Chicco 360 Hook on High Chair, Midori

Chicco 360 Hook on High Chair, Midori

Designed in Italy, Chicco’s 360 rotating hook on chair has an innovative seat that locks in 6 positions for happy and interactive mealtimes. Face baby toward mom for one-on-one feeding. Face baby out to keep him happy and let others entertain him. Face him forward toward the table for regular mealtimes with snap-on tray. Snap on serving tray provides a neat and clean surface for meals at home or away. Machine-washable fabric seat pad and dishwasher-safe tray make clean up easy. Rubber grips clamps to table quickly and securely negotiating table skirts up to 5.5″ thick. The yellow highlighted buttons won’t leave you searching for how to adjust the chair. With a compact fold and deluxe carry bag, the chicco 360 is great for picnics, restaurants or the grandparents. Chicco puts safety first by including a 3-point safety harness.

Main features

  • Steel, Plastic, Polyester
  • Imported
  • Fully rotates: 360 degree seat facilitates feeding from all angles, locks in six positions
  • Snap on serving tray provides a clean feeding environment, dishwasher safe
  • Folds completely: travel and storage convenient, and carry bag included
  • Fastens securely with a single lock attachment that works easily on most tables
  • Removable seat pad, 3 point harness, rubberized arms and universal fit

Verified reviews


One of my very favorite baby items

I love this chair. We have a tiny kitchen and even one of those plastic boosters on a chair took up more space than we had to spare. I debated and debated whether this would work for us, and with fewer reviews than I would have liked, I went ahead and took the gamble. I’m SO glad I did.When I pulled this out of the box, assembly was so simple and intuitive that I didn’t even open the instructions. When installed on the table, it feels totally secure. I love, love, love turning my daughter to see whatever is going on around her as well as being able to face her to me for feeding. The fabric seat is made of a sturdy, lightly coated material that resists stains. Taking the seat off to clean is a little tricky, but I figured it out quickly (again with no instructions). I realized after removing it that I could have cleaned it just as easily (with a toothbrush) without removing the seat altogether. So from now on, I know to spot clean as needed and only remove the entire thing for SERIOUS messes.One additional feature I love that isn’t mentioned is that it has 3 metal hoops surrounding the seat that hold the fabric seat in place, but they double as toy-holders (you can attach links to attach toys to them). Genius! We always had to use the strap on the old seat if we wanted to attach a toy, which was a pain. The other great thing is that they rotate with the seat, so your baby can access them at any seat position.I haven’t traveled with this seat yet (aka, to restaurants) but I look forward to it. I am certain my daughter will love finally being at the table with us. I can’t imagine why anyone would want a full high chair when they could have this. It’s more innovative, efficient and portable than any other feeding chair I’ve seen. Can’t recommend it enough!

Sharlene Leesburg, GA

I really wanted to like this

After much research we registered for this chair and I was excited to use it. Now that we are getting ready to introduce food we pulled it out and it doesn’t fit on our kitchen counters or island, the arms are too deep (we have about 10″ clearance and that isn’t enough). I hope I can still return it and now back to square one on high chair research.

Daphne Little Meadows, PA

Good seat, but there are better options

I purchased this seat for my baby for our trip to the States so that I would not have to pack and travel with the one which we already own. I like the idea of the attachable tray; this is great! However, I did not like the fact that you cannot store and carry the seat, unless you removed the arms which attaches the seat to the table. This is quite cumbersome; especially since I already have one from PreNatal which allows you to just fold the arms of the seat and store it in the carry bag and go. Nevertheless; it is a nice seat and the tray is GREAT, but once again I hated the idea of disconnecting and reconnecting the arms from the seat everytime we went out to eat, which was everyday.

Traci Core, WV

Be careful of injury!

