Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair, Red

Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair, Red

For Mealtimes on the Go. Designed in Italy, the Caddy Hook On weighs only 7 pound and folds compactly for easy travel and storage. Easily fits on table tops at least 3/4 of an ” thick with up to a 6 ” table skirting. Clean up is easy with the wipe clean nylon seat. The rubberized hippo grips won’t mark tables or p” fingers. Safety is key with a 3 point safety harness.

Main features

  • Folds flat for easy storage and travel
  • Wipe clean nylon seat
  • Weighs only 7 pounds
  • Rubberized grips won’t mark tables or pinch fingers
  • Easily negotiates table skirting up to 5.5 inches
  • Weighs only 7 lbs

Verified reviews


Poor Design

I bought this chair for my grandson to use at restaurants because he couldnt sit up properly, at 5 months old, in the wooden high chairs that they have at most restaurants. Well he didnt like this one and it was difficult to take with us because it didnt fold up easily. So I just decided to use it at home. The big flaw in the design is that, when he got older, the seatbelt doesnt hold him in. I couldnt even go out to the kitchen to get something without having to run back to find him trying to stand up in the seat, no matter how tight I tightened the belt he could still stand up in the seat. Also it is not a wipeable material. It is washable, but it is really difficult to take apart to wash. If they put shoulder straps in this seat and made it easier to get apart to wash it would be so much better. As it is I put it away and bought a regular highchair before he could fall out of this one and get hurt. I would not recommend this at all.

Rosemarie De Soto, IA

great chair, though weight limit more like 28lbs

This chair has been great on tables and counters which are thick enough and deep enough to meet all the requirements in the product warnings. Some other reviewers seem to be complaining about some crazy stuff. READ THE MANUAL OR THE WARNING LABEL ON THE SIDE OF THE CHAIR before putting your precious child in any chair.If you are using a countertop, two things: Do not use this chair if you cannot slide the seat all the way up to the edge of the countertop. If there are any inches between the front of the chair and the countertop, your countertop is NOT deep enough. 2nd, if the child can push against the wall (or a table leg) with his feet, do not use this chair. The risk is that the child will push the chair far enough away from the edge of the countertop to fall.My opinion on these chairs (we have 2 blue ones): great to clean. The cover snaps off, goes in the washer, and dries after hanging overnight and still looks new after several washes. The arms are powder-coated so they wash easily too. We had no scratches on the table or damage from these chairs). The chair folds flat for carrying BUT it seems bulky and the arms tend to flop out so it’s not easily portable. It would be more portable with a special bag or even a strap around it. The weight limit on our chair says 37 lbs. Maybe the metal strength of the chair is good enough, but when our children reached 28 lbs the mechanism that tightens the chairs to the table would no longer release at all. The lap belt is not all that secure so don’t leave a child unattended.I like this chair and I would probably buy it again. The only reason I give it 3 stars instead of 4 is the weight limit. I am disappointed that the release mechanism broke on both chairs when the children reached 28lbs because the chair wasn’t cheap, it was supposed to go to 37lbs, and now I can’t pass it on.

Ernestine North Palm Beach, FL

Should have listened

Pros: It is fairly sturdy when properly installed. It is attractive. It’s portable.Cons: 1. It is hard to wipe off, really hard to wipe off. The food just gets ground it and you cannot get it clean without washing it. My daughter is a fairly dianty eater too. 2. Getting it appart is not that easy. Food gets stuck in the metal and gums it up, so it is harder to pull apart. 3. Putting it back together again is really hard and takes more time that I’d like. I guess if I didn’t come home and immediatly have to feed my daughter I’d have time to reassemble it and then screw it back into the table. 4. I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I can never get it screwed into the table very well. My husband has to do it. 5. It is not very reliable to take to resturants, because too many tables have the one center leg and so it throws the table off balance.Really, I wish I would have just bought a seperate chair for her. Granted they are not as attractive (or they are too expensive if they are), but it would be nice to put her in the kitchen with me when I cook instead of across the house in the dining room, because that really limits what I can get done when she wants to eat. They whole idea may be perfect for some, but not for us in retrospect. And the cleaning is really a pain.

Therese Presho, SD

Love this thing!

