Charlie Banana Cloth Swim Diapers Butterfly

Charlie Banana Cloth Swim Diapers Butterfly

You are already using cloth diapers; why not consider cloth swim diapers as well? Disposable baby swimwear is wasteful, and most of the products on the market are not very absorbent nor specially attractive. The Charlie Banana® swim diapers have a waterproof outer layer and a soft organic cotton inner lining with some micro terry built in. We have a rainbow assortment of colours and prints to make your little one a fashion sensation at the pool or beach.

Main features

  • Inner Layer: 66% Bi-constituent Fiber, 34% Polyester; Lining: 100% Organically grown cotton
  • waterproof outer layer
  • soft organic cotton lining
  • eco friendly

Verified reviews


Very pleased with design/materials

Haven’t used it yet but compared to the Kushies swim diaper (which I didn’t like so much and also reviewed), am very pleased about:- inner lining is very soft organic cotton, won’t worry about baby’s sensitive bottom being rubbed raw by wet cotton- has waterproof layer and a tiny bit of padding inside so I can put it on baby before we get into the water without worrying about mini pee accidents (pee goes right through disposable swim diapers and the kushies swim diapers)- no potentially scratchy velcro anywhere (I also hate velcro in the washing machine–laundry tabs don’t always hold them in place!)- has drawstring to ensure tight enough fit around waist.I know some reviewers don’t like the design of pull-up swim diapers cause if a poop during swimming were to happen, it gets pretty messy when it comes time to take off the diapers. I just figure that if my baby ever really does end up pooping in it (fingers crossed!), I’m going to have to wash his bottom and legs anyways so not too big of a deal for me.Can’t wait to try them out!

Gayle Wayne, MI

Perfect for potty training!

I got them for my 18th month old as a swim diaper initially. We were going on vacation and I hated the idea of having to take swim disposable diapers. I want to make greener choice… They size L fits great on my average size child and the bonus is we are now using it for potty training. Using this made my child more aware of her body. She is now 22 months and we are doing baby lead potty training (she started on her own at 21 months). Basically my child tells me she needs to go on the toilet and holds till we make it. I credit this to these diapers.One thing I like to add, I got 3 pairs for vacation. They do take a while to air dry, usually 12 hours, more if there is humidity, quicker if drying in dryer. I use these three everyday to make my child aware of her body… I would suggest getting more if you are planing on using them for potty training. I had bumgenieus 4 diapers and used them in combination, but they seem to be very tight and left marks on my child (they worked better when she was smaller). That said they are not completely wet proof, maybe I did not make them tight enough or maybe my child had more to drink at those times.Overall – they worked great for us! My child just turned 22 months and when we stay home we have 100% success when my child is awake. And I still use them for swimming!

Carole Columbus City, IA

Perfect solution

These things are must haves. We do use them at the pool a lot but I bought several to use as training pants, too. It simplifies things for us beautifully and it makes spontaneous trips to the pool a more frequent occurrence. I recommend getting a few to add to your training pant arsenal.

Alice Diamond Springs, CA

Great fit and quality

The fit was exactly right for my baby. We used this in conjunction with disposable swim diapers per the pool rules for swim lessons. The material and lining of this diaper is nice and thick, and the fit was nice and tight (not too tight) around her waist and legs. So, I’m sure it will hold in poopy messes as well as can be expected of a swim diaper. We never experienced an accident in the pool thankfully, so I cannot attest to how well it works. Honestly I would trust these more than the disposable diapers to hold in messes because the disposables just did not fit right around her waist and couldn’t be adjusted like this diaper. However, don’t expect these to hold in pee, they are designed to let liquid through (otherwise they would weigh a ton when you got them wet!)

Freida Nisswa, MN

Nice swim diaper.

These are great little swim diapers for my little guy. I have several of these in different sizes. They wash well and then I let them air dry outside. They have held up well over the last 2 years.

Jessica Cinebar, WA

Charlie Banana Training/Swim Diaper

Got this to go over swim diapers (in our state, swim diapers AND waterproof covers are required). I cut the terry cloth liner out of the crotch since i just needed the waterproof cover portion – works great. Sized as expected. There is a drawstring in the waist, too, making it a bit adjustable.

