Chewbeads Greenwich Necklace – Stormy Grey

Chewbeads Greenwich Necklace – Stormy Grey

Crafted from the same materials as teething toys, this dual-purpose Chewbeads Greenwich Necklace is a fashion accessory and teething toy in one and it is always right there when you need it – no digging around in the diaper bag mid-meltdown. This necklace is safe for baby to handle and chew and the combination of flat, oval, black beads and round gray beads are fashionable enough for mom to wear out and about. This 30-inch-long Chewbeads Greenwich Necklace is gentle on baby’s gums and emerging teeth and contains no BPA, PVC, or phthalates – just soothing softness and sensory stimulation. The fashionable necklace has no detachable parts and is the perfect size for baby’s hands. Plus, it is the current height of fashion. Perfectly coordinates with Charles Bangle and Cornelia Bracelet. Colorful and modern the Chewbeads Greenwich Necklace is chic enough for mom to wear out and about…Even if baby is at the sitter’s. Mix and match with all the Chewbeads accessories!

Main features

  • 100% silicone beads (similar to pacifiers and nipples)
  • Soft on babies gums and emerging teeth
  • Easily cleaned with dish soap and water, also dishwasher safe
  • Necklaces have a breakaway clasp for added safety
  • Necklaces are a great sensory tool to help babies focus while nursing

Verified reviews


Smell takes your breath away – Not in a good way

There is an awful smell – so bad that after 3 washings and one run through the dishwasher – it still smells. Not as strong as it did pulling it out of the plastic, but once I had it around my neck I couldn’t help keep wondering what that terrible smell could be and then I realized it was the necklace. The necklace is really pretty IMO and it does pull your hair – it will pull it out – so be careful. My daughter does like it – but I can’t get past the smell and wonder what kind of toxic odor she is going to smell like from having that in her mouth.

Silvia East Wilton, ME

It’s okay

I got a set of the chewbead bangle bracelet’s in a promotional baby product box recently. I really love the bracelets, they are cute and my son LOVES them – he is 6 months old and has 1 tooth already and is working on several others. I went ahead and bought this necklace because I liked the product so much I wanted a necklace too. It is okay, I doubt I will wear it when he gets older. He plays with it somewhat when I have it on but seems to enjoy it when I just hand him the whole necklace while he is sitting in his highchair (this is supervised for the record). It does seem to catch my hair when I wear it and that is a bit annoying. All in all it is a nice product but a bit on the pricey side for what it is.

Maura Bryant, IA


This necklace is so fantastic. My baby loves it. It also looks great and goes with so many outfits. I get compliments on it every time I wear it. Just be warned that the beads can pull slightly at your hair in the back. I usually wear my hair up so it’s not a big issue.

Betty Juliaetta, ID

Great for teething little ones!

I’m a big fan of the Chewbeads products, and this one does not disappoint! It is safe for my little guy to chew on and yet still stylish enough for me to wear out of the house. Win-win! It is easy to clean–just a little soap and water. I also like that is has a breakaway clasp in the back. We have already used that feature with my son pulling the necklace a little too hard.

Elba Yadkinville, NC

Such a great tool for moms

The necklace obviously doesn’t look like it is really gems, but it does look good enough to look adult like and sophisticated. the necklace itself is so comfortable to wear. the beads are gentle and soft feeling and dont get stuck on or pull my hair. They are easy for babys hand to grip. The necklace is soothing and my daughter LOVES it. it is so practical and helpful for her to play with while we are out to eat or at church. It is a silent, safe toy and I am very glad I stumbled upon these. The other great thing is that when I wear regular necklaces, they can break if they are pulled too hard. These have a string that is flexible, not a plastic string and if beads are pulled too hard, they simply slide over the yarn knot that keeps them in place. They are very easy to slide back over and return to their regular position. The necklace is gently, but durable. I recommend this to anyone who is hands on with a playful, teething baby.

Amy Seymour, IN

Pretty and he loves it!

My 6 month old son is not cutting his teeth quite yet, but EVERYTHING is in his mouth. This necklack is great for shopping trips and other times when I’m holding him. It keeps his little hands busy and off of everything else. Highly recommend this necklace.

Ramona Kemblesville, PA

LOVE Chewbeads

I love Chewbeads. This piece in particular has become a staple in my everyday wear. My baby loves this piece with the two types of beads, and I love how this piece works well with jeans and a t-shirt or dressed up a tad in slacks and a button down. I have had multiple people both with babies and without ask me where I purchased this.

Olga Southfield, MA

Great teether necklace!

Very fashionable and nice silicone beads for teething baby. My daughter loves to actually play with this necklace just so, under adult supervision, and continually puts it on and off. It’s a nice distraction for her if I wear while she’s nursing.

Faye Hanalei, HI


For when I really want to wear a chunky statement necklace, this is perfect. My son is in the throes of teething so everything is considered fair game. Word to the wise, when I say it’s a chunky statement necklace, it is suuuuuper chunky. Nothing dainty bout this thing.But when it’s knotted between every bead (for safety) and even the clasp is ok to be chewed on (for safety!), this is the perfect thing for a mama who wants to wear her baby to the grocery store, weddings, and bbqs!

Kirsten Blunt, SD

6 Month old son loves it

I believe there were reviews saying that it smelled but we haven’t had any issues at all and our son seems to love it.

Robbie Maybell, CO

Works great

Our son loves chewing on this necklace. I think these should be givin to every mother at the hospital 🙂

Catherine Chandler, MN