Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller, Fuego

Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller, Fuego

Chicco Cortina Together Double StrollerThe Chicco Cortina? TogetherTM two-passenger stroller is the first double stroller to accept 2 of the 1-rated KeyFit? or KeyFit? 30 infant car seats. With the same easy click-in KeyFit? attachment as the Cortina?, the TogetherTM accommodates a car seat in both the front and rear seats so families can travel together easily with 2 infants, 1 toddler and 1 infant, or 2 small toddlers. Exclusive forward-fold front seat accepts the KeyFit? or KeyFit? 30 using ex

Main features

  • Aluminum
  • Accepts two 1-rated keyfit or keyfit 30 infant car seats, fully-reclining rear seat for bassinet enclosure or car seat attachment
  • Exclusive forward-fold front seat for car seat attachment, convenient one-hand activated fold and automatic storage latch
  • Interchangeable child’s armbar and cupholders
  • Independently adjustable and removable canopies
  • Zippered basket is accessible even when seat is fully reclined

Verified reviews


Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller, Fuego

I’ll start with the seats: they have completely changed how the seats are designed. They are far more supportive and have these really nice cushion-like supports all over them. There’s even extra padding for a headrest. They sit at a much higher angle than previous models. There is even a lumbar support. The recline feature has also been revamped and is much simpler. No more buckling and unbuckling. The seat does not go completely flat, but it goes flat enough, even for an infant. Because of the change of design in the footrest area – there is actually more leg room. The 5 point harness is padded where it needs to be and easily adjustable. Something I especially like is they’ve added a little buckle at the top where the harness fastens to seat allowing you to move it higher or lower, depending on the size of the child.The canopies: these things are HUGE! The best I’ve come across. Also redesigned in the 2011 model. They are now ratcheting and seem to go even further forward. The peek-a-boo window on the top now covers the entire top of the canopy – allowing you to see the whole child. The peek-a-boo window cover rolls up and tucks into a handy pocket on top of the canopy. Another great new feature is 2 velcro straps that have been added to the canopy – these allow you to pull up the excess material when the canopy is all the way back – giving an older child more head room.The ride: It is so smooth. It’s like pushing air – seriously. And the shocks make it just as nice for the passengers to ride in as it is for the parents to push. The wheels are large and the rims are now made of a heavy duty plastic instead of bendable metal (and my husband says they look much “cooler”). Another feature I like is that they have angle the air valves so it’s really easy to attach a pump to put air in if necessary. Front wheel still locks the same way, or swivels. And the back wheels easily pop off for flatter storage. The footbrake is easy to use – a simple bar – you either push down or lift up.Transporting the stroller: The fold on the BOB is so simple and easy. One feature that they changed is the “leash”. It used to be this long yellow thing that just got in the way. Now it’s short, attached to the handle bar, and doubles as a snap to lock the stroller closed when folded. No more unexpected stroller openings as you are trying to load it in – a great new feature! Opening the stroller is still the same: shake it out – nice and easy! It weighs around 32/33 pounds. I don’t even notice the weight really because I’m used to my tandem stroller that weighed 46 pounds. And let’s face it – unless it’s an umbrella stroller – all doubles have some weight to them.Storage: the storage basket has also been redesigned. Instead of a simple square – they have added raised sides to it – allowing the basket to be deeper and packed higher. Also, with the “leash” thing no longer connected to the brake – I can easily toss my diaper bag in.Overall: I love the new design. They’ve changed the fabric and it is much nicer. It also appears to repel water & moisture well. I think BOB did a good job of addressing issues with their prior models and making a great, user friendly product. My only complaint: I wish a belly bar/snack tray was included.About me: I’m a mom of 2 kids – a 22 month old toddler and an 8 month old baby. My kids love this stroller. They look so comfortable and happy riding in it. I carefully researched my purchase before shelling out this amount of money. I compared everything from the Baby Trend Jogger, the Bumbleride Indie Twin, Mountain Buggy, Baby Jogger Citi Mini/Elite. And overall, I really felt I got the best deal for the money with the BOB. They offer a 5 year warranty on the frame of the stroller which I think says a lot about their confidence in their product. Everything else (all the other parts and fabric) and warrantied for a year. I actually purchased an earlier model BOB a little before this one. I couldn’t stand it. And my husband didn’t like it either. The only thing we could say was that it was easy to push. They have made such a HUGE improvement with the redesign of the 2011 model. I’m so glad I gave the BOB a second look. I’m so happy with my purchase and feel my money has been very well spent.