I plan on contacting Chicco asap. We recieved this very cool,very useful, very handy rotating hook on chair on Friday and quicklu tested it for safety and ease of use. At first time use, it appeared to be exactly what it said it would be and do what it said it would do. HOWEVER, later that night at the restaurant, I tried dismantling and had trouble. My husband stepped in and we had an issue disconnecting the mount from the chair to place it in the travel bag and it would not budge. My husband ended up getting severly pinched when he finally got the parts loose from eachother. It almost ripped his skin off. He had a bad bruise on his finger. We thought it was maybe because it’s new that the parts stuck together so badly but if it causes injury to get loose then this could be a real product liability issue. We used it again on Saturday night and same thing, the parts would not disconnect for anything, then my DAD gave it a go and also was severely pinched too- he also has the same blood bruise on his finger from trying to loosen and disconnect the parts. I love the chair but we do not love dismantling it for travel. Be very careful! I hate to give it two stars but I also don’t want anyone getting hurt trying to disconnect it either.

Jewel Bainbridge, GA

Babies like sitting in it.

It works exactly as you would expect a high chair to. As an added bonus, its so comfy that we can sit a fussy baby in there and they will usually calm right down for a while.

Olive Brinkhaven, OH

NO, Chicco has not changed the design to make it easy to clean

I have to write this review, because I noticed a lot of comments in regards to the other 1 star reviews postulating that Chicco had changed the design to improve the cleanability of this chair. There has been no design change! It’s simply a bad, impossible to really get clean highchair!We got our high chair mid last year (2012)and it is currently stinking up our dining room. As I sit here typing next to it, it smells like old cheese and just RIPE. It’s truly, truly disgusting.Once you know what to look for (I also missed these crevices, thinking I was getting all the food particles out by brushing between the fixed plastic that goes over to the tray and the swivel chair), you can grasp the horror of the other reviewers (and myself) at the disgusting cracks that harbor old food particles.In order to see this crevice, turn the chair 180 degress away from the table and look at the silver/grey track, above and below it are cracks between the plastic cover. Now, if you have a toddler who is self-feeding…take a good whiff right there, and you’ll discover the source of your bacterial infested high chair!At this writing, I am considering taking all the plastic sheats around the metal swivel bar off and disinfecting everything. If I can then manage to put the seat together again, I will do as another reviewer suggested, in order to keep the crevices clean and dry: place a towel over the swivel track when my son eats…and hope he doesn’t throw it off the table every 2 seconds.If I have TIME after disassembling the stupid thing and assembling it, perhaps I’ll update…UPDATE: I took the chair off the table and ended up ust spraying it down with a high pressure garden hose. I thought I really got into the cracks, and groove of the track, I mean, I really, really sprayed that chair until there couldn’t be any more grub stuck in there…alas, as the chair was drying, some gunky looking water drained from it. I pushed paper towels in the cracks to try to soak up the nasty stuff, but never got all of it. The chair smelled better, but still not fresh. I decided against unscrewing the whole thing, because at the end of the day…I’m just too tired to do that every evening. I don’t even want to uninstall the chair and spray it down in the garden every night, and that’s what I would have to do…cause my toddler doesn’t appreciate a towel cramping his eating style, plastic doesn’t work either. I’ve tried everything I can think of to keep the crack covered, short of filling it with some silicone.Chicco, you could have easily designed this chair to have a covered track in front, where the kids drop food and spill drinks. Total failure on the design part, in my opinion.I will be buying a new high chair, and it certainly won’t be Chicco anymore.

Cynthia Baytown, TX

Great space saving chair

I don’t often write reviews, but I wanted to write one for this chair since I read many reviews before buying it. I was a bit concerned about a few things prior to the purchase, namely the gap of the swivel part getting stuck with bits of food and how to keep the chair clean. I can say that I am really happy with the purchase. The seat is easy to install. It’s not very hard to take the fabric off to wash it. I do it once a week. Yes, it gets absolutely dirty, but it’s just food. I wipe my child’s hands then the seat, tray and wipe on the floor, all with the same washcloth. It works great for us. I highly recommend getting this chair because it comes with the tray. We don’t use the 360 degree feature too much, but it’s nice to have.