Like a lot of previous reviewers, we started out with a more conventional high chair. I’d wanted to try a hook on chair before, but when you are a new mom and there are all of these images of standard high chairs everywhere it’s difficult to consider other options.I bought the Chicco Caddy and brought it home. It was easy to attach to our table, and comfortable for our 2 month old. He really seems to enjoy sitting at the table, and being a part of the family when we eat. It’s very handy to put him in while I do work in the kitchen as well.Can we talk about what a huge space saver this is? My gosh! It folds up and can be tucked away in a cabinet. Ta-da! I can’t understand why anyone would go with a standard high chair!We have taken the Chicco Caddy with us multiple times to friends’ homes and restaurants as well. It is very easily portable and a cinch to attach to most any table. There is no unfamiliar high chair to wrangle our son into, and he has his own comfortable spot in a new place.One issue I had initially was that there is a space between the table and the edge of the Chicco Caddy. Food will fall through that space, and get all over the fabric edge of the Caddy. Minimal clean up, but still kind of an annoyance. I purchased a Summer Infant Tiny Diner, and have found that to resolve the issue perfectly. It functions as a little placemat and over laps the space between the table and the Caddy. The food trough catches a great deal of what would normally end up in our son’s lap.The two products work beautifully together, so I recommend getting a Tiny Diner to go with your Chicco Caddy.**Update** Our son is now 13 months old and pretty feisty. He has plenty of room to move in the Caddy and will use it if not strapped in securely! Some users have complained about cleaning difficulty and I sympathize. The first two times I laundered it, I had a difficult time getting the fabric separated from the frame, and then reassembling. I think a learning curve coupled with the fabric softening a bit has made it much easier to disassemble and assemble. A year after the initial purchase I am still happy with this product. We use it 2-3 times a day, and it travels with us often.Summer Infant Tiny Diner, Green

Gay Hauula, HI

Great for travel – wish it latched close

We got this when our oldest son (now 2) was less than a year for traveling and visiting friends. It is great and sturdy and holds a little one well. The only drawbacks I see are:1. having to attach it to a table – I hadn’t thought about this, but it doesn’t fit on every table so can’t be used everywhere we go. Plus, not everyone we visit wanted something secured on their table in the event it hurt the finish on the table.2. it folds flat, but won’t stay folded unless held closed – I wish there were some latch on it to keep it flat so it wouldn’t pop open.I like that it doesn’t use an adult chair like other booster seats or high chairs, though sometimes that style would be easier to set up than having to strap one to the table.

Lenore Winthrop, MN

surprisingly sturdy seat

Short and to the point:- Sturdy and durable child seat- Attaches easily to a variety of tables- Easy to clean- Secure straps to keep baby from jumping out- One star off for ease of storage, since it is tough to fold up and awkward

Josefa Jermyn, TX

Doesn’t fit

I ordered this because of the good reviews, but it doesn’t work for us. First it took almost 2 weeks to arrive, which has nothing to do with the product but was especially frustrating since I’m now returning it. It doesn’t fit our island or dining room table. The arms are really long, requiring a pretty deep space. It’s also much more cumbersome than expected. I thought we’d just fold it up and take it out to dinner with us, but it doesn’t collapse very small. We didn’t use it to actually feed the baby since it didn’t work in our kitchen, but I could tell the space between the counter and the baby was too wide and we would end up with more food on the floor than anywhere else.It does seem like a solid design, so if it works in your kitchen then it’s probably a good purchase.

Elvira Lexington, KY

Very useful when dining out with LO

Rather than put our baby in restaurant-provided high chairs of dubious cleanliness or for when we go places that don’t provide them, we keep this item stashed in our car. We began using this when our baby was around six months and now she is 11 months and very mobile – so far it seems safe, secure and convenient. It’s very easy to secure to most tables (unless they have a very short lip or a wide columnar base support) and our baby seems comfortable in it despite having a generally restless temperament.However in the interests of full disclosure I must add that we don’t eat out as much as we used to and we have used it only about a dozen times. So I can’t really comment on durability. Also I would not want to use it instead of our regular highchair because I can see it might be a pain to clean on a regular basis. Still, it has been very useful to us when we do eat out and has taken away some of the stress of taking along the baby on our restaurant dates or when we are invited to someone’s home for dinner.

