Charlie Banana 2-in-1 Reusable Diapers One Size – Hot Pink

Charlie Banana 2-in-1 Reusable Diapers One Size – Hot Pink

We love cloth diapers for their many benefits and we love Charlie Banana® because of its versatility.Charlie Banana® diapers are a “2-in-1″ reusable diaper system that is made of a fabulously coloured PUL (polyurethane laminate) outer waterproof layer, and an incredibly soft microfleece stay-dry inner layer. Each Charlie Banana cloth diaper comes with two thick microfiber inserts (4-ply) – one is short (approx. 12″) and one is long (approx. 13”)- one for the day and two for nighttime absorbency. They also have a smart front panel that gives you the option of tucking in a disposable pad for those special occasions or using reusable inserts. Simply stuff one or both inserts into the pocket opening to provide the absorbency your baby needs. With Charlie Banana® diapers, you get the best of both diaper worlds! Charlie Banana diapers are very adjustable to allow parents to customize the diaper to their baby’s shape. Strategic snaps that are located in the front of the diaper provide a great fit: the upper row of snaps is for fastening the waist, and the lower row of snaps is for fastening the leg, resulting in a gentle but snug fit all around. Inside the diaper, an innovative adjustable elastic in the leg casing allows the diaper to grow in length so it fits from 8 to 35 pounds.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • Perfume free, chlorine free, chemical free
  • The inner layer is made of soft fleece which is hypoallergenic and stain free
  • Hybrid option to use a washable insert or a disposable insert
  • 1% will be donated to Operation Smile
  • Eco friendly product – Helps reduce waste

Verified reviews


Alright but not my fav

I am a beginner at cloth diapering. I’ve been using different brands and types for 2 months straight and used a few prefolds and flats before that on and off for about 3 months. I’ve used bumgenius, fuzzibunz, oh katy, happy heiny’s, osocozy, thirsties, kushies, charlie banana, kissaluvs, and motherease. So far CB is on the low end of my list. My favorites in order from best to worst are 1) thirsties 2)kissaluvs & motherease 3)bumgenius 4)fuzzibunz 5)Osocozy 6)Oh katy 7)Charlie banana 8)happy heiny’s and kushies. The Charlie Banana work well. They have smaller inserts than all the others but they absorb the same amount. The inserts take a little longer to dry (I mostly line dry), but the shell dries quickly. The outside is very soft and comfortable, that’s a plus! I’m not a fan of the front opening in the diaper, especially after a long nap with a lot of pee. It would be better (even with most of his poops) to have it in the back. When you pull the insert out your fingers get covered in pee. I haven’t had any trouble with the smell of them yet. They wash nicely. We had 2 leaks the first few times I used it b/c I had trouble snapping it to the right size. My son is now 8 months old and always in the 80-90th percentile for weight and 70-80th for height. He’s not a small baby. The biggest reason I don’t like these is that for a one size diaper it’s already looking so small on him. I’m afraid it will not fit him much longer. I buy mostly U.S. made products when I can and these are made in China, another reason I’m not buying anymore. All in all they do a good job but I rated a 3 mostly because they seem so small!

Tisha Myersville, MD

One of my favorites

I really really like this diaper. It would be close to perfect if the opening to the pocket was in the back. Since I have a boy, I always get my fingers "dirty" when pulling out the insert. If this was an all in one diaper…it would be PERFECT. But overall it is one that I reach for the most. 🙂 I love the sizing of this dipe. The elastic legs are adjustable which is a huge plus. And I love how the front is not covered with snaps that can rub on my big boys thighs. Thanks Charlie Banana for this pocket diaper…but can you plllllease make an aio!?

Nelly Covina, CA

Didn’t work for our boy

With the front pocket opening and having a baby boy, getting the inserts out was always a wet mess. We prefer the pocket opening in the back where it generally stays dry. Super cute and the snaps are adjustable, so the fit is great. We only used this particular brand a couple of times and took it out of our rotation.

Freida Boscobel, WI

really like the diaper, hate the price

I love these diapers. The patterned diapers are super cute, the material is soft on the outside, the fleece doesn’t get all worn after repeated washes and the microfiber inserts are absorbable enough for my heavy wetter. I have not had any leaking or blow out issues with the Charlie Bananas that I do have, and I think that they are a lot better than FuzziBunz (the “comparable” brand) simply because of the way the two of them fit my toddler; where FuzziBunz is so tight that I worry about causing irritation to my son’s skin, Charlie Banana is tight enough, but never TOO tight.I don’t like that the diaper is $21 though. I have paid $25 for “luxury” cloth diapers, but I don’t think that Charlie Banana’s really fit the bill for that.

