Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller, Tangerine

Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller, Tangerine

Ultra Lightweight. Designed in Italy, the C6 has a rugged, yet lightweight, annodized aluminum frame that weighs only 11 pound but comes loaded with features you would only expect to find on a full size stroller. The 2 position reclining seat provides comfort and security with a padded 5 point harness and front wheel suspension. The adjustable, removable, canopy protects from the sun, wind and cold. The large basket provides storage for all the things your baby needs. The quick release umbrella fold, stroller carry bag and shoulder carry strap make travel and storage convenient.

Main features

  • Ultra lightweight aluminum stroller weighs only 11 pounds
  • Comfort and security with a 2 position reclining seat and 5 point safety harness
  • Front wheel suspension make rough terrains smooth
  • Compact umbrella style fold, carry bag and shoulder carry strap make travel a breeze
  • Basket to keep necessities close

Verified reviews


Poor design, over-priced

I am very unhappy with this stroller. So many irritations, sigh, where do I begin? First, I’m only 5’3″ but my feet hit the wheels as I walk with it, so my 6’3″ husband has to baby-step it when he strolls it. Second, the shoulder straps barely adjust far enough to fit my son (who’s 22 months, 75th percentile). The poor kid is squeezed in there, but even with the straps super tight he still manages to slip his arms right out, (yikes!). Third, the basket on the back is too small and difficult to get things in and out of. And lastly, and this is the kicker, it maneuvers horribly. Horribly!! I can’t emphasize this last point enough. It’s really obnoxious trying to stroll this thing around. Yes, I hate it.We bought this sucker as a light weight, running-errands-in-the-car option. But if I could do it over again, I’d either get one of those $20 jobs at Babies R Us, or I’d throw down the extra $30-$60 and get the low end Maclaren, (everyone I know who owns one raves about it). We also have a BOB Revolution, (BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller, Black), which is awesome, so perhaps my discontent with the Chicco Capri is a result of being spoiled by my wonderful, amazing, incredible BOB stroller. Either way, I would steer clear of this poorly designed, over-priced thing.

Caryn Mead, OK

Good Price but…………..

I bought this as 2nd stroller, to park and short errand for my 4 months baby.Cons:Light weightGood canopy size5 point harnessRecline (thoug not alot but is comfortable for my 4 months old)Durable madeEasily clean seat fabricDoes not tip over when my diaper bag and shopping bags hand over the handle!ProsSmall and uselss basket.. impossible to put anything in it or accesswish it will recline moreLonger handle ( I am 5 2 and on off i kick the back of the wheels. NOT for tall parents! )OverviewOverall I am happy with my purchase.. and YES i would recommend to anyone if they have shorter legs!

Tara Altamont, NY

Baby Planner Review

I have been using this stroller for a year as a full time nanny/baby planner, and I have never liked it. Here’s why:- Short handles: I’m 5′ 7″ and I hate hunching over this thing.- Short seat: He was too tall for this stroller before turning two! And since the minimum age is 6mo, we got 1.5 years out of it. That’s pathetic for a stroller- Skinny seat: no winter coats here – especially after baby turns one.- Small, practically inaccessible basket: hard to get to, and holds very littleI could go on…

Gail Lakebay, WA

If You are looking for Lightweight Stroller: Do Not Buy This One!!

Yes, it is light weight and folds up compactly but everything else about it I hate. I am 5’4" and still kick the back wheels often, the red safety lock does not snap easily, in fact, it broke in less than a month of using. The brakes (front or back) do not lock well. The canopy got lopsided at one point after it folded up. It does not recline (I know it says it does, but it really just unzipping the back of the seat). And the buckle is difficult to click and lock in. I also have a Bob Revolution for hikes on trails and in parks, and love it. But we live in San Francisco so I need something light and easy to get around town with my little guy. I am returning this one, and going to suck it up and spend double of the money to buy an Uppababy G-luxe for everyday use, and we will see how that one is going to go…

Kelsey Helen, WV


Yes, I definitely have a love/hate relationship with this stroller.Love: It is indeed light, which helps me travel alone with our daughter. It folds very quickly and it has the strap that allows me to carry the stroller on my shoulder. You can close it and just fling it back with one hand. Pushing it isn’t so bad for me, but I’m only 5’2″.Hate: Pushing it is ok for me, although it does get slightly uncomfortable at times. My husband has to literally hunch over because he’s six feet. Sometimes I wish I got a stroller that has a tray or at least some more storage space, but I know that’ll take away some of it’s easy portability and add some weight. Luckily they sell accessories that are cheap and light to add on the handles for some additional storage because the bottom of the stroller hardly shares any space for things.

