Catbird Baby Pikkolo Carrier, Metropolitan

Catbird Baby Pikkolo Carrier, Metropolitan

The pikkolo carrier is a unique blend of soft structured baby carrier and mei tai. It offers the flexibility of an unstruftrued waist (with option to add the babywearing support belt as baby gets heavier), streamlined but supportive memory foam shoulder straps, and an adjustable-width base that enables a perfect fit without a newborn insert.

Main features

  • 100% exclusive of hardware and trims
  • Imported
  • Use from 8 to 40 lbs
  • Four ergonomic carrying positions
  • Memory foam padding in shoulders
  • sleek black goes with everything
  • Adjustable base

Verified reviews


Awesome carrier but too pricey

I bought this carrier after using a Moby wrap (which was very comfortable but tiresome to wrap on), a Baby Bjorn (easy to use but my shoulders hurt after my son hit 15 lbs) and an Infantino EcoSash (same concept as Pikkolo but not as comfy for my son).This is an awesome carrier: 4 available positions! Its forward facing position is very comfy though your child has to be comfortable to spread their legs apart some.My only con is the price. It is way too steep for this. I would say $60 would be more fair. Though it is well made, it does not have pockets or any other such little features you’d love as a parent. But this is only my opinion. I recommend this carrier for its 4 positions available for the child as they grow and the carrier’s ease of use without the necessary assistance from a second adult.UPDATE: The hoodie buckles are too delicate. I broke one in less than a week….They should be bulkier!

Rosa Deering, MO

Works well with a smaller baby

I have a Baby Bjorn Miracle that my little 12 week old loves but with all of the controversy of "crotch danglers" amongst baby wearers, I decided to try a second carrier. I tested the Boba 3G and 4G, the Ergo original, the Baby Bjorn Baby One carrier, and 2 different Hotslings. The Pikkolo is the only one I can really jump on board with. I needed something I could carry my still ten pound baby in and he hates the slings. The other carriers were either awkward/uncomfortable or the straps were right in his face (which has been a huge issue for me). While I’m sure some of those that I listed above would be great for when he is bigger, they simply aren’t working for us now. He didn’t like the Pikkolo at first but that’s to be expected. I kept trying it out and when he was sleepy I snuggled him in and success! We’ve worn it successfully a few times and have already nursed with it on. The straps, while not freakishly overstuffed like the Ergo, are extremely comfortable. Very cushy! I love that they are thin and don’t block his view of the world or my view of him for that matter. I wear the carrier with the straps criss crossed in the back, which does bring them in closer to his face in front, but it hasn’t been a hindrance yet. What made me ultimately decide to keep this carrier was the hip carry option, which is hard to find. I look forward to using that in the future and while back carry isn’t very appealing to me, personally, I appreciate that it is an option as well. The only reason I give the Pikkolo 4 stars instead of 5 is the fact that a support belt is a separate purchase. But compared to the new Baby Bjorn, which is pricing out at $200, this carrier still comes in around $150 with the support belt. If you are looking for a carrier for a smaller baby, I would recommend the Pikkolo. I’m not a ‘wrap’ kind of girl so this search has been a long one. Overall, I’m very satisfied with this purchase.

Silvia Elma, WA

Great carrier for the first 6-9 months

I used this carrier all the time for my son’s first ~9 months. It is wonderful for that stage for the following reasons:-adjustable seat width, so we were able to start using this around 2wks without any additions-very comfortable without the bulk of the support belt-cross-over straps are great for me as a petite wearer-easy to get baby in by myself (easier than Ergo, though my husband feels the opposite)-generous, discreet sleeping/nursing hood-very easy to nurse by extending ONE strap and rotating the carrier to the side (only possible because of the cross-over straps, does not work as easily in the Ergo)Once our son was ~9 months (18lbs) we added the support belt. Unfortunately I really don’t love the carrier with the belt added compared to our hand-me-down Ergo:-VERY bulky to try to travel with-belt is supportive but feels very stuff, though perhaps it would soften with time and washing-straps are not as comfortable as Ergo for back carryIn my opinion the Pikkolo is really much much better for infants than the Ergo (no additional insert needed, less bulky without belt, easier nursing). That is really the time when a carrier gets the most use anyway. Beyond ~9mo it is totally usable with the support belt if you don’t want to purchase another carrier, but our usage now is almost exclusively when we travel and I prefer our brand new Ergo Stowaway (which I reviewed here on Amazon as well) for that purpose.For reference, my son is now 20mo and 25lbs. Our other carriers are Ergo Classic, Ergo Stowaway, Kelty TC 3.0 and a few slings.

