Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip Foot Rest

Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip Foot Rest

Get a leg up on bathroom safety with this suction cup shower foot rest. The Foot Rest Safe er Grip from Mommy’s Helper makes shaving your legs in the shower easier by giving you a place to rest your foot at what ever height is comfortable for you. The Safe er Grip assists your balance while shaving in the shower full body weight is not to be applied to product.

Main features

  • Position at any height for shaving in the shower
  • Can be easily moved or relocated
  • Angled for better balance
  • Mounts directly on shower wall
  • Easy installation

Verified reviews



Love this shaving step. It is perfect for my needs. I’ve only had it a few days but it appears to be very sturdy. I am pleased!

Bertha Palo, IA

Does not work on “porous” tile

I know, it says it already that it doesn’t work on "porous tile". But what is porous? Basically, any tile that doesn’t have a glazing over it. So it won’t work on most modern tile. I didn’t think our tile in our shower looked all that porous but after several failed attempts at getting the thing to stick, I realized what they meant. It sticks just fine to the glass part of the shower, but that wasn’t a convenient place for me to stick it. So I would get this only if you have a plastic or glass-coated tile shower.

Heather Moscow, VT

doesn’t stay on tile wall very well

My shower is not huge and there is nowhere to rest my foot when I shave. I was very excited to find this product. The first time I stuck it to the wall, I got many uses out of it. Eventually it fell off. I replaced it over and over. I might get through a shave or two, but it always fell off again. Then it got to the point where it wouldn’t even stay put for one shave. Eventually I gave up and threw it away. It didn’t even last 3 months.

Ernestine Bellmawr, NJ


I have a smooth-wall shower. I stuck this thing on the wall a year ago and it has stayed! There is a lever that helps it hold much more securely than a regular suction cup item. I rest a decent amount of weight on it while shaving my legs. Recently, I moved it lower (I’m pregnant and less willing to put my foot up so high!) and it moved easily and stuck securely. A co-worker was lamenting her suction-type item in her shower, so I stuck one of these in with her Christmas presents. Definitely recommend!

Lesa Deer Creek, OK

Not bad but doesn’t always stay on the wall

Great idea and when it stays on the wall it works well. However it seems to fall of the wall quite frequently and I have tried putting it up with many different types of products short of a permanent adhesive which I might do. If you don’t mind it falling off when it’s not in use and putting it up when you need it then its worth buying.

Dominique Falmouth, KY

Does the job

This works but like previous reviews it has fallen off a few times for me. I have the standard 3×3 ceramic tiles and it would stay on but about a week later it fell off. I have since cleaned it with rubbing alcohol but noticed it was close to the grout seam not sure if it’s slowing moving down which is causeing it to fall off. All and all I like the product since I have a standing shower and while pregnant I need the help shaving which it has given me.

Stefanie Kenton, OK

Pregnant and thankful

Got here in good time! Best of all since our master-bath has a stand up shower it has helped me out a lot being pregnant and trying to shave my legs properly. I would buy this again! At first it had a little trouble sticking but once it finally stuck it has not come down. 🙂

Jeanine Dugway, UT

Doesn’t Stay Put

Didn’t work at all for me. I have super smooth glazed tile in my shower, and thought the suction would be ideal. Wrong. Just think about how dangerous this thing is if it doesn’t work! Ouch!

Marcella Allakaket, AK

About what I expected

Of course you can’t actually rest your foot on it, it just helps you balance a little better than putting your foot on the wall. Too much pressure and it falls off.

Kasey Myra, TX

doesn’t work on my tiles

I re-tiled the bathroom with nice tiles, and this thing won’t stay on. As soon as you put your foot on it, starts to slide down. it might work great on the cheap tiles like at apartment complexes, where they are perfectly smooth. My tiles seems smooth to the touch, but for some reason won’t stay on them…

Margaret Hopeton, OK

Excellent for my disability!

I am disabled and needed a foot rest to be able to shave in my shower stall, which does not have any sort of lip or surface to put my legs. It has great suction, and even sticks to my tiled shower wall. (I’ve tried others that constantly fell off.) I am so glad I bought this leg rest. Now I don’t have to shave at the sink anymore.

Jeanne Lenore, ID

Wow! get this one it works

Wow! I never thought that I would be so happy having support shaving my legs and this really works. I have a seperate shower from bath and it works on the glass door tight. I would highly recommend this to any one it works on the glass shower great and I am sure if the tile is clean and dry first, that it will work as well. Now, I dont have to worry about losing balance or cutting my self. What a great product!!!! I have one bad knee and this helps support me standing and shaving.

Candice Delta, UT

Amazing foot rest

I was remodeling a shower and wanted a “ladies ledge” but didn’t want to have to tile a “nook” into my shower to rest my leg as I shaved. I purchased this and tried it out on another shower in my house while I started the process of tearing out the master bath. This foot rest stayed firmly attached to the ceramic tiles in my other shower. So I remodeled the master bathroom with tiled walls without a built-in-ledge and have been happy using this when shaving my legs. Since putting it up initially it’s never come off – except when I moved the lever on the bottom to reposition it to the new shower! Both my bathrooms have smooth ceramic tiles (one has 4×6 the other 8×10 tiles) and this stayed put perfectly on both surfaces. All I did was wipe the tile and attach it! (I do not think this will stick if the tile is not smooth or if the tile is smaller than 4×4 or maybe 3×3.)

Kay Teigen, MT