set. This way, if our baby decides to urinate (or worse) mid-diaper change, the mess doesn’t require us to wash the fancier changing pad cover; we can just toss this lap pad in the laundry. It is amazing how waterproof these are. They feel much like normal fabric, but you can pour a small cup of water on them, and nothing will leak through! We bought two sets and have a stack of them next to the changing table. We’ve been using them for two months, and we wash/tumble dry all the time. They’ve held up great and still repel urine and liquidy-breastfed-poo like when they were new.

Alisha East Parsonfield, ME

They don’t shrink, and they dry fast.

My baby is due in July, so I haven’t actually used these yet… But they seem really high quality in the sewing and fabric. The print is super cute. I washed these with the rest of the baby clothing on delicate/warm setting, and hung them off the edge of the bassinet to dry as they were barely damp when I switched the clothes to the dryer. These were completely dry in less than ten minutes… which will be good when I have a baby that needs them cleaned asap. 🙂 I will update these once my little one is here to test the product on.

Ava Kissimmee, FL

No real use for these

I thought these would be a little bigger. My daughter spits up and these did not cover enough to protect my lap or couch from her spit up.

Stella Moran, KS


Too small to be useful for anything, unless your child is a hamster. An actual hamster. I returned these immediately.

Helen Rio Grande, PR

Great product

Great product! Have used those flannel pads for 10 months now and they hold up great, are very absorbent and wash well!As always – ‘Carters rocks’!

Savannah Richmond Dale, OH

Great for changing tables

Use these all of the time on our changing table, it’s great for my son’s unexpected diapers "surprises". They also wash nicely.

Bobby Cary, MS


Does the job perfectly, highly recommended for all the cloth diaperers – esp if using the traditional muslin nappies! Absorbs really well

Nina Carson, CA

Life saver!

I purchased these to line the bottom of my son’s car seat on a 4 hour flight! These were great for when the diaper leaked and he didn’t have to sit in a wet car seat. great!

Adrienne What Cheer, IA

Wish I had bought these sooner!

These have come in handy so many times. We use them mainly to protect our changing pad cover so that we don’t have to wash it quite as often. Plus, the animal print is great – far more classic than most Carter’s stuff which is usually pretty cheesy.

Haley Maple Plain, MN


Really great product, so glad my sister-in-law recommended them to me. I used them on the changing table and on the bouncy chair for leaks.

Valerie Wayside, TX


These have saved me from a dirty changing table cover countless times. They are waterproof and still soft. I carry one everywhere we go!

Mari Newberry, IN

Love These!!

Bought a three pack of these and came back for four more packages. They’re fantastic for laying under baby’s sheets on her various baby holders (swing, bouncer, pack n play, bassinet) as well as when we put her on the couch or lay her in bed with me. They wash up nicely and can be put in the dryer. Rarely use them on our laps, but so useful other places that I like to have a full set to keep in each place, and a second set to have on standby while some are in the wash.

Camilla Rutherfordton, NC

Love these for changing table as extra protection

I would definitely recommend these for baby’s changing table for a little extra protection. If little one has an accident while being changed or stuff gets everywhere or an explosion occurs, you can just pull this off and throw a new one down easily without having to change all of the linens on the changing pad itself. Some of the best advice and gift that I received from one of my mom friends.

Consuelo Salamanca, NY

Essential for Baby

These have saved me so much hassle on my changing table! If baby has a leaky diaper or just pees during the diaper change I can often avoid changing the whole pad cover because I always have one of these under her bum. These do a nice job of keeping liquid from soaking through them and hold up well to washing. They are a small size but great for a changing table or as extra protection under a bassinet sheet.

Frieda Schofield Barracks, HI

Waste of money!

I have a boy, and reading the reviews I thought these would be great for putting under him as I change him or when he sleeps in case he leaked. The idea is good and they do keep moisture well. Maybe I got a bad batch, but the set I got shrank to half their size the first wash, totally faded so the pictures are unrecognizable, and they pilled the second time I washed them. Others seem to have had different experiences, but the quality of the ones I got (from here) was seriously inadequate. I threw them away within a week of buying them. They weren’t even worth being kept as cleaning rags.

Daphne Goose Rock, KY


Great to have extras around when you need a diaper change when you least expect it. I wash them in the washing machine.

Marissa Viola, TN

great alternative to wet laps!

I really like this product. The only thing I would recommend is for it to come in a larger, more rectangular size. That way I can use it readily on the changing pad too.

Patsy Audubon, MN

Not for us

We purchased these lap pads to use under our bassinet sheet for any accidents. They are SO small that you’d have to use all 3 to really cover a decent area. Even if there was an accident, the material was not at all absorbant, in our opinion. We have yet to find a use for them.

Carly Schulter, OK

Saved us from doing a lot of laundry!

We have twin daughters. One of them, in particular, spit up a lot when she was a newborn. Without these pads, I would have been changing crib sheets twice a day for months! But, with these pads placed between her sweet head and the sheet, I was able to really cut down on dirty laundry.The pads stayed in place on the mattress. They came out of the wash great. They also worked well on top of the changing pad (again, to cut down on how much dirty laundry we were producing). As the girls have grown we haven’t used these pads that much, but they were so helpful in the early days that they’re easy to recommend to other parents.

Stacey Springville, NY

NIce, but I’d like a bit longer/bigger

These wash well and are very absorbent. My son has reflux and sometimes loses quite a bit of his bottle when he takes a nap. These pads catch the mess. However, since they are so small, I can only use them in his bassinet where I can tuck them under the edges of the mattress so it doesn’t come loose. Once he is bigger, I think leaving them in the crib will be dangerous.

Rosemarie Indian Orchard, MA

useful for spit-ups

I use these under my child’s head when he’s sleeping in his crib. it’s soft and waterproof and since it is flannel, doesn’t shock my baby awake with cold. Also easy to change; just drop it in the wash if it gets soiled. I just wish there were more designs.

Christina Speedwell, TN

Not a fan

These are smaller than I expected & didn’t wash up well. We do not use them & would not recommend.

Lilly Ashton, IL

Great for changing diapers

I lay these on top of my changing table cover. It helps to prevent stains on the changing table cover and allows to make more frequent changes of the cover. These covers also are very waterproof.

Kendra Nebraska, IN

Love these

These definitely do the job of keeping things dry. We’ve only had to switch out our changing pad cover once when the baby spit up on it because we didn’t have a pad under her head, just her butt. These also wash well if you follow the directions on the tags.

James College Station, TX

Perfect for changing pad cover

We had to keep washing our changing pad covers about every other day till I found these. I liked them so much, I ordered another set as soon as I could..great help with the laundry. 🙂

Sonya Garner, AR

Better Than The Competition

I had registered for Babies’R’Us Brand Lap Pads and had been using them on my twin boy’s changing table and in their cribs to catch "spills" so sheets wouldn’t have to be washed every time. The Babies’R’Us brand did NOT hold up well, and was pilling and gross after only a few washes (making other things in the same load "pilly" as well.) This Carter’s brand lap pad is SO much better. I have been using them for a week and have already washed them several times and they look as good as new. I would highly recommend these over another product. I have thrown the Babies’R’Us pads out.

Monique Riner, VA