Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System, Miro

Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System, Miro

This includes the new parent preferred Chicco Cortina stroller and the Chicco KeyFit 30 rated up to 30 pounds, keeping your baby in the safer. The rear facing position is longer. The aluminum frame Cortina stroller with one hand fold, even from full recline, comes loaded with extra features you and baby will enjoy. The multiple positions fully reclining seat and adjustable leg support provides comfort for your baby. The seat has memory recline for your convenience, it remembers the position you last left it in before folding, making car seat use a breeze. The adjustable, removable canopy is water repellent. A large basket which is accessible when the backrest is fully reclined provides plenty of storage for all the things your baby needs and a parent tray is convenient for your smaller items. The linked rear brakes and a 5 point harness provide safety and all wheel suspension gives just the right ride for baby. An adjustable handle make strolling comfortable for mom and dad. The KeyFit 30 has the highest weight range for infants, from 4 to 30 pounds, letting you get the most out of the seat. It features an innovative latch management system, with easy belt routing and a spring loaded leveling foot to make this infant car seat the easiest car seat to install. Leveling the seat is easy with a spring loaded leveling foot and easy to read bubble, level guides on both sides of the base.  The underside of base is enclosed to prevent damage to vehicle seats. The 5 point harness has an easy one pull tightening and loosening for a quick and accurate harness fit.  The thickly padded infant insert gives extra support for a smaller baby around the head, neck, back and bottom.  The carrier shell is lined with energy absorbing foam for improved impact protection. This conforms to FMVSS 213. The KeyFit 30 easily transfers from car to stroller in seconds.

Main features

  • The ultimate stroller with no.1 rated infant car seat in America
  • Multiple position, flat reclining seat with 5-point harness and memory recline
  • Innovative memory recline seat technology remembers the last position used, making car seat use a breeze
  • Includes Stroller,car seat and base and is convenient one-hand fold even from full recline

Verified reviews


Meets All Our Needs + Stylish and Very User-Friendly

My husband & I had the hardest time picking a stroller/car seat combo. This was our first baby, so we had no idea what qualities would be important to us. Safety is obvious, and price was of course a factor, but what else? Lightweight? Easy to set up & take down? Comfort for us & baby? Which mattered more & which “cons” should we give the most credence to? We went to many stores & tried out every model, then we’d come home and read the Amazon reviews, and the ones we liked would have negative comments that would make us doubt our decision, so we’d start the search all over again. It seemed like no one liked their stroller/car seat.I’m sure some of you out there are having the same trouble, so for those of you hung up like I was on the negative comments, I would like to give you a different perspective on some of the other reviews. Just because there is a “con” doesn’t mean it’s a dealbreaker – these things are livable! There is no perfect item out there – the Chicco is as close to perfect as we felt we could get – we love it, and we’d buy it again.THE BIG PICTURE:1. This is a GREAT stroller for the price range. It is not the cheapest, but not nearly the most expensive. We bought a Graco first and didn’t like it – the carseat on this locks so much easier into the base and the stroller, and it also feels much sturdier, smoother, and better put together than the Graco.2. It rides great – inside & outside. It steers easily, it’s smooth, and the handle feels comfy.3. It is easy to clean, and the fabric choices are stylish.4. The stroller is very simple to unfold & fold, and the carseat could not be any easier to lock in place.5. It is comfortable for the baby. She falls asleep & stays asleep in it often.NOW, TO ADDRESS SOME SUPPOSED DRAWBACKS:1. Yes, the fabric is warm, (some of the styles of Chicco even seem hotter than others, go see them in person first), but so are pretty much all carseat fabrics (and swing and high chair fabrics). It makes them easy to clean). We bought the “Cubes” and are happy with that fabric and pattern. It is summer in Texas and the baby sweats a bit on her back. It doesn’t seem to bother her at all.2. We have not had any trouble with the straps being too tight or too loose, brakes not working, or wheels squeaking. Our baby has been in the 75-90th percentile for height & weight since 2 months, and no trouble fitting. And I can’t imagine how anyone could have trouble locking in the carseat unless it was broken. We literally tried every model at Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby, and this was the easiest one to lock in.3. Yes, it is heavier than some models. The seat feels heavier than the stroller. I consider myself a full-fledged wimp, and I could handle either. I use a carrier of some type instead of toting the seat by itself when possible. Not a big deal.4. When using the seat with the stroller, unless you have a very narrow diaper bag, it will be hard to get it under the seat, and you won’t be able to fit some shopping items under there. Again, not a big deal – use a mommy hook or carry the bag on your shoulder. You don’t need tons of heavy stuff in your bag when the babies are that young. We always used a hand basket for shopping – it is easy enough to maneuver the stroller with one hand, and we never felt comfortable putting shopping items under the stroller. It felt like people were always watching us thinking we were shoplifting. (Sometimes they specifically checked for that).5. The adult beverage holder is too shallow. If you hit a bump, your drink will probably spill. However, if you are at the mall, etc., not many bumps there, and if you are outside, you can attach a water bottle to a mommy hook.Disclaimer: We have owned this for 5 months now, it is holding up perfectly so far. We live in the suburbs, so we use this for shopping, but we also take it on a pretty rough sidewalk about 1/2 to 1 mile every day. We also have large vehicles, so no trouble fitting the stroller. Another caveat, either one of us does the grocery shopping while the other keeps the baby, or we both go & one pushes the cart and the other pushes the stroller, so if you have to do lots of shopping alone & with baby, there may be a better product for you since the carseat does take up most of a shopping buggy & the basket is difficult to access.

