Chicco DJ Baby Walker, Splash

Chicco DJ Baby Walker, Splash

Chicco s DJ Walker promotes development by allowing the child to experiment with music and rhythm A padded seat and rounded lines give a comfortable ride while six brake pads help prevent falls on stairs height settings allows the walker to grow with your baby DJ tray features keyboard drums buttons lights sounds and rattles Folds flat for easy storage and seat liner is removable for washing

Main features

  • Removable electronic play tray develops senses
  • Three seat height adjustments for customized ride
  • Folds flat for easy storage and travel
  • Six brake pads help prevent falls
  • Removable, washable seat pad keeps baby clean

Verified reviews


Fun and sturdy, but some trouble rolling

My daughter loves this walker. She jumps around to the music and smiles when she hears the animal sounds. It’s no more annoying to hear than any other baby toy music. It is sturdy and feels very stable and safe for her, much more so than other walkers I looked at. The color is a bit different than the pictures – the red is actually a magenta color. If you are really caught up on what color your toys are, don’t get it for a boy. I like that it folds flat to fit under the crib when we aren’t using it (which is rare).The only trouble we have is that it doesn’t roll very easily in different directions. The guards that are supposed to make it safer actually hinder the rolling a bit, so she has some trouble maneuvering. However, it doesn’t bother her or me so much.

Sheena Franklin, IL

Not for the drooling baby

Tne keyboard part didn’t last but a few weeks. It stopped working so we thought it was the batteries. We replaced them but still didn’t work. We took it apart only to find the insides completely covered it spit up and drool. They definitely didn’t take this into account when making this. Plus the seat itself is not easy to keep clean. I also don’t like the fact that the back wheels are fixed. It makes it hard for baby to maneuver. I was really hoping for a better item with all the good reviews.

Shelby Black Diamond, WA

Great First Walker!

My daughter is 5 months old and about 26 inches tall. She can scoot backwards in her bare feet or forward with shoes because she’s just tall enough to touch the ground on the lowest setting. The toys are great with three settings for how the buttons and gadgets respond to her touch. The colors are lovely, sort of sherbet-y and comforting. It moves very easily on hardwood floors, the straight rolling wheels in back don’t hinder her movements. We debated whether to get a cheaper, more basic walker or this one and I have to say this little walker is worth every penny!

Regina Sawyer, KS

Nic ewalker, doesn’t work well on carpets

We received this item as a gift and were very excited to use it for our young son. However, this item did not work well with our relatively-low carpet. We didn’t put on the bumpers/breaks so that wasn’t even the issue. Our son was learning to walk and his legs weren’t strong enough to move this over any carpeted area. The only place it worked well was on the tile in our kitchen, but since that’s such a small area we really didn’t get much use of it.Once our son did learn to walk, however, he loved climbing all over this thing and playing with the attached toys. I think this is a great walker… IF you don’t have carpet (or have a very very low carpet).

Theresa Fort Edward, NY


We got this for our 6 month old for Christmas. He used it for about 5 months. Once he learned to walk, he would much rather push it around the house. It did the job well. Very durable.

Madeleine Rion, SC

Fantastic walker!

My mother in law bought this walker for my daughter when she was 9 months old. She is now almost 4 and it is still being used by my second child (11 months)The play tray is super cool. it has two volume settings and an off switch. It lights up and plays music, animals sounds, and piano sounds.The play tray also comes on and off with a snap.the seat is removable so that you may put it into the washing machine.after 3 years of use it looks brand new.

Gwen Amorita, OK

The walker is great… the musical console — meh, not so much. Make sure you check and recheck the height adjustment mechanism.

This walker is great for our little one.She enjoys getting around in it and it’s a much safer walker than what my son was using 13 years ago. The rubber pads on the bottom also help protect your floors (a little) from the pressure of the wheels resting under the weight of your little one.The walker moves smoothly and was easy for our 5 month old daughter to adjust to.Two things though:1) The ‘DJ’ console is malfunctioning now after just a few weeks of use. We believe it’s from her saliva… She’s a heavy drooler. Two of the keys no longer work – even with being cleaned with very use. She does have to keep a bib on – so it’s not like we’re just letting her pour saliva into the thing – babies drool. It doesn’t seem like the console should be malfunctioning though. Not sure what they’d have to do to keep this from happening, but Graco should look into it. It’s definitely malfunctioning2) For us, the height adjustment mechanism sticks during manipulation… I find that I have to try and test and try again because I can’t rely on the *CLICK* and a cursory jiggle of the walker to make sure it’s locked in place. We had a little accident and found out the hard way that you need to check this thing a few times.All in all, it’s a good product. I love that you can remove the music console (it’s a pain to listen to after a while)!

