Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base, Adventure

Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base, Adventure

Product Description The seat interior is lined with “EPS” energy absorbing foam for improved impact protection. The large seat provides ample room for infants up to 30 lbs. Newborn infant insert provides improved fit and comfort for smaller babies from 4-11 lbs. Thickly cushioned seatpad made with the finest Italian woven fabrics. 5-point harness with one-hand center pull adjustment. Ergonomically designed carry handle with comfortable grip. Adjustable, multi-position canopy provides maximum protection from weather. Secure stroller attachment locks automatically into ChiccoCortina, Trevi and S3 strollers. Easy one-hand removal from both stroller and base. Conforms to FMVSS 213. KeyFit base has a “single-pull” LATCH adjustment for simple car seat installation. Precision bubble levels on both sides of base instantly verify carseat level. Spring assist leveling foot on base for quick and easy adjustments. Integral auto belt lock-offs are simple and easy- No more locking clips! Smooth underside of base protects vehicle seats. Recommended use for 4 to 30 lbs.

Main features

  • The easiest infant car seat to install
  • No.1 rated infant car seat in America
  • 5-point harness adjusts with one hand
  • Full body inserts for newborns 4-11 pounds to protect smaller babies
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Verified reviews


Stylish and Safe

This is a great infant car seat. As stated in the description, you’re able to keep your baby in a much safer rear-facing position for a longer period of time. In the event of a crash, what this means is that your baby’s body won’t take the brunt of the impact, the seat will do most of the work.Originally, I was considering more flashy and expensive European car seats, but then I spoke with my neighbor. Part of her responsibilities in working for our local police force involves helping parents properly install their car seats. She let me know that many of the infant car seats on the market aren’t worth the hype, but she highly recommended the Chicco Keyfit 30 for the reasons I stated in the paragraph above.Indeed she was right. Not only is this clearly very well constructed, including neat details such as bubble levels on the base, but it’s also stylish and functional as well. Most importantly, it’s a snap to install… PROPERLY! And that’s a feature not many other car seats can boast.

Shannon Westport, PA

Please ignore the one star review

Please ignore the reviewer who rated the seat one star due to the rebound issue. I am a certified child passenger safety technician and this is NOT a safety concern. Almost all rear facing seats will rebound in a crash. The only ones that won’t are infant seats with rigid LATCH (the only one currently available in the US is the Baby Trend Latch-Loc with rigid LATCH) or one with an anti-rebound bar like the Britax Companion and convertible seats that tether rear facing (all Britax convertible seats, Sunshine Kids Radian, etc). As long as your seat moves less than an inch in any direction AT THE BELT PATH (i.e. on an infant seat with a base, right at the seat crack where the other poster said it was tight) it is safe. The Chicco KeyFit is a very good seat. It is without a doubt one of the best on the market currently. It installs like a dream and fits small babies very well. As a tech of seven years, I would not hesitate to recommend this seat or use it for my own child.

Vonda Blacksburg, SC

Not a fan

We chose this car seat because it was rated so highly by Consumer Reports. It may be safe, but it is not comfortable for our son or convenient for us. I read the reviews that said that their babies got too hot in the seat, but figured since he was a winter baby we’d be fine. Wrong. Within minutes he is hot, sweaty and crying. This made even short trips miserable for all of us. I would NEVER recommend this to a friend and if we have more children I will not use this seat again.

Lucinda Bowdon Junction, GA

good and bad

I have the Chicco Keyfit 30 in Romantic, and there is a lot of good but the few bad things are deal breakers.Good:-car seat is very easy to install, and easy to make sure it’s right (leveling bubbles are easy indicators)-seat pops in and out with ease-seems to be made wellBad:-I was very surprised at how heavy the seat is to carry with baby in tow. I am no wimp, and from day 1, I had a hard time. now that my baby is 16 lbs, it’s almost impossible for me to walk with her more than a few feet. Perhaps this is necessary to keep the seat safe. If so, then so be it!-Hot! Hot! Hot! my daughter cries her eyes out as soon as she starts heating up- and that’s usually within 5 minutes. If I keep her in the seat (ex- if I take her food shopping), the poor baby wiggles and arches her back the whole time. when i take her out of the car seat, her back and back of her head is drenched in sweat. no, i do not over dress her and no, the sun is not beating on her. she’s fine until she starts getting heated up. it’s making traveling with her very difficult. i can not wait to purchase the next stage car seat. perhaps this is what every parent goes through? i wouldnt know, i’m just sure that the material is making our lives miserable.-i’ve noticed that some Graco seats have a deep groove on the underside. this is great for seating the car seat in the top portion of the shopping car. this seat does not have this!! i am forced to put the car seat in the large part of a shopping cart. this leaves almost no room for grocery shopping, or diaper shopping. it’s made things very tough! i can not take her along with me when i have to get things done. next time, i will look for this feature when purchasing the infant seat.

