Carter’s Musical Mobile, Sunny Safari

Carter’s Musical Mobile, Sunny Safari

C612MOB Features: -Safari animals made of fabric suspend sweetly over the crib under canopy of tree.-Plays brahms lullaby.-Wind up operated.-No batteries needed. Collection: -Sunny Safari collection.-Matches back to sunny safari bedding collection.

Main features

  • Polyester fiber
  • Imported
  • Plays Brahms lullaby and includes a fabric sleeve to cover the mobile arm
  • Your baby can watch colorful icons spin while Brahms’ lullaby plays, lulling your baby to sleep
  • Easy adult assembly
  • The mobile attaches to most cribs with the included suspension arm, while the plastic frame provides durability

Verified reviews


So cute and absolutely perfect!

I fell completely in love with this when I found it online and bought it immediately because it seems to be sold out on most sites, I don’t know if that’s because Carter’s is making less of them but it’s hard to find. It looks exactly like it does in the picture, if possible it looks cuter, which is normally not true. Everyone that has seen my safari themed nursery has made comments on how precious the mobile is, especially that the giraffe hangs over the crib. I also like that when you wind up the music it doesn’t play FOREVER, it plays for a bit and then winds down. I promise you’ll love it if you’re going for a safari nursery!

Greta Wingate, IN

Super cute!

Really love this! It was by far the cutest jungle animal mobile I found outside of spending over $100 on Etsy. Great thing #1: The faces of the animals are angles downwards so the baby can see them. Great thing #2: It’s a windup, so no wasting $$ on batteries. Great thing #3: Love the plush giraffe covering the long plastic arm. Many mobiles just have exposed plastic, which doesn’t look very nice.Not so great thing #1: No volume control, and it’s rather loud. I can see this as a distraction rom crying rather than a sleep-inducer. Not so great thing #2: The assembly instructions are a bit lacking. It’s not difficult to put together at all, but it took me a while to figure out where the loop for the hook that holds the actual mobile part was supposed to come out of the giraffe (it’s right under his chin).I thought the wind-up dial was broken at first, but I actually just had to spin it clockwise for a while until it caught. It’s working perfectly now. Also, it appears to me that this would only work in a crib with slatted sides, not on a dresser, over a changing table, etc. because of the way the attachment mechanism is made. However, it suits our purposes perfectly!

Dorthy Suches, GA

Perfect Finish to My Sunny Safari Set

I’ve been searching for this mobile for quite some time. I have purchased all the Sunny Safari accessories through Kohls, but they did not offer the mobile. So glad I found it as its the perfect finish to our Sunny Safari collection. I know our baby will just love it!

Lenora Bixby, MO

Love it

This mobile is so adorable and perfect! The cute flowers distract my daughter when she is fussy, and the music help puts her to sleep.

Tori Colebrook, NH

Happy with Mobile

Just a couple of things – I would have liked the giraffe to be bendable so that I could have the mobile hanging more over the baby. As it is, it is so close to the edge of the crib that unless I place the baby with it’s head touching the edge of the crib, it will have to look up and back to see it – which is just odd.The other thing is that there are two lions hanging…… of course this is not a problem, but it would have been nice if there were not two of the same thing hanging.It definitely does not feel high quality or anything, but I do like it and it does match the rest of the nursery. I am happy with the tune that it plays as well.

Tessa Frannie, WY