Charlie Banana 10 Reusable Organic Cotton Wipes,

Charlie Banana 10 Reusable Organic Cotton Wipes,

This charlie banana organic cotton wipes pack contains 10 pieces. they are ideal to wipe baby’s bottom if used with charlie banana eco diapering system. made from luxurious certified organically grown cotton. they are ideal for baby’s gentle skin – wet them with a little hot water and your baby will enjoy diaper time every time! a must have. a long lasting item that we love! for additional information on how to use it visit our website.

Main features

  • Perfume free, chlorine free, chemical free
  • Perfect for makeup removal, to cool off a feverish child, perfect as a handkerchief, for wiping food spills etc
  • Organic coton
  • 1% will be donated to Operation Smile

Verified reviews


Love these wipes

I purchased these wipes as well as the double sided fleece wipes for my daughter. I use these wipes to wash her bottom when she urinates. The double sided fleece wipes work better for poop diapers. I have also used the cotton wipes to wipe her face and hands if they become sticky.I do not recall if I had any problems with them repelling water in the beginning but I don’t think so. These wipes have gone through many washes and I do not use fabric softener on them. We use cloth diapers and I know that if we use fabric softeners on our cloth diapers, they will start to repel water and leak. I did wash the wipes prior to their first use as well.I feel that these wipes were worth the money spent and I like that I am not contributing to waste.

Francis Bay, AR

Three wipe showdown!

We purchased the Grovia, Charlie Banana and Babykicks Cloth wipes for use in our Prince Lionheart Premium Antibacterial Wipe Warmer. Our baby is currently 10 weeks old. We use tap water on our wipes. No “wipe solutions” of any kind. We have not had any problems with diaper rash since we moved to cloth diapers and wipes 5 weeks ago. Hands down, our favorite are the Grovia wipes. Here is the breakdown:Charlie Banana: Our least favorite of the bunch. When we bought these, the price was $17.99 for 20 organic cotton wipes. This seemed like a great value for 20 wipes! However, the cloth is a thin jersey type cotton (like thin tee-shirt material). The weave on these wipes actually repels liquids. With the other wipes, I just wet the stack under the tap and then load the stack into the wipe warmer. These wipes will not absorb water this way. I have to load the dry wipes in the warmer and then fill the warmer with water and they very slowly absorb the water over a few hours. It is a pain. Secondly, the cloth sticks to itself when wet. They are folded in half to fit in the warmer and pulling one out of the warmer and unfolding it requires two hands or a strong one-handed flick which sprays water droplets around the bathroom. Both of which are annoying when holding a squirming baby on the changing pad. Because the material is so thin, it does not hold heat from the warmer for very long, though it is usually adequate. Lastly, the flimsy material does not grab goo as well as the other two and we use more wipes per diaper change. The Grovia and babykicks usually get the job done with one wipe.Babykicks: Our mid-favorite. $14.50 for 10 at the time of purchase. The material is the same material we think of found in cotton sweatpants; flannel texture on one side and a jersey knit texture on the other side. These are the smallest wipes of the lot so you have to be a bit more careful not to get your hands into poo. I don’t care for the circular shape or the rough tags (which I trimmed off easily enough) Folded in half, they also fit nicely in our wipe warmer. Unlike the Charlie banana, these absorb water and baby stuff just fine. The fabric texture is grabby, but still soft on baby’s skin. The flannel side does pill so they might become irritating to baby’s skin after a few washings. They sometimes unfold themselves as we pull them out of the warmer, but they often need a little help.Grovia: The hands down winner! $10.95 for a dozen at the time of my purchase. 12 are a perfect fit in the warmer when folded in half. The thick baby-terry cloth absorbs water and baby goo beautifully. They unfold out the the warmer perfectly everytime. No flicking or extra hand needed. Because they are a polyester blend, they do not stain. This is a nice plus. They hold the heat from the warmer the best of the three and our baby loves the warm/soft feeling of these wipes. The terry is very soft and fine (baby-terry) and it grabs goo beautifully. We never need more then one of these per diaper change. The only drawback to these is the surged-edge fraying that other reviewers have also noted, however, these are still our hands down favorite.I am ordering more of the Grovia and tossing the Charlie Banana and Babykicks into the rag bucket.

