Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller Frame

Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller Frame

The Right fit for a Keyfit. Designed exclusively for the rated Keyfit Infant Car Seat, the Keyfit Caddy is a perfect addition to a Chicco baby gear collection. Featuring the easy and secure click in car seat attachment you’ve come to expect from Chicco, this lightweight car seat carrier was created specifically for Cortina Travel System parents looking for an extra convenient way to travel with baby on those especially busy days. With its light aluminum frame, compact one hand fold, large expandable basket and 4 position height adjustable handle, easy to see how the Keyfit Caddy can simplify life during baby’s first months. Other features include all wheel suspension, toe tap locking brakes and a full featured parent tray.

Main features

  • Designed exclusively for the Chicco Keyfit Infant car seat
  • Audible click ensures keyfit is attached securely
  • Premium featuring ultra light anodized aluminum frame with easy one hand fold
  • Fits Key fit 22; fits keyfit 30

Verified reviews


This is a waste

We got this as part of our baby registry but it quickly became apparent it was rinky and dinky and not really useful we bought this adapter insteadUPPAbaby Car Seat Adapter for Chiccowhich works awesome! (oh this was so bad once we took it out of the box and looked at it we returned it)

Marina Petersburg, AK

Worth the extra money

We have been using the Keyfit Caddy for about 3 weeks and love it! We had been strongly considering buying the Baby Trend Snap N’ Go or the Graco Snugrider stroller because they were less expensive but decided to get this one because it was made specifically to fit our Keyfit car seat. I like hearing the “click” when I place the car seat in the frame; it feels very secure. When we tried the Snap N’ Go and the Graco Snugrider at a baby store, they both felt OK (the seat rested fairly well in the frame) but nothing like the Keyfit Caddy (the seat actually snaps in place). The ride is smooth and it is easy to fold up and down. I am very glad we spent the extra money.UPDATE: We have been using this stroller for about eight months now and love it just as much now as we did when we first got it. We used it in stores (a few times a week) and on horribly uneven sidewalks (several times a week) and it does extremely well on both. The only place it doesn’t do well is on pavement covered in several inches of snow – but I never expected it to handle that. Even though it has seen quite a bit of use, it is basically as good as new. We are about to transition to a regular stroller and will really miss this one.

May Hinton, VA

Best stroller option for a newborn if you have Chicco carseat

I’m SO glad that I got this caddy stroller to use as the primary stroller for my son for the first 3-4mo of his life. Originally (before I knew any better!) I was thinking of buying a “travel system” including carseat and stroller .. in fact I was looking at the Chicco system, since I knew I wanted a Chicco carseat. THE CADDY IS SO MUCH BETTER! For the following reasons:- The Chicco full-size stroller is only so-so .. definitely not the highest rated in its class, and not one I would ever consider purchasing as my primary stroller on a standalone basis. Why then consider buying a so-called “travel system,” when the carseat will actually work with lots of other stroller bases?- The Chicco caddy is SUPER convenient and lightweight – very easy to fold up and store in the car, then open up and pop baby in and out when running around town doing errands.- Handling is very good and it’s actually pretty versatile, more versatile than you might think given how lightweight/portable it is. It’s definitely not an all-terrain stroller (the wheels aren’t large or robust enough), but we took it on some walks on mostly flat dirt trails (nothing too bumpy/crazy), and it held up just fine.You may also be considering the Snap n Go generic caddy stroller, especially because it’s so much cheaper than the Chicco. I struggled with the same thing, and am SO glad that in the end I bought the Chicco caddy made specifically for Chicco carseats. The Chicco carseat audibly snaps into the Chicco caddy and is much more securely attached than it would be on the Snap n Go (where there is no “click,” and you are supposed to manually close a strap over the carseat every time you attach it). Otherwise, I found the two stroller caddies to be pretty similar, in terms of ride/handling, quality/materials, etc. But the greater security/safety & convenience (not having to use the strap) of the Chicco caddy were good enough reasons for me to spring for it.It’s expensive, and you may only use this item for a few months, but for us it was worth it. I suspect that the resale value on these will actually be pretty good as well (given that it’s a pretty new item and there aren’t many used ones on Craigslist etc. yet), so in the end you may even be able to recoup much of what you paid!