Susanna Stanley, IA


I got the whole travel system. Let me say the Car Seat is easy to use – but really heavy. It also gets very hot very fast – which I had heard a lot – and in its defense I live in Texas and I am pretty sure all car seats are hot in Texas. It is easy to get in and out – and it is the best seat for premies. But hey, who predicts having their daughter be born 2 months early? My daughter is now 9 months and still has room to grow in it (she’s only 18lbs).Now the stroller was great for Mom’s and dad’s who have to travel with baby alot – it is easy to use when you just grab the car seat out of the car and slip it in the stroller. But by the time baby gets to sit up by herself and it is a 105 degrees outside – that is not a great option. Its heavy and too hot and too bulky past that point. It doesn’t actually fit in my car’s trunk (I have a BWM 325i which I didn’t think was that small) but I have to put the stroller in the back seat with baby – so there is no room for more than one passenger. Now the stroller has torn up my back seat – poked thru the leather, got scuff marks everywhere! What a disaster! We just got rid of it and got an umbrella stroller. Luckily this was a gift – because I would be pretty mad about how much I would have paid for it and only used it for the first 9 months. Moms – MAKE SURE THE STROLLER FITS IN YOUR TRUNK BEFORE YOU BUY IT!Also – Instructuons for putting together and operating stroller SUCKED. Just pictures no words and I have just had to play with everything to figure out how to adjust the seats and various other components. I think our box was just missing the instructions.

Sherri Rocky, OK

Great and not great…

I love the ease of use (one-hand open & fold the stroller, multiple settings of the handle height) and the fact that this brand is top-notch as far as quality BUT I have two MAJOR issues with this travel system; the carseat and stroller are huge and VERY heavy. It’s a pain to lift the stroller in & out of my trunk because of the massive size. The carseat is especially heavy and then add my 15 pound child–even heavier. The carseat is so large it doesn’t fit in most grocery cart’s front seat, so I have to use the whole cart just for my child & her seat instead of filling it with the groceries. Because of this, I have to always have someone with me when I shop- one person to push her in the stroller and one to push the food cart. Ugh! The stroller takes up pretty much my entire trunk-which leaves very little space for the groceries. The second issue is that the basket at the bottom of the stroller is not accessible when the seat is all the way down to accomodate the carseat (while your baby is not yet sitting up alone). I was surprised to have these kind of issues with the Chicco brand. One other small issue is cosmetic: the Miro print stroller has a white back flap which gets extremely dirty with use. I don’t understand why Chicco didn’t make it black instead (which would’ve matched the rest of the print anyway). All that being said, I feel my child is very safe in this seat. That’s the most important thing, but if I had to choose again, I’d buy the Chicco carseat and a carseat caddy and a cheap stroller.

