Chicco KeyFit and KeyFit30 Infant Car Seat Base , Anthracite

Chicco KeyFit and KeyFit30 Infant Car Seat Base , Anthracite

With all the convenience of the KeyFit and KeyFit 30 Base’s installation, what could be better than to have multiple bases in your multiple vehicles. Chicco offers you this convenience with the option of buying extra KeyFit & KeyFit 30 Bases. The KeyFit & KeyFit 30 Base’s spring-assisted level foot, two precision bubble levels, and “Center-Pull” LATCH adjustment guarantee quick and correct installment from either side of your vehicle and give you confidence that your child is safely secured in your vehicle. The KeyFit and KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seats are compatible with the Chicco KeyFit Caddy, Liteway Plus, Cortina, Bravo, Urban, Together, Activ3 and TRE strollers

Main features

  • Bubble level guides make proper installation easy
  • Spring-assisted level foot and “Center-Pull” adjustment for quick, easy and accurate installation
  • LATCH system, with easy “push-on” style LATCH connectors
  • Convenient, built-in belt lock-offs for cars without the LATCH system
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Verified reviews


over priced

I can’t believe how much these things cost. We bought the Chicco cause of all the great ratings. I say it is over rated and over priced. This car seat is so heavy I nearly alway leave it in the car so I don’t have to haul it in as well as our son. (it weighs nearly 10 pounds)… We bought the extra base for our other car, but it is very over priced. I know you get what you pay for but how much does the Chicco name cost?FYI. Every other car seat I carry feels incredibly light to me, all carseats are bulky and all car seats may seem heavy, but I dislike this one more than any I have used.

Maryellen Clarence, IA

Convenience Plus Safety

We bought a Chicco Keyfit 30 system for our last child and saved it. We checked the expiration dates recently and when we saw they were still good, decided to reuse them for our newest addition to the family. We decided we would purchase an extra car seat base for my spouse’s car to save him time and energy when picking up the kids after work.Chicco products are the epitome of safety and convenience and this car seat base is no exception. This base accomodates a 22 pound or 30 pound Chicco carseat. You can install the base using the latch or belt system; we use latch and it is ridiculously fast and simple. There are bubble windows in the sides of the base with adjustable foot to tell you if your base is level. The Chicco system is so advanced yet so simple–your carseat essentially clicks in or out with no more effort than the click of button. The base is easy enough to swap between vehicles but I feel that the price is well warranted for the safety of the Chicco product so we went ahead and sprang happily for my husband’s base.I really can’t find a flaw with the product. I feel that it has proven itself through multiple professional reviews on safety, quality, and ease of use. I hope you are similarly satisfied with this great product.

Catherine Livingston, IL

We own three bases and used for a year with no issues.

We have three bases and the matching Chicco Infant Seat. We used them from 2007 until fall of 2008 without a single issue. Having the extra bases was invaluable. We had one in our van, on in my husband’s explorer, and also put one in grandma’s new durango. Previous to owning the van I had a grand prix 4-door sedan without latch, and it worked just great in that car also. I prefer the latch installation of course, but I loved how you can just adjust by pressing the orange buttons to get the base level in any style car. Great product. We will be using this again in about 4 months with baby #2

Beulah Paradise, KS

Best carseat and base

We got the chicco keyfit 30 carseat and we love it!! It is so easy to get in and out of the car. Installation of the base was also easy. We had the installation checked at our local baby store just to make sure it was in correctly. We also love that the chicco can attach to many different strollers. We got the city select and love it!!

Carissa Locust Dale, VA

Do I really need an extra base?

YES! If you have one baby, one base should be enough… unless you have two or more cars! The ease and convenience of being able to pick up and go without having to switch the base between cars is wonderful. For my husband and I it was worth the price to pay for that convenience. Highly recommended, and with no issues to speak of. Love this product for what it is.NOTE: The car seat itself is great, but I would recommend going to a baby store like Babies R Us first and holding the car seats like the Chicco KeyFit30 in your hand first. And not just empty – put your purse or something at least 10 pounds in it too. Get a feel for how the weight is distributed. The handle on this one doesn’t help distribute the weight all that well and I often think I could have done better for my back with a different car seat. Obviously car safety is first, and that’s why we picked this one, but there are other things to consider after you find the top rated items.