Ruby Bedford Park, IL

Gross Chair- Gets dirty – hard to clean

Too hard to take off canvas chair to clean. Really annoying and pricey.Also you have to take the whole thing off to put a place mat down (babys are messy!)Food would get stuck under the arm handles. Ridiculous.I bought Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat to use at my house. It isn’t as nice looking but it is so much better.Easy to clean and has a tray.;=1303585632&sr;=8-4

Constance Hugoton, KS


We love this chair. Our 18 month old daughter has been using it since she was 5 months old. We bring it with us everywhere, and we use it at home all the time. I didn’t think it was that much of a novelty, but literally every where we take it, people comment on how neat it is! It stays hooked to our home table until we go out to eat. We use it with a Kiddopotamus Tinydiner Placemat, which has a handy trough that fills in the small gap between the chair and the table.Best things:
• No germy public high chairs! The times I forgot her Chicco chair, I’ve used baby wipes on the public chairs and YUK!
• The chair is familiar to her even in unfamiliar environments. Because she got used to using “table manners” at home, she knows how to behave at restaurants.
• We love it because she sits right at the table with us instead of in a high chair next to the table. She is a great eater, and I think part of it may be that she’s always been a part of our meals together, just another person at the table.
• Compact–We had a small kitchen in our previous house, and a typical high chair would make things pretty tight. This is easy to clean around/under because it’s part of the table. This also folds down super small for travel, whether right down the street or on a long trip.
• Easy to fold, unfold, and attach.
• Easy to clean and quick to dry. Ours gets pretty funky pretty fast, so we’re always cleaning it with a scrub sponge and some dish/hand soap. It still looks like new after much abuse!
• Inexpensive–try it! What have you got to lose? If you buy some big high chair and it ends up not working out, you’re out $100!Cons:
• There aren’t many, but one would be that there is no tray to catch spills. Our daugher learned not to spill quickly, probably because it ended up all over her every time. So maybe this is a pro?!
• Tips flimsy tables in some restaurants. We have had to put a chair under her and a couple of times, not use it at all. This got to be more of an issue when she got bigger.In response to other reviewers, we have no trouble fitting it to our large table, with multiple leaf inserts and a wide skirt. We have only had it not fit 2 other tables at restaurants. I don’t think it’s heavy, and I’m kind of a wimp. I never take it apart to wash, I just stick it in the sink and scrub it off with a sponge. I don’t find the harness an issue because I never use it. I don’t have the kind of child who will agree to be harnessed into a chair when she is ready to get up. If she wants up, we get up! This is why I am shopping for a booster seat now–I take my child’s constant getting up out of this seat as a cue that she has outgrown it, not physically, but ability-wise, and don’t think Chicco installing a 5 point harness on the chair would change that.

Lilia Newtown, CT

So far so good.

So far so good…..I haven’t had to wash it yet but I think it’ll be easy enough. Husband put it on the table so I assume it wasn’t all that hard to install. I am sure I can figure out how to take it off to travel. I wish we had different colors to choose we have a girl so eh on that but as for sturdiness and overall look it’s great. The price is wonderful for a very nice product.

Kris Moville, IA

Super Useful!

I bought this when my DD was around 4 months old, it has a 5 point harness and she had gread head control at the time so it worked very well. I love this product, we bring it everywhere with us and it fits on every table we’ve ever tried.My only complaint is that it is a HUGE pain to clean. You need to thread the fabric onto a curved bar, which takes some patience.

Vicki Camp Wood, TX

wobbly, doesn’t attach safely to table

We didn’t care for this seat at all and will be returning it. It’s very loose after it’s assembled and would not attach securely to the table (our table fits all the specifications as being one that this chair can be used with). The pieces that are pushed upward to hold the chair to the table are lightweight plastic then the arms that come out to keep it stable are attached to the same center plastic part and come out at an off angle (and cannot be adjusted) so they don’t press against the table and the whole seat can be moved up and down.Even if it fit the table safely I would still be disappointed, the seat sits back from the edge of the table leaving a big gap which I can see lots of food falling down. The fabric part is cheaply made, crinkly, and only comes in an unattractive red and black.We also own an inglesina fast chair and it’s wonderful. We tried this chicco chair because our fast chair does not fit our table. If it will fit your table or you’re only planning on using it while traveling the inglesina is the way to go.