Zelma Munroe Falls, OH


Hated this stroller and had to return it. the straps did not fit my 9 month old baby (middle strap too short and could not adjust), the buckle was very hard to use (pinched my fingers a couple of times) and it felt not that sturdy pushing it around. It was pretty light and folded ok but I would not recommend this stroller.

Tori Black River, MI

very sturdy

this is the second chicco capri stroller we bought. we bought the tangerine one for my son and this topazio one for my daughter (i don’t like the pink one). its great, has decent storage for an umbrella stroller and paired with a sunshine kids Stroller Accessory Buggy Buddy, is great for drinks and snacks.the only complaint is that its kinda hard to use the latch to lock the stroller, you really have to press down hard on it.the cover is a great idea, but honestly, in the year that we have had the stroller, we’ve never used it, as when we travel, we use it in the airport and check it in at the gate.i wish they came in more colors – like purple!

Christian Camp Nelson, CA

good overall, but some usage challenges

I’m 6′ and my wife is 5’4", and yet we both struggle with using this stroller. The biggest problems we have are the spacing of the rear wheels (they’re right where you would want to put your feet). She can easily take smaller steps where it’s not an issue, but I usually end up holding onto one handle and walking off to the side. The second is related to this that the handles are very close to the stroller. I would be kicking the stroller a lot even if the wheels were wider because you are just that close to the stroller. I end up carrying her more (defeating the purpose)

Latasha Shrub Oak, NY

It’s a decent upgraded umbrella stroller, but I kick the wheels when walking…

I bought this stroller because I wanted something to use on the walking path around my complex. The path is not paved but is small gravel. Our primary stroller is a quinny zapp which is awesome on any solid surface but not so much on grass or gravel (not a surprise).The Capri is a pretty nice umbrella stroller. It has a little bit of suspension on all the wheels which is really nice on bumpy surfaces. The seat recines by unzipping a zipper on either side of the seat. It would be difficult to adjust the recline with the baby in it (which is stated in the manual). Handle hight is good for an umbrella stroller.My main issue with this stroller is that I kick the inside rear tires if I walk normall (I’m 5’4″). I don’t have this issue with the quinny zapp. I find that in order to not kick the wheels, I need to either tale smaller steps, or put my arms out more than I would normally.Overall this stroller meets my needs, but I would not want to use it on a full time basis.

Melva Georgetown, IL


I debated which stroller to buy via online reviews and decided to just go to a big box store and take a look at them. The store only carried Maclaren, Jeep and Chicco (no UPPAbaby or Britax). Here is what I found:I looked at the Maclaren Quest, Triumph and Volor, Jeep All-Weather Reclining Umbrella, Chicco C6. I narrowed it down to the Quest and Triumph and ultimately picked the Triumph based on color =)Maclaren Quest Sport Stroller, Coffee/Sky BlueMaclaren Triumph Stroller, Charcoal/SilverMaclaren Quest and Triumph: Very similar to each other, differences noted here. Both reclines to same spot, Quest only has two positions, Triumph can be reclined to any position between fully upright and fully reclined. That said it doesn’t recline all that much. The two positions on the Quest would be sufficient. My four month old (13lbs) fits fine in either stroller. I did add a padded headrest (the ones they sell for car seats) just to make her a little more secure. The stroller still folds up with the headrest in it. The Quest has an extended foot pad. It will keep wind, etc… off babies legs once they are long enough to hang off. The actual seat size isn’t any different. The big functional difference between the two is that the Quest had a pocket on the canopy (between the handles). The pocket is large enough to hold a wallet, cell phone and keys (not much else). Has a velcro closure. Quest also has a couple of small side pockets – not sure what you would put in them though. You can buy stroller organizers for $20 that will attach to the Truimph which include zipper pockets and cup holders.Maclaren Volo Stroller, BlackMaclaren Volo: Is 2 lbs lighter than Quest and Triumph. The thin mesh seat made me nervous about how well it would hold up and that it would be too cold for baby on slightly chilly days. Also doesn’t recline. For $30 more I thought it was worth the recline feature and slightly heavier/cushier seat. The weight savings didn’t seem all that significant over the Triumph or Quest.Jeep All-Weather Reclining Umbrella Stroller, Pink/Jeep Wrangler All-Weather Umbrella Stroller, ImpulseJeep Umbrella Stroller: Just felt junky and not well made.Chicco Ct0.6 Capri Lightweight Stroller, TangerineChicco: Felt relatively high quality but at 5’7″ I kicked the wheels while walking. Wouldn’t be able to stand that. The blue and black are cute but the orange is hideous and I love orange. It is a very bright almost neon orange. Nice that is comes with a carrying bag.Wish I could have looked at a Britax and UPPAbaby but I liked the Maclaren so much that I decided to just go with it!UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller, JakeUPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller, DennyBritax B-Nimble Stroller, Cowmooflage

