Chewbeads Cornelia Bangle Bracelet – Black

Chewbeads Cornelia Bangle Bracelet – Black

Crafted from the same materials as teething toys, this dual-purpose Chewbeads Cornelia Bracelet is a fashion accessory and teething toy in one and it is always right at hand when you need it – no digging around in a diaper bag mid-meltdown searching for something for baby to chomp on. This bracelet is safe for baby to handle and chew and is fashionable enough for mom to wear out and about. This stretchy, easy-on Chewbeads Cornelia Bracelet contains no BPA, PVC, or phthalates – just soothing softness and sensory stimulation. The chunky beads are not detachable and the perfect size for baby’s hands. Plus, it is the current height of fashion. Perfectly coordinates with Chewbeads Jane Necklace and Charles Bangle. Colorful and modern the Chewbeads Cornelia Bracelet is chic enough for mom to wear out and about…Even if baby is at the sitter’s. Mix and match with all the Chewbeads accessories!

Main features

  • Made with 100% silicone (similar to pacifiers and nipples)
  • Easily cleaned with dish soap and water, also dishwasher safe
  • No BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead, or metals
  • Bracelets are fully adjustable and fit any size wrist. Ribbon can be easily shortened by cutting and re-tying ends
  • Beads are soft on babies gums and emerging teeth

Verified reviews


Not bad, kind of expensive though.

The bracelet is a darker more fushia-y pink than in the photo. For the price, I was hoping it looked more like a bracelet, as pictured, than a plastic toy. I kind of feel silly wearing it. But my baby seems to like it… not love it… but she’ll chew on it. The rubber is a nice hard chewing surface though.

Elba Pilot Point, TX

Can be worn while chewed on!

Nice neutral color, looks just like something you might have picked up for casual wear rather than something meant for babies. The beads are a little large, but not so much so to make it weird looking, especially since larger bracelets are "in" these days. I picked this color up for use outside the home since it’ll match whatever I’m wearing, but will probably buy a few of the brighter colors for home use since baby will appreciate their contrasts more. No chemical smells, easy to clean (just toss it into the dishwasher), doesn’t pinch, and isn’t a pet hair magnet.I read reviews of this product in other colors complaining that it cannot be worn while being chewed on. I’m not sure why not? My baby gnaws on it while it’s on my wrist constantly. Which is nice because that’s why I bought it. He just sits in my lap supported by my arm in front of him and he leans forward specifically to chew on the beads around my wrist, where formally he’d just be chewing on my wrist bone (cute now, painful once he cuts his first tooth). At home, in waiting rooms, restaurants, wherever. He’s happy as a clam to chew on this while I’m wearing it.

Lakisha Kiron, IA

Son loves to chew on them!

These chewbeads aree really cute and my son loves to chew on them. I bought this bracelet because the necklace kept getting caught in my hair. It pokes him in the back when i am nursing him though so i take it off when i am cuddling him or nursing.

Joann South Colby, WA

Really cute and my daughter loves chewing it!

This bracelet is a lot cuter in person than online. I got the white because it will go with everything. My one complaint is the way the ribbon is. My wrists are pretty tiny so I have to tighten it all the way to get it to stay on my wrist. Therefore I have pretty long ribbons hanging, which ends up being the part my daughter likes to suck on the most. Then I have soggy ribbons hanging on my wrist. What I end up doing most of the time is letting my daughter hold the bracelet herself (only when she is sitting with me) and then she chews and sucks on it like crazy, then I like to let it dry a little before I put it back on. I have the Chewbeads Jane necklace too and that works a little better. Overall it is nice to have an easy way to always be sure to have a teether on me for my daughter.

Allyson Bloomington, ID

Such a great idea!!!!

I recevied a brown Chewbeads necklace as a shower gift from a girlfriend. My son is almost 4 months old and cutting his first tooth. He loves to grab it and chew on it! My family thinks it looks funny though…..kind of looks like a necklace of whopper candy. Anyway, the necklace is great except that it ALWAYS gets stuck in my hair and pulls some out. So I decided to get the bracelet version in black. It’s nice but it’s too tight on me. I do have a larger bone structure though, so that doesn’t really surprise me too much (I’m a size 8, just big boned). Although I wish it was a little bigger, I still like it and plan on keeping it. It’s nice to have jewelry that my son can grab and put in his mouth that’s safe!

