Charming Woodland Giant Peel & Stick Wall Art Sticker Decals

Charming Woodland Giant Peel & Stick Wall Art Sticker Decals

This decal will stick to most surfaces; paint, glass, metal, wood, slight textured or smooth. It may not work on freshly painted or textured walls.

Main features

  • Peel & stick;
  • Instantly brighten up any space
  • Remove in minutes without damaging your wall
  • Applies to any smooth surface; Repositionable; Reusable
  • All stickers are numbered for easy assemble; 3 Sheets of 17″ x 30″

Verified reviews


Great temporary decorating solution

These decals are great to add color and whimsy where you can’t paint. They are easy to place and reposition and actually make me wonder if I will ever go through the hassle of anything beyond a very basic paint job again. Highly recommended and I will definitely use similar decals in the future!

Keri Tibbie, AL

Do not stay on wall!

These are terrible. They do not stick to the wall. I bought a different brand with no problem adhering. Don’t buy these!

Fern Short Hills, NJ

Absolutely adorable!

This is such a fantastic decal set. My daughters and I created our tree scene for a baby nursery in abut 30 minutes. It is above the crib and fills up much of the wall. Really looks good. If you have trouble with some staying put, a thin layer of white school glue does the trick. Looks like a hand painted mural at a fraction of the cost! Great for a boy or a girl as advertised.

Claudine Basco, IL

So adorable!

I placed these on the wall of my soon to arrive little girls room. It took a longer to put up than I expected but it’s well worth the effort… just remember to wash your walls before sticking them on (i forgot and had a few issues with some edges rolling up and used a tiny amount of rubber cement to stick back on.

Liz Flat Rock, AL

Very pretty wall decal but some of the stickers kept falling off!

I purchased this decal for my 18month old daughter who absolutely loves it. It’s so much to explore and she constantly points out the owl (hoo-hoo), the flowers and the birdies. It’s a great big deal of fun for her.However the first decal I received from the seller did not stick at all. By the time we had put up the last sticker the first parts already fell off the wall. I contacted the seller about this issue and they promptly sent me a replacement which was great. This replacement actually works very well and I am a happy camper.

Nadia State Line, MS

Looks great, adds color to white walls

Looks great on our white/cream walls. Walls and paint have almost no grit or texture to them, painted with flat matte paint. I was worried about parts popping off after reading a few reviews and decided I could just try some adhesive spray on the back if it came to that. However, after the first few pieces were in place, it became clear pretty fast these are going to be stuck on the wall for the long haul. I’m glad we started with the trunk about 14 inches off the baseboard. Even though this tree is 4.7 feet tall, I think it would have felt short in the room if we had plunked it down at floor level.Putting this tree up with someone is a great activity. It took us about two hours because we were obsessive about placement. I just love the fox!

Gussie Berclair, TX

love this

I bought this for my daughter’s room, and I absolutely love it as much as she does. It was easy to apply and doesn’t fall off like others do, it is bright, and had a lot of pieces, the animals are simple, yet adorable.

April Graceville, MN

So easy!

This was fun and easy to apply to the wall. It comes off easily if you need to move it. Looks great in the nursery.

Rebecca Oakdale, CT

Cute & Easy Playroom Decor

This decal set is adorable. It was the perfect and easy addition to our playroom. I would recommend laying the sticker sheets out for a few hours before hanging in order to straighten out the kinks from the packaging. The stickers are labeled with numbers to make the hanging process easier. It took approximately an hour to hang and colors really pop against our latte colored wall. It’s been hung in our house for a month with no issues. They’ve stuck very well and look just as good as it did the day it was hung. I’ve used other brands of decals and this has by far been the highest quality. My daughter loves it!

Clara Sauquoit, NY

Five Stars

Love the animals

Justine Loudon, TN

Looks great, but falling off already

I wanted to love this tree decal, and I did at first. A few hours after we put it up, a few pieces already started coming off of the wall. I put it up with my husband, and it really helped to have two people. It took about an hour and a half, and it was much easier than I was expecting. I think it helped that I spread the sheets out and put heavy books on top of each one for a few days. We took the suggestion we saw when reading other reviews; we cut out the pieces then taped them to the wall before sticking them. We just taped the brown trunk and branches, and it helped to see how it would fit on our wall and look. We also wanted it high enough from the floor so our daughter couldn’t easily peel it. We put it three feet up, and it looks awesome. Another thing that helped was crossing off the number of the decal shown on the instructions as they were stuck to the wall. The decal was put on a wall that is smooth and was painted last year with Sherwin Williams Duration Home paint. The wall was clean. I wonder whether the pieces that are coming off were the ones we had to peel off and restick. I still gave it four stars because we all love the way it looks, especially my daughter.

