Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center, Sea Dreams

Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center, Sea Dreams

The Chicco Dance Walker features a hook up for your Mp3 player. A locking player storage tray keeps the electronics safely out of your baby’s reach. The fun musical play tray can be removed from the frame and used on the floor as a stand alone toy, and the Dance can be quickly converted from walker to stationary activity center. Add a personalized soundtrack to your baby’s first steps. Three height adjustments, a compact fold and a removable padded seat make this a great walker for both baby and parents.

Main features

  • 100% Nylon
  • Imported
  • Mp3 hook-up for tunes on the go
  • Converts from a walker to a stationary activity center
  • Padded seat is removable for machine-washing
  • Folds flat for easy storage and travel
  • 3 height adjustment settings for a customized ride

Verified reviews



Just bought this for my 4 1/2mo old and I spent an entire day searching for the right one. I ordered it yesterday and was expecting it tomorrow and to my delight it was delivered 24hrs after I placed my order. It was super easy to set up…maybe 10 minutes. All the parts were there and the activity center is great and has several options on sounds and music not to mention the mp3 hook up. Its in the front in a drawer that locks which is great if you have other young ones running around. I plugged my phone into it and it works great 🙂 My daughter is only 23 1/2 inches tall so her toes barely touch the ground…in a few weeks she will be zooming all over but she sat in it and played with the activity center tonight. The leg holes are a little more to the back like the other reviewers said so I followed their advice and placed a small folded towel between her belly and the front and it worked great. She can still reach all but the farthest buttons and I can see now why the holes are placed there. The babies will be standing and this lets their straight down legs down while still offering support. If the holes were any farther forward it would force them to sit and that would defeat the purpose of the walker. The holes are plenty big for even chubby babies….I dont foreseee having any problems with that part. Love that the activity center comes out and I will be able to suction cup other toys or use for snacks when she gets older. Overall I think this is a TERRIFIC BUY!! and I recommend it to other moms and dads wanting to give there little ones some new experiences.

Monique Foothill Ranch, CA

Chicco dance walker

My 10 month old loves the activity area, it’s better than most I looked at. There are 2 volume setting and 3 different music settings. I like the option of being able to plug in an Ipod or phone. The tray is small and doesn’t hold my small Windows phone. So I just leave the drawer open. I use Iheart radio or pandora to play her different music. I didn’t put the brakes on since we live in a one level and have no stairs to worry about. The activity tray is removable and there is a cell phone that comes off and turns into a rattle that my little one loves to chew on and throw.I wish the height setting were lower, if your child is less than 28 inches it will be too big for them. The seat is big and tilts forward which causes her to lean forward. I put a wash cloth infront of her and this helps her not lean forward so much. It works best on a smooth surface. Hasn’t been able to go anywhere on carpet. Only the front wheels swivel so she gets stuck alot.Overall this is a good walker and doesn’t look cheap like some of the other ones I have looked at. There are a few things I would change, but it keeps my daughter entertained and she will laugh hysterically at the piano keys and try to eat them.

Jerry Yamhill, OR


Baby loves it. Keeps her happy while we cook, eat breakfast, etc. Not sure how much of her enjoyment is based on the fancy beeps and boops, but whatever. She loves it, we think it’s cute, and there’s no way that thing’s tipping over.

Jenifer Federal Dam, MN

Huge hit!

Gave this to my daughter for Christmas when she was just shy of 6 months! She had been trying to stand and standing since she was 3 months, so I was hoping she would enjoy it. She did! She immediately took off running around the house. The activity tray was also very entertaining. She still plays with it 5 months later, but is now taking "real" steps, so she isn’t as big of a fan for long.I was honestly hesitant on ordering a walker after reading how they supposedly slow down walking and could cause problems. After speaking to my doctor and doing my own research, the consensus says they aren’t bad just don’t leave your child in the walker for long periods of time. The child also needs to try to walk without it to develop all the muscles needed for walking. Considering that my daughter is taking up to 5 steps and not even 10 months, I’d say the walker did no harm 🙂 . If anything, I think it encouraged her to be more mobile and explore!

Ursula Hebron, KY

Seat forces boys forward rather than letting them stand straight

The seat is strange. rather than letting them stand up straight it forces them forward into the tray. The battery does not last from one use to the next. Very disappointing.

Jimmie Garden Valley, CA


This is a nice walker but it does take up a lot of room. It also only moves forward, so if you need to push the walker away from you, you need to lift the back and pull. It would be nice to have a walker that was a little more compact and more maneuverable.

Lois Audubon, NJ

Great product

Bought this for our little boy, he loves it. It’s a very sturdy walker, the toys are battery operated and make lots of good noises and play great music for our boy.

Ada Woodland Park, CO

Great walker and beautifully made 🙂

Great lil walker, it even came with an input cord for my iPhone with lil built in speakers. I wish It was a little louder, but that’s okay. The quality of this walker is very nice and it’s easy enough to assemble. The rubber wheels did end up falling apart and leaving lil black rubber pieces all over my kitchen, but I called and they sent me slew ones right away. It may be because my other kids are always pushing him around. I don’t think they would have done that by just him walking in it.

Serena Elgin, OK


I love this walker and so does my son! I don’t know how I would have lived without it! It is a lot more entertaining than most walkers you see in stores. It has MP3 capability, so you can play just about any song you like on it. My son loves it and even though he is crawling now and soon will be walking, I am keeping it (not giving it away) just in case I have another baby!I have had other moms asking me where I got this walker, since you can’t really find it in the stores!

Maryellen Falkner, MS

A must have

My daughter has always been eager to walk- so she got this as a Christmas present from Grandma and Grandpa at only 4 months old. She loves this thing and parades around the house in it. The play tray comes out easily to let her play/ snack there too. It was very easy to assemble and seems gender neutral enough to be for a boy or a girl. It doesn’t scratch my wood floors. The play tray wasn’t too loud and was easy for her to manipulate.My only complaint is my daughter puked ALL OVER the play tray and it no longer works. So I might reach out to the company to see if there’s a warranty on it- if not she still really likes playing with this activity center with other toys on the tray.

Hilary Cazadero, CA

love this walker

The height adjustment on this walker is great even for our tiny 7 month old who is able to propel it across the room on hard a hard floor. The baby loves all the sounds and lights, too.

Tammi Toccopola, MS

My grandson loves this!

I don’t think I could have chosen a better Christmas gift for my grandson this year. He loves the sounds and lights as well as being able to follow momma around the kitchen!

Alyce Elmore, MN