Carters Super Soft Bumper, Pink

Carters Super Soft Bumper, Pink

Carter’s bedding basics allows you to mix and match quality coordinates to create your custom designed nursery. Carter’s velour dot crib bumper fits standard crib mattresses. The textured, 100% polyester fabric is exceptionally soft, providing your baby.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester; Filling: 100% Polyester fiber
  • Imported
  • Fits a standard crib mattress (28″ x 52″)
  • Extra smooth and soft velour
  • 4 sided bumper
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Great bumpers but makes it hard to change sheets

I did not originally order bumpers with the crib bedding because of warnings. However, when our little guy started rolling over in his sleep, we started having issues with him getting his arms stuck between the slats (we still swaddle, so luckily no legs were trapped). I asked our pediatrician what to do and he said that since our baby was able to roll and raise/move his head with ease, bumpers (not too poofy!) would be OK. I was still nervous about suffication possibilities, but I didn’t want him to hurt his arms or interrupt his great sleep habits either. So I ordered this bumper because we already had the matching changing pad cover and loved the color and fabric on that (the brown is a great, rich chocolate shade). I’m very pleased with how this is made: extremely soft fabric, but not too poofy and plenty of ties to keep things snuggly in place. My only complaint is that the bumper is just thick enough that I cannot get the mattress past the bumper for changing the sheets. This means I have to untie the entire thing every time! It is a real pain…to the point that I removed the bumper one night, which resulted in our little one waking when his arm went between the slats. So I put it back in and am hoping that perhaps the problem will improve when the lower the mattress (will do this when he starts sitting up and then again when he stands) and there is more space between the bottom of the bumper and the top of the mattress. In the end, it is worth the pain since it allows him to sleep comfortably.

Carol Heidrick, KY

Just ok

This crib bumper is super soft, no doubt about it. It doesn’t work with every crib, though. We have the DiVinci Kalani crib–pretty popular, standard crib. The bumper sort of works, but the four corners are too thick to tie the bumper around. If the ties were a little longer it wouldn’t be a problem. As it stands I have the ties double knotted with little tie to spare rather than in a quick-release bow. Not a huge deal, but annoying.Also, after a few washes this bumper gets really soft. By that I mean that it loses any structure. So, instead of being able to sort of stand upright, it flops forward between each tie. Again, this doesn’t prevent it from being usable, it just makes it less than great to me. I just don’t think that it’s worth the retail price.

Stephanie Gypsy, WV

Not Happy

These are soft bumpers, nice quality…my issue is that they are all connected, as opposed to individual bumpers that you can remove one at a time. The problem arises when you need to change the sheets, the mattress doesn’t fit well in and out and you need to take the bumper off, which is a huge PITA. And as we all know, sheets get changed pretty often with babies. There are 16 individual ties. The positive to it being all one piece is that there are no cracks in the corners.

Robert Ashland, OR

Really soft bumper!

I held off on buying a bumper because of the SIDS risk. I eventually bought a breathable bumper to keep my son from putting his arms and legs through the crib bars. However, he still constantly banged into the sides of the crib with his head all night. Since he is now nine months old, I decided he could have a real bumper in his crib and purchased this one. This bumper is wonderfully soft and plush. We have a sleigh crib and I was worried it would not fit, but it fit perfectly! The best thing of all is that our son no longer is banging his head into the crib and waking himself up at night. He is getting much better sleep now and I think he actually feels more secure now that he feels more “enclosed.” This bumper is great and was a great price (much less than buying a bedding set.) It goes great with my Carter’s jersey sheets. I highly recommend it!

Marian Geneva, GA


As the other reviews have noted, this is a great bumper. Only thing to add is the hilarity value… My 2 month old son tried to nurse on one of the ‘bumps’ on the bumper. hehehe

Millie Milburn, OK

Peace of mind

I didn’t put a bumper in my son’s crib because of the recommendation regarding SIDS. But at 7 months he started rolling around so much in his sleep and would jam his head up against the sides of the crib and sometimes wake himself up. Since SIDS is less of a risk at this point I decided to give this a try. He loves it. He seems to like feeling enclosed more–judging by the fact that he now curls up in a corner of the crib no matter where I set him down. I know I won’t get a ton of use out of this as he’ll be standing on his own soon–so the recommendation at that point is to remove the bumper so they don’t stand on it. But I’m still glad I purchased it. I have actually seen him on his crib camera running his hands over the super soft bumps on the inside of the bumper. So cute! Sizing was fine for me. I do wish the ties were longer. Since they are on the outside of the crib it just doesn’t hurt to make them longer, so they are easier to tie.