Kenya Mingo Junction, OH

Charlie Banana OS is in my top 3 cloth diapers

We have a cloth diaper stash of mostly one-size pocket diapers. I’m going to say that Charlie Banana is in my top three, if not my favorite thus far. We own 6 Charlie Banana OS. Here are a few features I like about CB:-the waistband elastic is wider in the back than most pocket diapers. It doesn’t leave a red mark on my son’s back-the fleece lining is VERY soft and stays that way, even when line dried.- I like that the pocket is ‘finished’ with a flap to hold the insert in. Everything lays flat, including the insert. (I hate when inserts bunch up in the middle!…these do not!) The flap also covers the adjustable elastic and button so it doesn’t touch baby’s skin.- the cross-over snap on the front is great. I like that this diaper will not only adjust to fit my toddler, but that I can use that cross-over snap for our next baby, while they are teeny. I’ve also used this snap feature to roll the diaper up and snap it closed, so that it’s compact in the wet bag during travel.-the CB colors and prints are the best I’ve seen. Royal blue is my favorite. The PUL is high quality, and I trust that this diaper won’t leak.-these fit very trimly. I usually pick these when we’re going out, so that his clothes fit nicer over the diaper, and I trust that they’ll remain leak free.Here are a few things I would adjust on this diaper:-the inserts…they work fine, but they’re smaller (slightly shorter and narrower) than most microfiber inserts. They’re also an off-white color…not a huge deal, but not the lovely bright white aesthetic of other brands. The pocket is large enough to support a larger insert, so I usually grab a different brand insert to stuff at night/naptime.-the elastic over time, becomes more difficult to adjust…almost like it rubs on the inside PUL lining and causes friction. Still functional, but I would like to see them encase the elastic in fleece somehow, and keep it sliding smoothly.-this is super picky, but the tags on the diaper and inserts are seriously long. I’m constantly tucking them in when stuffing the pockets. They don’t interfere during wear, just after the wash. I could quit being lazy and snip them off if it was a huge deal :)All in all, if someone were to offer me enough Charlie Bananas to replace my current stash for free, I’d probably take them up on it. Great diaper.

Claudia Cortland, NE

I love the Charlie Banana diapers!

These are one of my favorite brands of cloth diapers for my son. They worked well for him as a skinny-legged baby and work well now that he’s a little chunkier as well. These are also very trim fitting on him so there’s not too much bulk.

Flossie Lincoln, AR

Fit isn’t great

I recently purchased four different cloth diapers to see which brand I liked best: Charlie Banana, Alva, Hero, and bumGenius. Unfortunately, these were my least favorite. I really wanted to love these because I think the option to have a disposable insert is great. The fit just wasn’t ideal for my 5.5 month old. In order to get it to fit snuggly around her thighs, I had to use the tightest setting (and she has chubby thighs), but to get them to fit her waist snuggly I used the mid snap setting. This caused the fabric to not lay flat. The snaps just aren’t very proportional.

Shana Cedartown, GA

Waste of money

CONS: I have completely stopped using this diaper. I don’t like the fit, it leaks after 30 minutes, and every single time I wash it the adjustable strap moves all the way back to Large, yet somehow is so difficult to get back to the proper size. I just don’t have that kind of time or patience. Also, even the large insert doesn’t completely go front to back with it in size medium so there is no way these would work when my son is older. I wish I had never bought them.Pros: It is very soft, I’ll give them that.

Monika Berne, IN

Would be the perfect diaper is it worked with other inserts

I wear this diaper on my 21lb 12 month old and have been very satisfied with it. Other diapers in my stash include BumGenius pocket diapers, Grovia AIO, and Thirsties diaper cover.Pros:adjustable elastictabs cross over for a slimmer fit (when necessary for younger infants perhaps, I have not used them like that)very trim diapersuper soft lining yet poo still comes off easilyfront opening makes adjusting easier in my opinion–I often get bunching in my BumGenius diaperssuper stretchy materialthe strip of elastic in the back ensures no blow-outsCons:due to the slim fit, other inserts probably wouldn’t work (I don’t have one in my stash that would work)you might have to touch pee because of the front opening but I do almost every time with my other diapers anyways so I don’t see this as a big deal, I just wash my hands. :)I don’t trust this diaper for overnights because of the insert situation. I use both liners even during the daytime. (large and small)Overall, I do like this diaper, I just wish it would work with wider inserts. I’m afraid to stretch it out if I use anything else.