Bertie Mercer, MO

Great Walker!

This is a great walker.. my son loves it! The toys on this walker are more entertaining than any walker I’ve seen. We had a Jeep walker and another brand and these toys are exceptional. Don’t let the picture fool yo;, what appears red in the picture is actually HOT PINK! My husband was pretty upset when I pulled this out of the box. It is otherwise pretty gender neutral. Folds down flat with just the push of a button which is great for travel. I would recommend this walker to anyone! Great for hardwood floors as well as some carpeting. It rolls very easily and doesn’t get snagged on things like I noticed with the Jeep & other brands. LOVE IT!

Delia Cochrane, WI

Best walker out there

This is THE best walker I found after much shopping and research. Let me first say that I have a one story apartment (no stairs). I would think twice about using any walker in a home with stairs. There are so many good stationary activity centers that it seems silly to risk injury from a fall.This walker is at the top of my list of indispensable baby gear. My very active 7 mo old loves following the dog or his daddy around the apartment in this walker. It’s a very big, very sturdy walker, so it’s sometimes hard for him to navigate perfectly, but you’d be surprised how well he can turn it around and get around corners. At 28 inches tall, my son fits perfectly on the low setting. As he grows taller there’s another, taller setting. We’ve been using this walker continuously since he was 4 mo, even though he was way too short for it in the beginning. My FIL used a large bolt, washer and nut to allow it to safely sit lower than its lowest setting. At 4 mo, my son couldn’t push it around, but loved sitting upright and playing with the DJ tray.The DJ play tray is a great musical/sensory toy (another favorite on my list) but we don’t use it in the walker very often. We take it out and play with it separately and I keep it dry. Another reviewer said that the DJ tray stopped working when their child spit up on it, so I don’t leave it in the walker for him to drool on. Without the DJ tray, there’s a large empty tray where we place other random toys. He is perfectly entertained without the DJ tray.The reviewer that said this toy is too pink for their boy is being hyper-sensitive. Yes, it has some dark pink, but it also has blue and green. It’s a very gender-neutral theme. My boy loves the bright colors.

Jade Haines, OR

Great quality, bright colors, son loved it

This walker is cute, sturdy, and easy to store, Our son loved the musical features and it was easy for him to roll around on smooth surfaces. Works very poorly on carpet, even short carpet, but it’s not really intended for that so I won’t fault it too much. Good quality fabric and easily movable.

Deena Powersville, MO

good if you don’t have stairs and no carpets

I was worried about getting a walker because I knew they were seen as dangerous. But after reading up…the main problem is that babies fall down stairs in them. I don’t have stairs so no fear there. There are also issues with babies hips and learning to walk eventually. I just make sure he’s not in it everyday and he’s not in it all day. It’s nice to have though for those times he needs to be a little contained for his safety. He flys in it. He does like to crash in to everything (on purpose and not) so make sure you’re prepared for that. We first had it when we had carpets which they don’t really move on but now we have all tile. I figure if you don’t have stairs and you’re a good parent and don’t think a toy babysits your kid then it’s great.

Kris Comanche, OK

THIS IS THE S H ! T !!!!!!

Don’t even think about buying a different walker, if you do,it means you don’t love you child. All the others I have seen or used are cheap pieces of garbage. My daughter loves it and the breaking system is great. Chicco makes great products and this is just another great example of that. BUY IT.

Molly Adamsville, OH

Great Toy for my little Girl

This toy is just adorable. My little girl loves sitting in it. She is very spoiled and likes to be held constantly but this is the only toy that she’s willing to sit in on her own for a short amount of time. The sounds are very cute and she loves playing with the DJ board. She just has so much fun scooting about the kitchen.

Luz Alvin, IL

Love it!!!!

My 7 month old daughter loves this walker. It took her awhile to get it going on our carpet, but on the tile floors she was zooming around after a couple of days. I like that the music/activity part of it can be popped out and be used as a tray if I want to give her some finger foods. Just a side note: the parts of the walker that look red on the photos are really a pink/fuchsia color.

