Charlie Banana Nursing Pads, White

Charlie Banana Nursing Pads, White

Washable, reusable breast pads

Main features

  • Perfume free, chlorine free, chemical free
  • Soft lining, absorbent layer and leak-proof liner
  • A must try

Verified reviews



I choose these pads because i didnt want to keep buying the disposables. I am a 34 c and they are huge! Also they are just round so when you put them in your bra they gather and create bulk…not attractive! They are very soft and absorb well, and come with a nice case to store in.Would recommend to anyone with larger breast

Eugenia Rebecca, GA

Great alternative to disposables

I really do love Charlie Banana. We also use their diapers (which are fabulous, BTW) These pads appear to be made from the same great materials as the diapers, with a soft to the touch waterproof outer layer, and an absorbent heavenly soft fleece inner layer that wicks the moisture away from the skin, keeping you feeling dry. It comes with a waterproof carry case for keeping used pads until you can get them home and into the wash. I can’t think of a single complaint.

Iris Arcadia, MI

Great Quality- Fit could be better

I would give these pads five stars if they were contoured. The quality is excellent. They are very soft and very absorbent. They wash up wonderful and still look brand new after several washings. They even come with a little black zip up storage case. The only problem is that they are flat circles. When you put them in your bra you can see the wrinkles through your shirt because you are taking a flat circle and putting it around a round boob. Why have they not figured this out? I am keeping them and using them only at night which is really the only time I leak anyways. But again because they are not contoured they do not always stay in place at night. I have been looking for a replacement, but so far I have not found a better product.

Natasha Arcadia, CA

Great pads!

Love these things! Hold a ton of my milk! haha. They are not super discreet so I only wear them under a padded bra when going out in public.

Rhoda Cassville, GA

Thin, but not contoured

I am a light leaker… only when I’m feeding off one breast, does the other leak. So I can’t speak to the absorbency factor. However, the fleece feels nice, I like the waterproof backing, and they’re even thinner than I was expecting. The only negative is that they’re not contoured and are very obvious unless you’re wearing a padded bra. I’m on the smaller side, so this might not be a problem with larger women.

Young Wapiti, WY

Best I’ve tried

I like reusable nursing pads far better than the disposable ones, and these are the best reusable pads I’ve tried. They are large (about 4 inches in diameter), but I think that’s a good thing. I’ve never had these pads leak through, even overnight, and the soft inside layer is comfortable on sensitive nipples.

Alisa Gilmore City, IA

I wish I started with these instead of disposable

They are super soft and thin. They are very easy to wash–I just throw them in with the kiddo’s clothes. I like having the little black pouch to stay organized. I wish I had bought these early on instead of the disposables (though admittedly, I am not sure how well they would have stood up to the leaking that takes place early on).

Cora Kingston Springs, TN

Great nursing pads

I am a huge fan of the charlie banana cloth mensrual pads so after my son was born I knew I had to try these pads. I’m so glad I did…they work great and aren’t very expensive. The only thing I don’t like is I wish they were a little bit thinner….I cannot wear a tight shirt with these pads because it does show an outline.

Allyson Nazlini, AZ

Soft and comfy

I love wearing these under my sleeping nursing bras. Unlike bamboobies, they’re large enough that it doesn’t matter if they shift around a little. Only downside is that they can be seen through your clothes because they’re completely flat and circular.

Saundra Spring House, PA


These pads are nice and soft but bulky and don’t stay in place well. As long as you don’t want to wear them out-and-about they are excellent.

Deirdre Girard, KS

great size

I love these. they are perfect size, very soft! and absorbs well. I highly recommend this product. It is also leakproof 🙂

Cassie Exeter, MO

Nice, but bulky

I was using the disposable pads, and found that they didn’t stay in place, and I didn’t like that I was increasing waste at home. These are ok–absorbent, wash nice, but they are bulky, and I have to re-adjust them (and it’s hard to do that discreetly when I’m in public) after every time I nurse–they get bunched up, and out of place. It’s awkward trying to do that without flashing people if I’m in public. These are good if you have a nice padded bra or a thicker shirt, but your bust is going to look bulky and bumpy if you are wearing a light bra and shirt with these.

Jordan Essex, IA

Better than disposables

These pads are great for overnight use, they work really well and keep me dry. They are very thin and soft however they are quite large so I prefer to use another brand during the day and these at night.

