Carters Wrap Me Up Receiving Blanket, 4 Pack, Green

Carters Wrap Me Up Receiving Blanket, 4 Pack, Green

Super softness is what you can expect for your baby with this 4 pack of Carter’s wrap me up receiving blankets. Blankets are 100% cotton flannel for added softness and warmth. The blankets are 30×40 and large enough to swaddle a baby. Four blankets included.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Generous 30×40 size to swaddle a baby
  • 100% cotton flannel
  • 4 blankets included
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


They are okay

I bought these to go with the sheets, blanket and bed set that I have. They are really cute but they fade very quickly.

Adele Subiaco, AR

Thin Thin Thin

Really too think to be called a blanket. You will need to use multiple of these to keep baby warm!

Josefa Boys Ranch, TX

It’s too small for swaddling.

I don’t really like these blankets. I bought it because it said it’s large. When I got it, it’s not big enough to wrap around to use as swaddle for my baby. Not big as the ones I used in the hospital. It would probably be comfy and warm when actually used. But not big enough to use as blanket. Maybe a blanket for a new born but that all its good for.

Bobbi Dallas, SD

Not for me!

Material was a little too light for my taste. Had to return it and found something elsewhere. Loved the color but that was it.

Barbra Ozone, AR

Too small and thin to be useful

Cons:Too small for swaddling.Too small and thin for wrapping up baby and feeling cozy.Pros:Cute patterns.Comes out of the dryer feeling soft.

Aurora Romance, AR

Muy Lindas

Me encanta el material, son muy lindos los diseños, lo recomiendo debido a que puede usarse para mantener al bebe abrigado y fashion

Dolores La Crosse, KS

Tend to fade

These blankets are soft and I like the prints and colors. But they do fade quite a bit after just one wash.

Benita Greenback, TN

Comfy and soft blankets

These are so comfy and soft blankets. You have a great choice of colors and patterns here on Amazon. Usual quality, cute, affordable, these are a good buy. Very pleased.

Annette Truro, MA


These blankets are great – they are 30″x40″ (which incidentally is the same size as the hospital receiving blankets). They are soft and despite other reviews I read, seem to wash well. I washed them on delicate and dried them on low.I use them over a waterproof pad to line the bassinet level of our Chicco Pack ‘n Play. I also use them to cover our changing table pad (as the $15+ changing pad covers are too pricey when he gets spit-up, pee, and poop on them at LEAST once a day lol), to swaddle, as burp cloths….etc.Highly recommended!

Zelda Marysvale, UT

dont wash very well…

Love the patterns on these simple blankets but they really wash badly. Super linty and they faded immediately. I keep one in my diaper bag in case I need to put baby down somewhere and want a clean spot for her and I use the other in a similar way at home when I dont want to ruin my nicer blankets.

Eve Big Clifty, KY

Cute Prints, Nice Size

We have several packs of the carter’s receiving blankets and I have to say I really love them. The larger size is a must have for actually swaddling all but the tiniest of babies. I also love that they have a nice assortment of prints and a good many of them are really bright and eye catching. The ones I own have been through the wash countless times and they’re holding up remarkably well – they’ll definitely be able to stand up to another baby.

Adrian Crivitz, WI

Very cute

These are very cute gender neutral receiving blankets. They wash up nicely and you can really never have too many receiving blankets with a newborn.

Fern Grafton, WI

Looks nice but thin…

I thought that these would be a bit thicker than they are but with twins you don’t really have time for returns unless it’s local. Since they’ve outgrown the swaddle (what i was mainly using them for) I’ve since started using them to line my baby’s chairs so I don’t have to keep taking the chair lining off and throwing it in the washer when they decide to have a messy day. These are great for that when folded over and I think it provides just a little more support/cushion for both of my babies.

Tania Rydal, GA

Absolutely gorgeous

The blankets are super cute. I got the Ecru color scheme; there are several pattern choices and they are all adorable. The blankets are soft to the touch, not too thin but also not thick and rigid. I haven’t used them yet (due in a few weeks) but already washed them. They kept their shape very well after one wash/dry cycle (I will update if they loose the shape later on) as opposed to the Just Born Flannel Receiving Blankets which I also purchased at the same time. In retrospect, I wish I just got two sets of the Carter’s blankets.Five months later: My baby is 4 months now and those blankets are our favorite. They still look very cute even though the colors faded just a bit. They keep the shape nicely though. I use those mostly to cover my son on days when it’s warm in the house; they are perfect to keep him warm but not hot. I also use them to cover him during night feedings. My mom usually places this blanket under the baby when she rocks him to sleep. She puts him down in his crib with the blanket so that the blanket touches the cold sheets of the crib. This minimizes the chance of him waking up.