Vera Quincy, IN

Quite satisfied

This is a good high chair and I did lots of research. I came out thinking that this one is good enough to have to pay more. First one I had was the very highly-reviewed Fisher Price Healthy Choice booster seat but I eventually realized that it didn’t fit under the lip of our table so baby felt isolated and bored when he had to sit in it. This Chicco seat makes him much more a part of the family.It has a nice expansive grip so it fit over our large table lip. The tray is a GREAT size to wash in the sink, and oddly enough, made out of a really pleasant feeling material that I haven’t felt on other baby items before. I confess that the straps are too much of a hassle for me so I don’t use them usually – hopefully nothing bad will happen to make me regret that – but I might if I had a different room setup and had easier access to the chair.The only problem I see with the chair is that, even though it’s made so the tray is detachable, the instructions forbid you from using the chair without the tray. I think this is because there is a gap between the chair and the table when the tray is removed, and they fear that a baby’s arm could get stuck in it. This is regrettable because I’d like to have him be able to play with things directly on the table, as well as have him play in the chair when I’m washing the tray. This seat looks like it would have been easy to design differently – wish they had. But overall, I’m very happy and so’s he.One final word of caution – about your table, not the chair. Our table was weakened by somewhat loosened screws, which I didn’t really notice. Once he started sitting in this seat and kicking his legs around in delight all the time, it loosened up the screws of the table to the point where it was really dangerous. I finally figured it out and since tightening the table screws, we have not had a problem.

Eugenia East Aurora, NY

Wanted to like it.

I really liked this at first. It worked great initially and the pivoting chair was a big plus. But when I took it down to clean it and travel with it, it would never install correctly afterwards-one of the arms was never stable or tight. Thus it was not safe to use again. I still have it but can’t use it anymore, sadly.

Krista Griffithsville, WV

Didn’t work, but not the chair’s fault

I was so excited to set this up on our breakfast bar and let my baby “hang out” and enjoy meal time right next to us. The chair itself is gorgeous and the construction is clearly top-notch. Unfortunately, the hooks that go under the table are way too long, and did not come close to fitting on our short overhang. I am going to try the Inglesina, hopefully it will work, but I’m sad that it doesn’t rotate like this chair.

Katina Beach Lake, PA

Pretty good, not perfect. Food gets stuck in seams.

I do like this as it has a permanent spot in our dinner table. However, there are ‘seams’ or little gaps along some of the edges (e.g. there is a tiny gap where the chair swivels) where my toddler’s food constantly gets stuck and I have to either dismantle to clear it or use some kind of knife or skinny object to dig out the worst offenders. Overall, still a pretty good thing. I hardly ever use the swivel function though.

Joyce Orson, PA


We bought it for travelling. I still prefer the regular feeding chairs for the house. If you have a small house, this might work better. You can attach it to the table easily and take it in its portable bag. I still prefer the other one for the house because the tray in this one cannot face you, so if you want the baby to face you you have to turn him and he is floating above the empty floor.

Sasha Dollar Bay, MI

Great space saver

We purchased this chair for my in-laws home as they watch our daughter 4 days a week. We didn’t want to purchase a full high chair as that takes up so much space in their kitchen so this chair seemed to be the perfect solution. They fold it up and put it away when she is not there. We’ve even borrowed it while traveling and it’s worked great as it folds nicely and has a carrying bag. I also love that the chair rotates which allows my my daughter to still watch my mother-in-law in the kitchen as she works. I have recommended this chair to a friend who lives in a condo and didn’t have space for a large high chair and it seems to be working well for her too. I would definitely buy this chair again.