Rosa Grethel, KY

soft yes but thats about it

ok where do we start. the item is very soft like they say it is that’s about it. problem is the pieces you use to secure it are not long enough and im not making a double knot then i wont be able to ever get them out. the mattress is around 4 inches and the bumper slips down under the mattress and you end up with around 3 or 4 inches that stick out that protect your child’s head which im not happy about. i just got the item so i am still playing with it. the ends where you tie the two sides together don’t hold and are not long enough. each morning i tie all the pieces in a single tie. not a double knot and they open the next day. there isn’t enough room to even make a bow which would hold tighter and can be easily taken out when you need to change the sheet or to wash the bumper. its still early but at this moment i would have to give this product bad reviews. i don’t understand why they skimped out on the strings that you tie why couldn’t they make them longer. if i am not satisfied i will have to return it because i believe there is a manufacturer defect or something with those ties.

Eddie Mount Bethel, PA

Soft & High Quality

I held out for as long as I could without a bumper for my son’s crib. Companies from all over send moms messages about how crib bumpers can suffocate your child, so I was determined to simply use a mesh crib liner. Then my 5 1/2 month old son started waking up at all times of the night because he had hit his head on the crib rails (prior he was sleeping 10-12 hours straight at night.) I finally got tired of all of the bruises that my active sleeper was getting on his head, so I ordered the cheapest crib bumper with good reviews that I could find, and this was it. I LOVE it. I ordered white so that it could also be used for a girl in the future if needed. It’s very soft and looks more expensive than it is. It’s made of good quality fabric and ties securely to my Pottery Barn crib. My son is back to sleeping 10-12 hours straight at night and has fewer bruises than before the bumper.It’s a great buy for the price and quality.

Christa Allons, TN

Prefer over Breathable Baby

I bought this and the breathable baby mesh liner for my 4 month old’s crib. we tried to make the breathable baby work because of the SIDS risk and the pediatricians recommendation of no soft items in the crib.problem with the breathable baby is that it bunched, and i foresaw that being hazardous. also, it didn’t provide any padding whatsoever, and whenever she’d move her arm to rest it on the side of the crib, she’d bang he hand and cry…. so we returned the breathable baby liner.when we switched to the carters liner i felt safe doing so because the construction is firm and flat enough that my baby practically won’t be able to nuzzle her face flush against it. it’s not pillow-y, lays straight up, has a yummy soft fabric that she loves to stroke.4 stars not 5 stars because the ties don’t align with our crib perfectly, making the bumper jet out a little in two areas. we have a davinci kalani crib. ties aside, excellent bumper, great price, and totally recommend!lastly, we really like the color we chose — the light green is soft and calming!

Dee Beaver, KY


I just wish I had one of these to sleep next to! It’s a deep, rich color and so super soft. Very well made! Washes and dries very easily and holds it’s shape well in the wash.

Marcia Mount Morris, IL

super soft is right!

Very cute, soft, plush, and my baby likes it! Unfortunately it’s not as long as my crib, so it’s a bit tight, my last one was tight also & the ties kept ripping off, hope that doesn’t happen with this one. Pretty soft pink color & nice material that washed up nicely.

Mollie Offerle, KS

Great bumper

This is a great product. The material that face into the crib is very plush and soft and has a good amount of padding fluff to it. It is breathable. It fit perfectly into out crib, this bumper attaches via strings that tie around the crib posts. Definitely recommend this product.

Nadine Clearbrook, MN

Good product

Super soft, a great value. We wanted somthing special but could not see paying 500 for a bedding set. So we went with this and the Tadpoles tulle crib skirt. Added a few hot pink touches (monogramming) and it is cute, super soft and budget friendly.

Claudette Guilford, MO

Perfect color pink

I love this bumper because it is sturdy AND soft, without being too “pillowy” and posing a huge suffocation hazard like some other fluffy bumpers do. The color pink is so perfect for a shabby chic look. It is very pretty. My favorite part about this bumper is the little textured dots on the inside of the bumper. They are adorable and I’m sure baby will love to touch and feel them.A side note: some other reviews on this item say that it doesn’t fit the crib right because the ties are too short. I have to strongly disagree and tell those people to TURN IT AROUND. If your ties are “too short” then you have it facing the wrong direction–it almost happened to me until I realized my mistake. The bumper ties should be facing the outside of the crib. The textured dots will be on the inside of the crib. I had no problems whatsoever, in fact I found that this bumper fit better than many other bumpers I tried from Target.

Leigh Haynesville, LA

So nice!

Great fabric, very very soft and fuzzy. Our baby loves the feel of it and it matches our sheets (Carters Easy Fit) very nicely. Loved it so much that we bought the matching changing pad cover.If you’re looking for a nice bumper at a budget friendly price this one is it! Great quality product!

Tricia Mount Upton, NY

Softest bumper ever!

Love love love this bumper! Bought it for my mom’s house and was really impressed with the quality. I like this one better than the Pottery Barn Kids one we have at home. Super soft and ties very easily and stays put well. If I’d known about this one in the first place I would have saved a lot of money!

Kelli Troy, NH

Absolutely Great

This bumper is so soft and nice. My baby loves it, he rubs his foot on it to put himself to sleep. The quality is great and fits perfectly.

Frankie Gorham, ME

Best bumper

Best bumper we have bought so far. It is sturdy so it doesn’t bunch up. It is super soft. It fits perfectly with just enought ties to keep it in place. Our crib is a converted crib with a bit wood piece for the headboard, we had no problem with that at all.