Lana Saint Johns, PA

Super easy & fits wide-apron tables

I purchased this for my 6-month-old son who is just starting solids. We live in a townhome where the downstairs is a shared living, dining and kitchen space that is already overrun with baby playmats, strollers, pack n play, and swings, so I really couldn’t afford to spend anymore floor space on the baby! I also didn’t want to spend $100-$200 on a high chair. The hook-on chairs were the perfect solution, but review after review said that wide apron tables were an issue with the chairs actually being able to hook on (I didn’t even know what an apron in reference to a table was until now!). This chair easily fits around our 4-inch wide apron, and it’s literally a cinch to use. It’s small, travels well, and I love that we can take it to restaurants. The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars is because it’s still a little big for our 6-month-old to use. Until he can sit up unassisted, we won’t be able to use it. I think it’s an excellent purchase though!

Michell Arcola, IL

Great chair for the price.

Perfect for basically any table. Easy to use, and carry with you. Weight limit is as specified, if not more. This is our only high chair. A little cumbersome to take apart for washing, but super easy care. Love it and highly recommend to anyone with limited space.

Lakisha Ballston Spa, NY


This hook-on chair is great! I first purchased the Regalo Easy Diner Portable Hook-On High Chair by Regalo but it did not fit around our table’s skirt what-so-ever. The Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair allows enough room to fit around and under a pretty large table skirt. Used it at a restaurant and it was great! I am so very happy I returned the Regalo Easy Diner Portable Hook-On High Chair by Regalo and purchased this instead!

Sharlene Clarksburg, MD

Fantastic for traveling

This is one of the best ideas for parents that love to travel. This means you can carry one less bulky item with you. I have never had it not work at a given table (sometimes you have to work around obstacles) and the result is a secure seat. Its easy to clean as you can detach the cloth throw it in the wash machine and just wipe down the rest. I would say this is a must have if you want to travel with a kid too small for a booster seat. My only tiny complaint is that when it folds up there is nothing on the device to keep the arms folded together. This is easy solved however with any kind of reusable string, rope, ribbon, etc.

Elsa Whitmore, CA

Great travel chair

We recieved this chair as a gift when our daughter was born and we love it for several reasons. We use this chair for eating out only, it isn’t the highchair we use at home. Here’s why we love it:1. Folds down flat so it takes up very little room in our car.2. Baby can sit at table level with us at the restaurant, in her own chair that I know has been cleaned properly.3. It’s pretty easy to clean. I wipe it down with a wet wipe after every meal and throw it in the wash about once a month or more depending on how messy my daughter is.4. My daughter is on the petite side, so for her, the belt strap has worked very well to keep her in place.5. Highchairs placed at the end of booths makes me very nervous, I don’t like that waiters pass you the hot food right over the baby’s head. With this chair, she’s safely between the wall and me, no chance for hot food to fall on her accidentally.That said, like every other product out there, it is not perfect. These are a few of the quirks that I wish Chicco would address:1. A carrying case or even a clip to keep the arms closed would be great. The arms have a tendency to swing open if the chair isn’t lying flat in our car.2. There’s a gap between the chair and the table, no matter how close you place the chair. We solve this by placing a burp cloth along the gap, but I still wish it wasn’t there.3. The fabric can be a pain to take off the frame when washing it. Snaps along the frame would be great, or a zipper, a zipper would be awesome.4. The arm length can make it difficult to install in some booths depending on the space between the seat and the booth.For me, the pros outweigh the cons. My daughter loves sitting in her chair, she lasts an entire meal at a restaurant in her chair without complaining. We started using it when she was 6 months old, it was a little big for her, but we just used a swaddling blanket to pad the chair and keep her secure.

Blanca Iron River, MI

So good I got rid of the regular high chair!

This chair is so great, as I said, we got rid of the regular high chair we got. We have yet to go out to dinner somewhere is doesn’t work, and haven’t had any issues at BBQ’s and other peoples houses. We tried another brand before this one and it just wasn’t as sturdy and didn’t break down for travel easy. We hve one at home and now keep one at grandma’s house too!