Latisha Green Lane, PA

perfect travel accessory for young children.

You probably have a great stroller for use at home and on the go. But now you are travelling – getting on a plane and going off – and that stroller is huge! This is perfect for travel – gate cheking is a breeze! Your little one has room in the stroller without looking like a sausage stuffed into it. The setof 8 wheels helps a great deal with stability and the cover is so nice for sunny days. This IS a lightweight stroller and as such, is not the best for rocky or uneven terrain, but for general travel i highly recommend it

Kendra Falling Rock, WV

Our choice for a travel stroller

We chose this stroller as our travel stroller for our first vacation which included air travel with one layover each way. We have continued to use it at home when we don’t want our full-size stroller (usually when I don’t have a bunch of baby gear to bring along or bags to carry at the mall). I found it to be better constructed and more comfy for baby than the cheapy umbrella strollers. I thought it was a step up without being a pricey “lightweight” stroller that doesn’t like to be called an umbrella stroller. The color Toapzio is a beautiful pool blue. I did buy it for a boy, but as with almost everything else we buy, I felt it could be used for either gender.Our son was very comfortable in it from the beginning. It is easy to fold up and down. The sunshade is functional, it has worked at keeping the sun out of his eyes. The small basket at the bottom is a little difficult to get to with the way the bars are at the bottom, but you can shove a small bag or a few toys down there. An improvement would be the option to lift the handles up to your level and then push them back down to fold up the stroller. I do like the shape of the handles though. Overall, we are very happy with this stroller and glad we spent a little more for it.

Jeannine Eagle, CO

Not Bad, Not Great, No reason to buy

I wanted to love this stroller. The colors are fun, it is light weight and seems good for travel and quick trips, and the price seems good when comparing this to the Maclaren Volo or the Uppababy G-lite of similar weight.However, I will echo reviews that the crotch strap is not useful and way too short. I’m not sure why Chicco hasn’t fixed this design flaw. This feature and the weight limit of 27 lbs takes the lifespan of this product down to 2-3 years max, maybe earlier depending on the size of your child. The volo and g-lite both have much higher weight limits so you can use them with a 4 or maybe even 5 year old if they got tired of walking.Next up the buckle is hard to fasten and unfasten, so much so that it pinched my fingers the two times that I put my son in it and buckled him in. What a pain! The front wheels wobble and all in all this stroller is just okay. It falls in between a $20 Cosco stroller and a $130 Maclaren. While I don’t necessarily want to shell out $130 for a travel or quick errand type back up stroller I also think $70 is way too much to spend on something so poorly made with such a short lifespan. I can easily justify the Maclaren or the Uppababy umbrella strollers when I think of ease of use, functionality, maneuverability, and the higher weight limit and if you truly just need something for short trips and travel perhaps the $20 strollers aren’t so bad.

Jenna Kremmling, CO

Handlebars too short!

I wanted to love this stroller. It is lightweight, easy to fold and unfold, easy to carry and has a smooth ride. I returned it though after just a few days because it was so frustrating to push. Both me, my husband and my mother kept kicking the back wheels when pushing. We had to shorten our stride dramatically and it was very frustrating. I am 5’6 and my husband 5’9, so this is not because we are very tall people. If you want to be able to walk comfortably when pushing a stroller, do not buy this one.