Abbie Milford, KY

Different designs

I loved these blankets for the boys. They were a little bit larger than the standard receiving blankets I purchased, which is a positive. I wanted to try to keep the colors I used on my children as neutral as possible so I wouldn’t be stuck using blue for everything.I hadn’t seen this set at any of the baby stores or department stores either so that was a plus. I like to purchase items that I know are a bit different than the every day Carters stuff sold in their stores. The only thing I didn’t like was that the colors faded pretty quickly and the fabric pilled a tiny bit, but other than that, I would recommend these to anyone.

Debra Mcconnell Afb, KS

Love these!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THESE! I have 6 different sets of them and love them all, they are the perfect size and very soft after the first wash. I will buy them for my pregnant friends!

Mattie Jonesville, VT

So useful!

These are soft, colorful, and durable. I use this as blankets, burp clothes, and rolled up as pillows. An excellent buy.

Gretchen Boone, IA

Nice blankets

These blankets are very soft and comfortable for my little one. It held up in the wash and does not ravel nor release lint. It keeps her warm and she seems to love it

Sherri Decatur, TX

Quite big – great!

Happy with this purchase. These are easy to wash – the brown fades if you wash it warm. Cute designs and quite big if you use these as an extra layer for spit up or whatnot wherever!

Megan Hartwick, NY

Love theses

This is my 2nd order. These are larger than most I love the colors & they have tags which my daughter loves.

Amparo Port Allegany, PA

“Practically Perfect in Every Way”

These blankets are too wonderful for words.Firstly, they are really soft (wash them first) and really warm, but not too warm to use all year round. I just lay them over my baby in the Summer (mine was born beginning of August in VA) and wrap them around her in the fall/winter (on really cold days I use two).Secondly, the size is great. I had a similar set of blankets I really liked, but I couldn’t swaddle her in them past the first week, and now at 3 months they barely even work for laying them over her. With THESE blankets I can /still/ swaddle her (not that she still needs to be), and are big enough that she doesn’t immediately kick them off when she moves her little legs.Lastly, they are very versatile and seem really durable. I use them on the floor to keep her off the scratchy rug, folded under her to place her on top of the car seat straps (never actually /in/ a car – always buckle her in there!), and as a burp cloth when I can’t find any of the actual burp cloths. They have gone through the wash several times and I expect to get several years worth of use out of them.Overall, these are the PERFECT blankets for your new little one, or for a baby shower gift. Soft, high-quality, and a great size!

Tiffany Blairstown, NJ

It was a good purchase

They are very soft. It was a good purchase and the price I paid, it was well worth it. The image well matches with the product.

Amparo Oologah, OK

Great for the price

For the price, I really think it’s a great buy. The size is generous, enough to swaddle a baby. It’s not as soft as I would like it to be that is why I just gave this 4 stars BUT the baby will still feel comfortable and won’t really hurt their skin. I have yet to wash it several times before I can comment on how well it washes.

Katy Knox City, MO

Excellent quality and colors

These blankets are typical Carter’s quality – nicely made, good flannel fabric with cute designs and sweet baby-boy colors. Just the right size to tuck around our boy in his swing or seat. We live in a warmer southern climate, so these flannel blankets are the universal cover and suitable weight, neither too warm or too flimsy.

Elinor Kilsyth, WV

Super soft

Washed and dried them. They held their shape for the most part and were super soft. I would recommend them. Very lightweight.

Joanne Yucca Valley, CA

excellent receiving blankets

Excellent size, very good quality fabric, stayed true to size after washing, colors and pattern designs are crisp and fresh. perfect size for every use. I am not sure how any baby nursery gets by without a stack of these. All those loose weave swaddling blankets look good, but nothing can substitute for basic, excellent receiving blankets. These are the "go to" blankets for everything. Need to drape something over your shoulder while nursing……use this. Need to put the baby down on a couch or floor for fast emergency diaper change……this is the blanket. Swaddling, burping, clean up, to and from the bath, block the sun while in the swing, endless list.

Iva Baldwin Park, CA

Very Cute

These recieving blankets are a good size and the pattern in the 4-pack is very cute with one stripe, one polkadot and 2 puppy blankets. The fabric fades after just the first wash, which I was disappointed by. But they haven’t faded much more after many more washes and are holding up well.

Christa Ely, IA

nice color

when i got it ,it is so soft and the color are very nice, i love them,and esay to wash

Lolita Drewryville, VA

not that soft

They are ok but not that soft and kinda small. We ended up using them as spit cloths instead of blankets.

Evangelina Masontown, PA

okay but there are better options

These blankets are just okay. They are only finished with a serged edge, which I think makes them look cheap. They either shrank unevenly, or were never even to begin with, as they are quite obviously not a rectangle. The print is nice, but fades, and they are soft. There are much nicer blankets available that cost about the same. I was disappointed- normally I’m a huge Carter’s fan!

Araceli Randall, KS