Mae Columbia City, OR

I consider it a MUST HAVE

I absolutely love this chair! Everywhere we go people ask us where we go it. It’s so versatile—we can use it at homes and restaurants. The only complaints I have is when the braces are collapsed for storage they don’t stay together– I have put a hair tie on there to keep them closed to store in the car. That seems to do the trick. Overall— it’s great and I would buy this again and I do recommend this to all my friends with kids or who are pregnant.

Araceli Stoneham, ME

Not amazing, but still convenient

It works well and is easy to put on the table most of the time.Not so great at restaurants (in the case of all high chairs being taken) because if the table is small, there may be a tipping situation. Or a child who realizes he can rock the whole table…no fun either.My biggest complaint is how easily the thing unfolds and clicks into place when I DON’T want it to. It lives in the trunk of my SUV and if I move it the tiniest bit, it opens and locks open. So I have to go fumbling for the little buttons to collapse it again unless I want it taking up space.Wish Chicco could’ve either added some velcro on somewhere to prevent it from flipping open unexpectedly, or maybe had a carrying case you could buy with it (for an additional $10-15, I would sign on for it not opening and driving me nuts at least once a week).On the bright side, it’s wonderfully convenient and light and fits with almost any table out there.

Dora Gatesville, TX


This chair was a gift a received at my shower that was not on my list. We do a lot of traveling so I was excited. I currently keep it in the trunk of my car in case I go somewhere and we need it. I stopped bringing it to restaurants though, too much work. It is a project to get it together and attached to the table. Then I have found it does not fit on some tables due to wood placement on the bottom of the table or tables that do not have abig enough lip. You can wash it, little hard to get it off to wash. Once it is attached it is ATTACHED, don’t worry about it falling off. My son does try to stand in it even with the small seat belt on. It has come in handy but is a little heavy to carry far, mine is gray. Overall I would say it is useful and helpful to have!

Joni Lewis, IN

Easy to install, easy to clean

I looked around quite a bit for this style of high chair. I wanted something I could easily put away, take anywhere with us, wouldn’t take up a lot of room in our house and wouldn’t break the bank. This chair totally works for me! It was easy to install and the type of material of the shell (along with the fact it’s easily removed) assures me it will be easy to clean. I came across a lot of reviews for other chairs similar to this one and a common complaint seemed to be that they didn’t work with all tables. People wrote that this one is the most compatible with various styles of tables and now that I have it, I can see why (the arms dip down low enough to accommodate all different types of table edges).

Isabelle Ninnekah, OK

convenient, great color, easy to use, easy to clean, sturdy

First purchased a cheaper clip on chair from Walmart but immediately returned it as it was flimsy and the material was very cheap. This clip on booster is a nice canvas material that wipes clean very easily and can also be taken off the frame completely and thrown in the washer/dryer. I have actually just put it in a sink full of warm soapy water several times and then either hung outside to dry or put in the dryer for a quick run. It dries super quick!!It clips securely to most tables as long as there is no obstructions (such as butterfly style table extensions) and despite other reviews, it does get right up close to the edge of the table. Food can fall before it makes it to your babies mouth of course, but I cutdown on that by adding a table mat with tray (Tiny Diner Placemat) and bib with pouch (Tommee Tippee Explora Easy Roll Bib). When my baby was smaller and just starting to eat solids I had to put a small pillow or rolled towel behind her to position her a little more close to the table, not a problem and actually good that it will allow for growth and use for quite a while as she contnues to grow. I actually don’t have a problem with the steaps and sometimes don’t even use them, my child does not try to climb out. Although, I don’t put her in the chair unless it’s time to eat and we are sitting together anyways. Children should not be left unattended anyways.I have used this chair at restaurants and as long as it’s a sturdy table, it’s not a problem. It folds easily and travels nicely.It is nice to have your child sitting at the table as part of the family and not off to the side like an appendage and takes up no extra room in the eating area. Just like a chair at the table and promotes family eating together.Would definitely recommend and can’t beat the price. Have never used another “highchair” for my daughter and glad I didn’t get a big bulky regular high chair or on the seat booster.