Brigitte Groton, VT

Good, not great

I wanted to love these… considering they’re a good price and you can find them anywhere… but my girls are only 14 weeks and can already soak the two inserts within 2 hours (And it doesn’t seem like it would hold any more soakers/boosters). Also… I don’t see this fitting all the way to potty training, it doesn’t have rise adjustments, only elastic adjustments to make the leg openings fit better. Also, the overlapping snaps on the side wings are sometimes a little awkward to get it to fit properly.

Rita Randolph, VA

fits like the sized diapers

After using a medium Charlie Banana cloth diaper I wanted another(I also use g-diapers and thirsties duo-diaper). I decided to try the one-size diaper so that it would fit my 20lbs, 14 month old son longer. He has fit into the medium since he was about 6-7 months old. I thought the one-size would be bulkier but it’s not. I love it. I use the small insert on the medium setting now at it fits him much better than the medium fitted diaper. The crotch is slightly narrower. My son runs a lot so less bulk between his legs is better for stability. The company website doesn’t explain how they work very well but I found a youtube video demonstrating how you change the size and it’s great. I like it so much better than other one-size cloth diapers with snaps in the front croch to shorten the fabric. Charlie Banana actually found a way to adjust the length of the elastic. There is a small, medium, and 4 large settings. I’ve had this one a month now and I think this diaper will work for us for a long time.

Stacie Bismarck, ND

Love Charlie Banana Diapers

Tried other diapers brands for daytime use and none stand up to these. I use Kawaii for night diapers as well. Can’t go wrong with Charlie Banana diapers.

Madelyn Tipton, CA

Great pocket diaper (for girls?)

We’ve been using cloth pocket diapers for our 6month old son and when we decided to go this route we tried almost all brands we could find – Charlie Banana, Happy Heiney, OhKaty, FuzziBunz, BumGenius, and Blueberry.I liked each of them for different reasons but I’ll focus on the CB for this review. These pocket diapers are front loading (like OhKatys) and have the rise sizing in an internal elastic (like FuzziBunz). The internal elastic wasn’t the easiest to get sized compared to other brands with snaps on the front but you only have to do it when they outgrow the size so that’s only a few time from baby to toddler. After using other snap sizing brands I actually came to appreciate the elastic because it doesn’t come undone if you pull too fast or hard (which will happen when trying to diaper a squirmy baby).The other feature of this brand, front pocket, I was not a fan of because I have a boy and when his diapers are wet it’s mostly in the front so these might be better for a girl so you’re not constantly sticking your hand into a soaked pad to get it out.Other than that we’ve had no issues with these diapers – I actually really like how the outer fabric feels much softer than all of the others which makes me think it must be more comfortable to wear than those stiff ones.I’d rank these diapers right up there with the similar pocket brands but with the features I mentioned in mind.

Olga Tuntutuliak, AK

Good diaper, just maybe not for us?

I so wanted to like this diaper! And functionally it works, but there’s just aspects of it I don’t like. I don’t like how bulky it is, the insert seems so big and thick. That may be a good thing as your baby grows, but right now I have a 2 month old and it’s just seems like so much padding. I’m also not a fan of the snaps. I guess it’s great that the wings can overlap so you can get an even more snug fit, but I find that when I go to close it up there’s not a snap where I need there to be one… it ends up lopsided or something. And though the elastic adjusters for the legs seem cool (they’re like a bra strap), they can kind of shift around a bit. Fuzzibunz has button ones for adjusting the elastic, and even though that takes a minute longer I think it’s more secure. Anyway, I still gave these diapers 3 starts because a lot of these issues aren’t necessarily problems with the diaper but just my personal preference.

