Carters Super Soft Printed Changing Pad Cover, Blue/Green Dot

Carters Super Soft Printed Changing Pad Cover, Blue/Green Dot

Carters Super Soft Printed Changing Pad Cover, Blue/Green Dot

Main features

  • Designed to fit a 16″x32″ contour changing pad
  • Extra smooth and soft velour
  • Elasticized for a smooth tailored fit
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


This cover is okay, but….

I purchased two of these covers and suddenly found myself without a clean cover after my little one soiled them both on our first day home from the hospital.I now use disposable covers when I’m changing a "dirty" diaper and no cover when the little one is only wet. Save your money. A white changing pad will look just as fashionable in your nursery. Or, just purchase one cover and only use it when you’re having company and want to show off your nursery.

Alberta Tucker, AR

Soft and fit perfect!!!

I bought this cover for the Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad and it fits perfectly. The fabric is very soft and good thing is it’s washable. Color is really nice too.

Arline Durhamville, NY

Super Soft

I have never used any other change pad, except the Carter’s super soft pad covers. I have one in green, brown and a lovely polka dotted one. I love them all and discovered, after owning only one and then two, that three is the best number (one in the laundry, one on the pad, one clean and ready to go in case of an accident…)The only drawback might be that breastfed baby poop is about the same color as the yellow dots on the cover, so you may have poop on the pad and not notice, if it’s a small, round speck.The covers have been in constant use for 6 months now (washing 2-3 times per week) and have held up very well. Still super soft, colors vibrant and elastic holding strong.The fit is excellent on my 30″ contoured (4 sided) change pad.

Lorene Clontarf, MN

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like to TRY to keep my reviews short and simple. (unless there is a problem with the product) This changing pad cover is super cute, super soft and fuzzy, and washes really good. It has been pooped and pee’d on and has yet to stain. We are first time parents so it took trial and error to learn about hurrying up and putting the diaper back on if its pointing at you, and if they are doing number 2 to wait for 15 minutes and make sure they are done lol. But back to the cover, its awesome. I def would recommend it.

Jeanie Elgin, OH

must have

I love this cover! the dots are really cute, the fabric is super soft and it is really easy to wash.

Penelope Keenesburg, CO

my favorite changing table pad cover

I have two changing table pad covers. This one is my favorite. It hasn’t shrank in the dryer (though I dry all the baby’s things on medium). It hasn’t stained yet (I’ve been using it for 5 months now). It really is super soft. Most of the time I use a waterproof pad — — on top of this so I can keep the changing table pad cover clean. The changing table pad cover is great for tummy time too (I’m standing right beside the changing table the whole time) since it is soft on baby’s delicate skin. The cover has slits in the long side to allow the changing table pad’s safety straps to still be used.

Eunice Goldvein, VA

Good quality and washes well!

Great cover, super soft, nice design, and washes fabulously! Baby had some accidents on this and it still looks great! I did have to use Resolve or heavy duty cleaner to get the harder stains out.

Susan Parlin, NJ

Super Soft

This changing pad cover is super soft and super cute! I washed the pad cover and kept its softness and fits my chaning pad cover great.

Myrtle Whitman, MA

Well worth it!

I have tried many changing pad covers and these are my favorite. They’re very soft and thick but they wash well and don’t leave lint or fuzz behind. It’s a nice light blue color as well. Stains remove easily which is important. After trying others, I’m back to these!

Myra Smithtown, NY

A changing station must!

I bought two of these covers in blue for my baby’s nursery. I figured I’d need a back up when the other was being washed after an accident or something. I use them on a Summer contour changing pad (which I also recommend) and it is a perfect fit. The cover is ultra soft and easy to take on and off for washing. I just recommend getting two!

Christy Bremo Bluff, VA

So Super Soft!!!

I love this changing pad cover. It is so super soft!! I have a six year old son and I remember his changing pad cover not being NEARLY as soft as this one. I havent washed the changing pad cover yet, but I can tell that it will wash very well. I am looking for this in every color!

Malinda Caddo Gap, AR

Awesome cover!

We love how soft these covers are!! They wash well and retain their fit and softness after multiple washings. We’ve bought three and aren’t even interested in trying anything else.

Lynda Solomon, KS

Worth the money!

I love this cover. It is so soft and snuggly. It matches my color scheme in the nursery too. It stays on the changing pad great without moving or sliding off.

Brandie Hagarville, AR

Super soft

I bought two of these and just change them out whenever one gets dirty…so soft and easy to put on/off. I use the Dynarex Disposable Underpad on top so I don’t have to change out the cover as often. Has definitely helped with some accidents!

Kirsten Eden, MD

Has lasted almost 2 years

I have two of these that I switch between for my now 21 month old. We have been using this since the day he came home. I have a sage green one and the brown one. I just purchased the blue dot one for my newest arrival in a couple of months. They have held their shape and have not stained at all, even with breast fed poop. We did use the boppy covers that go in the middle for the first couple of months to help with unexpected pees while changing the diaper and extra runny poops to help reduce the amount of times it needed to be washed and changed since we only bought two. I haven’t used those in probably 18 months though and the changing covers still look new. I highly recommend these as they are soft and durable. Well worth the money, no matter where you get them.

