Charlie Banana Washable Hanging Diaper Pail

Charlie Banana Washable Hanging Diaper Pail

Perfect accessory to cloth diapers. Made of waterproof outer layer, ideal for storing dirty clothes and diapers.

Main features

  • Front: 100% polyester, Back 100% Polyurethane
  • Imported
  • Waterproof outer layer
  • Ideal for storing dirty clothes or diapers
  • Hoop for hangin
  • Elastic opening to fit around diaper pail or trash can
  • Can be washed right along with diapers.

Verified reviews


Great Diaper Pail

I really like this diaper pail. It looks good in my daughter’s room and doesn’t scream "diaper pail." I hang it on the back of her bedroom door so it is hardly noticeable anyway. Does a good job holding 1-2 days worth of diapers although I’m sure it could hold more than that if needed. I wash it each night with the diapers and it comes out great!

Jordan East Millsboro, PA

Like it so far

Very nice pail. I like zipper in the side seam instead of in the bottom -more practical and easier to use. Haven’t used it long enough to see how it holds up in washes. But so far so good.

Nadia Wyalusing, PA

Great laundry bag

I just love this bag! I have had it for a few years now and has held up well. I really like how the inside is lined and has a zipper on the bottom. I use this bag a lot when we travel and it has worked great. Overall, I am very pleased.

Maude Hilliards, PA

Air keeps the smell at bay

So there is this misconception, that keeping cloth diapers all sealed shut will keep us from smells. Not so…. Urine itself along with fabric fibers especially non natural ones like polyesters, will put an ammonia smell out like you can’t imagine. The older the kids get the stronger the smell. And you don’t even need to wait more than a day for ths to happen…. So the more I tried to suffocate the smell, the worse it became. Frustrated, I was tipped off by the science explanation of it which made perfect sense and decided to try it. I would try to paraphrase it all, but I’m sure it wouldn’t come out right, so just trust me. Anyway, open air method causes the diapers to not marinate so to speak. By sealing them, we are essentially steam cooking our diapers in the natural acid. By leaving them open the air keeps that from happening. Just to experiment, I tried a few for almost a week. Even by that time still no smell. If you put your nse right up to it, maybe you could get barely a whiff. If you are still concerned tho, there is a swatch of terry cloth attached inside that you can use tea tree oil or any other oil as a neutralizer. The only thing I find comical is that this bag and the Fuzzi Bunz bag are exactly and I mean exactly the same. The difference, fuzzi bunz is in th US with great customer service while Charlie Banana is in China and difficult to reach. Both function the same, just more color options here… This is the perfect solution for a cloth diaper pail. Keep n mind that those of you who soak, dunk or completely rinse vs. spray off you will most likely get leaking at the bottom with the zipper. The zipper is made for quick dumping into the laundry. Personally I don’t use it because I’d rather push the diapers inside out and have the bag wash inside out as well. If you do soak and dunk, I would recommend a thick towel at the bottom to cover the zipper and deter leaks.

Candice Colonia, NJ


This is my absolute favorite color pink. I am THRILLED that the bag is sturdy, the inside is waterproof, and somehow it retains the smells of urine without making my baby’s room smell at all. The only time I get the odor of the disposable diapers we use is when I am putting the bag, and all of the contents into the washer. The other great thing about this bag is that it takes about 15-20 minutes to dry in the dryer (on delicate) so you’ll never have to leave dirty disposables sitting out 😉 VERY VERY happy with the quality of this bag!

Penelope Saint Bonaventure, NY


I ordered this diaper pail because I just love Charlie Banana OS cloth diapers. I used it straight out of the box and the first poopy diaper I had to rinse leaked right through this diaper pail. The zipper is on the bottom of mine (which doesn’t make much sense) and the water came right through it in the corner. If the zipper were not on the bottom, I’m sure it would work just fine. Thank you Figure 8 Maternity for giving me a full refund! I ordered a few Planet Wise pail liners to put down in a trash can instead.

Edna Alkol, WV