Shanna Keystone, IN

Very convenient light weight stroller

My son is 16 months and we have been using this stroller for nearly a year. It has fit our needs very nicely and we are very happy with this purchase.Positives:1. It is very light weight and compact. Fits easily in our car.2. I can fold/lock and unfold it quite easily with one hand – with a toddler on one hip and a travel bag over my other shoulder.3. My son seems quite comfortable in it and my husband, parents and I all seem to have an easy time pushing it.4. I like the 5 point harness – especially since we started using it at 6 months of age.5. I love that it does not tip backwards (even when I take my son out) when I hang a bag or two over the handlebars. Very convenient!Negatives:1. It would be nice if it reclined more.2. The material is easy to wipe clean. However, if it really gets soiled (we brought it to a very dusty third world country for a few weeks), it is difficult to more thoroughly clean. The fabric says it is machine washable, but the instruction manual reports that the fabric is not removable. The washing never would have been an issue with “normal” use.Overall, a recommended purchase. A great step up from the basic cheap umbrella stroller without breaking the bank.

Monica Rheems, PA


This fit my needs perfectly. He holds up neat and tidy into a carry bag and the carry bag has a little pouch it fits right into when you are using the stroller.

Nancy Fyffe, AL

Horrible stroller. Hard to turn.

I asked for this stroller when I had my first son 4 years ago. It was about $80 even then. I never checked it out in the store, I just looked at pictures and decided I loved the design, and how can one possibly mess up a stroller anyway? Well, you can… badly.This stroller has been our exclusive stroller for the past four years, so it’s well tested. Everything is very nice about it, except that the sun shade does little to nothing to prevent the sun in your kids eyes. You definitely want a stroller that gives you shade options. The basket on the bottom is really nice, the breaks work great, handles are good, yeah I kick the back wheels often but I got used to it.So main letdown is that it doesn’t steer well. Without a child the stroller turns great, but a child in it (no matter what size) the weight prevents the stroller from turning. I was constantly fighting it! It got better when I just had a child in the stroller and could force it where I wanted it to go, but once I had things in my hands, or another child’s hand as well, it was impossible!I cursed the stroller every single time I used it. I was too stubborn to buy another one for the money, plus as far as stroller use goes we were probably on the low end. My first son refused to sit in one, so it really wasn’t until my second son that I realized this stroller was a piece of junk.Maybe it’s improved. I wouldn’t recommend it. My blood boiled way too much with this stroller and I’d just assume junk it now that the kids don’t need it.

Geneva Ramsay, MI

Great, lightweight and easy to use

This is the perfect lightweight stroller. It opens and closes very easily and I love that it comes with its own storage bag. I can open and close it with one hand and both my 25-lb toddler and 20-lb infant kids fit in it just fine. The wheels glide smoothly and the sun shade blocks out the light for my kids to be comfortable. The color is vibrant and fun. Its a great stroller!

Marci Overton, NE

Love this stroller!!!!!

Best umbrella stroller for the price. I was shopping for umbrella stroller for a while, was looking at the more expensive ones like uppa baby or Mclaren… Well, I have to tell I am happy that I did not spend $200 or more for an umbrella when this one is perfect!! It folds perfectly, flat and easy fold. One hand to open!!! Good size storage basket under the seat, I bought additional storage that works great and must have: JL Childress Cup’s and Cargo organizer. The stroller is easy to push, my daughter loves it. we already used it for travel and I take this one to the park. The only drawback is, it is not easy to push with one hand (my kid is 28 lbs now) but is not bad. I love this stroller and would recommend it.

Marylou Walpole, NH

Chicco C6 Stroller, Cilantro

Great color! I have a Bob stroller as our main walking stroller, but wanted a lighter weight stroller for my vehicle. This was the lightest stroller I found, 11lbs. I know there are A LOT cheaper umbrella strollers out there, but none that had the shoulder straps and was light weight at the same time. The only minor problem is having to remember to retract the canopy before compacting the stroller up, I tend to forget! It has not damaged it though by forgetting, but it may be bad if you do it too many times.

Katelyn Harrah, WA

Six Years Going Strong!

We’ve had our Chicco Capri stroller for 6 years and I love it just as much today as I did in the past! We also purchased it as a “travel stroller” when our first son was born, and it has been our go-to stroller ever since. It’s been all over the country, and our 2 year-old now uses it! Some of its best features are the travel bag (was great when we rented bikes in Key West– I strapped it across my back and away I went), its light weight, 5 point harness, and fabric durability. We have a red Capri and it’s just as bright today as it was 6 years ago! The only thing I added was a stroller organizer to the back (cup holder, key pocket, mesh bag) and now it’s perfect! You won’t be disappointed!!!