Bonita Hull, GA


I don’t like it or dislike the actual seat. I hate that I can’t find a stroller (double) I like to go with it. Everything is either outside my budget or incompatible.

Betsy Cortland, NY

Buy the Britax

This car seat is ok, because my son gets too hot in it. It is November, cold and snowing and my son gets overheated. Yes it is safe and good quality, but I should have baught the Britax!

Nancy Hollytree, AL

Treated with Toxic Flame retardants.

I recently purchased this car-seat for my baby. It has the best safety ratings, would fit into my sub-compact Suzuki SX4, and is very lightweight and super easy to install and use. I know, however, that all car-seats today are treated with extremely toxic flame-retardants (because, of course they are covered in highly flammable synthetic fabrics instead of the naturally flame-retarding cotton and virgin wool). So, it made sense that a number of reviewers here complained about their babies breaking our in all kind of nasty rashes when their skin touches the poisoned materials on this seat (not to mention the neuro-toxic, carcinogenic, and endocrine disruptive properties of the PBDE, chlorinated tris and other flame retardants). So, I immediately took off and laundered all the seat fabrics on the longest wash cycle four or five times with castille soap and vinegar (I’ve read that this may decrease the amounts of poisons in the fabrics). I purchased the seat five months before my baby is due – so the materials can out-gas in the meanwhile. In addition, I purchased a super cute, custom-made all-cotton seat-cover NOT treated with any flame retardants to put over this toxic seat at sewpreciousbaby dot com. The hand-made seat cover looks absolutely gorgeous and is 100% cotton. It’s quite pricey though. I know that the manufacturer claims that using “unauthorized” covers may void their warranty. Being an attorney, I am not sure that such a claim would stand up in court: the court would have to examine the actual car-seat cover and how it interfered with proper operation of the seat (constituting such negligence on my part as to void the warranty). But I am not sure and hopefully will never find out. I guess the choices we, as consumers, face are: poison your baby or void your warranty and fail to collect damages in case of an accident. I chose the latter.UPDATE #1: I also purchased yesterday the “updated” Snugglewool car seat cover SW 410 from naturesbabyblankets dot com, and if this pure shorn lambswool cover fits snug over the plastic Chicco KeyFit 30 seat bucket, plus the hand-made cotton cover fits snug over this wool — my baby will have a virtually non-toxic and naturally flame retardant seat to sit in! I personally just find the idea of bringing poisons into my home and putting my baby on them abominable and morally wrong… Let the lawyers and the chemical industry scream what they will about the benefits of toxins in all of the baby stuff and the “legal implications” of using after-market seat covers… Nobody outlawed commonsense yet…

Jaime West, TX

Chicco Key FIt

Has not been opened as my grandchild has not been born yet, saw this item on wish list had to purchase it The product is in box but looks like what my son and daughter in law picked out.

Ola Avery, TX

Compatible with City Mini stroller?

I plan on purchasing this car seat based on it’s safety record. However I am looking to match a car seat with my green/gray Baby Jogger City Mini (as they now make a chicco attachment bar for the stroller) and I have no idea if this car sear will match. I am unable to find this pattern in any of the stores. Does anyone know if they match? Perhaps you own or have seen both products. Please help! I don’t want to order it and have to incur shipping fees to send it back if it is not the right color. Thanks!

Jo Riverhead, NY

Hot, Crying Baby

PROSThis seat is reported to be very SAFE. Plus fabric is STYLISH. It’s EASY to use. Easy to carry baby to/from car. Easily snaps into stroller base (like Snap & Go). And one of the deciding factors for me was that it’s LIGHTER than many other infant carriers.CONSIt doesn’t sit in any shopping cart baskets like Graco does, for example (though arguably that’s never safe, so fine). BABY GETS VERY HOT. On several trips in the car, baby has gotten so hot & has cried hysterically (this is a baby that rarely cries for anything). I’ve had to pull over and remove baby from car seat to calm and found that baby was extremely hot and sweaty. And traumatized. Not a fun experience. Especially since then I had to strap baby back in the seat to get home.Would not buy again.