Jacqueline Obrien, CA

Fabulous carrier

I did a TON of research before deciding on a carrier. I chose the Pikkolo because it was recommended by the Baby Bargains folks, and because I liked the fact that it has so many options for carrying (in particular forward facing out–which the Ergo doesn’t). Plus the company has great customer service. I emailed them to find out if they had any idea when Amazon would get more in stock and they were very responsive. And these carriers are made in the U.S.A.!Our son is now 7 months and we use this all the time. It is super comfortable for both my husband and I– and he is over 6 feet tall while I am only 5’5. We primarily use the front forward facing and inward facing carries now. But I want to try to the back carry soon. I should also add that we did purchase the support belt and I think it does add a great deal of support, especially since out son is approaching 20 pounds. You probably don’t need it at first.

Kendra Cotuit, MA

Great carrier!!

I’ve had this carrier since my daughter was born, and started using it at about 4 weeks. It is rated for 8 lbs and heavier. When she was very little, she would face inwards froggy style with her legs tucked up in the carrier. Now that she’s 4 months old, she still faces inward, but her legs are out of the carrier. For those concerned about proper leg/hip placement, this carrier supports her hips properly. Her legs don’t dangle–they straddle me and her knees are at the same height as her hips. I love the cover that can go over her head. It protects her from the sun, but still lets her peek out. I also put it over her when she needs to nap. I use this all the time, as my city is not stroller friendly. It was initially tricky to figure out how to get her into it, but now I am a pro. It comes with a direction sheet that explains the steps.I haven’t used it as a back carrier, so I can’t comment how it is for that.Cons:Front carrying-facing out—The straps cut into her legs and actually started cutting off circulation on one leg. I don’t carry her facing out any more. Facing in works great.The cover over her head is floppy and a bit too long. It might work better when she is bigger.

Mai Bristol, NH

Better than Ergo!

I LOVE this carrier! I have a Bjorn Air carrier and it was killing my shoulders with my 15lb baby. He wants to be carried a lot and my arms have been tired and also I can’t get much of anything done. SO, after much research I bought this carrier. I tried an Ergo and it was just not that comfortable for me and felt big and bulky. Also, I couldn’t do the back strap by myself which was a huge negative. I am a stay at home Mom and need to be able to use this during the day – not just weekends. For reference I am 5’5″ and about 130lbs. I didn’t actually buy the black, but bought “Whitney” print from another site – it is very pretty and gender neutral. I was afraid the black would be too hot in the summer and when I ordered it was on backorder through Amazon anyway. I also got a better price through the other site and she included the optional support belt with my order at no additional cost.Anyway, so far I’ve used the hip carry and front carry with great success. Both are very comfortable and my 4 month old seems to be very at ease as well. For a recent family gathering I wore him for several hours with no strain or tiredness. Please note though: you need the additional support belt that goes with this for extended wear with out the baby getting heavy. It helps to transfer all the weight off your shoulders and to your hips instead. He took a great nap while I walked around visiting with everyone in a very loud environment. Once my son is a little bigger (he’s 4 months right now) we’ll be trying out the back carry. I am trying to stay away from doing much front – facing out carry just because that isn’t as easy to distribute the weight and I don’t want him to get used to it so he isn’t as cooperative in the more ergonomic positions.This along with the support belt are a great investment. The carrier is a very soft brushed canvas and seems to “breathe” which is important for my son’s very sensitive skin. The padded straps are a dream and the carrier is actually very simple to use after reading through the brief instructions. There are pictures too so it helps to make sure you’ve got it on correctly the first time. The straps also have elastic on them to roll up any excess so you don’t have all kinds of straps loose and in the way.My only regret: I didn’t buy this a few years ago for use with my first child.Update: May 2013. My son is now 20 months old and we still use this A LOT. Whenever he is fussy this is the perfect solution and calms him almost immediately. We primarily do back-carry now and he loves it. He asks for the “Pik” and gets excited when I put him on. He is around 25lbs now and I can wear him for extended periods of time without feeling strain. Of all my baby-gear this will the item I am saddest to part with someday. It has been worth EVERY penny!!

Lynnette Marysville, KS

Love this carrier! Great for small and large parents!

– Love how comfortable it is- Never get back ache like Bjorn- Very adjustable- Baby can be carried in a variety of ways- Machine washable- Has handy head cover for naps- Excellent quality- Secure safety straps

Luz Aquasco, MD

must have for petite mom

This has been the perfect carrier for baby #3 and I wish I had it for my first two (I used an Ergo, which I love, but wasn’t ideal for my frame at 5’4" and 110). The criss cross straps make a snug and comfortable fit. I was able to begin using it when baby was 8 pounds and we’re still going at 18 pounds (and I have not found purchasing the waist strap necessary…yet).

Jami Athol, MA