Chicco Activity Baby Walker

Chicco Activity Baby Walker

Chicco Activity Baby Walker

Main features

  • Activity center that helps stimulate baby’s imagination and coordination skills
  • Many amusing games, lights and fun sound effects
  • Helps baby to stand up and take its first steps in complete safety
  • Walker immediately starts playing an amusing melody when baby takes steps
  • Encourages baby to move a few steps more

Verified reviews


Bulky and hard for baby to push around.

My son barely used this toy. Since we live in a small condo and this toy does not maneuver easily.Hard to turn around corners and hard to push on carpet.I got him a little shopping cart (which was half the price).It was light and he ran all around the house with it.;=1303583995&sr;=8-4And a mickey mouse ride on train which he mostly pushed around. loved these other toys so much longer and used them more often.

Thelma Sabinal, TX

Worthless on hardwood or tile floors!

This product is basically an expensive toy – not a walker – if you don’t have carpet. We have a rug in one room of our house (the nursery) and that is the only place where it’s not completely out of control with its movements. On hardwood or tile, it looks like it’s on ice. It goes from side to side and looks like a drunk driver swerving all over the place. Also, the brakes (ha) are USELESS. They stop the back wheels, but the front wheels still roll, so my baby was still able to fully push it at the same speed as before, only this time, a pebble under one of the tires scratched our floors because the back tires were stationary. For how much this cost, it should come with rubber tires. Also, when my daughter went to sit down after trying to walk with it – while still holding onto the bar – it tipped and the bar hit her in the bridge of her nose. She was able to walk fast and semi-well if I was holding on to the walker to steady it, but why get a walker if I am going to just keep bending down to help? I might as well keep helping her walk myself!

Susie Obernburg, NY

Don’t believe everything you read

I almost didn’t purchase this item based on the reviews. I would have been sad!I deliberated a long time over which walker to get for my daughter. I have other Chicco products and do like them a lot. So many of the reviews mention things like tipping, etc. To be honest, I don’t think there is a product out there that can save our kids from themselves (a rubber room?!). Of course a baby will find a way to tip something over or fall and bump their heads…but that’s why parental involvement is always necessary. Who lets their very young baby out of their sight for more than a second or two?Our daughter loves this toy. She actually laughs and smiles when she sees it and immediately crawls to it to start walking or playing with the front. The music is silly and cute, but I’m glad it can be turned off and has two volume settings. The shape sorter on the front and ball chute (which makes noise) are the perfect size for baby (our daughter is 9 months old).While it is lightweight and not perfectly designed (I’ve rarely found anything that is), your child should only need to use this toy for a few months at the most before they outgrow it or learn how to walk on their own.I do think it is a bit overpriced for what it is mostly because it does have such a short lifespan (not that it will wear out, just that baby won’t need it for too long).I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who has hardwood floors. When our pediatrician mentioned getting a walker, she asked if we had carpets or hard floors. She said carpet is better for all of these types of toys. Not only because the toys function better (don’t move as fast), but safer for the babies in general (not as many bumps and bruises when learning how to walk).

Keisha Waynesburg, OH

Very good, some minor issues

I got this as a gift for my son. So far we had no issues with it tipping over. It does move very quickly, even over carpet.Pros: The music and sounds are entertaining. The shape sorter part, which is played with while seated, is great.Cons: Not the greatest quality and it may move a little too fast for ‘new walkers.’ My almost 9 month old got scared and started wailing.All in all, it’s very good. Although I think there may be better competitors out there.

Blanca Conley, GA

Fantastic Fun for 4 months

Ok.. great toy. Hands down.Our little guy is an early walker. He was able to start walking with his hands on a wall or a toy at 6 months.This toy is really sturdy. It s survived our 23lb 9 month old picking it up and throwing it all around.Its super fun for him. all the lights and sounds and the balls helped him identify that if he wants this certain sound put it in the hole. He will walk behind it thru the house, or put it in his dump truck and drive them both around the house.Great toy. We believed this helped him to be able to take 10 continuous steps at 10 months old.

Kris Ellendale, DE

Big hassle

Was so excited when this arrived. But, during assembly I noticed that the battery cover was missing. When I contacted Chicco customer service, I realised it would be very difficult to obtain one from the manufacturer! (Needed to sumit forms, photos, etc.) UGGHHH! Additionally, I could not find Chicco’s phone # anywhere on the product manual. Had to Google chicco to find that info. (something I find a bit odd…). Could not keep this item without a battery cover. Luckily, it was easy to return.

Leola Trout Creek, NY

A hit!

My son loves this walker. It’s sturdy, cute, and the sounds aren’t annoying. Assembly couldn’t have been any easier. 🙂

Evangelina Mc Lean, VA

love this walker!

We bought this for our 7 month old who has been standing for quite some time. The walker’s front wheels click so it doesn’t roll away with your baby! Its awesome on carpet, not so much on tile or wood, it just kinda slides to the side. It also plays music when baby walks and stops when he stops so it encourages baby to keep walking. I definitely recommend this walker!

Erna Lexington, IL


This was an amazing product. My son used it and was walking shortly after using this. Well built and well engineered.

Naomi Wilsons, VA

Last long

My daugther plays with this walker since she was able to sit (6 months) and she’s now 1 1/2. The way she plays with it has changed and she finds new things to do with it. It was also very helful before she started walking because she would stroll with it all the time.

Debora Boston, VA

A nice walker

We bought this walker in hopes of encourage walking, imagine that! At first he was very hesitant of it but quickly realized that it helped him get around and he loves the music. He still plays with it occasionally (he is now just over 2). It has a nice amount of interactive little features and the music and lights are not too loud. The parents will approve. 🙂

Edythe Gosnell, AR

Video Review

This is the third activity walker we have tried. I like the Chicco brand and upon first look at this, it seemed to be designed well but after testing it out, I noted a few flaws. The handle bar is too narrow and keeps little ones from being able to place their hands further apart for better balance and steering. It’s also rather high up and causes a child to reach far from a seated position. We bought a Little Tyke activity walker that has 2 handles with one placed lower for better stability when a child is trying to stand up.Watch the video […] for more comments. My daughter is 11 months at the time of this video. Between this and the Little Tykes activity walker, she will only use this if I hide the Little Tyke! Good luck in your search for an activity walker!

Dayna Cutler, IN

Injured my child

I received this item as a christmas gift for my son when her was six months old,but didn’t open it until My son absolutely loves this product. It’s very interactive and the music that plays while he walking makes him want to walk with it more often.I have one big issue with this item which is why it lost three stars. The issue I have is that the hole where a child can put the balls in is big enough to where my twelve month old could reach his hand and arm into it. I was in the next room working on dinner when I heard this blood curdling scream from my son. I went in to find out why and found he had his arm up to his elbow stuck in the ball hole. It took me a bit to angle his arm out. His arm was red for about an hour or so and it also left a small bruise.

Gabriela Mozier, IL