Helene Charleston, SC

Good basic umbrella stroller with no thrills

This stroller is good for a lightweight umbrella stroller, but don’t expect too many bells and whistles. There is no cup holder or large basket to put items in the bottom. The handle bars don’t allow you to hang anything to it either. We couldn’t figure out where to snap a couple of the buttons on the stroller.

Rita Clay, AL


I was able to buy this at T A R G E T for $45 and I love it! My 1 year old hated sitting in our hand me down stroller and he LOVES this one, it’s comfortable and nice looking. Moves easily and shuts with one hand a foot and I have a small car and it fits great. Love it!

Stacie Wingett Run, OH

me encanta

me encanta este coche para mi bebe es muy practico para salir a pasear con el al parque tremendo precio accesible

Ursula Poland, NY

Could not be happier!

I really, really love this stroller. I can open and collapse it one handed, which any mom can appreciate. I feel comfortable with my daughter in the shoulder and lap belt, and the canopy is much better than the cheapo strollers at Toys R Us. The quality of the construction is great as well. I guess I don’t see the big deal with the reclining feature, mostly because it doesn’t recline very far and my daughter doesn’t really like it, but every kid is different.This is a great lightweight umbrella stroller and my only complaint is such a minor issue it’s barely worth the time, BUT… I’m average height and the handles can be a little awkward for long walks. If I walk close enough to hold them comfortably, I end up kicking the back wheels. If I keep my distance, I have to rest my palms on the pointed end. It is highly likely that I’m having difficulty transitioning from a bulky, traditional stroller to this model, and that you should ignore this complaint and just get the stroller anyway.

Lisa Meraux, LA

Good Lightweight stroller

I live on the third floor and carry this up and down every day with my 3 month old. The back goes down just far enough for her to sit, and works great for my height (5’6″). I do kick the wheels if I’m taking full steps, but overall I love this stroller.

Josefa Etna, ME

A MUST for travelling

Love this stroller! It is a breeze to fold up, as well as it’s pretty sturdy for an umbrella stroller. We use this one when we travel, can gate check it at the airport. It folds up very compactly, goes through the TSA x-ray machine no problem. The sun shield is detachable, if you are travelling at the airport, would suggest to put that part in the suitcase, and then just take the stroller and the bag it comes with to the gate check. The bag itself is durable, I don’t think that you need to purchase a separate gate check bag, we have been on at least 6 airplanes now, it has withstood at least that many handlings. It is lightweight and also has a little area on the the bottom to put some items. I would suggest buying something that can go between the two handles so that you have more space to put things. When we anticipate that we are going to go somewhere that is kinda bumpy through, we will take our BOB stroller, as this one doesn’t have any suspension, and ride can be bumpy if you are not on a sidewalk/pavement.

Kasey Waller, TX

Easy to Use and Lightweight

This is our second stroller. We have a larger one with an integrated/removable car seat.The canopy on this one works well and this stroller is built solid enough, yet is very lightweight. I actually prefer this one over the larger, bulkier one that we have.It does have some minor issues though. It is hard to lock when folded up, because it does not clip closed easily.We also kick wheels while walking. Your mileage may vary depending on the size of your feet. Our baby seems to like it, but sometimes slumps over do to the way the support straps are positioned and the stoller’s seat flat back.One additional nice feature is that the there is a piece of fabric that folds over the latch that snaps the straps together.Recommended.

Maude Cotati, CA

Slightly larger but a better design

This stroller has a nicer design and is more sturdy than a regular umbrella stroller. Some of the really compact umbrellas can be pretty flimsy, while this one has nice wheels, a good frame, and superior fabric and overall construction. It is a little bit larger as a result, but if your vehicle/travel plans can accommodate, then it is a great buy.

Letha Saugatuck, MI

Great stroller – many pros!

The short story: We bought a larger Chicco carseat/stroller combo set when our child was a newborn. We should have just bought this stroller.Pros:- It rolls like a dream, even in the grass- Folds up/unfolds very easily- No pinch points- Light weight- It’s quiet- Feels sturdy- Fabric is nice and thick, seems like it should wash easily- Breaks work very well, the design should prevent them from wearing out- It does recline, not much, but it doesCons: (I wouldn’t really call some of these cons, we could have paid for a higher end model)- Would be nice if it had drink holders- Would be nice if handles adjusted, for a taller guy, you need to hunch just a bit, but you get used to it- A little higher priced than some other umbrella strollers, but it’s a Chicco and it performs like it, very nice!

Rachael Richardsville, VA