Nancy Bondsville, MA

bulky but works well

I bought a few to try when they were on clearance at a local store and soon bought two more through Amazon because I was new to cloth diapering and pleased with their quality. I was very skeptical about cloth diapering and messy poop, but I use Grovia liners with the diapers, and the stains that do come though rinse out really well in the wash from both the diaper and the inserts. The CB diapers are narrower than BG 4.0 diapers, but I haven’t had any leaking issues during naps or playtime with my 9 month old. I really like that CB diapers have an adjustible leg elastic and extra third snap to get a better fit than my BG 4.0s, but the diaper linings are made of a thin fabric that has a pilled look to it even brand new, so I’m not sure how well they will hold up in the long run (I am 2 months into part-time cloth diapering). The bulkiness of the inserts make it hard to put shorts/pants on my daughter if they don’t already run a little big on her. I also gave 4 stars because of the price- while their quality is pretty good, my other diapers are cheaper and work just as well.

Wilda Woodstock Valley, CT

i dont like the pocket flap that the insert goes

dont like that you have to touch wear they pee at. it secures the micro pad well but makes it difficult to get it out ewww it is a very trim diaper just like a fuzzibunz if you have a heavy wetter like i do and a boy it can leak out.

Kelley Quimby, ME

These are just okay for us.

Charlie Banana diapers work fine but they are by no means the first ones I reach for when changing my baby. The colors are adorable and bright, I have the Royal Blue and the Yellow and they do look cute on. They are also a very trim diaper, not taking up much space beneath my son’s clothing at all, which is rare for a cloth diaper. Additionally because they are such a trim diaper these are good for on the go because unused ones do not take up a lot of space in my diaper bag. The inside of the diaper is VERY buttery soft, I imagine it feels very comfortable for a baby to wear, and the inserts are thick and absorbent. It is nice that the diapers come with two inserts (a medium/large and a small) to customize absorbency.The limitations of this diaper are mainly in the design. In order to create a trim diaper, the diaper itself has been made very small. It might fit a small baby well but for it is not ideal for my 7 month old who is in the 80-90th percentile for length and weight. Even fully adjusted the rise barely reaches his hips, making it seem like the diaper is too small for him. Speaking of the adjustments, the adjustable elastic in the legs is a bit of a pain. It seems to move around in the wash so I have to readjust it each time I want to put the diaper on my baby. Sometimes I forget this until I’ve already started changing the baby and then I have to hurry up and adjust it mid-diaper change before I get sprinkled on. And I’ve found that I’m just not a fan of the way this diaper snaps. I understand the idea of putting several snaps on the diaper in order to give the user a customized fit but it’s really time consuming to stand there and snap six snaps on a wiggly baby. In the beginning I had a lot of trouble with these leaking when my son pooped. It was just a learning curve with the leg elastic and once I got it figured out those leaks stopped.My son also went through a very heavy wetting phase at about six months of age and this diaper could not keep up. The diaper would be completely soaked and would begin to leak after a short period of time. I tried adding back in the small insert as a doubler, but the diaper is really too small to stuff with both inserts at the same time. It made me feel like I was stretching out the diaper.I still use this diaper but mainly at home and on days when I am washing my bumGenius, Rumparooz, or Flips and just need something to put the baby in for a little while. If your baby trends on the smaller side you might have better luck with it than we have. Happy diapering!

Mari Sayre, PA

Charlie banana diaper

Bought one to try-must admit this is my least favorite of my stash ( I might be the minority on that opinion ). It does stay fairly dry with two inserts. Washes ok- began to pill quickly. The inserts aren’t the best- I use both. I so not like that the pocket is on the front- it’s always wet and kinda gross. It’s difficult to get the insert in because the pul material is almost sticky. It doesn’t fit my baby very well. The size for the waist is too tight for his thighs.

Randi New Philadelphia, OH

Worked Great, For a LIttle While (Elastic Issues)

I loved these diapers for about 18 months. Then I noticed that the elastic inside was ruined and created a gap in my son’s legs causing leaking. This happened to almost all our Charlie Banana’s, but not to our FuzziBunz or Grovias. I did contact the company and after multiple emails and facebook messsages they replaced 13 diapers, which was nice, but I am noticing that a few of my newer ones (purchased in November for 2nd child) are running in to the same problem with the elastic. These were great for a while, but definitely will not last for a second child and probably not even for the full length of one child.

Enid Aspers, PA

Great diapers!

My daughter is 13 months and I decided to start cloth diapering about a month ago. I should have done this from the beginning because it really is easy. I can’t compare to other CD because CB is the only brand we have used, but we love them! They are very soft and easy to clean up. They wash up great and have stayed white and soft so far. I use Charlie’s soap and a little white vinegar in each wash. I also love that I can pick these up at Target.

Ada National City, MI