Celia Floyd, VA


We previously had carseats that didn’t have the detachable base and we dreaded changing cars (such as when we had to take cars in for routine maintenance). This solves the problem entirely. One time installation and we now move effortlessly between our cars!

Leta Saint Bonaventure, NY

Must have

We are so glad we purchased this base to use in our second car. It makes life so much easier and hassle free to have this already to go in the car. Just snap the seat in and we are off no reattaching and making sure its tight. Just nice to know its in there and locked down how you want it one time.

Elisa Greenfield, IL


Once properly situated into place, this is an easy car seat base to work withwith handling the car seat. Such a far cry from the older car seats. This setis so much easier and more comfortable for baby. Riding in the back seatwith baby, I noted that when the car turned or stopped and started, the babywas not affected at all in his seat. If he moved at all, it was not noticable.Love it!

Karyn Maxton, NC

So Easy to Install

I found this base to be very easy to install with either the belt or LATCH system. When I took it to be safety checked the technition was excited, saying this is their favorite carseat to install because it’s not complicated. It’s great to have a second base for our carseat so it is quick and easy to safely transport baby in either car.

Erma Douglas, AK

Wonderfully convenient!

The Keyfit system is wonderful, and this extra base is no different. It has really made our lives easier that we don’t have to choose who drives based on where the base is, or worse, move the base a lot.Beyond this, the base is actually pretty easy to move when you need to. It installs easily with the clips, if you have car seat anchors in your vehicle. I have also used the seatbelt restraint. Both only take minutes to install. The bubble level lets you know that you have it installed in the safest way possible.

Kathleen Freeport, IL

Great carseat base

Got this as an extra base to go with my Chicco Keyfit 30 carseat. This one was given to the grandparents. Even they agree that this is the easiest base to install quickly and correctly.

Laverne Montreat, NC

Great Base

This car seat base is great and very easy to install, thanks to an easy slip-on latch mechanism. It is also much easier to tighten than other car seats I’ve used–just push down on the base and pull up on the sturdy fabric tie. Highly recommend.

Magdalena Newtonville, MA

You can’t have too many of these

We have two of these bases and they are totally worth the money. I have another car seat and base and it doesn’t come close to the quality of the Chicco product. The seat snaps firmly into these bases, so you don’t have to second guess whether or not your baby is secure in the car.Attaching them to the belt is easy once you do it a couple of times and once the base is in you really don’t have to move it much. These are quality car seat products and I definitely recommend Chicco products in general.

Maricela Minatare, NE

Super easy install

I think this base is super easy to install. I use it in a suv as well as a compact and its easy. I also like that you can click the clips into the base itself when storing it. I also like that it has the “level bubble” thing on the side to make sure itsu at a safe angle for baby. I buy everything for baby from and if you use my code bail2798 you get 20% off your first order.

Jannie Neosho, WI

I love Chicco Products!

Easiest installation. Easiest base to use. The BEST car seat system available. I got this an as extra for my husband’s car and it fit wonderfully. I actually haven’t found a car that this base WON’T fit in.

Bettye Moore, ID

great carseat base!

I have the Chicco KeyFit 30 for my son’s car seat. He is almost 5 months old and my husband and I are so happy with his car seat and base. We purchased an extra base so that we don’t have to transport one back and forth in our cars every day and we are very pleased with how it was easy to install and the ease of use. I’d recommend it to anyone!

Sheree Welling, OK

Used as an extra

We needed a spare base for our other car but put off buying it until we ran into a problem with one of our vehicles. Had we had the other base when my car broke down, my husband, who was watching the baby while I ran errands, could have rescued me. Luckily I was within walking distance to a family member’s home. I would recommed a spare base because you never know when there may be an emergency.

Sophia Bayard, WV

not sure … check out the youtube video!

chicco makes a fantasticTravel System. i looked at so many different styles, but settled with chicco because of all the favorable reviews. the system comes with one base, but we needed two because my husband and i both share the responsibility of picking up/dropping off our baby to daycare.if you want more info, check out youtube – simply copy & paste, “Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat Installation Video” into the search box. i would have included the link itself, but amazon would have just removed it. sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words 🙂

Jill Grass Valley, OR

Great base for a great seat but over priced

Chicco is really proud of their products but it is hard to but a price on your child’s safety. Just like the one that came with your Keyfit.