Bobbi Mendota, IL

Cleaning issue is NOT that big of deal…

Before purchasing this I read lots and lots of reviews and the negative ones seemed to focus on a few specific things:1) Safety. Something about the clips underneath being metal and possibly hurting a child or something… this is crazy. There is nothing on this chair that a baby could hurt themselves on. Also, this chair is VERY secure when attached to the table and feels a lot safer than any booster seats I’ve seen.2) Cleanliness. I have found that the fabric on this chair is very stain resistant and CAN be wiped down after meal time. It’s not vinyl or anything like that, so wiping it down does make it a little wet, so you need to have enough time between uses to let it dry, but it’s still able to be wiped down daily and stay relatively clean. The tray is easy to remove and put in the dishwasher, or wipe down in the sing. The only part of the chair that is a little hard to clean is the circular groove where the chair spins. I have found that you can sort of feed the edge of a washcloth in from one end and spin the chair to push it along and it cleans up nicely. Is this annoying? Yes, a little, but it really takes only like 30 seconds, so I don’t see what the big deal is. I guess if you are a clean freak then maybe this isn’t for you, but I like to keep things relatively clean and I can do a 1 minute cleaning of this chair on a daily basis with only occasional (1 or 2 times per month) washes in the laundry. When you do remove the seat cover for the laundry, it takes a little bit of time to remove and to re-install, but it’s not difficult, and the seat cover comes out of the laundry looking great (i think someone said that it says do not machine wash, and it might, but I’ve had no issue using the washing machine).That addresses the perceived negatives.We LOVE this chair. It is really easy to attach and detach (although we do leave ours up most of the time) and its great being able to turn the chair to the direction that makes the most sense. Our 7 month old is now eating a variety of foods, but long before he was eating solids, we used this chair as a play station to allow ourselves to have a sit down mean or to get kitchen work done. We have used it on a daily basis since about 4 months, and a little bit even before that, but our boy has always had sort of a strong core. We did stuff some blankets behind him in the early days. We’ve also used the chair for our one-year-old niece and she fit nicely and enjoyed the sit as well. Not to mention the space savings. We looked at this option because we didn’t have space for a high chair. I looked at this and at boosters. We have used booster seats at relatives houses and while they work ok, I always feel like the baby is precarious on top of a chair an booster. The high center of gravity makes me nervous, and the mobility of the chair itself makes me nervous. This baby clamped onto my table feels safe, solid, and secure. It’s cozy for the baby, offers him plenty of viewpoints, and has been a real winner in our house.

Cindy Imbler, OR

Great for restaraunts

Overall, I am pretty happy with this purchase. It works well for restaurant use especially if you are paranoid about letting your kid sit in a highchair other kids have set in. It works well for putting over a bench seat. I was always afraid to put the baby at the end and have the waiters handing hot food over her head. Sizzling hot fajitas in the cast iron skillet seems scary to me. Some places may not have a highchair or one with safety straps that are not broken, this is the solution. It is a pain to clean, but most of the time you can just wipe it down with baby wipes. It’s taking it apart to put it in the washer that stinks. Now that my kid is older I use the restaurant highchairs but I keep this in the car for emergencies. It was wonderful to travel with when we flew to visit family over the Christmas break. It folded up very small in our suitcase and hooked right on the table at the in-laws. It does take 2 people who know what they are doing to set it up. My husband attaches it while I carry the kid into the restaurant. If I go to lunch with the girls, I have to juggle baby and highchair. I had to hand off the baby to my friend so I could set it up. Sometimes one of the locks sticks and is a little tricky to fix.

Neva Mc Lean, VA

Love it!

My baby loved it! it is easy to use, carry and assemble. She can join us at the table at home much better than with a high chair. We can take it anywhere too. Great buy!

Norma Providence, KY

Perfect for spoon-fed babies. Nightmare for self-feeders

I absolutely LOVED this chair when I got it. Not bulky like so many others, and not too traditional, but not too modern, either. I liked the pattern and the idea that I could hook it onto our island so I could feed our baby while preparing food. It seemed like the golden egg of baby high chairs.Unfortunately the island’s overhang was too short by one inch. Thankfully, though, I was able to fit it (just barely) on our table.PROS:
• Very cute! We got the Miro pattern.
• Saves the most space of any other kind of high chair
• Rotates to four different angles (Not quite a continuum of 360 degrees–the chair locks at 0, 90, 180, and 270 degrees for safety.)
• Good priceCONS:I started noticing these one my baby became self fed, which was for us at 7-8 months, a month after we got the high chair.
• 3-point harness–it sticks, even when clean, the straps are difficult to adjust (maybe I am just oblivious as to how to properly adjust this kind of strap). Also, because it is a 3-point harness, it is NOT SAFE FOR SQUIRMY BABIES. Obviously, the baby should be supervised at all times, but my 9-month old was able to get out, even with the harness tightened.
• Nearly impossible to clean–Not only is this made out of fabric, which is not wipe-clean or particularly stain-resistant, but this thing has a ZILLION tiny crevices that food gets stuck in. The folds of the chair, the 360 degrees of track that rotates, the straps, the gaps between the tray and seat all get filled with baby food.–You have two options for cleaning: 1) Get a hard-bristled brush and scrub the life out of each and every crevice after each meal or 2) unfasten the cloth seat by its buckles and snaps, take out the bottom pad, and throw it in the washing machine on the gentle cycle, let air dry. I usually go for #2, but even though this seat has metal buckles and snaps, I think the manufacturer never intended the seat to be removed. If I had teenage boys, it would be their chore to dismantle this thing.RESTRICTIONS:You can’t use this high chair on table leafs (leaves?), on tables with tablecloths, or on tables with only one center leg. Tables must be 0.75″ to 1.5″ thick. The chair’s arms need a depth of approx 14″ (my own measurement) in order to correctly fasten the chair to the table. Use for children up to 37 lbs.BOTTOM LINE:I really wish this were easier to clean. But because it isn’t, and because my son is able to catapult himself out of the 3-point harness, I’ll be getting a new high chair. Soon. If you decide on this for your family, be sure to read the restrictions (above) before purchase.Happy shopping!