Cecile Mount Victoria, MD

Chicco Keyfit30 Magic Vs. Chicco Keyfit30

The model I have is actually the Chicco Keyfit30 Magic (referred to from here on out as “Magic”) which is in essence the same as the original Keyfit30 car seats (referred to from here on out as “Original”)but with a few improvements. But even with the improvements, I rated the Magic 4 stars because there was one issue that wasn’t addressed and could be an issue depending on your child.But I compared the two models side by side at the local Babies R Us and decided on the Magic model and here is why:1. The Canopy on the Magic is larger than on the Original(even when the extra sun visor on the Original is extended) plus it has an extendable mesh section on it as well.2. I’ve read other reviews where they had problems with the canopy on the Original not staying in place and this was fixed on the Magic model as well.3. There was also another review here that said there was piping on the car seat cover that left a dent in their son’s head and that issue was addressed on the Magic as well – they removed it altogether.4. The material felt breathable (but only time will tell as my son is not here yet)and much more plush/cushiony overall. Even the infant inserts felt thicker, which may or may not be a good thing (again, my son is not here yet).The only con that Chicco did not address in this new model is that the crotch strap/latch is not adjustable so it only has the one position/length. (Or if it is adjustable, I haven’t figured it out yet.)I know that some reviewers had issue with this but I guess that would vary from child to child.So far the only place that I have found this new model is at Babies R’ Us and it’s only available in one color scheme which wouldn’t have been my first choice (I really liked the Midori colors) but I opted for the improvements over 1st choice in color.Anyway, I hope this helps those who are still searching for a car seat.*****UPDATE 3/29/13******I’m really happy with this infant car seat and am glad I bought it!The canopy with the extension was the perfect size and I liked the mesh extension – it came in handy down here in Houston. No real issues with my son getting too hot and sweaty (I really don’t think there is any car seat that can keep your child completely sweat free during the Houston summers). The cover is easy to remove and wash and no problems with the crotch strap being too short and my son was in the upper 90th percentiles for weight and height.

Lorene Port Jervis, NY

Safety plus Eye Candy

Safety First, right?I bought this after rading a lot of reviews and comparisons for infant car seats. Ben C.A. Nettle’s review helped me a lot on deciding to go with this unit for my baby. I don’t need to say more on this ’cause all you need to do is read Mr. Nettle’s review and/or Google this item and you’ll find how this is the best for your baby.It’s also an Eye Candy, i like how it’s shaped and it’s size. My baby’s comfortable in it and he instatnly falls asleep in it almsot everytime we placed him in it. In fact, it served as his lounge chair/bouncer/swing/activity gym before I decided to get him those items. The color scheme is lovely too.The reason i’m giving it Four Stars is it does not fit my Maclaren Easy Traveller Stroller (even if I use the adaptor that comes with the stroller). but as long as you use the belt on your Maclaren Easy Traveller Stroller everytime you snap this seat into it, I guess you’ll never go wrong.

Jasmine Brinnon, WA


My husband and I purchased the infant keyfit 30 for our daughter, and the left shoulder strap would not tighten properly so we called Chicco customer service. Of course we noticed this after our Amazon return time frame expired. The customer rep had us dis-assemble the entire car set, which led us to discover that the harness straps were 2 different lengths! One is an inch shorter than the other, which is a severe safety defect. Chicco has only offered to send replacement straps, which we would have to re-assemble into the car seat. The strap re-assembly is literally a separate book of instructons from the car seat. It’s very complicated and there is no way you could see the S hooks in the bottom of the car seat clearly enough to make sure the harness straps are secured tightly. We are very disappointed in this car seat and that Chicco will not send a replacement car seat and let us send this one back, but after discovering the strap defect I’m not even sure I trust their brand.

