Carters Keep Me Dry Flat Quilted Crib Pad, White

Carters Keep Me Dry Flat Quilted Crib Pad, White

Carter’s crib pad provides extra absorbency and comfort for all your waterproofing needs. Place the pad under your fitted sheet in cribs, pack n plays, portacribs, toddler and twin beds for extra waterproof protection. 100% waterproof.

Main features

  • Front: 100% Polyester; Back: 100% Polyester; Filling: 100% Vinyl
  • Imported
  • Front: 100% Polyester; Back: 100% Polyester; Filling: 100% Vinyl
  • Size : 27″ x 36″
  • 100% waterproof
  • Quilted for extra comfort
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Not a FITTED pad.

This is a FLAT pad. Most people want a FITTED crib pad. Carters makes a fitted version for a few bucks more.Carter’s Keep Me Dry Waterproof Fitted Quilted Crib Pad, White

Rosanna Wilton, AR


The image gives you the impression that you’re getting a quilted crib sheet. No. You get a piece of fabric/ a pad. Is it waterproof? No. Cheap and useless.UPDATE:Shrinks in washer and piles in the dryer.

Mae Shattuck, OK

waste of money

this pad did not fit anything in my house. it did not fit our crib, toddler bed, or pack n play. a waste of money.

Dona Farmington, KY

We own ten!

If you can believe it we own ten of these! They are shared on our two daughter’s beds currently. Our five year old has two on her bed, one close to the mattress, then a sheet, another pad and a sheet. They cover the perfect amount of space on her twin bed in case she has an accident. They are just slightly smaller than a standard crib mattress. The others are on our younger daughters crib mattress. Great for having to change sheets in the middle of the night, just pull the top layer off and there is a dry layer under neath. Then when several sets are dirty I wash and re-make. These save so much time for blow out diapers, potty training at night, and even for on my side of the bed when I was "post-partum" with both of them. Cover up plenty of space for those small accidents. I have always preferred these over the kind that hook on the sides of the mattress, mostly because the variety of uses is so much higher this way. You aren’t limited, never had an issue with them being too "pilly" or sliding around from where they are placed under the sheets. A few of the ones we own were actually used for myself and my brother, even after 25+ years they are just as absorbent!!

Letha Campbell, OH

Excellent, practical

Easy to wash, protects the mattress, keeps warmer than a naked sheet, a must-have item for your sleeping comfort. I recommend it.

Mercedes Rancho Mirage, CA

Keeps moisture completely out!

It works great! every time my baby has an accident, just change the sheets and keeps the mattress dry and odor free.

Antionette West Stewartstown, NH

works perfect

this is a great ‘sheet’.It is in my toddlers toddler bed and can be fun to get it straight because I have to take his matteress out of the bed to change sheets but I had the future in mind when I bought this and once he is in a twin bed, it won’t be difficult and will still work great!I am sure I won’t have to buy another one for my second kid because this one is not going to mess up. It is made well and sewen well.

Tami Bradley, OK

Great for Graco Pack and Play

This is not a perfect fit for the Graco Pack and Play, HOWEVER it is the best one that you will find on the market for the Pack and Play. It is only two inches short in length, which means if you center it, there it is only one inch short on each end. The width is perfect. So, if you can accept the one inch shortness on each long end, then this will be great for you. If you can’t… then good luck finding one that does fit perfectly!

Kirsten North Stratford, NH

returning this item

I am too particular to keep this item. It did not fit the mattress and slid around so bad it was hard to put the sheet on over it.I like giving honest reviews for one main reason, MONEY! I just can’t afford to buy things that don’t work or seem too cheap to hold up in the wash! and I don’t want other customers to waste time or money on them either.I am particular, and spend as wisely as I can.try the J lamb products, they are much nicer.lilyput

Kelli Bakersfield, MO

Works well for Graco Pack n Play

We use these for our Graco pack n Play. They are not exactly the right size, but work well enough. I got these because they are easier to change sheets versus needing to strip 2 elastic sheets off the bed (bed sheet & waterproof sheet).

Elvia Warrenton, MO


I bought this and the fitted crib one. I’m using this one on top of the pack-n-play mattress. It fits well and stops leaks. Perfect.

Bridgette Fellsmere, FL

Great for Twin size bed

My toddler just moved to a twin size bed and the twin water proof mattress pad we bought didn’t do the job. I ordered this because we had used this same thing for his crib – except it was like a fitted sheet. It was amazing and I was actually looking for this same thing in a twin size. No luck. But this is perfect. I lay it horizontally near the top of the bed and have had no issues. I was worried it wouldn’t stay in place, but it does!

Shauna Chelsea, NY

Just what I needed

I bought this to use under my son’s pack n play sheet. It fits great and is exactly what I was looking for, a flat waterproof pad about the size of our pack n play mattress.

Marcy Montier, MO

It works!!

Its not very big but great to travel with and best of all it works. When it gets wet just toss it in the washer. Love it. It is great for vacations.

Serena Duffield, VA

Works very well

Bought already few of these. Fits well under sheets, even its not fitted it stays at its place. Survived few washes and still looks same nice and white – easy to take stains off in warm water. I have never tried to put it in dryer – it dries in about an hour hanged in a room. Happy with this purchase.

Norma Union Grove, AL

Picture a little misleading

The pad is fine I guess. I did think per the picture that it was like regular mattress pads and had elastic so it fit like a fitted sheet. It doesn’t. It is a flat pad that slides around a little as you put your fitted sheet over it. It will serve it’s purpose though and wasn’t expensive.

Ebony Granite Springs, NY

Excellent absorbancy

This product is great. I use it on my bed at night underneath baby and me because I cosleep. It’s saved my sheets from many washes so far from milk leakage during the night. It’s actually way more comfortable than the plastic lined matress covers that are absorbant.

Maritza Central, IN