Letitia Chest Springs, PA


First, I am rating this without having put a baby in it. She’s not here yet :)The car seat is a nice weight, not to heavy and very well made. The stroller is bulky not going to lie, but I love it. It reclines flat, the fabric is nice and soft and seems easy to clean. The car seat base is heavy, has levels, and the latch system is a good one.To fold the stoller is not to easy for me at 5’2 but, after I get the hang of it Im sure it will be fine.I like the fact you can’t place it on a shopping cart, since its not safe. I really like this travel system, and think it’s worth the Money!Update: after my daughter got older and heavier, the car seat is a huge pain to carry. It’s very heavy and clunky.

Mona Baxter, KY

LOVE this stroller / carseat combo

This has a base for the carseat that you attatch to your car… you can then easily snap in and snap out the carrier and then snap it in and out of the stroller. These products are sturdy, ergonomic, and look comfortable for baby. You get what you pay for… spend the little extra and get this set, you will love it.

Evangelina Tazewell, TN

Nice pattern, good combo

I like my travel system, although it is a bit heavy and bulky (I use my snap n go for quick trips, this for more substantial walks). I think it’s best compared to, well, not quite an SUV but one of the crossover cars….It nicely reclines all the way and the handles seem to be high enough for my husband and I to comfortably use (I’m 5’10”, he’s 6’1″). Loved the pattern–was a bit sad to see that it is now offered at Babies r Us b/c I loved how unique it is (could only find it online back then)…I also like that you can close it up when you draw the stroller cover down to meet the car seat awning.Car seat does seem to make my little girl a little sweaty, as other reviewers had mentioned. But otherwise, it’s great!