Geraldine Palestine, OH

Great high chair, but not that easily portable

Love this high chair! The price is great and it’s just made so comfortable for our baby. We started using it for our 5 month old, who couldn’t sit up on her own at first but was very safe in this bucket chair. She is now six months and sits up well on her own, and it’s just great.The only negative I have about this chair is when we have to break it down to use it somewhere else. It’s advertised as portable and comes with a great carrying case. So I wanted to use it at restaurants for convienence, but the spring loaded tension buttons to take it apart and put together (4 total, and you have to press 2 at a time while pulling it apart) are so unbelievably hard to press in! It bruises my fingers every time I try! My husband has to do it and it’s even hard for him!!! He can’t believe the tension. It’s overkill, and makes it a pain in the fingers to break down and set up so we just don’t do that and we leave it at home.

Felicia Galatia, IL

Island highchair- you need lots of space

We tried this on the island couter in our kitchen and 11 inches wasn’t close enough to get the unit secured properly. We returned this and bought the 2012 Inglesia and love it!!!!!

Wendy Prairie City, SD

Great for traveling

I bought this chair for my daughter when she was able to sit up fully by herself, around 6 months…We frequently visit family/relatives or go out to restaurants for family gatherings. It’s great to be able to take the chair with us everywhere we go and let our 9-month old daughter join us at the table. Most of the people we visit don’t have high chairs handy at home, so having this chair with us ensures that I always have a place to put my daughter in when we eat. We even use it in restaurants so that we don’t have to worry about our daughter mouthing dirty high chairs (especially when she was teething). This clip-on chair is fairly easy to travel with, easy to put on and stow away.Our daughter constantly drops food in her seat but I can easily clean it with a damp cloth. The fabric leaves food kind of crusted on and it actually wipes off quite easily. I do that each time after taking my daughter out and it keeps the seat pretty clean. I’ll throw it in the wash every now and then just to get it cleaned more thoroughly.The crevice where it allows the chair to swivel does collect tiny food particles, and I take a toothpick and run it through that a few times to get all the stuff out. It might not leave the space squeaky clean, but my daughter isn’t able to get anything out from there either so I don’t worry about it.The clip on works great with thick tables, and so far we haven’t had any problems fitting it to any table, even at restaurants. The chair seems sturdy enough to allow my daughter to bounce in it once in a while. We swivel the chair for two reasons: 1) I turn her 90 degrees to face me instead of the tray when I feed her; 2) I leave her in the chair to watch me do things around the kitchen, like cooking or preparing her food. It’s a good way to engage her from a safe distance.Other people love the fact that the chair allows our daughter to sit right at the table, and she usually takes up a seat at the table with her high chair. We include her in conversations and she seems to really enjoy it too. I feed her before we all sit down to eat, and while the rest of the table eats, I give her snacks to eat/play with. I think it’s a great way to practice table manners, even at such a young age.I love the chair and I think it’s worth every penny. I would definitely recommend it.

