Charlie Banana 10 Reusable Double Sided Wipes, Blue Emb.

Charlie Banana 10 Reusable Double Sided Wipes, Blue Emb.

This charlie banana™ organic cotton double wipes pack contains 10 pieces with beautiful blue embrodery. they are ideal for every moment of the day. made from luxurious certified organically grown cotton. they are ideal for baby’s gentle skin – wet them with a little hot water and your baby will enjoy diaper time every time! a long lasting item that we love. for additional information on how to use it visit our website.

Main features

  • Organic Cotton
  • Perfume free, chlorine free, chemical free
  • Perfect for makeup removal, to cool off a feverish child, perfect as a handkerchief, for wiping food spills etc
  • Organic cotton
  • 1% will be donated to Operation Smile
  • Helps reduce waste

Verified reviews


Kind of Poorly Constructed

These get the job done and are soft, but after a few washes the fabric kind of shrinks and they do not fold flat. This doesn’t affect your ability to use them, but it does make them seem a bit cheap.

Willa Haskell, OK


We use these as washclothes now, instead of wipes (having reusable diapers was enough wash and I didn’t really see the need for using cloth wipes after 5 month old son’s diaper rash went away). They ARE softer than regular disposable wipes, which is nice. Good value for the dollar.

Shawn Spring City, TN


I love the two sides, a softer plushy side for light duty, and a still soft fabric side for tougher heavy duty jobs, which is great. They’re big and one gets the job done. I can’t say the same for any other disposable wipe. I felt like the disposables were rough on baby’s skin (try taking off trace eye makeup with them – ouch!) these however are as soft as baby’s bottom. I use homemade wipe solution with it. I can’t wait to try them in the warmer. 🙂

Lou Benezett, PA

Super soft

Bought these to use in place of wet wipes with my newborn. Both sides are so soft and they work well on dirty diaper clean up. I will likely buy another box.

Agnes Hagarville, AR

soft and gentle and gets the job done

I use these wipes to wipe my daughter’s bottom. We currently use cloth diapers and picked these wipes because I liked the fleece side option.The fleece is soft (even after several washes and I do not use fabric softener). It is gentle on her bottom and it gets all the poop off. I use the fleece side to clean up the poop and the cotton side as a once over at the end.We also purchased the Organic Cotton Wipes from Amazon and use those if we are changing a diaper with just urine.Others have complained that these wipes repel water. I do not remember having any issues with repelling water but I did wash the wipes before using them and I do not use fabric softener. Fabric softener will cause my cloth diapers to repel water and I wash these wipes with my cloth diapers.

Louella Baltimore, OH

Love these wipes!!

These wipes are great. They are soo soft, just the right thickness and size. I was going to get the plain organic cotton wipes but decided on these instead. I bought two boxes, and we are very happy with them. The only downside is the fleece side is 100% polyester…but i trust CB that it isn’t filled with chemicals.

Shelly Bickmore, WV

Great at first, but horrible pilling!

I tested out three different kinds of cloth wipes, since I decided that using disposable wipes was silly if I was already cloth diapering. Initially I loved these ones FAR more than the other two (Grovia and the other kind of Charlie Banana wipes, the thinner version). Straight out of the box they were SO soft, so thick, and so luxurious, I just couldn’t imagine using anything else for my wee one! I ended up using them quite a bit more than I expected so I bought another box of 10 to have a good stash.Well, my baby is 9 months old and it has been several months since I’ve used these for wipes. After just a few washes, the soft microfibre side had pilled up horribly and actually became MORE scratchy than the other two kind I initially hated. I was so disappointed because these were not cheap. I was hoping they would last for *all* my babies, and they haven’t even lasted for one.What’s more, upon washing and drying even once, these became misshapen and annoying to fold. It appears that the smooth side has shrunk while the fuzzy side has stayed the same, thus distorting each wipe and really just making an ugly pile. People spending the money on these fancy cute wipes are clearly the kind of people who care what they look like folded in a stack, so this was very irritating to me. If I’m going to spend that much on double-sided baby wipes I expect them to be pre-shrunk.Also, the blue contrasting tags are cute in theory, but WAY too big and in the way. I cut them off and was left with an ugly scrap piece on the edge of each wipe. Too bad they couldn’t have been cute tiny tags.I give it two stars because I still think the embroidered logo is adorable and if they could get their material problems sorted out these would be amazing. Too bad I will never trust the company again so I’ll never find out.(FYI, the brand I now prefer is the GroVia, which has actually gotten softer with washing, and still has a good texture for getting those solids wiped clean. The other style of Charlie Banana wipes, the one-ply style, are completely worthless. Too thin and floppy to wipe up anything. I gave them to Goodwill months ago.)

Doris Parksville, KY

Great Product

I made another purchase of these wipes. They are very soft and easy to clean. I suggest you use the non-logo side since it’s easier to clean. Just rinse with warm water and rub gently.

Morgan Cedar Lane, TX

Best reusable wipes I’ve found

The CB double sided wipes are fabulous! I have 2 sets of the CB wipes and a couple other kinds of reusable wipes and I always find myself sorting through the stack for these. They are soft on the bottom and wash well. Good thickness and cleaning power. I would still buy more.

Dale Gilboa, NY

Great wipes

These work great. I enjoy the size and the double sided options. Its nice to have the fleece on one side and the cotton on the other. However I have quickly learned that the fleece is much more comfortable on my children’s sensitive skin.

Tricia Asbury, NJ

But these instead of washcloths!

I am cloth diapering and I first purchased osocozy wipes – which are nice but stitching is coming off after several washes and I found I didn’t have enough so I bought a package of these to try and oh my! These are a little more expensive but well worth the $$$… they are so soft and not only make a great cloth wipe but function as a nice washcloth too. They seem to be holding up well with washes too.I would highly recommend spending a few more dollars and buying these instead of other wipes!

Deanna Mineral Point, WI

Love these so far

Bought these after doing a bit of research. Love the fact that they are so soft on both sides, and that both sides clean really well. No matter how big the poopy, this wipe will clean it. I also use one of the wipes as a washcloth for baths and my son LOVES how soft it is. So far no stains, and line dries extremely well. Will update if any problems occur, but overall, I couldn’t be happier.

Colette Strasburg, ND

Great all around wipes!

We have primarily been using them as washcloths right now. We love them! They are super soft and gentle on my little one’s skin.

Jaclyn Demopolis, AL