Chenille Travel Blanky 14″x14″

Chenille Travel Blanky 14″x14″


Main features

  • chenille
  • 3″ high
  • 6″ wide
  • Dimensions: 14″ x 14″
  • Super soft chenille front and back, trimmed in silky satin. Machine washable.
  • Neatly packaged with a ribbon, it’s all ready for gift-giving.
  • Snuggly and comforting blanket for the car seat, stroller, or anytime on the go
  • Perfect baby gift for newborns or baby showers.

Verified reviews



This blanket is definitely expensive for what you get (so small) but it was my first purchase for my son and is special. He is only a week old, so not sure if he will love this as much as I do, but it’s like heaven in blanket form! SO SOFT and snuggly! If you have the money to spare, this would be perfect baby shower gift!

Jeannie Cross Anchor, SC

Not impressed

When I saw the reviews for this, I had to have it. I’d been looking for a soft, snuggly blanket for my baby boy, and this seemed perfect. — I was wrong. Yeah, it’s soft, but no softer than a $15-20 blanket I could find at Target… with the exact same silk borders. The price of this is an absolute joke for what it is… I should have paid more attention to the dimensions. I expected it to be small, but it’s literally the size of a washcloth… It doesn’t even cover my six month old’s legs! He doesn’t really seem to prefer it over his other blankets either. — Save your money, and buy an actual baby blanket (that can actually cover a baby) with a silk border. Our favorite is the Carter’s version of the Baby Starters textured dot blanket. He love it. — This “blanket,” however, will just end up taking up space in his dresser.

Brandie Cuthbert, GA

Fantastic, soft blankie – until you wash it.

We loved this blanket. It’s soft. It’s the perfect size. It has a comforting heavy weight to it. The color is fantastic. My baby luvs her blankie and calls it “Kie!!!” in a sweet, high, surprised voice whenever she is reunited with it. She likes to rub her face against the satin binding. It’s heartwarming.But sadly the fabric picks up a ton of little pieces of dirt, leaves, needles, crumbs, and whatnot. I have a baby that doesn’t really go outside yet, and there are little pieces of dried up leaves in this blanket that I’m unable to pick out.Actually, we have two of these blankets. I made the major mistake of drying it in an actual dryer – the fabric totally puffed out and somehow became even more of a dirt magnet. It is rough and the texture looks like a closeup of an orange skin. I’m afraid to wash either one of them, now. A mom in my baby group made the same drying mistake, but luckily returned her blanket before her baby got attached.I’m so very disappointed by Little Giraffe. I won’t ever buy another blanket if we are somehow able to find another security blanket and convince my baby it’s her special friend. Otherwise, it’s probably a new blanket every six months. Don’t make my mistake. Find another blanket.PS: Why does this brand cost so much?

Christy West Lafayette, IN


I have two of these, one for daycare and one for home….Baby LOVES them to pieces. I made the mistake of putting one in the dryer and then forgot about it and it shrank 2 inches!!! The minky fabric is all matted and ugly, but baby doesnt seem to care, he still loves it. I’m just pissed that it strank so much and looks nasty now. So I’m very VERY careful to only line dry these blankets from now on. We have 4 Minky blankets total and the quality is great as long as you keep it out of the dryer!! 🙂

Loretta Watson, IL

So soft blankie

Very happy with my purchase . I bought it for my newborn grandson , it is so soft and the perfect size for holding. I wish I had known I would have bought the larger version of it .Great shower or baby gift.

Etta West Union, IA

Perfect lovey.

Our daughter loves to snuggle these blankets while she’s sleeping. We keep one in her crib and one in our bed. She adores them. She also plays fun little games with them, hiding her pacifier or stuffed animals under it. So cute!

Donna Adams, MA