Augusta Tatamy, PA

Wonderful Double Stroller

I was very excited when I heard Chicco was finally coming out with a double stroller. I was initially against any double stroller; I just didn’t want to mess with it. But when our daughter was 2.5 years and our son was four months we were taking a month long trip abroad, and I knew we wouldn’t be able to corral both kids without one. The Cortina Together worked wonderfully for what we needed. We already had a Chicco car seat and Trevi, so we knew we liked Chicco. And I wanted both kids to be able to sit comfortably. I knew a sit and stand would be lighter, but didn’t want my two-year-old to have to stand or sit on an uncomfortable, tiny seat all the time. After hauling this thing all over Europe, here is why I love this stroller:You can easily snap the Chicco car seat into it. I love that you can place it in the front seat or back seat. When we want more control of our toddler, we place her in the back and baby in the front. But when we are just enjoying a walk she loves sitting in the front to see better, and hop in and out on her own. It is also a great feature that the rear seat fully reclines. This is nice for a napping toddler, and makes a great bassinet for a sleeping baby.The basket underneath is very large and very accessible. Adding the zippered front is a huge help, to be able to access things even when the back seat is fully reclined. I was able to easily carry diaper bags, luggage, groceries, etc in that thing. I also like that the basket stretches in front of the rear seat. If our daughter dropped anything, it caught it, which is nice when you are running to catch a train, and not keeping track of everything!The canopies work well. They aren’t large, but the fact that they adjust so easily means you can keep your children covered from rain, or keep the sun out of their eyes, no matter what angle. I also love having the two cup holders for mom and dad, as well as the two cup holders on the front seat. A con, however, is that there are no cup holders for the back seat. And the two cup holders on the front can be switched which is nice. But, if you have them turned out, you can’t fold the canopy up when the stroller is folded, and if you have them turned in, you can’t fold the front seat down to accommodate the car seat. But this is super easy to adjust. The seats move very easily as well – one hand adjustment. The brakes and wheel locks are great and easy too.Even with its large size, the stroller turns on a dime. The handle bar adjusts easily for pushers of different heights. Sometimes we found the stroller can be a little tricky to fold up – the lock only requires one hand, but you have to maneuver the stroller just right to get it to collapse on itself. When folded up, though, it’s not too huge – it easily fits in our Honda CVR, no problem. It’s great for on the go, easy to set up – no adjustments needed.The stroller proved to be very durable – considering we hauled it on and off planes and trains, as well as up and down cobblestone streets and off-road. Like others have said, it is heavy, but it is a double stroller, that’s what you get. It is lighter than many options, though. My close friend has a Graco double, and she is super jealous of our Chicco! One other negative is there’s no handle or really great place to grab the stroller to carry it when it’s folded up. The feature that allows it to still roll when folded is nice, but obviously doesn’t help when you are going up stairs.I truly love this stroller, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Coming from one mommy who didn’t especially want a double, is only five feet tall (and not very strong!), but realized she needed it, I would never use another double stroller. This is the way to go!

Maria Belmont, OH

Perfect stroller for Twins!

This is an excellent stroller if you have twins and two Chicco key fit carseats. I orginally purchased a snap n go double, but found that the carseats don’t really “snap” into it, and the whole thing felt too rickety for my comfort. So, after much research, I found this stroller, which is the only stroller to accept two keyfit carseats. They really do snap right into place, and are as easy to put in and out of the stroller as they are to place in the car. The red color is great, and while the stroller itself is pretty big and heavy, I can lift in in and out of the back of my Honda CRV with no assistance (I am a petite person). If you have a small trunk though, it might not fit. Other big pros are: standing fold, large, easily accessible basket, cup holder for mom, and a quick fold and unfold handle. The only big con is how difficult it was to put together in the first place- make sure you read the directions! Anyway, I think it will also be great when the kids are older to sit in. Highly reccomended.

Julia Henefer, UT

Perfect tandem stroller for twins

Given that this is one of the few strollers on the market that takes 2 infant car seats, it’s a perfect option for twins. Like other reviewers have noted, the canopies are quite flimsy. Since we’re still using infant seats, only one canopy fails to provide adequate coverage, and there are products out there to extend canopies that work with this stroller. The break is sturdy, the adjustable and padded handlebar is great for the tall and short (my husband is 6’4″ and has no problems using it), and the underbasket storage is decent. Though it’s a little bulky and heavy (especially after delivering twins, it’s hard to lift this stroller in and out of the car!), it’s quite durable, handles fairly well, and has held up well during off-road and bumpy walks. I highly recommend this stroller for someone with twins.