Monika Shoshoni, WY

Great but should be cheaper

We’ve had this high chair since 2012 when it was $70. I can’t believe I paid that much for it (used it for guests until this year–now we have our own child). It’s well-built, and takes a few minutes to assemble which seem like forever but I don’t really see how this could be improved. The three complaints I have are the depth of the chair–from front to back (tummy to back) is twice the depth of a baby/toddler. So the child/baby can lean way back and have food fall in his/her lap. Also it has fabric in the front top and this gets so messy. It should be a material that can be easily wiped. And third, the cup holder is pretty small.

Marta Huddleston, VA

I wish this would have worked on an island

I bought this because I thought it would work on our kitchen island. Unfortunately the counter overhang wasnt deep enough. I also didnt like how you are unable to tighten the clamps on to your table. When I hooked this up to our table the tightest setting left the seat wobbly and I couldn’t tighten the clamp to the next setting. I returned it.

Karyn Bourneville, OH

15 months of using this chair and still love it!

We started putting my son in this chair at 5 months old when he could sit up and was starting to eat rice cereal. He is now just over 20 months old and we are still using it. You have to have the right kind of table or countertop for this chair to fit on. We have a sturdy, deep island counter top that we hook it onto now. Initially we used our dining table, but the table top is not attached to the base of the table, so once he hit about 15lbs the weight of him in the chair would cause the table top to lift up, so we had to stop using the table. My son prefers this chair over all the other ones we have purchased and/or tried including a couple varieties of standard high chairs and the booster-style chairs that attach onto a regular dining chair. He also likes to sit in it to watch me while I prep food and/or cook because he has a nice high counter-height view from this chair. If you use it in lieu of a regular high chair, this is a great space saver which works well with the design of our kitchen/dining room combo area. This chair is also pretty easy to set-up and take down from the counter, so we can easily pack it up and use it at the homes of friends and family when we go away for the weekend. It is machine washable so when it gets a little too crusty to just wipe down, I throw it in the wash and it comes out clean as new! It is a little bit difficult to remove the chair seat from the frame to wash it, but I’ve managed to do it at least 10 times since we’ve owned it. The only cons I have found are that food gets stuck in the cracks of the frame where it rotates, so it is hard to clean those crevices and since I don’t really use that feature, I would prefer if it just did not rotate at all. Also, the buckles on the safety belt are unusually difficult to unbuckle (they catch unevenly and won’t release) so you have to keep fiddling with it until it lines up just right and then it will unhook. My son has recently started to squeeze out of the belt and stand up in this chair now so I may have to stop using it, but it holds up to 37lbs, so we could probably keep using it for another year if weight was the only issue. This chair has held up well so far and I will definitely use if for my next child.

Alison Lyme Center, NH

Going on 3 years

No complaints. It fits my pub style table quite well. With the hidden leaf folded in the table it only fits on one side, but thats okay by me. I’ve used it on many other tables and bars and it is solid and versatile. Notice how deep it must go under the table. make sure you’ve got the space for it.the swivel is great. Such a great feature.It is pretty easily washable. It’s never convenient enough to wash, but it’s not so difficult to take apart and throw in the wash. This probably only happens once every 3 or 4 months, the rest of the time stuff is just brushed or wiped out of the seat.The pop off tray is sooooo essential! I still end up having to wipe down around the edge of the seat though. And the table. Oh, and everything on the floor.I have big kids. My boy just turned one and he’s a solid 25 pounds. My now 3 year old was even bigger. This had no problems holding a 35 pound 2 year old wiggling around.I’ve had this for 2 1/2 years and it’s still in great shape. I’m still using it now. I often travel with it because it’s so handy. I hate having a high chair taking up space in my dining room, so I love this.A few weeks ago my almost 1 year old got escapey on me and jumped out of this thing. No harm done, he’s a solid boy that’s used to getting squished by his 45 pound sister, but now I use the straps!

Charmaine Pittsford, MI

Such a space saver!

There is no comparison to an old fashioned high chairs. It saves so much room! Clips easily onto any table. Is very sturdy. Cleans up beautifully. The only drawback is that I wouldn’t conscier it as portable as the items description. Sure it’s easy to toss in the car but to put it in its little carrying bag is a nuisance, you have to take it apart to do so which is time consuming and not at all convient to put together if you go outto eat.