Patrice Tyngsboro, MA

Generally a good system if you don’t use mass transit

After much research, I registered for this system and received it as a gift. So you know where I’m coming from: I have a 2-month-old, and I live in the urban part of a city that does not have very good mass transit. I drive just about everywhere and walking the city streets is pretty much limited to getting out in my neighborhood for leisure, though I sometimes walk to neighborhood stores to pick up ingredients for dinner, etc.THE PROS:-The car seat is one of the best on the market, and it is very easy to install. We went to Children’s Hospital for an inspection and assistance with getting the seat and base installed, and the woman who helped us said that Chicco systems are the easiest and most simple to install. We had pretty much gotten it right on our own, with the exception of where we had physically placed it in the car.-the seat snaps very easily in and out of the stroller and the base-the seat + stroller have been great for getting out of the house on my own. I went to the mall with this, and there was a place for everything (keys, drink, coat, packages, etc.).-the stroller + seat offer a lot of protection from the elements. The canopy on the car seat and the canopy on the stroller close in such a way that the baby is pretty much enclosed in a protective bubble.-the stroller seat reclines completely. This is a feature I haven’t had a chance to use yet (because the baby is too small), but I think it will come in handy for longer day trips, such as to the zoo or street fairs.-the little tray on the front comes off and can be washed-the stroller folds easily-even though the stroller is large (see below), it doesn’t take up a big footprint if we store it inside the house. We had it in our living room next to the door for a while and I wasn’t constantly wishing it weren’t there (and I am picky about that sort of thing).-the price is excellentTHE CONS-the stroller is huge. We have a Scion xB, and this stroller takes up the entire back of the car. If we make a grocery run or CostCo run, we either have to leave the stroller behind or play Tetris with our purchases. Because of this, once the baby is old enough, I can see us switching to a smaller stroller that is easier to use and won’t take up so much space.-when the seat is fully reclined, hardly anything will fit in the under storage. I regularly have to take the car seat out, lift the stroller seat (which has to be fully reclined for the car seat to snap in), and then put my packages in. Otherwise, the opening is to small to get much of anything in, unless you smash it. Even getting my winter coat through the opening was difficult. There is plenty of room in the actual storage compartment, just the opening to it is small with the seat reclined.-this system would be hell to use if you rely on mass transit-the stroller isn’t sturdy enough to go through snow, and it isn’t so great on curbs. I’ve even avoided some of the shops in my neighborhood because there is a step up to enter, and I don’t want to deal with getting the stroller in and flopping the baby around.-the handle of the stroller doesn’t have hooks for a diaper bag, so you would need to purchase the type of bag that will clip to any strollerBottom line, if you live in a place where you drive most everywhere, and if you have a larger car or minivan, you will probably really like this system. If you walk a lot or depend on mass transit, I would suggest that you look for another system.Update 2014:Bebe is getting ready to turn three and #2 is on the way. If I could do it all over again, I think I would have gotten what I have now, which is a Baby Jogger City select. Our daughter is high percentile and by six months or so was too big for her pumpkin seat. It would have been nice at that point for her to still be able to face me in the stroller. I also like that the City Select puts the little ones higher up so that they’re not breathing exhaust and staring at everyone’s knees. And the biggest plus with City Select is that I can add accessories so that a toddler and infant can both ride without the stroller being enormous. The City Select is pretty expensive but at this point I’ve bought three strollers and could have bought just the CS for the same money. We live in the urban core, and while we don’t use mass transit, we do walk a lot, far enough that a three or even 5-year-old would need a lift at some point. I’m also often on my own with LO and can’t imagine not having a way to wrangle two kids without them both in a stroller (and safe from traffic) while downtown, the zoo, etc. With another kid in the mix, the Chicco system won’t fit our needs, though I plan to use the car seat again.