Aimee Saint Simons Island, GA

Exactly what I wanted

All of the pieces are numbered, so putting the tree together on the wall didn’t take very long at all. End result is wonderful!

Lorene Luttrell, TN

Very cute

This is a very good decal tree. I was a little scared of the price, but the quality and SIZE is good. It’s big. 🙂 Very repositional – which you will have to do because it’s hard to get the trunk straight and then you’ll want to rearrange flowers to make sure there’s not too many orange ones on this side vs that side, etc. They do have a guide to help you if you want to put it up exactly as it is in the photo, but I put it off to the side and wanted one side to be longer, so I did a little rearranging. Worked just great. The only reason I don’t give it 5 stars is because the trunk colors are slightly off from eachother. Nothing too bad, but I do wish there was just one shade of brown.

Amelia Brighton, CO

We absolutely love it

Easy to stick, very vibrant colors, good drawing to follow so that we can apply it on the wall easily. We are very happy with the product and our daughter loves identifying all the animals and the colors.

Brianna Bethesda, OH

Easy and fun to apply!

We purchased two sets of these decals to decorate the walls of our formal living room that we turned into a playroom. The design is child friendly without being overly childish. The set also comes with easy to follow directions, allowing you to place the decals on the wall as shown in the picture. Or, you can create your own design as we did with the second set. When complete, the design is between 4 and 5 feet tall, so if you are looking for a tree that stretches floor to ceiling, this isn’t for you. We placed ours directly above a couch and chair and it turned out great!

Gwen Milan, PA

Cute graphics, but some flaws

I’ve done my fair share of wall decals from everything to Target brands to the amazing Sissy Little decals in our old home. I picked this one since it was priced right and we are currently renting and I didn’t want to commit a lot of time or money. The graphics themselves are very cute. However, the tree branches are not a uniform color so there was a weird spot in the middle of the trunk where the colors merged. Also a branch was cut reversed of where the guidelines had it, so I had to cut it myself. About then, I threw the directions out the proverbial window and just placed things around as I liked. I was working with an existing nail so I hung a small birdhouse that I had painted and it gives it a pretty sweet 3D effect. Some of the leaves do curl and I have to smooth them over again and again. I can’t get too upset over 25 bucks but I definitely felt I got what I paid for.

Shawna Bloomdale, OH


My wife purchased these to personalize the new baby nursery. We found that the decals adhered without any issues.The walls were painted with BEHR eggshell enamel about three months prior to applying decals. They have been installed for three months and have not peeled up at all. We used a credit card to smooth the decals on the wall during the installations process and did not experience any issues with bubbles or creases.We ended up not using the included animals and substituted them with cartoon monsters and it looks great. I’m sure we’ll use the awesome little animals elsewhere.For the $$$ you cannot beat this decal package.

Jennifer Hinckley, MN

Cute but Doesn’t stick to textured walls very well.

This is So very cute and great quality. I gave it 4 stars cause it didn’t adhere to my walls the way other decals have. Though I do have textured walls, I’ve purchased other decals that have stuck just fine. I had to remove the whole tree and put ‘wall paper’ glue on each sticker. It stays just fine now.

Glenna Ferney, SD

This is a great little tree!

This tree was used in conjunction with another tree set and some flower sets to turn our little girl’s room into a little forest/meadowland beautiful room. She loves the characters and for a few months early on even got into the habit of wanting to kiss all the animals good night. They stick/remove/re-stick very well… but be warned it takes quite a bit of time to put this up. Even though they are removable it is most worthwhile if you are going to be in the same location for more than a year.

Holly Marietta, IL

great and easy

SO easy to put together. looked great when finished. really loved it and price is very reasonable. definitely reccommend to decorate a baby / toddler room

Jannie Speaks, TX

Can’t go wrong with this

Simple, pretty, fun, creative. Can’t think of a downside, even our18 month old has fun sticking these decals to her closet door mirror.

Alyce Lidderdale, IA

So happy I bought these for my baby girl’s room!

LOVE these decals. They are so cute and so easy to set up. I have had absolutely no issue in putting these up and moving them around. You just have to be careful when repositioning, they may pull up paint or the decal may tear if you pull too quickly.

April Blooming Grove, NY