Trisha North Houston, TX


Thought I would wait to write this review & see how they hold up. Months later & hundreds of washes later, they are great. They shrink a bit, but are still absorbent & fit the bill

Rita Roanoke, IN

These are great!

I use these exclusively. I make my own wipes solution with witch hazel, distilled water, and essential oils (tea tree, lavender). About 36 of them fit into my wipes warmer. I just throw them in the wash and put them into the wipes warmer still wet. Works great, saves money, and better for my babies bum!

Ericka Grey Eagle, MN

So soft!

I was shopping for cloth wipes and I actually had another brand in my cart originally. After doing some research and asking some other mom’s on What To Expect message boards, these got some of the highest reviews. I’m so glad I ordered these! They are so nice and soft and so very affordable! I haven’t had them for long, so I can’t say first hand how they will hold up, but they came very highly recommended. I will update in a few months.

Beatrice Garden Valley, CA

So perfect for little faces!

These are SO SO SO soft and perfect for little hands and faces! I purchased both these and the charlie banana double sided wipes. I LOVE these for her little hands and face after meals, etc. Its the perfect solution for me because I was using a LOT of either paper towels or disposable baby wipes (so not enviro-friendly! and not really baby friendly either!) I just folded them acordian style (so that one pops up after another like disposable wipes) and put them in an old cleaned out wipes container (the huggies ones seem to work best) and before we sit down to eat I just wet one and keep it with me while I feed her to wipe her up.also, the tag is so silky soft so it doesn’t bother her 🙂

Nora Gibsonville, NC

Still going strong!

We have been using these for 20 months and other than a few with snags or small holes, these are just as good as basically new. Looking to purchase more for when we add another little diaper-wearer to the clan.

April Donnellson, IL

They are ok

I thought I would make my own wipes for my baby, these are nice and soft, fairly thin which is good for rolking up and putting in a wipe warmer but they are pretty small and I found I needed two sometimes which made a lot of laundry.

Thelma Lebanon, ME

Good for “light duty” diaper changes

For whatever reason, I own a multitude of different brands of wipes. I have Kissaluvs, Baby Kicks, GMD, Imse Vimse, Charlie Banana and made by a WAHM.Out of all of the wipes, these are the softest by far. They would be perfect for a newborn! They are a very lightweight jersey material. They feel somewhat like a cut up t-shirt. When they were first purchased, they repelled water more than my other wipes – so they did need a few goes in the wash to become as absorbent as the others. It wasn’t a big deal or anything. I just wanted to warn people.As far as cleaning a substantial amount of poo – I don’t think they’re really cut out for the job. They lack texture and are really too soft. I like Kissaluvs for the extreme jobs and Baby Kicks or GMD wipes for the moderate ones. Charlie Banana wipes are better suited for cleaning delicate areas without causing irritation – or for when changing a wet diaper.They hold up nicely in the wash. The ends don’t ravel apart or catch onto velcro (like Imse Vimse wipes do) and while they are a little more prone to staining than the other wipes – the staining eventually washes out after they’ve gone through a few wash cycles and/or have been hung outside in the sun.

Leila Sleepy Eye, MN

Very soft

We love these! We have a supply to use as wipes and a supply to use as washcloths. Very soft and they wash very nicely.Update 12/10/11: They still hold their shape after being washed three times a week for almost one year. They are not nearly as soft as they once were. That is unfortunate, but expected after so much use. We use them wet, so it is not a problem for us. I still recommend these reusable wipes for anyone that is cloth diapering.

Mallory King Hill, ID

Fine but not my favorite

These were the second type of clothes I got to use on my baby who is also cloth diapered. Charlie Banana’s wipes don’t have any texture what so ever and also seem to repel liquids (I spay the wipe or the baby with wipe solution). I prefer green mountain diapers versions of wipes much more as they have more texture and a soft and grip side. So for now I just use these if I need to dry him quickly and set the rest aside to wipe my own face for.

Mavis Trenton, IL