Frances Allendale, IL

Nice travel system, even with a few flaws

UPDATE 11/20/13 – I went ahead and used a tiny bit of WD40 and also thoroughly cleaned the carseat, base and stroller and all the mechanisms started working like new again. No more issues opening or closing the stroller and no more issues getting the seat out of the base.My child was finally moved out of this seat at 14 months and placed in a transitional carseat (rear facing of course) and I sold the entire system on craig’s list for $150 including two bases. For something I got so much use out of, to be able to resell it for that amount of money is unheard of. I even had people offering me more after I had already sold it. So I am now convinced this was a very smart purchase and I sure got a lot of use out this travel system. I am not going to lie I was almost tearful seeing it go to a new home, I had become that attached. *********UPDATE 7/23/13 – Okay I have been using the heck out of this travel system for 11 months now. I am not as enamored with the system as I was when I first bought it and here is why:1) The fabric gets very very very dirty and grungy looking and it hard to take apart and clean2) The stroller no longer easily opens with one hand…I have to play with it. I am afraid it is due to all the use (we use this thing a lot and it has been on a lot of plane rides!) but the mechanism is frustrating now. I am going to try some WD40 soon to see if that will help.3) My kid is 11 months old and still uses it so that is a BONUS! Yeah, a break from buying more car seats for a while. He is big kid too.4) The mechanism for getting the car seat out of the base is kind of tricky now too. Most of the times it is fine but some days I don’t think I will ever get it to unlatch!I still like it but for the price tag, I would get a Britax stroller and infant car seat combo in the future, if I ever have more children.***I am a 3rd time mom, but it has been 5 years since my last baby. I wanted a car seat with a stroller that would be easy to use by myself and would be easy to install in the car. I also wanted a one with a good safety rating. So after reading multiple reviews and consumer reports on many different travel systems I found this one and went ahead and took the plunge, site unseen (they don’t carry Chicco at our local walmart and I live hours away from a store that does). My baby is now 5 weeks old and I have been using the heck out of the system so here is what I think so far:Car seat pros:The car seat is EASY take in and out of the base. I had a Graco Snuggle-ride with my last one and I thought that was easy but the Chicco blows it away. It was also super easy to install in my car and in my SUV. The clips to attach to the LATCH system and really easy to use and the level makes it easy to know you have a the proper angle for the seat. It was much more difficult with the Graco seat, that is for sure. The straps are easy to use and adjust and the car seat looks very nice and stylish. I got the Miro patterned fabric and it is lovely and gender neutral which was a big deal to me because this was a surprise baby. It just looks and feels to be of high quality.Car seat cons:This seat is heavy. I carry it a lot but I always opt to use the stroller with the car seat it I am going to be walking any short distance because the seat with my baby just seems like a lot to lug around. I know my Graco one wasn’t this heavy. Also it doesn’t fit into a shopping cart very easily making shopping with baby (without the assistance of another person) pretty difficult. I finally started just carrying my infant son with my baby K’tan and leaving the car seat in the car. Now you can turn the car seat sideways on top of the cart or fit it in the actual cart but that leaves little room for anything else and there is safety issues too. So if you are a single parent or don’t have a lot of help with going grocery shopping this could be a concern for you while baby is small and can’t sit up by themselves.Stroller pros:First off, I LOVE this stroller. I have NEVER had a stroller that is so easy to use and pushes through any terrain with such ease. I keep this stroller in the back of my vehicle at all times and I pull it out and use it so much. I can easily open this stroller with one hand and fold it with one hand. That is literally unheard of in stroller land, even with a cheap little umbrella stroller! I have taken this stroller on a nature path full of uneven rocky terrain without a hiccup, it rides so smooth. The car seat fits in so easily to the stroller making it basically effortless to get going, even when I have 2 older boys and a infant get around by myself. Also I am on the tall side (5’9″) for a girl and I love the adjustable height of the handle – no longer will I kill my back pushing a stroller! I know when my kiddo outgrows the car seat we will still use this stroller for a few years. It has a nice big basket at the bottom, multiple drink holders, a snack tray and a small item tray for the parent too. I have honestly used this stroller way more than I used the Graco one the entire time I owned it. I think this stroller really makes the travel system. The car seat itself is great but the stroller really takes this system to another level. Did I mention how easy it is to open and fold the stroller and you can do it with one hand? Seriously I can’t say enough about this stroller!Stroller cons:The only con I can find right now is that this stroller is massive! I have a Honda Pilot and it takes up a good chunk of my back storage area…and that is saying something. Someone with a smaller vehicle would probably need to see the stroller folded to tell if they are going to have room for it in their vehicle.All in all this is a great system for myself but I don’t think it would work for everyone with the weight of the car seat and how big the stroller is. Probably be best to view and get your hands on the system in person before buying.

Kelsey Port Byron, NY

Nice Features

I spent a ton of time deciding on a car seat/stroller and am very happy with this one. The seat is easy to install and to get our newborn into. The stroller has some nice features and drives smoothly. The biggest drawback is that the stroller is heavy/bulky when putting it in my car; but you will get that with pretty much any stroller in a travel system. For the most part I use it in my neighborhood so size isn’t an issue then.

Desiree Gladwin, MI

Hot material

If your child has sensitive skin or gets diaper rashes easily this is not the car seat for you! This material gets so hot my son gets a rash EVERY TIME he is in it!

Twila Old Forge, NY

No instructions on how to shove car seat into stroller.

Something as simple as locking the car seat into the stroller is a very difficult maneuver that was barely explained by any of the amazon customers who purchased this item. Furthermore, there was no directions on how to attach the carseat onto the stroller.This should not have been so difficult but unfortunately it was because to attach the car seat to the stroller you need to adjust the back rest to acertain position, remove the food tray, fold the leg rest up, remove the coverings for the car seat anchors and wrestle the car seat until the adapter is able to latch into the stroller- carseat anchor.Even more frustrating is removing the car seat from the stroller. In order to do this, you need to pull the back rest down, push the leg rest down and wiggle it out. Sometimes it wont come out with out force, sometimes you need to stick your pinky into the anchor-adapter that secures the carseat into the stroller and push onto the spring loaded adapter to release the mechanism. This process is a pain and had I knew about this flaw i would have never purchased this.

