Chicco Cortina Stroller, Hazelwood

Chicco Cortina Stroller, Hazelwood

The Chicco Cortina Stroller is loaded with features that both you and your baby will enjoy The Cortina Stroller has a multi position fully reclining seat with ldquo Memory Recline rdquo The stroller also comes with all wheel suspension a multi position leg rest and a reversible sun canopy Best of all the Cortina Stroller is compatible with the matching KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat Features Compatible with the Keyfit and KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat One hand fold and automatic storage latch Multi position fully reclining seat with ldquo Memory Recline rdquo Parent and child cup holders and large storage basket Multi position leg rest reversible canopy and all wheel suspension Large shopping basket is easily accessible when seat back is fully reclined Reversible laminated canopy with peek a boo window protects baby from weather and provides extra ventilation Height adjustable handle folds for easy storage has ergonomic rubberized handle grips

Main features

  • Compatible with our KeyFit and KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seats
  • One-hand fold and automatic storage latch
  • Multi-position, flat-recline seat with “Memory Recline”
  • Parent and child cup holders and large storage basket
  • Multi-position leg rest, reversible canopy, and all wheel suspension

Verified reviews


Love this stroller

I use this stroller everyday! Its so easy to use. And lightweight so I can pick it up and put it in the back of my Tahoe. I love the bottom basket, its deep and easy to get to.

Misty Stonyford, CA

way to small when reclined flat

i loved the stroller when first purchased it. it was relatively cheap and ran smoothly and i specifically picked a stroller that reclines flat to allow for comfy naps for a newborn. but when our baby turned 2 mos, he grew out of it. when fully reclind, the stroller wouldnt let him straighten his legs. he is a tall baby, but he’s only 2 mos. we still use chicco car seat and are happy with it, but we had to purchase a new peg perego with a bassinet. we left chicco cortina at our parents and will use it as a second stroller when our son can sit up. i guess u get what u pay for. we should’ve spent a little more money ane get peg perego right away.

Alissa Colver, PA

A good stroller, but I ditched it after a year

I have used this stroller for a year. It was fine at the beginning, and I mostly got it because I wanted the Keyfit 30. However, once we started using it without the infant car seat, I knew that it wasn’t going to be the stroller we would probably keep till she outgrew it.Pros: Obviously it fits nice with the Keyfit 30 (which we loved.) Nice storage basket underneath. Built well, and I bet will last for some time. Smooth ride on normal surfaces and turned well. I liked that it came with a tray/cup holder and storage compartment (but that is a standard with strollers in this category).Cons: It was getting hard to open and close as time went by. It fills my entire trunk on my Accord without room for much anything else. I definitely could not open it/put it away while holding baby. It’s bulky, and the weight was starting to get to me. The sun shade is too small, especially as we live in S. Florida. I was stuck using an extension sun shade. The brake was also a bit difficult to unlatch and ruined a pair of my favorite flipflops. (I know I shouldn’t have unlatched it while wearing such a shoe!)When I started looking for an umbrella stroller, my friends recommended that I consider selling this stroller and replacing it with something lighter all together. I looked into the BJ City Mini and the Britax B-Agile. I have since purchased the B-Agile. Had this stroller come out a year earlier, I probably would have gotten it over the travel system. In hindsight, I recommend buying the carseat that you love, and the stroller that you love. I would not do a travel system again.

Kathy Bascom, FL

I like the Look, it is a decent stroller, but for me it lacks

I purchased this in a BRU store because they did not carry a particular Graco stroller (graco quattro tour deluxe) without the “travel system” (aka infant carrier and base), but ultimately returned it because of 3 features that the Chicco Cortina lacked. (ended up ordering graco stroller from here, amazon)I like the look of the Chicco (oh and if you didn’t know, Chicco is pronounced “key-co” thought I’d share that since myself and most of my friends were saying it “chee-co”)PROS-the color schemes are very appealing-it has a one handed fold-it also has a one hand unfold! (which is a pro against the graco quattro tour deluxe, which only has the one hand fold, and a locking clip you have to undo to unfold, which isn’t a big deal, but it might be to someone else so I’m mentioning it for that purpose.)-The storage basket is a decent size-baby’s snack tray is large-has a nice parent tray, with 1 cup holder and storage area with a “lid”-handle has a nice cushion, and has rubber grips for your hands on each side of the handle-has a 5 point harness, and the shoulder straps have pads on them-the foot flap can be folded up to create a “bed”-adjustable height handles (when stroller is folded the handle can be folded in)-has full recline-shade has a peekaboo look in, it can be pulled forward to shade sun from different anglesCONS (the first 3 are the main reasons I chose to get the Quattro Tour Deluxe)-the most upright position of the seat back is still leaned too far back-when the seat is in full recline, accessing the storage basket is impossible without disturbing child-parent tray only has one cup holder (I have 3 kids and a husband, and having more than one cup holder is a must for us, the Quattro Tour Deluxe has much more parent tray space!)-The shade is really too short, even though you can pull it forward, it seems that would have to be done a lot, therefor blocking the child from seeing anything-the handle, while nice to be adjustable, it seemed to stick out too far no matter what height setting it was in

Patricia Williamsport, MD

Best Pattern Out There Too. LOVE THIS STROLLER!

I’ve had my stroller for almost four years and going strong! Works great at the zoo, on pavement, dirt, anywhere.Fits easily in both my Ford Focus trunk and KIA Optima trunk.Awesome with travel system addition, and car seat base. Makes being a MOM easy.Wouldn’t choose any other.

Mabel Snowmass, CO

I (mostly) love this stroller

When we use this stroller I tell my daughter we’re going in her “luxury” stroller because it is a much smoother ride than the more lightweight Inglesina Swift we have. It is very easy for me to steer (even one-handed when necessary), and the basket underneath holds a good deal. The cup-holder is large enough for my Kleen Kanteen bottle, but not for a larger sports bottle. The other storage compartment is large enough for an iPhone & a large set of keys. It is also nice that the handle adjusts easily.Despite all of this, we rarely use this stroller anymore because it is too heavy. We live in an apartment & have nowhere ground-level to store it, so I have to carry it down 5 steps, and with a baby I had to carry and now a toddler who is just learning to navigate steps on her own, this is tough. When I hurt my wrist doing it, I bought a lighter-weight stroller. Also, I rarely took it when we went anywhere because it takes up the entire trunk of our Honda Civic & it’s a bit hard to get it in there. Other cons: It is also a bit of a challenge to fold if you are holding a baby. You basically have to fold it down to the ground & then bend down to hoist the thing up or use a leg to push it closed. So, while it’s possible to fold one-handed, it’s not easy. Finally, the storage basket is virtually useless if you have the seat fully reclined to accommodate a sleeping baby or an infant car seat. There’s very little space to access it.If I could store this stroller on ground level & not have to fold it up (if I had a garage or shed, for instance), I would fully love this stroller.

Lucia Evans, WV