Lidia Garrison, MD

Very Well Designed Car Seat (Chicco KeyFit 30, Midori)

We’ve been using this car seat for our little one for about a month. At this point I have nothing but praise for this seat. Initially we were comparing between this and the Britax Chaperone Carrier, Cowmooflage, but after test fitting the Chaperone in our full size truck with a full crew cab (and finding that it barely fit, and hung way off the seat beyond the 80/20 mark), we decided on the Chicco, and are glad we did.Safety:The car seat has great safety ratings, and scored well according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The detachable base allow for easy installation (you don’t have to work around the seat) and it can connect with either a standard seat-belt or the LATCH system, which most newer vehicles have. It’s very handy to be able to pop in/out of the base, without having to readjust the whole seat each time. In our case, we also purchased a second base, so we don’t have to re-set everything up for each car. Just click to release, pop it in, do a pull check (to make sure it locked in) and go. The bubble level makes it easy to get level correctly, and install instructions are on the side and center of the base as well.The strap adjustment is pretty easy to do, so you can easily loosen the straps, slide the kiddo in, and then pull the adjuster tight to get a snug fit, no matter what outfit your infant is in. The 5 point harness functions pretty similarly to other systems, so shouldn’t be too bad to figure out. Another nice feature is the newborn insert to fit around the really tiny ones in the early days. One thing to make sure of is to read the manual. There are LOTS of hints/tips about the seat in there, and the most appropriate way to snug it for each scenario you might use it in.Non-Safety Features:The color is pretty cute (in Midori), and we do get comments on it, but overall, it’s just the color, so it’s not really the most important aspect of a car seat.The adjustable handle makes it nice to carry or prop the seat when out and about (folds under to stabilize it). The car seat bottom has a nice curve to it, so you can rock your little one to sleep while waiting in offices to keep them calm (GREAT feature). The base has a little compartment in it that you can store the manual and other related items in, and the detachable sun/rain hood are pretty good for keeping things dry and comfortable. For winter we’ll be swapping it out with a home made cover for warmth. I can’t recall the weight of the seat, but it’s not too bad to manage.Side Benefit:After getting this, we also found out that it fit perfectly (unintentionally) with the Stroller we had picked out/received, the Jeep Liberty Limited 3 Wheel All Terrain Stroller so we can just pop the seat in, secure it, and go. If you’re looking at it for that combo, it works great.Summary:It really is a great car seat, and I’m very happy we went with it. If you’re on the edge, try and find a shop you can do a test fit in, and play with it compared to other models you have in mind. It may make all the difference.

Ruby Ripplemead, VA

Best there is

I love this carseat, it’s awesome. My sister had the same one for her son and I know she really liked it. I am a registered nurse and am routinely sending babies home from the hospital in car seats. This one outshines most: It is a dream to install with the latch system and SO easy to adjust to fit the baby. I love that it comes with the inserts for head support etc. as the aftermarket head supports are actually not safe: (talk to any car seat technician and they will tell you this because those head support things you just buy aren’t actually tested in the carseat you are using and there is no law mandating safety requirements on them.)I actually like the fact that you cannot place this car seat on top of shopping carts. People that do that, no offense, aren’t really thinking of their childs best interest. Put your kids carseat down INTO the shopping cart!! Sorry if you can’t put as many groceries in there, but how terrible would you feel if somebody rammed into your shopping cart accidently and your baby tumbled off the top and hit the ground? Who wants to deal with a head injury?? I applaud Chicco for making that not possible.Anyways, I installed my Chicco keyfit 30 in under 5 minutes with the latch system at 9 months pregnant and it doesn’t wiggle more than the inch allowed. It’s snug, safe, and ready for my baby. I also bought the stroller that coordinates (Travel system) and they work together great. I like the stroller.. it has adjustable handles, a cupholder, and a basket underneath. The fabric on both is sturdy and easily cleaned. I find this set to be way nicer aka better quality built/better quality materials than other brands like Graco and some of the others I have seen. I personally won’t use anything else and kind of think that the other stuff looks like cheap junk but that is just me being a little stuck up : )I like how easy the base and seat snap together/release. I find that the stroller is easy to attach/unattach as well. Chicco has proven themselves to rate high on safety. This is supposedly one of the easiest carseats to install correctly. That is an awesome thing… considering most carseats are not installed properly.. I think the actual percentage of car seats installed incorrectly is about 80-90%.I recommend taking all car seats to a child safety technician place to be checked for proper installation, but I can tell you with this car seat.. if you read the directions and stuff.. you will probably not have a hard time doing it right because it’s so uncomplicated! Yay Chicco for making it dummy proof! But still get it checked : )

Lupe Columbia City, IN

Good car-seat, but toxic smell.