Allison Courtland, VA

looks nice and very functional

I am very happy with this bumper pad. It looks great in my daughter’s crib, is very soft, and is fairly easy to put on.

Tracie Damascus, AR

Very soft, great quality but HOLY TIES!

I recently re-did my boys room and needed a matching bumper for my infant’s crib. This bumper is incredibly soft and seems to be made quite well. One side has the slightly raised “bumps” and the other side is smooth. Now this is not my first kid,nor is it my first bumper, so I was taken by surprise when I opened the package to find it comes in 4 separate pieces (whereas every other bumper I’ve had came in one long piece). This might be made this way to fit a bigger variety of cribs, maybe? Anyways, it fit my crib great and seem very secure, which is also partially due to the seemingly hundreds of ties! 😉 It has a lot more ties than my last one so just be prepared to be tying for awhile. Overall, I really do like this bumper and I feel it will last a long time.

Cherry Villa Grande, CA

Crib bumper

I loved this crib bumper…but the only thing I did not like was that it did not fit my crib very well. Way to big! I also loved the softness of it. Other than that it did not fit, it would have been great.

Natalie Larose, LA

Great for infants who scoot around and like to snuggle when sleeping

My 13 mo doesn’t stay put when sleeping. He rolls from one end of the crib to the other, and likes to snuggle up to something when sleeping. He used to co-sleep with us until a few weeks ago and would snuggle next to mom/dad/a pillow when sleeping. When we moved him to a crib, it was awfully uncomfortable for him… he would keep trying to scoot to one of the crib sides and would hit the hard wooden slates – which wasn’t fun… not to mention his arms\feet sticking out of the slats all the time, which really scared me.The day I installed this bumper, I could see a huge difference in his sleep pattern. He would snuggle next to the bumper, and sleep well. Also, I was no longer worried about his arm\legs sticking out.The bumper itself, is soft, sturdy and washes well (though they need extra time in the dryer).A note: They do say that bumpers should not be used for kids older than 6 months since they may use it as a stepping stool to climb out of the crib. In my case, that wasn’t as much a concern for me as it was to provide my son a comfortable sleeping environment. But each kid is different, and each parent should decide whether to use a bumper or not, and when to discontinue using it. In my opinion, there is no one answer to these questions that works for all kids and all parents.

Wendy Coldspring, TX

Super soft, bright white

This bumper fits my Oeuf crib perfectly. Its is crazy soft – the type of soft you think of when you think of baby things. The white is really bright, brighter than my sheets and crib. I think (and I may be projecting) that it keeps my baby more comfortable, like in a little nest. Changing the crib sheets was WAY more of a chore with these on (and untying all the bumper ties to change the sheets with a 15 month old running around is not feasible) so between that and the fact that I don’t love the look of all the ties, I gave this 4 stars. But that is just knit picking a little – overall this is a great bumper.

Frances Scalf, KY

Dose the job

He has toppled back when holding the edge of the crib, and this dose soften the impact when he smacks the other side of the rail. Worth the money. The only thing is that there are gaps in the corners that he has become obsessed with dropping his nook through and then crying for.

Freida Cottonwood, AZ

Soft and useful

They say not to get bumpers, but when your little one moves around and hits their head, or you see that arm or leg stick out…you have to do something. Not terribly thick, but makes the crib sides softer. Now, that my son stands and walks with holding onto something I have found he can take a good spill and hit the top of the crib. I have moved them from the bottom to wrapping them on the top edges to help some if he falls again. Material is really soft and has that "minky" feel with the little bumps. I do wish they would put ties every 8 or so inches, as there is still a huge enough gap for them to get in between crib and bumper if they were to get under the bumper.

Irene Rocky Hill, NJ

Sort of like it…

I like the texture and material of this bumper, but it really doesn’t fit my standard sized crib well. I think it’s more for cribs that have the same size rungs all the way around (including corners) because the ties aren’t long enough for me to actually tie around the corners. I was pretty disappointed but we’re still using it, just wedged in there. If it tied it would be great!

Maryanne Hawthorne, WI

Just what we needed

We have a very squirmy baby and she was becoming very active in her crib. She had bumped her head a couple of times flailing about during naps, so we decided we had to get something like this. The padding is super thick and it comes up a pretty good ways on the side of the crib. It should prevent any future bumps from an infant trying desperately to crawl.Recommended for sure.

Judi House, NM

Nice bumpers. Soft and good size

Nice bumpers. Soft and good size. Tall to keep baby’s arms and legs out of the bars and keep things from falling out. Not too thick for the warm AZ summer nights.

Rene Clyde, OH


I ordered this for my sons crib to match everything else in his nursery. It is SO soft and Just what I wanted!! I love it and would order again!

Marva Shaw, MS

love em!

these are super soft and came in a bright white color just like it said. I’ve ordered "white" baby things before and they come more in a cream color, but these are starch white just like i needed 🙂

Lupe Middlebury, CT