Charlie Banana 10 Reusable Organic Cotton Wipes

Charlie Banana 10 Reusable Organic Cotton Wipes

Kissable Baby Wash. This product cleans & softens baby’s skin. Your baby will smell and feel fresh with each use.

Main features

  • Organic Cotton
  • Imported
  • Perfume free, chlorine free, chemical free
  • Perfect for makeup removal, to cool off a feverish child, perfect as a handkerchief, for wiping food spills etc
  • Organic coton
  • 1% will be donated to Operation Smile

Verified reviews


not very absorbant

very nice material, but it just doesn’t absorb my sons pee. i originally bought these to use as reusable, earth friendly wipes, but to be honest i got lazy and running back and forth to the sink got old. so i was using them as a pee shield for my baby boy (because as anyone with a boy knows, its unsafe to leave them exposed while changing) and it just doesn’t absorb… instead the pee goes down right onto the changing pad, which is exactly what i’m trying to avoid. anyway, so now i have 20 of these and use them to wipe his drool. oh well!

Leanna Dalmatia, PA

Not a fan

I bought Grovia wipes last time and LOVED them but the price went up $5 and I just couldn’t see spending over a dollar per wipe. I really honestly hate these. They are really thin and untextured, which makes them a lot like dispoable wipes, so you need several for major poo events. The Grovia wipes are like super soft, small washcloths so I really have only ever needed one, even for the messiest diapers. The textured surface on the washcloth type wipes means they are really effective at cleaning – the flannel wipes don’t come close to that.I agree with another reviewer who said they repel water. I had the same experience. Eventually they do soak up water, but not readily.They also each have a (relatively) large tag on them. Sure you can cut them off, but it’s kind of obnoxious.In my mind, if you’re going to go with cloth diapers you want everything to be better than disposable, not on par with disposable. So basically if you’re looking for something that’s just like disposable wipes, these are great. If you’re looking for something better, go with wipes like Grovia’s.

Vivian Viola, IL

These are just okay

Not really thrilled with these; they seem to repel water. I thought after washing many times it would stop, but they still do it after two months of use (wash every other day). I bought these along with organic OsoCozy flannel wipes and I must say those work far better. I still use them, but will not be buying any more.

Marjorie Grady, AR

Great quality wipe

I love these organic wipes! You can’t beat the price, about a dollar a piece. I ordered some of the double sided wipes from Charlie Banana, and even though they are thicker, they are made of one side organic cotton, one side 100% polyester :S… These are just one piece of organic cotton with a hem.. A little thinner, but so soft and will get the job done. Definitely recommend!

Susanna Dixon, NE

Thin and Flimsy

These wipes were so thin and flimsy I felt like I was wiping my baby’s bottom with tissues. It took me four or five wipes to clean up a mess that other wipes could tackle in one or two. They were soft, sure, but they had no grippy texture and were really just ineffective at cleaning up poo. Donated to Goodwill after trying just a few times. Learn from my mistake! (The wipes I finally ended up liking were the GroVia ones. They were a bit rougher to start with but have really softened up over time.)

Germaine Olive Branch, IL

Great for OCM!

I use these when washing my face with the oil cleansing method! They are so soft and don’t hurt my face at all. If they work on my face they would feel amazing on a baby’s butt!

Madge Nolanville, TX

So Soft!

These are super soft wipes. I am so glad that I ordered these instead of some of the cheaper ones I looked at. Definitely worth it!

Adela Jamestown, KY

Basic Wipes – Not Yet Used

Our baby girl is 5 days old so we’re going to transition from disposable diapers to the cloth diapers + organic cotton wipes. I’m sure we’ll love them and I’d imagine they’re super soft. FAST shipment!!

Lilia Juliustown, NJ

Love it.

We have ordered many packs of these. They have been great for our cloth diapered kids for over 2 years now. A few have gotten holes in them from being laundered multiple times a week, but any thin material will eventually wear down. Overall, these have been a great buy.

Daisy Kings Canyon National Pk, CA

Our favorite cloth wipes

These are our favorites of all the cloth wipes we use for diapering. We also useOsoCozy Unbleached Organic Flannel Baby Wipes 12 pack, which get holes too easily, andGroVia Cloth Wipes, 12 count, which are too thick to fit in our diaper warmer en masse.Here’s how we use them:We fold these in half and they fit perfectly in our diaper warmer. We then fill the warmer with water so they stay warm and don’t dry up. If we forget the water, the wipe on the bottom sticks to the warmer and we have to peel it off.They are easy to bleach and last longer than fleece wipes. Our daughter is six months old and we are only now starting to see signs of wear (they stretch out, get thinner).Each one has a big tag that we have to cut off.They have the softness of a tshirt material and are quite effective at handling all the waste matter they need too. They are also soft on her face.

Lina Madison, IN