Lenore Shoreham, VT

Pretty darn good! – Not quite perfect, though

I got this stroller because we already owned the cortina travel system with the carseat and loved the idea of just simply clicking the infant car seat in. I also LOVE my cortina single stroller!!!! It’s the perfect stroller! I thought I’d love this one just as much, but, I do have a couple complaints.PROS:Easy click in keyfit carseat in either the front or the back.LOVE the big basket and zipper access if the rear seat is fully reclinedEasy to fold up and unfoldStands up on it’s own when foldedLove the cup holder options in the front for an older child who can get in and out on their ownBreak system is very sturdy and reliableSwivels pretty easilyLove that the front seat actually sits up at 90 degrees and the back seat FULLY reclines.Love the different handle positons and parent cupholder/tray, also very cushy handleGreat cushioned seatsSteers pretty easily – for how huge it isCONS:Flimsy shades – front one too small and back one you can’t see through the “window”No snack trays! :((I wish the back seat was more like stadium seating – raised up just a bit, so younger child could see betterI think I could just LOVE this stroller if it had a snack tray option (at least in the front)instead of a bar. What’s the point of a bar? A snack tray has 2 purposes – keeps kid in, and gives them something to put their snacks or toys on.This stroller is not for the faint of heart. 😉 I call it the beast. It is big! It does fit fine in my Honda Pilot with the sun shades and cup holders on, though. I don’t really use it for jogging, but I do jog a little bit when I’m walking the kids to school. My kids are almost 4 and 15 months and the 4 yr old fits fine in the front, but she is a little squished in the back. I only put her in the back when she wants to recline and rest (which isn’t very often). The 4 yr old does make it a bit difficult to steer when she gets all rambunctious and flails from side to side. After dropping her off at school, I usually put the toddler in the front and he looks so happy and “king of the world” up there. It’s sooo much easier to push and steer when the 35lb kid isn’t in it anymore. heehee.

Cecilia Bristol, IN

LOVE this stroller!

This is the best double stroller out there to date. I LOVE this stroller! I’ve tried so many doubles that I’ve lost track, and I’ve hated them all. They’re too long, too wide, too hard to steer, etc. Not this one!The Chicco Together looks stylish and cool. I have the cubes pattern, and I really like it. The stroller frame seems to be sturdy and stable, and there aren’t a lot of pieces on the stroller that will break. The stroller is tall, which makes it easy to get into the basket underneath. The adjustable handle is great. I put it on the middle setting and my husband puts it on the tallest setting and we’re both comfortable pushing the stroller (I’m 5’5″, he’s 6’3″). We can both push the stroller without kicking the wheels. The wheels on the stroller have a little bit of cush to them – they’re not completely hard, which makes for a nice ride for the kids. It is very easy to push, and the steering is phenomenal. The seats are on the smaller side, 14″ wide, which I prefer. My 45 lb 4 year old would fit in them, but they’re not huge. The weight recommendation is 40 lbs per seat, and a 40 lb child would easily fit in the seats. I like a smaller seating area for the kids. In some of the other strollers, my kids seemed to slop around in the huge seats. They are 6 months (23 lbs) and 2 1/2 years (28 lbs) and they are very comfortable in the seats. I like the five point harnesses, and the buckles seem to be good and sturdy. The front seat has the option of two cupholders or a bar. I opted to put the bar on, and was pleased to see that the bar is covered in fabric, rather than foamy material. The baby can chew on the bar (and she does!) without me being afraid she’s going to bite a piece of foam off. The stroller is easy to fold and unfold, and I really like that when you fold the stroller, it stays folded. You don’t have to flip a switch or a lever to make it stay. The stroller is not as long as lot of the doubles, which I love. I hate to feel like I’m pushing a train, and this stroller is definitely not a train. I believe it is 47 inches from the bar on the front to the handle. It is compact, while still having enough space for kids and bags. The fabric is well stitched and feels like it will hold up really well.Overall, I am absolutely loving this stroller. Easy to push, easy to steer, sylish, comfortable, and great! I recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Ines Rochdale, MA

ok for what it is

I’ve had this stroller for almost a year now, and I am a stay-at-home mom, so I’ve had plenty of chances to use it.PRO – opens/closes easily IF you take off the shade that gets in the way…so theCON is that I have found both shades to be more of a bother than they are worth – flimsy…unlike the single stroller version.PRO – Multi-positions for the two seats is great.PRO – Basket is nice and big.My older son weighs about 34 lbs. The younger one is about 25 lbs. So…CON – With both kids in the stroller, it is a bear to turn…to the point that my wrists have hurt for days after a trip to the mall. So I would say that if you can go right to a lighter sit/stand stroller, do that…obviously depends on the age of your kids!I wished that Chicco was making the side-by-side double when i was buying, but they were not.

Janette Etowah, NC

Wonderful Stroller!!!