Clare Trion, GA

Brilliant Chair, Obvious Design Flaw

Let me first day that I’ve been using this chair for the past five months . We feed our daughter a mixture of purees and now more baby led weaning type finger food.As new mom, I initially purchased a ‘high speed/jumbo/deluxe’ high chair from this same brand but returned it before first use. I wanted something more simple!I bought this chair because:1.) The simplicity of the hook-on concept was very appealing. No five point harness, no plastic trays, or tray covers, no folding legs, no wheels, no wasted floor space, no extra crevasses to clean bits of food out of.2.) We loved the idea of our daughter eating at the table right along with us. There is no awkward distance between us and she’s not isolated.3.) It’s marketed as a travel friendly chair. We’ve never traveled with it but it is very portable if we did decide to.4.) Clean up appeared to be easier because as I said there are less parts. Not much more daily maintenance is needed other than the quick wipe down of the seat and table surface. I am not having to wash anything in the dishwasher etc.5.) This high chair is 1/4 the price of the first one I bought!The reasons I’ve deducted one star:1.)When the time comes to deep clean the chair the buttons to detach the hook on legs from the seat are nearly impossible to use! (Please note: these buttons are different from what attaches the chair to the table, that mechanism is genius and easy to use.) These buttons are almost impossible to push in and simultaneously pull the legs out.2.) Once the seat is removed from the legs the red seat material can be put in the washing machine. Easy peasy! Except ours looked like we had fed it to the lawn mower after only a few washes! (And no, I was not putting it in the dryer) I contacted the manufacturer and after a back and forth they sent me a replacement seat. (Luckily I had saved the proof of purchase, a good reminder for everyone:) The replacement has been holding up better. I think the first seat really was just a dud and I plan to repair it to have as a back up.So you might be wondering if I still feel this chair was worth it since it didn’t turn out to be as “simple” as I first thought. Well, I still say yes. This chair really is a breath of fresh air in an increasingly complicated and cluttered world of baby things! And as far as I am concerned you can’t put a convenience price on having your child sit at the table with you. Plus as I mentioned, it’s dirt cheap!Other points:The chair is entirely stable when installed correctly, even my skeptical friends have had to admit it! They say, “That’s pretty cool!”The chair has left a few barely visible dents on my dining table but it’s a solid wood table so I think it just adds character!

Yolanda Bedford, VA

A must have it you are planning to go out with baby

We use this chair at restaurants, bars and at home. So far we haven’t found a place where the chair couldn’t clamp on. Our son has been using it since he was 5 months old and loved being at the table with us. Easy to carry, easy to setup. Can’t do without it.

Katina Annandale, MN

Baby Chicco Caddy Hook on Table Portable High Chair

Once again our new granddaughter got the best hook on high chair made! The Chicco is sturdy and well built and it is so easy to attach to the table for feeding time or even playtime. I would so recommend this hook on baby high chair as it is portable and we are always on the "go". It will be especially great for camping too! What are you waiting for? Buy one now!

Wendi Warrensville, NC

We really do love it!!

I bought this for use by our great grandson. We love the ease in setting it up and taking it down. It feels very secure stable. It also folds down for easy storage. We love it!

Natalia Greenbush, WI

Super Chair!

What a fantastic idea for a portable high chair. It fold flat, weighs very little, can work just about anywhere. It keeps my grandson safe and sound.My only concern is for the length of the arm pieces. When attached to our kitchen counter or dining room table, there is a gap between the table and the chair. This leaves room for food to fall to the carpet. I have one of the rubber placemats that can be placed to catch most of the dropped food. We all love that as well.With that being said, I would still definately recommend the Hook On Chair to anybody who has a baby. We all love it!!

Shelly Cottondale, FL

works great, with one major flaw…

This chair is pretty handy and straightforward. Does what it says it will do and serves its purpose as a highchair for grandmas house that doesn’t take up a lot of room. And, it was considerably less than others that I’m sure are just like it.However, I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would make a seat specifically designed for
• babies
• to EAT in that didn’t easily wipe down. This (and from what I can see, every other one like it on the market), is made from a nice, heavy duty canvas-like material. It’s a nice, quality material, don’t get me wrong. But I’d love to see the designers of this seat try to wipe mashed potatoes or applesauce off of this seat. Yes, the cover comes off for easy washing. But I don’t want to have to wash it
• every
• time I use it…..and I only use it once or twice a week! We usually just wipe it down as best we can and do a half way decent job of it, but is it too much to ask for a seat like this made out of the same plastic material you find on most high chairs? That would make it darn near perfect.

Faith Elgin, AZ