Chicco Hippo Hookon High Chair – Nature

Chicco Hippo Hookon High Chair – Nature

This Deluxe Hook-On High Chair from Chicco makes it a treat to take Baby out to eat. With a fun nature pattern that will pique Baby’s interest, the chair has several safety features including rubberized arms that won’t pinch fingers (or scratch tables) and a 3-point harness to hold Baby firmly in place. The double-locking attachment fits most tables up to 4″ thick and the thickly padded seat is removable for easy laundering. Chair folds compactly for storage and travel. For ages 6-36 mos. and up to 37 lbs. Imported. 13-1/3Hx15-2/3Wx25-1/3D” dia.

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This is is a great item!

We got this item as a late shower gift and we love it. Our daughter is in a bigger carseat now so we no longer have the luxery of the carrier seat when we go out to dinner. But she also lacks the abilty to sit up totally on her own. She needed more support than the typical public highchair. This item gives her that! It gives her the back support to sit up during dinner and she loves it. She will sit there and play and look around the whole time! It is also making her more confident as she is learneing to sit up on her own.Another big plus for us it that it is always clean! The public ones can be so dirty and gross sometimes, but we never have to worry now! Another great feature for us was that it folds and stores easliy in any car and attaches in a stap to any table.This seat really is a great idea and a toatl must hvae when your child is out of the carrier.

Tori Maumee, OH

Awesome…still using after 5 years!

This high-chair was given to us as a gift…and I LOVE it!!!It was purchased in 2002 for my oldest and am very glad to say that we’ve taken out of storage in 2006 to use on my second! I didn’t want to try any other product…this one is a keeper!!Comfy, secure, durable, long-lasting, etc. etc. etc.

Latonya Cameron, WI

Infection Control

Great for eating out!!! We know that the chair is clean and sanitary. She is at the table with us instead of lower than the table. She adores the hippos! My only complaint is that it folds slightly, but is still somewhat bulky.

Janell Monticello, NY

loved it

I loved it until it was stolen out of our pickup truck. I guess it was popular. It was fast and easy to use. Great for restaurants. Cleaner too. I hate using high chairs.

Marci West Burlington, IA

Great idea – saves space!

We decided to get this instead of a highchair – we can hook it to either our kitchen table or island. Our daughter likes being at the table with us. We don’t have room for some enormous highchair. I was so glad to have found this!

Clarice Watauga, SD

Only use with a ‘no lip’ table!

This product is a great idea, but this was buyer error on our part. Our eating area was rather small so a high chair would have been a space taker, this product fit the bill EXCEPT we have a lip under the table all the way around and it was useless because by the time our son was ready to sit up and eat his little thighs were too big to squeeze under there (and he wasn’t a ‘big’ baby). My parents were able to use it with GREAT success for my nephew, so the product itself is wonderful – just MAKE SURE there’s no lip!!!

Kathi Excel, AL

Not as good as we had expected or hoped…

We bought this item b/c our son was too big for his baby carrier by 3 months old and he was too small for most other seats. This was OK. He is 8 months now and I don’t care for this seat. It is just so upright in the back and since it’s all clothy, it has no real support and I don’t like that. He always looks so uncomfy. Plus we brought it to go to restaurants but you can’t use it (not supposed to) on tables that only have 1 leg or many tables are too thick to attach this too. Just was a waste of money for us. My SIL uses hers still and her daughter is now 19 months old. So to each their own but for us, he likes his booster chair MUCH better and so do we.

Roseann Kelliher, MN