Marlene Dacula, GA

seems like a good idea, but…

The item I received was beads-on-a-string only (no ribbon). I should have listened to the reviewers who described this as Flintstone jewelery – the beads are too big. This doesn’t look good with anything, so I’ve never worn it out of the house. Plus, I have enough drool on me already without attaching a teething toy to my wrist. And even dry, it’s not particularly comfortable. It’s really not such a good idea.

Marsha Cottage Grove, MN

Baby enjoys ribbon tails more!

Overall, I am happy with this product. I bought it in Turquoise to match a chewbeads necklace that I have. I guess I have pretty skinny wrists and so when I tighten up the bracelet, there are ribbon tails. So far the baby seems to be more fascinated by the ribbon tails and enjoys chewing on that then the rest of the bracelet! I also like that I can tighten up the bracelet pretty easily. When I need to take it off and switch wrists (for remember which side I last nursed on), I can do it myself, no problem. I am happy with my purchase. I don’t have a dishwasher but I like that I can hand wash it with dish soap.

Jodie Monarch, CO

This is baby crack!

My 5 month old is currently teething like crazy. We have tried every fancy and not so fancy product available for teething babies and this one by far blows them all out of the water. It’s definitely a bonus that mommy wears it so it is never forgotten! The rubbery yet hard surface of the beads is perfect for him. And the fact that the string that holds them all together is like a nylon rope gives me some worry free peace of mind. I highly recommend Chewbeads products to anyone with a young teether.

Noreen Fork, MD

Cute, a bit Betty Rubble-ish, but serves purpose

The color is that Tiffany blue I thought it would be…slightly different than what I see on my screen here. I like it, it’s a bit childish but I just tell people what it’s for if I feel like they are staring at me (not strangers, who cares about that, but I mean people I am conversing with, etc.). Baby seems to like it just so-so. I like it in that I find it hard to carry teethers around, I also have a toddler so I don’t have my &##* together all the time…so this is nice. It stands out and is hard to lose. It bothers me that I can’t leave baby unsupervised with it…I mean, hello, it’s a bracelet aka beads on a stretchy cord…and the word CORD as we all know can be dangerous. So I just wear it and let her chew on it. It’s not by any means her favorite but that is not the fault of the product. I think it’s great for having something handy but don’t think it will be the only teething ring you will have to buy. Get some safer ones for baby to hold onto and chew while you keep her in her exersaucer, for ex.

Tara Peacham, VT

Love chewbeads!

This is our second chewbeads item. (I got a necklace for Christmas.) our son loves them, and knows they are “his” to chew on. Although several concerned strangers have stopped us before! The bracelet doesn’t have a breakaway clasp, and isn’t knotted in between each bead. But, it doesn’t seem like the elastic has an “end” that could break and cause the beads to come off. Ours has been stretched thoroughly, and has held up well. We love them! I can throw them on w any outfit and always have a toy/teether with us!

Elsie Lake Hill, NY

Wrong Model, Impracticle

I did not receive what is pictured, although I was a bit prepared for this by the other reviews. I was hoping that the seller would have corrected the problem, but apparently not. I received a bracelet that is basically a bunch of big rubber balls on an elastic cord. The balls are large enough to prevent me from wearing it to work, because it interferes with typing.I have also noticed that the rubber balls collect "stuff" like dust and lint. Because of this, it either needs to be kept in a plastic bag (which means I could have saved myself a lot of money and bought a regular teether) or it needs to be scrubbed down and air-dried before handing it to baby.

Gale Georgetown, ME

We love this bracelet!

My little guys loves chewing on “my” things so this is a great distraction when we’re out. Definitely not a toy as other reviews stated, but I only give it to him when I’m supervising. It’s a rubbery material and completely matte – not shiny like the photo.

Elsa Fayetteville, PA

Kid loves it

My wife bought this and we like it. We’ll leave it in the car for him to chew on or wear it around and it’s sizeable by pulling the end strings.

Rae Tokio, TX

Love it!

A great bracelet! Great idea! My daughter loves these, and I love how I get a bracelet out of it 🙂

Essie Foley, MN