Carter’s Memory Book, Blossom

Carter’s Memory Book, Blossom

CR Gibson proudly offers baby gifts for all the phases of baby’s life and every milestone along the way. For more than 140 years, starting with the creation of the very first baby book in 1898, families around the world have depended on CR Gibson as their number one provider of products that celebrate life’s most cherished moments. Understanding the importance of preservation and craftsmanship, CR Gibson products offer a tradition of excellence and quality. CR Gibson sets a standard for style that reflects today’s top fashions while creating a timeless treasured keepsake.

Main features

  • Acid free, lignin free memory book has decorative pages to record memories and milestones of baby’s first 5 years
  • Book is 9″ x 11″ and arrives gift boxed
  • Pages include: all about mommy/daddy, family tree, mommy/daddy’s family, mommy and daddy are having a baby, showers of good wishes, it’s about to happen, oh look it’s me, small wonder, tiny prints, announcing me, the world around me
  • Blossom created by Carter’s

Verified reviews


Great book

This is a cute all-purpose memory book. However, it would be nice if there was more room to write in certain areas, and if the month-by-month picture areas were a bit larger. Overall, I’m happy with this purchase.

Delia Huntley, MN

Very cute, but a little disorganized

I really like this baby book, but for a few things. I’ll start with the things I like about this book: The design is very cute, and the layout of the book itself is nice. There seems to be ample room to write on each page, and there are lots of spaces for pictures. However the picture spaces are one of the features of this book that I dislike as well. Although there is plenty of room for pictures, a lot of the picture spaces are circular. Granted, I don’t *have* to cut out circular pictures to fit in this book. I could just as easily use square pictures. But it’s the principle of the thing, damnit. I want to follow the template. I also find it kind of annoying that the page of "My firsts" comes after the page for month eleven. It seems like it should be before the first month. With it being behind all the other months I tend to forget about those pages, and forget to add things in when they happen. Lots of firsts happen pretty early on. Finally, I wish that there was a folder or some sort of holder for loose papers/pictures/ephemera at the back or front of the book to hold things that don’t really have a place in the template or haven’t been glued in yet.

Delia Gibbon, MN


This baby book is awesome! I love that it has a page for each month of the first year! It will go well with my monthly pictures of her. 🙂 Lots of other extras too in the pages.

Delia Lone Star, TX


I love this baby book! It is everything I was looking for and is adorable! Its very easy to fill out and has a section for just about everything. There is also some space for the 2nd through 5th year. I purchased the matching first year calendar too!

Amber Brightwood, OR

Really a first year book… not enough room to record ages 2 – 5

I was interested in this book because it says it is for up to five years. But really it is a first year book with one page for ages 2, 3, 4 & 5, and one page for first day of school at 5- which doesn’t take into account kiddos who start preschool at 3.Pretty disappointing since we had the first year calendar already and this was basically the same in book form.

Dora Munds Park, AZ

I absolutely love this book – Single/same sex/adopting parents beware

I make and bind my own books and have made most of my baby’s gear up until now. But this looked like everything I wanted in a baby book, and frankly at the end of my pregnancy…I’m happy to buy off the rack 🙂 There’s something to be said for just filling in blanks!!The woodcut elephant was such a nice touch. The designs inside are sweet and girlish with some friendly animals like giraffes and monkeys, without being over the top cartoonish (must everything have characters….ugh). The patterns are bright but not neon. The pages are thick and slightly textured – good quality paper and binding.Overall the quality is just a step above what you normally find. It’s meant to last and designed accordingly. Only one page per year after the first year, just FYI. I could do with it being a longer book overall, it is a bit thin, but it covers the basics including immunizations.NOTE – for single parents, same sex parents, and adopting parents – the wording is VERY traditional family specific. If that bothers you would suggest getting the same book in the expandable format which is 3-ring instead of hard bound. I haven’t seen it in person but I know you can add or remove pages. In this book’s case one of the "how mommy and daddy met" pages is on the back of the cover page, so it wouldn’t even be removable, and there are references to Mommy and Daddy on nearly every page. Along with questions about the pregnancy itself.

Elizabeth Millcreek, IL

Great Book

Memory books are great for years to come. Helps us track our milestones and capture great memories along the way. Nice book with good layout.

Socorro Wyola, MT