Katelyn Weldon, CA

Chicco DJ Baby Walker

The baby loves it! It’s cool looking, has a great interface in front to keep the little guy entertained, and it rolls without a problem. Folds flat for easy storage when it’s not in use. If your looking for a walker consider this one, it truly is a great product.

Ethel Saint Landry, LA

Great buy!

I did a lot of research on these walkers, and Chicco is supposed to be like the Cadillac of them all. I can see why. They are well made and my 6 month old daughter loves it. The wheels roll easily on all floors. We did however have to take the brake bumpers off because they work TOO well. We have hard wood and linoleum flooring and the difference between transitions would stop the walker dead in it’s tracks. The colors are bright and the toy tray is wonderful. The tones of the music are great, and keep her busy.

Trudy Urbana, AR

Baby & Mom loved it!

We used this product for baby beginning in early infancy. She loved the removable play tray to use during tummy time. It lights up and makes noise when variety of buttons are touched. You can choose to turn off the noise w/the flick of a button. The removable tray also made for easy cleaning. Or to simply have a plain tray on the walker for finger foods. Walker is adjustable to different heights and you can lock the wheels if you choose. It is a very durable product and shows little wear with all the use it received. It also folds up for easy carry in car or to store. Our family loves this product. It was very worth the money I paid for it! We had no saftey issues with this product!

Lidia South Wayne, WI

Not Made For Short Babies

This is a great product but we were left a little disappointed .Cons1–> With bumpers it doesn’t go any where2–> Without bumpers it only rolls well on hard surfaces, it might roll better once the child is older and stronger.3–> Not good for children under 27 inches. Our daughter is right at 27 inches and reaches the floor well, her cousin who is in between 26-27 inches doesn’t not touch the floor at all. This is on the lowest setting.4–> They need to offer more options for little boys, their older prints are better than the current ones. The current ones suit little girls better.Pros1–> It does seem to keep our daughter and nephew entertained and they aren’t usually too entertained by the electronic toys and tv.2–> Easy assemblyThe on and off button is turned off easy since they child has to pull it towards them, it doesn’t bother us but your child might prefer to keep it on.Little suggestion, the bottom of it does fade after being in the sun, so make sure you don’t leave it out there too much.

Aileen Young America, MN

Very good!!!

My 10month baby girl likes it a lot. It’s very comfortable for her. It was easy to assemble and it looks pretty. She is trying to walk now so it’s perfect for her. It has high adjustments so is very convenient.Highly recommendable

Lenore Belton, MO

Excellent Tool

Baby loves the walker. It was easy to put together and she began strolling in no time. Cat hates it though 🙂 Buy it!

Nola Fisher, PA

Love it

My daughter loves this one. I purchased based on other reviews, and I’m glad I did. I took the brakes/bumpers off the bottom because they’re a pain. My daughter would get mad when she couldn’t go from tile to wood and vice versa. Now she can go tile to wood, over a rug, even on carpet (although it is more difficult for her). Great walker. Highly Recommended.

Camille South Plains, TX

Very Cute Sit-in Walker with Nice Dashboard, But Probably Better to Go with a Sit-to-Stand Walker

If I were going to purchase a sit-in walker again, I would definitely go with this one. It has two or three adjustable heights for my little one, is unisex but still very cute, and overall a nice walker. However, when my baby used this, coupled with the Fisher Price Jumperoo (which she LOVED), I noticed that she would stand only on her toes. I’m not sure if these items were at the root of this, but I don’t want my baby to have trouble walking flat-footed or need therapy to make that happen. So I put both of these products away. Now that she has learned to stand by pulling herself up on furniture, I’ve purchased the vTech sit-to-stand walker which I hope will help her learn to walk on her own!

Lola Edinboro, PA

Best baby thing we have

This walker is AMAZING!! Even if your child isn’t big enough for it it would be worth getting as the table has the best toys and music of anything we have. It beats our Jumparoo, which I thought was pretty good until I got this. Add to that the fact that your child can actually push around in this walker and it’s a total winner! One caveat though – if you have carpeting your child will not be able to push this on carpet with the brakes attached, you’ll have to pull them off (VERY easy to do).

Dayna Schoharie, NY

It does work on carpets!