I purchased the Chicco Keyfit 30 car-seat in the Adventure color as part of a travel system, together with the Chicco Cortina stroller. My research showed that Chicco’s car-seats are among the best-rated in crash-tests, etc. And furthermore, this car-seat had the added bonus of holding an infant weighing up to 30 pounds. Therefore, we could get longer use out of it for our baby without having to incur the expense of buying an additional car-seat once our baby passed 22 pounds, the standard maximum infant weight for many rear-facing infant car-seats.However, the first thing we noticed once we opened the box was the absolutely awful, toxic smell emitted by the Chicco travel system; and the car-seat in particular. It smelled like the exhaust from a chemical factory! We bought this item when I was about 7.5 months pregnant, and the smell made me feel faint. We put the stroller & car-seat out on the patio to off-gas (air-out) for about a week, but the noxious smell was still there! We had to resort to washing the car-seat fabric-pads to get rid of the odor. And on top of that, we purchased a car-seat cover from Bokoo, a company that makes eco-friendly infant car-seat covers; and the only company licensed/authorized by Chicco to make covers compatible with Chicco’s car-seats (i.e., without compromising safety or voiding the warranty).I would’ve given this product 4 stars out of 5, but for one additional problem: Chicco’s evasive response to my inquiries. After Googling car-seat odors, I found out that they are usually caused by chemical flame-retardants. Apparently, U.S. law requires all infant car-seats to be made of flame-retardant materials. And since it’s cheaper to add chemical flame-retardants to existing car-seat fabrics than to make car-seats out of safe materials that are inherently flame-retardant (which don’t require added chemicals), many companies just opt to chemically-treat their car-seat and stroller fabrics. Unfortunately, several studies have linked these chemical flame-retardants and the fumes they give off to a number of illnesses ranging from asthma and other respiratory ailments, to certain cancers.A couple of days after receiving the travel system, I emailed Chicco’s Customer Service to ask them which flame-retardants their car-seats and strollers are treated with (if any); and I have yet to receive a straight answer. First, I got a response email with some boiler-plate language about how Chicco’s car-seats comply with all applicable regulations, including those regarding flame-retardancy. When I responded and pointed out that they hadn’t responded to my question, I got a follow-up email asking for a bunch of info about my travel system (e.g., serial number, purchase date, etc.), which, quite frankly, was largely irrelevant to my question. [A delay tactic, perhaps?] I provided the requested information and again prodded Chicco for a direct answer to my question. Instead, I got another email stating that Chicco had shipped out a replacement travel system, and that I should return the old system once I received the new one. Again, no answer to my question. And worse still, when the replacement travel system arrived and we opened the shipping box, we could smell the toxic odor again, without even having to open Chicco’s box & unpack the item itself! Needless to say, this so-called replacement was instantly returned to Chicco, and we kept and washed the original car-seat’s fabrics.Although the Keyfit 30 car-seat itself gets a solid “B+” (the smell prevents it from getting an “A”), Chicco’s caginess in responding to my inquiries gets an “F” grade. I expected better from a company that touts itself as being primarily concerned with child safety. Oh, well …

Michael Lincoln, IA

Nice but ….

So, first of all let me say that I can’t compare this car seat with others because I never tried another one. I got this as a “hand me down” for my newborn.Pros:-It was easy to install (you can also use it without the base apparently).-Good brand (I am Italian, please don’t read the brand as Chee-cco in Italian it is pronounced “Kee-KKO”)-Mine came without the small insert inside but I think it’s a good add on for newborns.Cons:-The canopy it totally useless, you pull it to cover your baby from the sun or the wind and it opens in the back – so so useless, they couldn’t make it a little bigger?!-It’s soooo heavy! Just the car seat is heavy, when you add the base it gets super heavy, no good if you don’t have a car to leave it in all the time. Again, I can’t compare to other car seats but this is super heavy.My LO is already 17 pounds and the car seat is getting a little tight.Overall though I can’t really complain as I got it for free 🙂