Alisa Ellenburg Center, NY

but they were really great. I bought a medium for him

Bought these for my three month old for a swim diaper. We didn’t use them that much, but they were really great. I bought a medium for him, and I don’t think he’ll be able to use them past five months. That’s what I expected though. He’s a big boy. I think he was about 18 pounds when I got these and he wore them last weekend at about 22 pounds. I’m still happy to be able to use these instead of disposables and will definitely buy the next size up in this brand.

Elisabeth Sharon Hill, PA

Good but hard to clean and…

these are super cute and work as swim diapers but we’ve had trouble getting them clean or smelling fresh (we have loads of experience with cloth diapers), they seem to hold the urine a little to well and when mixed with lake/pool/sea water creates a hard to remove stench.Also had an unfortunate poop in them and it was very hard to get out/clean etc. Even as we are on the hippie side of parenting when it comes to the environment and our kid we are/have switched to disposable swim diapers or the velcro opening ones like:Bummis Swimmi Cloth Diapers, Turtles, Large (22-30 lbs)

Jeanie Lost City, WV

Quality, but design doesn’t work for everyone.

These swim diapers are great. They’re obviously pretty cute (my shallow reason for choosing them), but they also do their job well. A little bit of padding in the crotch helps with absorption, good leg elastic and a PUL outer keeps messes well contained. My ONLY reservation about this diaper is the fact that it is a pull-on style. If my son does happen to make a mess of it, it is incredibly difficult to get the diaper off without that mess getting all over his legs, feet, and the towel he’s laying on. If your kid doesn’t poo in the pool, these are the swimmy diapers for you. If your kid does, then get a swim diapers with side tabs.

Renae Ocean City, MD

Great product

This is a great product. We use it for both swimming classes instead of the disposable swim diapers and for pull up diapers around the house because it is easier to pull down when we need to take our baby to the potty. This is a great product for both purposes. If she does end up peeing in it, it does go through, so it is not perfectly waterproof. But it is great for its purpose and easy to wash. I would definitely recommend it.

Monika Braggadocio, MO

I’ve seen better for swimming

I love the color and the fact that it is a little padded. I really dislike that the pad is not fully attached. You can take it out of the diaper on one end but not both. I am not sure why to be honest, even if used for potty training. It is very long to dry so wouldn’t recommend for a day at the beach or any time where you want your kid to stay in the diaper for a long period of time. We like the elastic at the leg but prefer our original i-play.

Janice Prague, NE

Adorable, but messy

The pattern is just too cute for words and the medium fit my 4-month-old well. However, beware if there is a #2…it’s hard to get off and clean without a huge mess!Not very environmentally friendly of me, but I’m tempted to opt for the disposable variety our next trip to the pool!

Cathy Phoenix, OR

Super cute but seems to run small

I got a large but it was a little tight for my 8 month old. If your child is up there in weight and height, better go up one more size to last through the season.

Cornelia Northfield Falls, VT

Excellent swim diaper

Purchased two swim diapers for playing in the baby pool at daycare. They work perfect and seem to be comfortable too.

Lilia Energy, TX

Great product

Seemed a little small at first glance, but it fits our very chunky little guy quite nicely. Would recommend and buy again.

Melinda Atlantic, IA

Cute and Functional

These swim diapers are very cute and very functional. They have a nice draw string waist that allows you to personalize the fit to your child. Also, the interior has a nice absorbant pad inside. The outside designs are adorable and I have gotten many compliments on them.

Alison Moody, MO

Fit our slim baby

It’s been hard to find fitted bottoms for our slim babe, but these work well. They’re not quite as thick as I might like to contain poops, but other than that, they’re cute, comfy, and dry quickly.

Shelley Smiths Grove, KY

for my little starfish

i love these. they’re very basic swim diaper. my son’s 12.5lbs, 24inches and these fit him great. not to snug, still has room to grow into it. fits better with a disposable swim diaper, which he has to wear both for his swim class. dries quick so i rinse and dry before throwing in the wash. no risk of getting funky and moldy. it does have extra padding where it needs it which i like. reasonably priced and the print is super cute. i would totally recommend these. i’m thinking of getting another pair.

Brandy Columbia, IL

Great product

We have used these for our toddler and baby girl. The toddler had an accident and it kept all the "yuck" within it. We bought two sets for each child so we always have one ready for swim season.

Stacie Westlake, LA