Candice Thorne Bay, AK

Love it!

Probably not the lightest travel system existing but so well made and stylish in the same time. You do need some space in your trunk… Very happy to have it!

Anne Pleasantville, TN

Really good stroller

It’s a great set- has a car sit, infant insert and a stroller for when the baby gets bigger. I bought it based on reviews and am very happy with it. The only con is that its a bit heavy- i cant really lift it (if car sit is on it) and carry it up the stairs. Otherwise it’s great- safety features are good, it’s good quality and we love it .

Lesa Prattsville, NY

really easy

Love our travel system. The stroller is really easy to unfold and fold. The downside is it takes up a lot of trunk space. The car seat is comfortable and seems very secure. The latch system really holds the base well.

Eve Huston, ID

Best Travel System we’ve owned

This has been the best travel system we’ve owned. It got similar safety rating to the higher end Graco sets, which was the first thing we looked at when we were ready to buy a travel system. We’d previously owned Graco brand, and we liked that their carseats snapped into shopping carts, something the Chicco does not do. However, the Chicco base is really nice, and the carseat itself can be used without a base (you just strap it in according to the directions on the side of the seat and go. It’s really simple!) Also, it has the adjustable strap button on the front of the seat, unlike some other brand models that have it on the underside. You just push the button down and pull on the straps and they loosen. To tighten, just pull on the tail under the button. It’s that easy.I’m giving this 4 stars, not because I don’t love it, I do, but there were a few things I had issue with. Putting the base into my car was really tricky. It loosens up regularly and my husband has to go tighten it down. I am not strong enough to secure the base by myself. Also, the stroller is really big. It’s a nice stroller, but it’s too big (long) when folded up and doesn’t fit in my trunk (but I think that’s mostly the car’s fault). The stroller itself, though, is great. The tray swings off either side, which is nice. It has a really comfortable handle grip, and a covered cupholder in the parent tray. The child tray is removable for easy cleaning.Aside from the few things I have issue with, this is an awesome set.

Denise Sioux Rapids, IA

Five Stars

Great stroller. Maneuvers easily. Good price, delivered conveniently to my door in the time promised.

Caroline Henlawson, WV

Very safe car seat with an easy-to-use stroller.

I got the Chicco Keyfit 30 because one of my "carseat expert" friends recommended it to me. It is a very safe seat that is super easy to install and use each time. The stroller is also great. It allows you to open it with one hand which is awesome for a busy mom with full hands. The stroller is a bit clunky (hard to fit it into the back of a small car), but otherwise seems to be durable and very functional. The infant seat snaps onto the stroller for use with a smaller baby, and is easily removed for use with a toddler. I bought this in January of 2013, and realized that is was manufactured in January of 2012. This isn’t really an issue, but if you’re planning to use the infant seat for multiple children, keep in mind that it expires after 6 years. I lost a year of use by getting a model that was made the year prior. This doesn’t subtract from the seat at all, but it might be worth if for moms planning to have multiple kids in the next few years to get the newer model.