Robbie Bethelridge, KY

Excellent in the Important Ways

**Update at 8 Months** … Babies may outgrow this long before 30 pounds! My son is 18 pounds, and 29 inches tall, and is now too tall for the seat (It is rated for 30″, or when his head is 2″ from the top).This has been such a great car seat, I am so sad he outgrew it so quickly that we now have to buy a convertible one. After a 5-day drive cross-country and several plane trips, it still looks new.*********original review, 6 months ago*********2 months along I’m pretty happy this was the biggest splurge in our baby purchases, and that we rearranged our budget for it (pricey car seat, secondhand baby clothes) rather than buying a cheaper car seat. Considering how long we’ll use it, and that it’s so highly rated for safety and ease of use, it made more sense than spending a lot elsewhere.The pros:– Highly Rated by Consumer Reports– Easy to use– LOVE the newborn insert for babies under 10 lbs, since most aftermarket car seat additions for floppy newborns compromise the safety of the seat.– The Adventure fabric is indeed more breathable than some others– It is easy to rock the baby to sleep in it (not in the car of course).– Little One seems very comfortable in it.– We’ve had no problems with his head flopping around (from the size of 8.5 lbs, 21″)– Pops into the base easily– Comes apart well for washing– The handle is very comfy over the arm, being rounded. I have noticed a lot of car seats have handles with square edges.The cons:– He does get a little bit sweaty in the seat (even though we ordered Adventure, which Chicco’s customer service had said is a more breathable fabric). We combat this with a burp rag flat behind his back for one thin layer of wicking, and with a cloth (cotton) diaper with a wool cover (no synthetics). He gets very uncomfortable in it, with a disposable diaper or a PUL diaper cover.– The canopy does not pull up or down well– It’s immensely annoying to have to push buttons on both sides of the handle, to move the handle– No slot to set it on a grocery cart. True that’s not the safest spot for the car seat but it’d be nice to let parents choose.– It is heavy– The base is frequently out of stock so take care to get the spare well before you need it

Andrea Upperville, VA


We havent had the chance to use this seat yet. But from taking in and out of the car to see how it works it is very easy and feels very safe. We like the color scheme since all the stores had were the same bland designs this works a lot better. The second base we got also is perfect so we don’t have to move the whole set up and reattach and tighten everything. My Dad is a retired Firefighter and he says this seat is awesome the way it attaches to the car and how easy it is to use. I spent a lot of time reading reviews and safety on all kinds of car seats and this manufacturer has a great reputation and had great reviews. We are very happy with this purchase and can hardly wait to use it.

Dena Boyd, WI

Nice but could be better

We used this car seat until my daughter was 12 months old. It was light to carry and well made. When I disassembled it to clean I was shocked that it was only made of plastic. I just assumed it has some steel bars somewhere. It did have the highest infant car seat rating when I bought it so I was trusting in that. However, I had problems with the straps being short. My car seat had a defect that I didn’t discover until months after purchasing. My daughter is in the 1% so it took a long time for me to need to extend the straps. When I went up to the middle setting the straps became to short making it hard to get her in and out. Chicco WOULD NOT replace my straps and basically said it was a USER ERROR. I’m not an idiot. I even took it back to the store and they swapped out the straps from their store model with mine. THANK YOU BABIES R’ US!

Cora Cerro, NM

Easy to use but not comfortable for baby

I bought the Chicco Keyfit 30 after spending months agonizing over which carseat to choose. When it first arrived it seemed as though all my research had paid off – it was super easy to install and it fit into my compact Kia just fine (though the passenger seat had to be pushed all the way up). I had visions of my baby happily snoozing in this seat as I carried her from the car into the house or the store or a doctor’s appointment. Then my daughter arrived, and every time I tried to put her in the seat she would scream her head off. At first I thought she just hated being in the car, but soon I realized that what she actually hated was the carseat. I’ve summarized our issues below:- The material is not breathable at all. My girl was born in the summer and she always overheated in this seat. Whenever I took her out of it her back was drenched in sweat, no matter how she was dressed or how high I had the AC blasting in the car.- It’s heavy and awkward to carry, especially with the added weight of a baby. I’m average height for a woman and in reasonably good shape but trying to carry this thing around with a kid in it is a nightmare. If you are getting an infant seat so you can use it to transport your baby to and from the car this may not be the right choice for you.- It’s very narrow. My daughter is now an average-sized 7-month-old who weighs only 18lbs and her shoulders can barely fit in this seat.- Getting baby in and out is a pain because the seat is so deep, especially if it’s an older baby who’s already ticked off about having to go into the seat in the first place.I found a Britax convertible seat on sale for half the price of this one and suddenly my daughter started to love riding in the car. She still fusses when she has to go in the Keyfit seat in her grandma’s car, though, and to make matters worse she’s now almost outgrown it. There’s no way she’ll be able to use it up to 20lbs, much less the supposed 30lb weight limit! What a waste of money.