Lea Northfield, NJ

very soft

really nice and soft cover – it fits my la baby 32 inch pad perfectly (even has the slits for the straps to come through)

Jodie Scobey, MS

Very Soft!

We bought this a year ago for our gender neutral nursery.. It washes well, I have washed mine plenty of times, and it still looks brand new. The colors are perfect for a boy or a girl. It is very soft, and fits well on the changing pad!

Jimmie Macon, GA

Soft and washes well

I bought this to go over the Summer Infant 4-sided changing pad, and it fits well (some changing pad covers may be too small for that one). It’s soft, and so far (I’ve had it ~3 weeks but had to wash several times), it is washing well. The blue color is really nice and the material is very soft to the touch.

Sherrie Breeding, KY

Also fits the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Mini mattress perfectly!

Got a few of these to cover our changing pad and they work fine for that, but I was thrilled when I found that they fit the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper mini mattress perfectly – and I mean perfectly. There’s no loose fabric and the fit is snug without bunching up the mattress. I ended up getting a few different versions of this – the blue print and the frog print. Both are great, but the frog print has some butterflies on it which in the wrong lighting, look sort of… well… phallic. It doesn’t bother me much, but let’s just say it took me a while to figure out that the blue butterflies with yellow wings were actually butterflies and not something else.In any case, I’m thrilled that these pull double duty. Once my baby outgrows the sidecar co-sleeper, I’ll be able to use them all on the changing table, so they’re well worth the investment!

Charlotte Milan, TN


Just as the product description states, this truly is super soft! My daughter loves to lay on her changing pad when this cover is on it. I bought two, so if one gets wet, I have a backup. Both have held up well to washing and fit easily on our changing pad (standard size). Easy to put on and remove.

Lynne Unionville, MD

Gets the job done

I own a couple of this product. The patterns are cute. They are water and poop resistant, and can be wiped. However, on both of my covers, the elastic band broke after less than 6 months of use and wash. They can be fixed if you know needle work!

Debbie Macfarlan, WV

Just Right

I bought this after reading a review for the bassinet I bought. It fits the bassinet pad perfect and will make for easy cleaning. It is really soft and though it snot a perfect match to my bassinet the colors are really nice. I did notice a small whole where the elastic is not attached right, but easy fix.

Vilma Crook, CO


This is exactly what I was looking for. Super soft, washes well, doesn’t shrink when dryed (on low heat setting). Best of all…it fits the BEST changing pad on the market. What pad am I referring to you might ask?? The LA 4-sided changing pad, white 32″. This pad ROCKS and is extremely reasonably priced. It’s super padded and long enough to take you through the entire diapering phase of your child’s life. It also has a snap for those of you who like to strap your kiddo in during diaper changes. Find it here on You won’t be disappointed in EITHER product. They go hand in hand.

Melisa Gretna, NE

As Expected

It works well. It is machine washable. Has held up for 6 months for us, and it appears we’ll get to continue to use it for a while. Worth the purchase.

Rocio Canton, NY

Elastis isn’t forever

I have one of these and one from another brand. Both are soft and wash well. I had some oncerns early on about the velour holding messes, but it washes up really well.Just recently, though, the elastic on this one died. It used to fit our contoured changing pad nice and snugly. Now it just sits loosely over the top. With a wiggly 17 month old, that means it doens’t stay on that well.

Sheri Huron, CA

Love love!

This changing table pad cover is sooooo soft! It fit our Serta pad cover perfectly. Baby lays comfortably while getting her diaper changed. I will definitely purchase another one of these on the pink and green dots. It’s so cute.

Yesenia Chocowinity, NC

cute, works well

very functional, messes clean up very nicely. very soft for baby. I love the design. Even though it’s white we’ve never had an issue with washing it, always comes out of the wash looking great.

Christy Sagamore, PA

almost as soft as your munchkin’s baby soft skin

Seriously, this is the softest fabric ever. And my little boy has soiled it quite a few times, so it gets washed pretty frequently, as we only have one other changing pad cover to rotate with, and it comes out of the wash every time looking like it did the day we bought it. Worth every penny, wish my other one was this awesome.

Patsy Hamilton, GA

soooo soft!

I wish I had bought some of these much earlier, they are so soft compared to other changing table covers that I have. I only have one super soft one but plan to order more- I don’t even want the non velor ones on their now! I highly recommend these and this particular one matches the sheet perfectly!

Gena Dallas, IA

Super soft

This product is great. We ordered 2 of these covers for our standard size diaper pad and love them. They are very soft and machine washable. Whenever one gets soiled we switch to the other one and put the dirty one in the wash. We love them so much we’re ordering a third so we can have a diaper changing area on our first floor. I would highly recommend these covers.

Mellisa Oakland, MI