Amparo Herbster, WI

Great if you don’t travel

We like this chair. It is convenient to use on the island and our daughter seems very comfortable in it. As other mentioned, it can be very difficult to clean. I wish the fabric was more wipe-able. One thing I simple HATE about this chair, and surprised I never read about it, is how the clip that holds the “claw” that attach to the table works. It is a pain to dismantle the whole thing. I hurt myself every single time. I thought it was me but my husband had issue too. Not sure what we are doing wrong but I wish Chicco would come up with a little lever or something to help clip and unclip the metal part.If you don’t plan on moving the chair often, it is great. It’s why we kept it. If you are looking for a more portable and convenient one, there is better out there (the Inglesia is great. No tray though which is a big minus).

Kristi Roachdale, IN

Love it!!!

We put this chair at our kitchen table and it works great! We can rotate my daughter to face her tray when she feeds herself finger foods, turn her around to face us when we feed her, or turn her back to the table so she can see what’s going on in the kitchen when we cook meals. It is multifunctional and is a space saver in our small kitchen. Another great product from Chicco!

Lucinda Dale, NY

One of my favorite products!

I selected this high chair based off of all the good reviews and we couldn’t be happier! Things we love about it:-Rotating seat – this is such a great feature. I know there are similar hook-on chairs that don’t rotate, but to me it is so worth it to spend more to get the rotating chair. It makes it easy to feed our son as I can just turn him to face wherever I am sitting. Also, I can put him in there while I am cooking dinner and turn him to face me.-Hook-on – the fact that it hooks on to the table allows our son to be part of the table. In a traditional high-chair or even the space-saver highchairs, the child is back a little bit from the table. With this chair, he is just sitting at the table with us.-Fabric – the fabric has a cute design and I LOVE that I can toss in the washing machine. There is a little pad that you need to remove from the bottom before you put in the washing machine, it just slips out and then slips back in. I always hang it to dry. I will say that it takes a few minutes to put the fabric back in the frame because you have to pull these five metal tabs through. Now that I have done it a few times, it doesn’t take me as long, maybe two minutes.-Assembly – once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty quick to put together and hook on the table.-Travel case – it has a travel case, we haven’t used it yet, but I think that will be nice for when we visit the grandparents. It’s large enough that I don’t know if I would bring it along just to go out to a restaurant.-Safety – I was a little nervous about the general concept of how it hooks on and the child is hanging in the air, but I now feel good about it. I’ve put some weight on it and it feels very sturdy. Plus, it makes for easy clean-up under the chair. Some reviewers have mentioned pinched fingers, no issues with that.-Food tray – the food tray is dishwasher safe. It does not rotate, but sits on the table (connected to the rest of the seat so it’s not sliding around)

Shelley Langsville, OH

One of the best baby items i have purchased.

“We got this chair as a space saver. Honestly, we love it so much, would use it in a bigger space. Its super secure. Love that it spins 360. Its easier for feeding than a “regular” char, as you can have baby face you directly no matter where you are. Easier than shifting a whole chair around. Great especially when feeding younger/more messy foods. Bit of a pain to take off seat to wash, but still fine. You need to hand wash, but dries overnight. He loves to sit and face out when he can and join in the activity in the rest of the room. Major Con is the difficult to clean fabric. This would be perfect if chair material was something that could be wiped down without having to remove. Our fabric/color is “Romantic.” Maybe others are different.

Benita French Lick, IN

Awesome high chair for restaurants, travel, and cramped kitchens.

I absolutely love the concept of this high chair. It attaches to the table and is very sturdy. It is super simple to tighten it/remove it, but not so easy that you have to worry about it coming loose on its own. It allows baby to sit at table height and be part of what going on instead of sitting way below the table like in a standard high chair at a restaurant. It’s easily folded and fits in the included travel bag. I mostly love this because I have a 900 sq. ft. house and do not have room for extra baby gear like a huge clunky high chair. This one securely snaps onto the table and can be removed when it’s not in use and folded away. I love that the tray is removable and can be placed in the dishwasher. The cloth cover on the chair is also removable and is machine washable. The 360 spin function is also great if you want to put your baby in the chair and face them away from the table so they can watch you while you cook or wash dishes. You can also turn and lock baby in facing you when you’re trying to feed him. I really love this high chair and would recommend it to anyone.

Flora Hobart, WA