Brandy Freedom, IN

Great nursing pads

These were a lifesaver in the months after my daughter was born. Super soft and absorbent. I would wash them with the baby laundry so that no fabric softener was used on them that would effect the absorbency. In a lightly padded nursing bra these were invisible, but if I wore an unlined nursing bra you could usually see the outline of these. I like how thin they are and that they seem larger than most other nursing pads. They stayed in place pretty well, but I think that has more to do with the kind of bra you wear. We use CB diapers as well and love the soft material that is used on these pads and the diapers.

Elisha Stacyville, IA

Way better than the price suggests!

My wife has a heavy milk production and has leaked through the Bamboobies overnight. She is able to wear the Charlie Banana pads and forget about them until the morning. They are way bigger than the bamboobies or Philips Avent pads and much nicer feeling. They feel more expensive than 15 dollars. These probably aren’t the pad for you if you want something easy to hide. These are larger but they actually work.

Bertie Stockton Springs, ME

Hello Cloth, Goodbye Disposable

Ok, so yes, I stole Charlie Banana’s little phrase they used on their cloth diapers. I stumbled upon these nursing pads when I wanted to save money from buying disposable pads (I used Lansinoh Disposables with my first two babies). For my third baby, I was a bit more environmentally (and budget) conscious. But keep in mind this is the only brand of reusable breast pads I’ve ever tried. If you use disposables, try these and you will never want to go back.I LOVE these pads. They are soft, super absorbant, and have never leaked for me. They even worked overnight (though they would be pretty saturated by morning the first few times baby slept through the night). I originally bought two boxes of 6 pair, giving me 12 pair, which is plenty with a now 5 month old, but in the earlier days, I wish I had more going through the laundry. I would say 18 pair was good for me to only have to do a load of laundry twice a week.I am a small chested woman (usually an A cup when not pregnant or breastfeeding, but a B cup while breast feeding) and these give me plenty of coverage. They are a little wrinkly sometimes under my bra cup, but my bra cup doesn’t show the wrinkles through (it’s a lightly padded cup) – if you wear a thin cup, the wrinkles may show – not sure.The quality/sewing seems good and they have held up to multiple times in the washer and dryer with very little wear showing. I usually toss them in the wash with my baby diapers made by the same company (sorry if that’s gross but everything comes out clean – promise!). Be advised that regular laundry detergents may coat the fleece/cotton and make them resistant to absorption. It is advised to use an eco-friendly detergent. I like Nellie’s Laundry Soda the best.Anyway, I will likely buy another box for baby #4 when the time comes. :)Also, as a company – I can attest that customer service took care of an issue I was having with another product they make (not the breast pads, but some diapers). Because they took care of me, I trust this company.UPDATE 5/20/14:So baby #4 has arrived and as promised, I’m back to buy a couple of more boxes to add to the ones from my previous baby – which are STILL holding up great!

Irene Chelsea, VT

Prefer Disposables

This is the only brand of washable nursing pads I have tried, but I definitely prefer disposables to these.I liked that they were less wasteful than disposables, they were relatively soft, and when they stayed in place they did absorb okay but definitely not for as long a time periods as disposables.For me they were not discrete under a bra due to their perfectly round shape which would bunch up, they tended to shift under nursing tops (when not wearing a separate bra) which meant I would leak on my sheets while sleeping, they retained a slightly sour milk smell even after repeated washing, and overall failed to perform as well as the disposables I tried (I liked both kinds of Lansinoh pads).

Maura New Windsor, NY

great! a bit big.

these have been great so far! i have had no problems with leaking. they are, however, very big! i have to use a different brand if i’m wearing a shirt with any kind of scoop neck.

Chris Perry, OK

Soft and absorbent

These are super soft and absorbent! I have been using disposable for seven months and it was a huge waste of time and money. I washed these according to package instructions, air dried and then wore. I even have over supply which causes a lot of leakage. It handled it all. I would highly recommend.

Margot Palmetto, FL

Do what they are supposed to

I bought 2 packs of these before baby was born and probably only needed to buy one, but I have never had a problem with leaking so maybe others would disagree. Good to have on hand and like that the back is waterproof so if you leak a lot, it won’t go through to your clothes. Same waterproof material that they use on their cloth diapers that work perfectly too! Great brand, only gave 4 stars because of the high price.

Celina Henrieville, UT