Chewbeads Perry Necklace – Black

Chewbeads Perry Necklace – Black

Chewbeads is fashionable Mommy Jewlery that is safe for babies to teeth, tug and chew on! Made from 100% silicone, similar to pacifiers and nipples, Chewbeads is chemical free and contains no lead, phthtaltes or BPA.

Main features

  • Mommy Chic, Baby Safe!
  • Necklace Comes with Breakaway Clasp
  • Chewbeads are the perfect gift for a new mom or grandmother with a teething baby!
  • Contains no BPA, Phthalates, PVC, Cadmium or Lead
  • 100% Non-Toxic Silicone

Verified reviews



I expected too much. Like someone mentioned, I was planning to wear this outside. Umm…but there is no such win- win on teething necklace?This necklace is a lot bigger, longer, and heavier than that you may imagine from the photo on Amazon. The necklace bottom reaches under my breast when wearing it. I don’t think I can wear this no more than 30min due to the necklace’s weight. I would be experiencing shoulder stiffness if I did. Also, it stinks! so it’s hard to wear this for long hour.The positive side is my boy seems very interested in it. Also, the fact that there many color options could attract fashionable mommies. I chose white so I don’t know if the colors on the photos are accurate. I think teething necklace is a great idea to keep mischievous infants occupied, but the company could have improved the design better.

Dianne Onego, WV

Me, and my baby, were underwhelmed

These are interesting and unique teething/jewelry items, but they were WAY too expensive for the usage they ended up getting in our experience. Sure, my baby liked it, but she didn’t love it. She didn’t chew on it every chance she got. She didn’t prefer it over other teething toys. Next time I’d save my money.

Sheryl Doland, SD


A friend suggested this necklace because her son loved pulling her necklaces so she got this as a last resort. So I had to give it a try. The Cobalt blue color is a great blue, this is a great length and my little one loves chewing on it. Such a great purchase!

Loraine Peru, KS

Not really for us, but kept it anyway.

I thought this was a brilliant idea since my baby is constantly pulling at my necklaces and wanting to eat them. Unfortunately the beads are quite a bit larger than I expected (not exactly fashionable for me) and I couldn’t get the chemically smell off of it — even after washing it with soap and water, and then later in the dishwasher. I just keep it as a back up teether for when we’re out and he’s bored.

Vickie City Of Industry, CA

Don’t need it, but nice to have.

My 6 month old daughter loves this. I use it while she’s in the ergo, I give it to her with supervision to chew on, and give it to her when she drinks her bottle. Wish they were a tad smaller bc they are a bit obnoxious looking. We like this, but defiantly like Sophie the giraffe better.

Constance Sodus Point, NY


My baby loves nomming on these, and I don’t have to worry about her dropping them! And dishwasher safe! Woot!

Kimberly Wallback, WV

Just okay, and I was really excited for this.

Had a smell to it. I washed it and hung it to dry several times. Bought it and saved it for our big first plan ride. By the time we needed it, I feel like the smells had dissipated but it was a true concern. Put it on while take off, and babe was nursing. It didn’t really phase him. He was 8 months old. I can’t say he has chewed on it a lot while wearing it and he is teething. He just prefers what he prefers for teething. I would not buy another one of these nor suggest it to another. Also its a lint collector and I wear only cotton clothing. Also after purchasing, I saw it in our local baby store for fifty cents cheaper. And I would have been able to smell it there in person.

Cecilia Boulder City, NV

love it!

these are great! my daughter loves chewing on them while i am holding her and they look like a real necklace and not just a chew toy

Queen Sweet Home, OR

LOVE these!

I bought these for my 5 month old teething baby girl. She loves to chew on them and the different shapes give her variety. She is in the stage of throwing every toy I give her to the ground when she is in her highchair. We use the toy leashes but she will toss the toy and although it hasn’t hit the ground, baby girl gets frustrated that she doesn’t have anything to play with. These are great to put around her neck to play and chew on while I am getting her dinner ready or getting ready in the morning. She cant throw them! (I feel obligated to say – Please never leave these around baby’s neck while unattended).I believe it is ribbon that holds the beads together and there is a small knot between each bead. They are very sturdy and I don’t think I could even break the necklace if I tried. I think they look pretty nice with outfits. But I wouldn’t wear them out on date night! The color is true to the picture and you can wash them in the dish washer which is just Great! They are on the pricey side when you consider their primary use is a teething toy, but I’d buy every color if I could afford it! I definitively recommend these. Great as a new mom gift too because sometimes its hard to justify the cost of the necklace after having a baby. I’m going to purchase a more neutral color for my sister in law today. (I wish I was buying myself another one!)

Therese Bowmansdale, PA

Great necklace

I love it! It is really cute and doesn’t look a baby toy. My baby likes it, but doesn’t love it. But I like that I can wear a necklace around her that it okay for her to play with and chew on. I want to buy another in a different color!

Jamie Smyrna, GA

Kids love it

This product is both fashionable and practical. Most people who first see it think it is a wood necklace and love the design. The kids love it, chew on it (its safe too), and it definitely keeps them occupied. We get it for all our friends having kids.

Ila Paupack, PA

Cute, but pulls hair

Cute necklace but pulls at my hair if I’m not wearing it up. My baby enjoys playing with it though!

Leah Union, SC

Just OK

I ordered this so my son would have something to keep him occupied during mass. It’s a good thing I ordered it well in advance of when I needed it because it positively stunk when it arrived. I understand it is made of rubber but it should not reek, particularly since this is designed to be in the mouth of a baby. I tried washing it with Palmolive and warm water dozens of times. Finally, I gave up and just let it air out. The smell finally dissipated. I have worn the necklace a few times but my son would rather chew on his Sophie the giraffe. I’d say save your money and just get a Sophie instead.

Candy Falls City, OR

great for all of the teething months

I loved this necklace and so did my son. I got lots of compliments from people before they realized it was silicone and intended for teething. It can be cleaned in the dishwasher, and I liked that preferred to teething toys that babies hold on to, this one could be hooked to stroller/high chair to keep it from hitting the floor. It’s also lightweight and silent; this necklace got us through airplane rides, weddings, dinners out, long walks, doctor’s visits, and grocery shopping. The silicone can pull on hair, but I’m a ponytail mom, plus my son was teething in the summer months.

Allene Natrona Heights, PA


Perfect for teething babies! So fun & colorful! I get so many compliments on it. I also have the bracelet. Love these items!

Jasmin Kenton, OH


This product is amazing. A little pricey, but worth it in my opinion. It is high quality, washes well wish dish soap and water, and my daughter loves it. Best part? We went out to eat last night, and she sat on my lap chewing on it peacefully the WHOLE TIME. Normally, we drop two or three pacifiers and a few toys, all needing to be washed, during that time period.

Deidra Doniphan, MO


I have this necklace in both cherry red and turquoise. I love them both! They are lightweight and add the perfect amount of fun color to any outfit! The fact that my daughter can put these in her mouth and pull on the necklace with no worries about it breaking or hurting her is wonderful! You can even put these in the dishwasher to clean it! Definitely recommend.

Josie Olive, MT

adorable but bigger that I thought

I do like this necklace, and so does my daughter, but it is bigger than I though. A little on the comical side. I plan to wear this on days I am with her – but probably would not wear to the office.

Julie Drake, ND