I was hesitant to purchase a walker because I was afraid it wouldn’t work on carpets, specially thick carpets, but this one did the job. At first my daughter (8) mos had a hard time pushing it, but after about or week or so she was navigating the living room just fine. She loved sliding on the kitchen tile. When she turned 9 mos she was a pro, learned to back up and turn sharply and quickly (we removed the back brakes). She started walking on her own by the time she was 10 mos.I wish I had purchased this walker earlier at 7 mos when she could use it to learn to stand and play with the attached toys.The tray is removable (for snack time sometimes) and the toys are attached are okay. The piano keys are the ones she mostly used, pretty much ignored the rest.

Adele Hunt, NY

Baby loves it

I just tried the product today. I am not sure if my 3.5 months old baby has developed strong enough back to sit in it but thought I’d would try. She loves this walker. For now, I set the seat a bit higher than her height to have her legs danglings because she doesnt have strong enough leg muscles yet. She loves to be pulled and pushed and loves the toy part.The added review after a week of use:I see how other cutomers complain about the toy part breaking. I looked closely why baby’s drool or spit fall right on to the toy. The design of the seat is made that the seated baby leans toward the toy instead of against the back. This is a bit annoying and thought about returning the product but it just is too muscle hasle. I am trying to add some pads on the seat to see if it works. I hope as the baby grows, she wont lean toward the toy too much. Regardless of the seat design, my baby seems to like it though.

Robert Palestine, TX

My baby loves it

Such a life saver 🙂 perfect for babies around 6 mnth at the stage were they want to explore world around them

Eileen Gilbert, IA


I am glad I read reviews before I puchased this walker. The red is actually hot pink, I love it!!!! My daughter is only 6 months old is 26 inches long and she can reach the ground!! I am very happy with it. She is used to her activity center and jumper that she can turn 360 degrees in, and for obvious reasons- you cant turn all the way around in this. This makes her a little frustrated but I think when she figures out how to use it, she will love it!!

Bridgett Saybrook, IL

Son loves it!

I bought this when my son was about 6 months old. He is tall for his age and was able to reach the floor with no problem. After about 1 week he could control where he was going and back up and turn around in it. He’s now 10 months old and still loves this! He can maneuver so well in it and loves to chase the dog and run around the house. He uses it on hardwood floors and kitchen tile. I like the safety features as he can’t roll over door jambs so he is contained in a room. The height adjust ability is great too as he has grown a lot since first purchased.

Laurel Apache Junction, AZ

If you buy one bulky baby item, buy this one.

My husband and I are very picky about buying oversized, cheap plastic baby items for our home. After a good amount of research, this visually looked like the best option. My daughter, who has been using it from 4-10 months loves it. We didn’t use the musical tray insert for the first few months and that was fine with her. Once she seemed to be less interested in sitting in it, we added the battery and gave her the additional entertainment. I suggest doing that so they aren’t sick of the whole thing after a month!The assembly is fairly easy, but the seat is hard to put in. It is also a total pain to take off and put back on for washing, so hopefully that is minimal for you. She was too short for the walker at first, but we rigged and additional setting with a piece of wood and tape so that her feet would touch. That obviously would not be recommended by the manufacturer, but it was totally safe and allowed her to use it earlier. We also added some foam tape to the front so she would not chip our newly renovated kitchen cabinets. She has outgrown her jumper but still continues to love the walker. It was a visual sacrifice we were happy to have made for her as she now can take 4-5 steps alone at 10 months. Maybe this helped?

Rhoda Mount Airy, NC

keeps son entertained but hard to steer

The colours are bright and if you are picky about boys having only blue, then yes you are not going to like it, because the ‘red’ is a deep bright pink. Other than that it’s great. The music box, however, is a bit loud, wish it had 3 settings instead of loud and louder. i assembeled this on the area rug and thought I did it wrong because it wouldn’t roll… I realized, after putting it on the tile, that it wasn’t going to work on the carpet because it makes the ‘breaks’ work. So if you want to use it as a place to put baby for a couple of seconds and not move, then put him/her on the carpet and she will stay put. Note that the breaks don’t go all the way in, which I thought they were supposed to do because putting anything together you assume that you push until it’s in!The back wheels don’t move so it does make it hard for baby to steer, especially when he is getting his barrings on what to do with this new activity.After all of that, I do like it and can’t wait for my son to get the hang of it so that he can get himself out of the corner, right now he knows just how to go forward.

Stella Lexington, KY