Charlie Banana 2-in-1 Reusable Diaper One Size-Butterfly

Charlie Banana 2-in-1 Reusable Diaper One Size-Butterfly

Charlie Banana® diapers are a “2-in-1″ reusable diaper system that is made of a fabulously coloured PUL (polyurethane laminate) outer waterproof layer, and an incredibly soft microfleece stay-dry inner layer. Each Charlie Banana cloth diaper comes with two thick microfiber inserts (4-ply) – one is short (approx. 12″) and one is long (approx. 13”)- one for the day and two for nighttime absorbency. They also have a smart front panel that gives you the option of tucking in a disposable pad for those special occasions or using reusable inserts. Simply stuff one or both inserts into the pocket opening to provide the absorbency your baby needs. With Charlie Banana® diapers, you get the best of both diaper worlds! Charlie Banana diapers are very adjustable to allow parents to customize the diaper to their baby’s shape. Strategic snaps that are located in the front of the diaper provide a great fit: the upper row of snaps is for fastening the waist, and the lower row of snaps is for fastening the leg, resulting in a gentle but snug fit all around. Inside the diaper, an innovative adjustable elastic in the leg casing allows the diaper to grow in length so it fits from 8 to 35 pounds.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Each diaper comes with 2 reusable inserts.

Verified reviews


LOVE these diapers as an overnight for toddler

I use these diapers on my two year old for overnight use. She is completely potty trained, but to catch those every so often accidents during the night we like to stay prepared so we put these on her at night. She is almost three (next month) and they fit her fine. They come with two inserts, but we only use one, because she just simply doesn’t need the extra layer of protection (she usually wakes up dry). Because we also have a two month old baby, we will use these for him when she no longer uses them at all. He has a different cloth diaper. These definitely beat buying pullups all the time until the years of bed wetting are over. We have three and that seems to be a perfect amount, as we keep up with the laundry.

Gayle Windsor, OH


We just started on cloth diapering and our Girl is 1 year old. Charlie Banana is the first brand we tried and we stay with it. They are extremely cute, didn’t leak yet (and we had already extremely messy ones) and they fit perfectly. We always had problems to find diapers who fit because our girl doesn’t have a butt in her pants. All my friends and family thinks that I am crazy to use cloth diapers because no one knows how easy they are to use!!

Lea Ardenvoir, WA

Updated review after 7 months of use. Disappointed with quality

Original review:I’ve been cloth diapering for 17 months and have a few brands in my stash. I recently purchased a couple Charlie Bananas on sale at Target and I wish I bought more! At first I was hesitant to buy these because I thought (maybe read a review) that these were similar to fuzzibuns. I have 1 fb which I hate- hard to stuff and the elastic adjustment is annoying. For so long I had mad love my bg 4.0s, which I still like and actually prefer the CB pockets for a few reasons: The adjustable leg elastic is super easy, super soft- much fluffier than my bg’s, the liner is narrower, and the back elastic is wider and never leaves a mark on my babies skin which all other diapers seem to do (especially grovia).All in all, I prefer them over my BG’s, grovias, fb, heros, and some generic china made ones I bought on craigslist.***Updated review***I have been using these cd’s for 7 months. I have followed manufacturer washing/care directions with CD friendly soap. ALL of the elastic has stretched to the point where a couple have broken. The metal adjuster has corroded which I suspect has caused the already weak elastic to snag and rip. I’ll try to post pictures. I’ve contacted CB so we’ll see what they say but the warranty for elastic is only 180 days and I didn’t save the receipt (doh!). It’s a bummer because I really like these diapers per my original review but cloth diapers should last through toilet training if not a couple kiddos. Hasn’t even lasted a year 🙁 I do live in humid climate but these get sun dried per directions so the corrosion should not have happened, right? I dunno, maybe it’s a fluke and I got the bunk ones. Disappointed and surprised, they haven’t even outlived my generic ones.FWIW/IME: Of all of my stash, BG pockets have proven to be high quality and show NO wear in 24 months of use. I will sell everything I have (if I can) and use prefolds/woolies, BG’s and the 2 Hero Pocket Coqui (They are ok, good for extra stuffing for nap, and I’m a sucker for the cow print) exclusively with next baby.***Customer service update***Emailed customer service and they will replace them with proof of purchase. Responded in a timely manner, good customer service.

Mayra Cherokee, IA

Very cute

Very cute, this was my first charlie banana cloth diaper and I have to say when I first saw it I wasn’t disappointing, they fit my 18 lb one year old nicely with no leaks.

Misty Red Lion, PA

Love their idea

I love the idea of using the hidden rubber band to resize. It’s better than the snaps that I’ve been using. I can get a better fit this way. The snaps sometimes are either too big, or too small. With this, I can get it to fit perfectly.

Simone Killarney, FL


uber cute, uber environment friendly! my only ‘regret’ is that it looks too big on my tiny baby. will use it again when she’s a bit bigger.

Sandra Linn Creek, MO

So so soft

Lovely & comfy for baby, at least while still new. So soft I can see why other reviewers say they don’t last. Narrow crotch so not easy to stuff. Cute design.

Dee Jasper, AR


I was looking for a good cloth diaper to use for overnights, and a friend suggested these. I use them with the insert they come with plus a disposable extra insert for nights, and they work perfectly! Very high quality, very durable. Good sizing – fit my four month old (who is petite) right away, and I can tell from the buttons they will fit for a long time.One note – be careful washing. One of our brightly colored ones leaked on our whites even though it was its third time in the washer.

Bridgett Randolph, ME

Hooray for Charlie Banana

I am new to cloth diapering. I started out with many different brands/styles of diapers to see what I liked. I have been very happy with Charlie Banana overall. The diapers are very easy to use and are not too bulky on my son. The legs openings are adjustable and each diaper comes with a small/med and a large insert. Last but not least, this “handsome” print diaper is adorable!

Mae Hampton, NH

Loved @ First, but then the Elastic Ruined

I loved these diapers for about 18 months. Then I noticed that the elastic inside was ruined and created a gap in my son’s legs causing leaking. This happened to almost all our Charlie Banana’s, but not to our FuzziBunz or Grovias. I did contact the company and after multiple emails and facebook messsages they replaced 13 diapers, which was nice, but I am noticing that a few of my newer ones (purchased in November for 2nd child) are running in to the same problem with the elastic. These are great diapers, but definitely will not last you for a second child (and maybe not even for the life of your first child).

Enid Desdemona, TX