I have 9 month old twins and love this stroller. We are still using the infant carriers that click into place and it is so easy to click them in. The folding up is very easy to do one-handed while holding the baby in the other hand….if you are very strong. I am 110 pounds so I need both hands to do this. At first, I could not pick up the stroller myself and so I was very limited in being able to leave the house and use the stroller. Now I have built up strength and courage….I have learned to prop the stroller against the trunk to drag it in and out of the car. I would not recommended this stroller for quick errands once children have learned to sit up and don’t need the infant carrier. It is just too heavy. But, I have to say, it is very sturdy and attractive looking. I think it will last for years to come. Definitely a good purchase. My twins love it, it is very comfortable, we use it everyday and they always fall asleep in it whenever we are out and about. I don’t think there is any other stroller with these features to accept two infant carriers and then convert to a regular stroller once children are older.

Haley Tateville, KY

Easy to lift into car, comfortable for kids!

Prior to having this, I had a single Chicco stroller, which I loved. I was so scared to get a double stroller because I assumed it would be twice the weight and size. I was pleasantly surprised with this one! It, of course, is slightly heavier, but nothing I can’t handle by myself to get up into my van. It folds up to be almost the same size as my single stroller. It is perhaps a little thicker. I can still fit it side to side in the van though. It was wonderful when my son was born. I chose to put the carseat closest to me and it was very secure. I could watch him and put the shade over him if it was too sunny. My then 17 month old daughter enjoyed the front seat. I kind of wished there was a tray option, but we’ve survived. You can choose between cup holders or a bar in front. We use the cup holders. The basket underneath has lots of space, but I usually have a hard time getting my diaper bag-for-two stuffed in there since it isn’t very tall. Sometimes I just set it down on the floor of the back seat instead. My now 1 year old son doesn’t mind! The handle is comfortable for me and has enough space for my drink, keys, wallet, and phone – the bare essentials for a walk. Anything more can be stored beneath. I am happy with this product and very much recommend it!

Cecelia Boyds, WA


Speaking as a person who’s had a single Chicco stroller (loved it) and a Double Jeep Stroller (clunk, heavy, only 1 cup holder for the kid in front, and doesn’t steer well AT ALL!), this is double stroller perfection! It’s the stylish, lighter weight, easily maneuvering Chicco single stroller – TURNED DOUBLE! This thing is brilliant! I’m 22 weeks pregnant with baby #3, and I can still whip this thing (carefully so as not to pull a tummy muscle of course) in and out of my 2000 Toyota Avalon trunk without a single problem. In fact, once you get a system going, you can have it half open before it even hits the ground!It’s got the same brilliant one-hand opening mechanism (I still need to use 2 hands to fully click it open, but I’m not complaining!). I mean, the ease of use of this beautifully constructed contraption is amazing! While the new zippered basket is a nice feature, I’m not a fan of stuffing the diaper bag in there, when the car seat is in, so I just use a bag that has stroller clips. But I can easily slide other little shopping bags or out-and-about items in the zipper compartment. Plus, you can drop things in the basket from in between the two strolling seats, which is even easier to me.Did I mention that this thing holds 4 cups?! There’s two up top, and you can attach two to the front seat! I leave them in the trunk for the stage my children are in right now. But today, for instance, my toddler needed a place to hold her fries, and I needed a place for my infant’s snack and my own water. I just attached one in front for the toddler, and we were off on our mall trip! Later, I clicked one button and popped it right off into the trunk. Then, with one click (yes, seriously, one easy click and one hand), I folded the whole stroller down and threw it in the trunk!Sizing: It fits perfectly in the back of our 2010 Chevy Traverse, without folding down the seats, which means I could easily turn it sideways with one seat down and still have storage space. It sits in my 2000 Toyota Avalon at just slightly off of 180 degree angle, which leaves room for junk behind it and a week’s worth of groceries in front of it, with room to still stack stuff on top of the groceries if I were so inclined.I don’t know about any of those high falutin’ $500 and up strollers, but I know for this price range (YOU SAVE $30 ON AMAZON THAT you will not save at BRU or any other website, because Chicco never puts their stuff on sale), YOU CAN NOT BEAT THIS STROLLER, especially for those of use who bought Chicco car seats and can’t fit them into those nice Graco duoglides! THIS IS CHICCO’S DUOGLIDE, with a much slicker more timeless design!!!

Anita Orderville, UT

nice engineering

considering it’s a double stroller, it was fairly easy to assemble but overall does take some work. folds and unfolds quickly and without hassle. the chicco keyfit car seats fit in perfectly. i’ll add another update after actually using it.

Gabriela Longstreet, LA