Mollie Ider, AL

High quality and safe, but some issues

Documentation on this seat reflects the high safety standards it meets, so I won’t comment on that. I like the ease of installation of the base, and how easy this seat is to use over all. It looks great and I love the Adventure color. But I have a few gripes:- The fabric simply isn’t breathable. Baby gets hot. Many people have had this issue. I ended up removing the infant body insert for my 5-week old, and leaving the head support in. This seems to have helped a lot.- Hate that I need two hands to unlock/move the handle. It’s a pain.- The location of the release button, to remove the seat from the base, is ridiculous. If you have a vehicle in which the seat buts up against the back of the car’s front seat, the release button can be a pain to get to.- The canopy is USELESS. It simply doesn’t offer enough coverage and it’s pretty much a joke.Seat is high quality, but for $170 or so I am just not 100% pleased with ease of use. Chicco can’t help that some babies run hot, but the fabric isn’t something I’d want to sit in for any length of time, and the other issues are ease-of-use complaints.

Lorna Pineola, NC

Best Carseat!

This carseat is so easy to use and my daughter loves it! Readjusting the straps is a snap, clicking baby in is quick and easy, and I love love love the base. It’s like a little "docking station" for baby and it beats strapping in the carseat every time. However, strapping it in is pretty easy too. If I were to give advice to a new parent considering this seat though, I would recommend considering the 22lb seat. Most kids will outgrow their carseat lengthwise before they will outgrow it weight-wise. The top of baby’s head has to be at least 1 inch from the top of the seat, and my daughter is almost there at 5 months old, but is not anywhere near 30 pounds (she is 20 pounds). I would buy the same seat again though! I will be sad when she outgrows it because it’s so easy and convenient to use!

Charity Linden, NC

Great seat!

I have this seat in the Romantic fabric scheme.This seat has lasted until 7 months, and would go a little longer. My son is about 20 pounds, but is growing out of the height range. I have been very happy with this car seat! The pads wash very well, even after spit-ups and diaper blow-outs. You would never know to look at the pads. It clicks into the base easily and is very simple to install. A t the hospital they preferred this one because it lays newborns back a little more. remember to take the newborn insert out when your child reaches the appropriate size, and adjust the strap heights. This is VERY easy to do.This car seat is heavy and I almost never carry him in it. I don’t know how it compares to other seats, but add a 10-20 pound baby and it’s too much for me. I use a Maclaren Easy Traveller (much recommended over the coordinating Chicco travel system strollers) to get him everywhere. Put the seat in the frame, put the baby in, and go. The only time I lift the seat is to get it from the stroller frame inside the car.I would buy this seat again, but leave out the Cortina stroller.

Jeanie Grimes, CA

Waited for this one specifically

We specifically waited for this car seat because it matched some of our other baby stuff. The color is amazing. It’s kind of a charcoal, gold and very light blue and the gray is almost a denim pattern. Very easy to put in, although seems to come unbalanced frequently (not sure if it is our car or our installation, but we adjust).

Rosalyn La Crosse, FL

Attractive car seat but baby doesn’t like it

While this car seat is nice looking and very easy to install, my baby hates to be in it. He has a really hard time falling asleep in it and cries often. I have a convertible car seat for him in another car and he’s like a completely different baby in it. He easily sleeps in it, sometimes for hours, and can just sit awake in it. I therefore have to conclude that he is uncomfortable in the chicco keyft. It’s also very heavy. If I were to do it over again I think I would have just bought a convertible seat o startl.

Amanda San Felipe, TX

Worth it for safety but not lightweight

Love the safety rating and baby fit snug but the car seat is very heavy compared to others. I would buy it again because of the safety ratings but if you are looking for ease and lightweight, this is not the car seat for you.

