Chicco Butterfly Spinner Toy

Chicco Butterfly Spinner Toy

Chicco Butterfly Spinner Toy

Main features

  • 100 Best Children’s p roducts from Dr Toy
  • Classic toy designed to introduce the concept of cause and effect
  • Make the toy spin by pressing down on the handle
  • Butterflies and ladybugs fly around inside and reflect off of the central mirror
  • Develops your baby’s motor sensory capacity, coordination, and visual skills

Verified reviews


Great Baby Toy

We have had several of this type of toy over the years by different companies: Infantino, Fisher-Price, and Tolo. This one is the best out of them because of it’s bright colors and the interesting sound the cute bug balls make as they spin. My baby loves it. The Tolo Pony Carousel is another choice if you want one that is quieter, but the sound never bothered us.

Genevieve Hayden, ID

My daughter and cats LOVE this toy

I bought this because i couldn’t find the spinner that had the flying butterflies. My 13 mo old daughter can get this spinning pretty fast. The balls are plastic inside and is a great cat distracter as well. She never tires of pushing down on the top.

Angelina Bend, TX

Lot of fun!

It’s hard to beat this adorable top. Lots of sensory stimulation in a safe and easy-to-push top for your little one. The butterfly and flower motif is visually engaging. Great play value.

Mona Niwot, CO

This is…

A very fun and sturdy toy! It reminds me of the olds spinning tops of yesteryear I used to play with 🙂

Randi Togiak, AK

A worthy toy!

I bought this for my daughter when she was 5 mos. Then, she couldn’t figure out what to do with it so she watched in amazement as the balls rattled around. Now at 6 mos, she can’t quite depress the handle but she is trying and in the meantime she enjoys rolling it and shaking it.

Rhoda Slater, SC