Shawna Summerfield, TX

LOVE only for carrying a car seat -NOT FOR LATER USE

My husband and I had been test driving stroller systems for months before making our final decision. Originally, I wanted a jeep stroller with the big wheels, as we love taking walks in woody areas. But that wasn’t practical for our sedan trunk space and they didn’t have the best user reviews. My brother has a Britax stroller that they like, but they also bought a jogger. My husband and I wanted one stroller, before we switch to umbrella style, that would work almost everywhere. We narrowed our search down between the Graco and Chicco.We went test driving again and I fell in love with how easily I could navigate this stroller. I am 5’2″ and my husband is 6’1″ so it was important that the handle bar was movable to adjust to either one of our heights. This stroller has built in shock absorbing system too. Something that the Graco didn’t have that we were considering. I want the baby to have a smooth ride so it was important to me that our stroller had shocks. The Chicco also has a child tray and a mommy/daddy tray where you can store your keys in a compartment and cup holder for a small container. The basket storage is impossible to use with infants because, like most, you can’t access it in the fully reclined position. This doesn’t drive me crazy, like I have noticed it does some people. I would just buy a hook to put the diaper bag on the handle bar. Or, you could take the car seat out of the stroller momentarily in order to store bags from shopping in the storage bin.I really like that this stroller fully reclines. I was amazed at how easy it was to eliminate so much competition based on this one feature. Like my brother’s Britax that doesn’t recline and costs more than the Chicco without any child tray or parent tray. I want a fully reclining stroller for diaper changes when we are out on walks. I am not going to put my baby on a public disgusting changing table. I am planning on using a portable changing pad that comes with any diaper bag and just laying it down on the stroller. There is a stroller that markets itself specifically on this one feature, but the truth is, you can do it with any fully reclining stroller.The color is another thing that sold me with this Chicco. I love the Micro pattern. We are going to be surprised for the gender, and I didn’t want gray, brown, or green. I am so tired of seeing those plain, blah colors around. I love that this pattern is perfect for newborn eyes to see the contrast in colors. I know that this is a discontinued color, but I have never seen anything like it. We will be reusing this stroller for future babies regardless of gender.And you can’t beat the safety of the Chicco. Nor the comfort. It is very well padded and it secures baby in so well. The folding mechanism is one handed. You just pull up on the handle lever and it folds together. It is a little heavy for me, but I can manage easily just moving it to and from my trunk. The car seat is average in weight. And you’d expect a little bulk out of a good and safe car seat.I waited 3 months to buy this after registering it because the price listing continued to change. I saw it go for $224 one morning with free shipping and I jumped at that deal. Chicco’s are worth every penny.***Okay after 6 months of using the stroller I had to change my review and decrease the stars to only 3. My huge complaint is that once you are ready to put aside the car seat and use the stroller for your infant/child the waist straps attached to the shoulder straps on the harness DO NOT expand to hold a child older than 5 months old. My 6 month old is very long. He is over the 95th percentile, but he is very lean, only 50th percentile for weight. We can’t use his car seat anymore as his feet stick way past the edge. However, this poorly made strap size is going to force us to buy a different stroller now. I am having another baby in 5 months and was looking to buy the chicco double stroller, but I will not buy that now. This is a huge disappointment. You only get some months use out of a $300+ stroller – that’s a crime and Chicco should be ashamed. They could easily fix this problem by expanding the waist strap sizing option as I have seen other people complain about. I will never recommend this product again, despite how nicely it handles.

Vonda Torbert, LA

Serves us well!

We’ve been using this travel system since our son was born 10 months ago and honestly, I have no complaints. He still fits in the carseat (keyfit 30) and my husband takes the carseat and base out of his car regularly for work with ease. Installation is no issue. It’s easy to modify the straps/harness to accommodate him as he grows. He now weighs over 20lbs and yeah, he’s starting to LOOK too small for the seat so we will invest in something else soon. But we’ve gotten great use out if it. The stroller is easy to assemble and use. I take it in and out if the trunk with no problem. Our baby seems very comfortable and takes naps while we’re out. I did read somewhere that ppl thought the fabric made their child hot- and I agree. It really isn’t well ventilated. Other than that, it is the maxed out stroller that you’ll love to use.

Loretta Blakeslee, PA

Great product

We were recommended this product by our friends whose girl is 6 month older than ours. We also compared customer reviews extensively. This product came in great shape. The quality is very good and easy installation. The only complain we have for this system is the stroller is bit bulky and heavy so it gets a bit cumbersome to carry this while traveling. The solution is buy another light weight stroller compatible with car seat.

Leslie Thida, AR