Juliana Fanwood, NJ

Love this seat, with a few annoyances – the 30 lbs is useless

The Keyfit 30 is really a well made and sturdy infant seat. The materials are very easy to clean and the fabric looks very nice, the infant seat itself is very secure and I feel like my baby is very safe when he’s in his seat. The base is SO convienent if you drive your baby in the same car all the time.One of the Keyfit’s listed reasons to buy this seat is that it can hold your baby up to 30 lbs. Well let me tell you what it does NOT really advertise to you. It can only hold a baby up to 30″ tall, and my son is almost 20lbs and 28.5 inches at 6 months! (**edit update: by 8 months he was 30 inches. So I had to stop using it even though he’s barely 21 lbs). Another restriction is you can only use it until the baby’s head is within 1″ from the top of the seat (whichever comes first between that and the 30″ height restriction), so if your baby has a very long torso this could be sooner than you think. Also, the seat weighs a TON and there is NO WAY I would ever lug this thing around if my son was 30lbs! I can’t even imagine that. The bottom line is that you are most likely NOT going to use this seat until your baby is 30lbs, so if that’s your main reason for going with this seat then you should consider other options as well.My son hates this seat, and always cries when I put him in but calms down as soon as he’s in the car. The material makes him very hot and sweaty, though I’m sure most infant seats will be that way. The straps are incredibly easy to adjust the shoulder height, as well as tightly secure my son into the seat. Yes, the seat is too big to fit into the top of shopping carts (I would never “balance” him up there anyway, but I know some people prefer this).To break it down-Reasons to Buy the Keyfit 30:-very sturdy with high crash and safety test ratings-very stylish and nice looking material, also very easy to clean-easy to adjust straps when taking baby in/out as well as adjust shoulder height-has a sunshade that flips out from under the canopy for additional coverage-super easy to click in & out of base/stroller/keyfit caddyReasons NOT to Buy the Keyfit 30:-if you are buying because of the “up to 30lbs” reason, think again (see above)-baby gets very very hot (not sure how that compares to other seats though)-seat is VERY heavy – this was especially hard for me after my c-section because I couldn’t lift the seat at ALL (again not sure how that compares)-handle is NOT ergonomic – combined with seat & my son’s weight, I’ve actually developed calluses on the palm of my hand from this seat handle!

Jami Corning, NY

Angle is too uncomfortable for the baby plus the belts are too short

The car seat is designed for small cars and as such the angle is too upright and uncomfortable for our baby. Wish we had picked out a “normal” size car seat — now we are stuck with this car seat until our son grows out of it.

Cara Palm Harbor, FL

Perhaps is it a safety feature…

but the main reason why I began hating this seat is because my baby is slouched, always overheats in it, an the hood is absolutely retarded. Granted, most newborns and young infants are okay in these car seats when the car moves or a stroller is being constantly pushed, BUT in my experience the minute that stops, now especially when he is 3 month old and more conscious about what he likes and disliked, all hell breaks loose.I thought perhaps it is a safety feature of some sort to have a baby crunched in the seat, but I cannot necessarily confirm. Regardless, baby’s feet and knees are higher than his ears and he looks super awkward in it. The butt pillow had to go once we reached 10-11 lbs, so that made things a bit better. I tried removing head pillow cushioning too, because even to the highest adjusted setting it seems to be squeezing his shoulders and not just head. So once removed, he wasn’t comfortable either. In general, our baby is very calm, but here with pillow and without gets him all upset. The makers must have never considered that the car ride can last longer than 2-3 hours and/or with availability of all these adapters and stroller bases, customer may want to use it as an everyday stroller piece. My baby and I suffered enough, so this is going to remain in the car for good and will never be used as a stroller piece again.Another MAJOR fault of this is the fact that the hood itself does not give much protection from the sun. Keyfit 30, means that this seat would be used for newborns and young infants, thus, sun protection is crucial. This hood/canopy does not reach past 90 degrees. An extra extension visor is useless, because again, it wont add much to a barely 90 degree angled hood. Some may like the fact that it is one of those "follow the sunlight" type of hood, but that feature is faulty. When it is a bit windy and you decide to move the hood to the front or back, baby’s head is exposed and therefore may be exposed to through wind and rays that can reach baby’s back of the head. Anyway, why not make it just a bit longer so it can reach lower- I believe a friend of mine have Graco car seat and that one has a full blown hood with a plastic see-through window.Another things that i was not too happy about is the actual arm handle. Sometimes it gets stuck. I would press both orange safety buttons to unlatch it to upright position and sometimes would have to curse because it needs some yanking movements. Frustrating….If I have to say anything about this carseat that is somewhat positive- it is made well when it comes to material sturdiness and fits well to stroller base as well as the car base… least the Chicco one’s. Overall, if you have to get one of these, do so, but make sure you do not assume that this will replace a stroller for everyday use. Leave it just for car rides.

Lilia Borger, TX