Kris Strawberry, AR

Good system

I like the Keyfit30 system. One carseat, two bases.Easy to install. Levels to ensure proper positioning.Ssecure, positive click when seat locks to base.Easy to adjust straps and easy release/tension systemEasy to remove from base with one hand.Highly recommended.Might have gone with a different system if we had know we were going to need to invest in a double stroller so soon after the first was born.

Joanna Cooperstown, PA

Easy to use the Car Seat Base

We purchased 2 additional bases almost almost a year ago We have not had any issues with any of them. We had a certified person install one of them at the police station. My husband installed the others without any issue.The base is not very heavy. The car seat just snaps in without an issue. These are so easy to use. I never take the one out of my car, Toyota Camry. I sit grocery items in it all the time.My review on the actual car seat is here:;=B0058HTIMG&linkCode;=&nodeID;=&tag;=

Celia North Liberty, IA

Works like it’s supposed to – shipping left a lot to be desired

Came shipped in the retail box, with no protective packaging material. The first one arrived damaged because of this and we had to request another one. It was guaranteed to be delivered the next day, but of course did not arrive until the day after that. It works with our Chicco KeyFit30 compatible carseat as advertised, but it’s hard to see why this single piece costs $90. We nearly did not get the extra base for our second vehicle (and were just transferring one base back and forth), but I got it just in case one of us accidentally left home with it installed but was not traveling with the baby. Still, it’s hard to justify the expense for just the extra base.

Britney Ellis, KS

Good Base

Needed an extra base for the Chicco Keyfit 30. It works as well as the first one. Easy to use and to level. Has latch system which makes it easy to install and take out. The Keyfit 30 is a great system that will keep you child safe.

Katie Welch, WV

Easy to install, bought two of them

This base is SO easy to install. My husband installed them into our cars when I was 8 months pregnant and he was done in 3 minutes. Seriously, that easy. Especially if you have a newer car you can just clip them in and make sure the level is balanced and you can go on your merry way.

Bianca Stryker, MT

Easy installation

This base is so easy to install. Two clicks and you’re finished. I really liked that there are three ways to install.

Deidra Carp Lake, MI

Works great!

Fits our Chicco Limonada Key Fit 30 seat. It is exactly like the base that comes with the seat. Perfect for a second car.

Augusta Deerfield, MO

Extra base is a must have!

We have used this carseat and base for 7 months and really love it. It’s SO easy to use which is fantastic. Having the spare base is a must so that you can have one in each car. I can’t imagine it getting much simpler than the Keyfit 30 and I recommend this seat to all my friends!

Juana Rebuck, PA

Can’t live without this if using the Chicco infant seat!

This base is so simple to use and install! We have two cars, so we got a base for each car. My husband has a 2 door, and I can’t tell you how invaluable having this base back there is! Instead of trying to contort yourself/giant infant seat through the car door and into the backseat and get the seatbelt through the slots, its just a simple click in! Also it is EXTREMELY easy to install. I installed the base myself in my Chevy Tahoe when I was 8 months pregnant! The LATCH system is basically foolproof. I feel that this is a MUST have if you’re using the infant seat daily in the same car, especially if you have more than one car.

Harriet Monticello, MN


I could not believe how easy this base was to install using the LATCH clips. It took me all of ten seconds to level the base (extremely easy with the bubbles and the adjustable foot) and clip it in. I actually took it out twice just to make sure I did it right, thinking it should not be so easy. It is tight and secure and barely moves at all (defintely way less than the allowed one inch in each direction). I highly recommend this product, especially from Amazon, as the price is about 20 dollars less than most baby stores.

Nannie Coffee Creek, MT

Easy to install

We bought two bases ( one for each car) before the baby was born, but could have bough only one, as it is easy to install and switch between cars. The seat snaps into it easily and I really did not find any issues with it. We use it for about 10 months.

Deirdre South Colton, NY