Lucille Adjuntas, PR

The caddy of caddy strollers – easier to use and smoother ride that Baby Trend Snap n’ Go

We replaced a Baby Trend car seat with the Chicco Keyfit 30 and wanted a stroller caddy to use with it. Our daughter is growing rapidly and it isn’t practical to carry her around in the car seat. I was able to put it together easily with one exception. The directions are easy to follow with one step per page and all the pieces fit together well except the arm bar (the piece that sticks out and holds the car seat) – my husband had to come help me push down with full body weight to get it to click together. Fortunately it worked and we didn’t break the plastic in the process.Pros include:- Large and easy to access basket- Adjustable handle (although it adjusts from a hinge and swings up and down instead of sliding down. This makes for a slightly awkward pushing angle when in the shortest position).- Smooth ride – it rolls really well and doesn’t have the same clunky ride as the Baby Trend Snap and Go stroller caddy we used before.- Easy to push with one hand.- With practice, the stroller frame does open and close with one hand by pulling up on the lever by the cup holders.- The frame folds up tightly and locks into place so you can put it in the truck of the car with one hand. The handle bar also folds down for easy storage.- The stroller, when folded, stands on the wheels so you can store it against a wall without worrying about it sliding down or falling over.All in all we’re glad we spent the money instead of trying to make the Baby Trend stroller work with the Chicco car seat. The transition from our City Mini to the car seat stroller isn’t as painful anymore!

Marian Meriden, NH

Good first impression

I didn’t even know this existed until I saw it in a local baby store this weekend (Sept 2011). I had already planned on a Snap-n-Go to go with my Keyfit 30, but I was so happy to see this! The car seat snaps securely into the frame, and that negates any need for the strap (like I would need with the Snap-n-Go). The handle is adjustable, and I love that because I am relatively tall (5’8″, but I have a preference for a higher handle anyway). The storage basket is pretty roomy, and it is pretty light weight. Putting it together was very simple, but the front bar took a little bit of muscle to put in place. It has a smooth ride, and it seems sturdy, but I cannot completely attest to that, because we have only had it for 2 days! Hopefully it will last for as long as the car seat is useful. We do have a lightweight stroller to go along with it when we don’t want to lift the car seat.

Mitzi Douglassville, PA

Perfect fit

I already have a chicco stroller to fit the carrier but it’s huge. It barely fits in my trunk and doesn’t fit well in tight store aisles. It’s a very good stroller just not practical for everyday. With my first I ended up mostly hauling around the carrier without the help of the stroller. So now I have my second and I just don’t want to do that again. I tried the caddy at buy buy baby and was won over. It’s extremely light, easy to push, easy to fold, and fits the carrier perfectly (as it should because they’re made for each other). Now that I’ve used it a few times I like it even more. The basket is great. You can access the stuff from the front or the back without moving the carrier.Looking back, I wish I skipped the full travel system and got the carrier, the caddy, and waited until the baby was older before investing in a stroller.

Carolyn Templeton, CA

Meh. Should be cheaper.

Stroller fits the Keyfit carseat well, and is very maneuverable. The storage basket holds a lot.But. On smooth, flat surfaces (like the floor at a supermarket) it has a wobble. We have not been able to figure out why. And on several occasions when I’ve unfolded the stroller to use it, somehow in transit one or the other of the rear wheels has come slightly loose from the frame, requiring that I stop, bend over, and re-snap it to the receptacle on the stroller. Not sure how this is happening, but my feeling is for this sort of money the wheels shouldn’t be coming off unless I take them off on purpose.I love the stroller’s maneuverability, and it’s very convenient while shopping. But the ride is a little wobbly and the wheel thing is super irritating.

Dianne Banning, CA

i love it, love it, love it !!

things i love about the Chicco Keyfit Caddy Car Seat Frame:snaps and locks in the car seat for safetyvery large storage basketextremely sturdy yet light weightheight adjustable handles for the tall, medium and petiteeasy to steereasy to assemblehas TWO cup holdersfolds easilythere are no complaints. i love it so far and i am very happy with my purchase!

Deborah Milton, IN

Excellent secondary/travel stroller

We use our larger, sturdier Uppa Baby stroller for long walks, but we use this stroller for everything else (doctor’s appointments, shopping trips, flights, dining out) because it is very light (good for sore backs!), folds easily and compactly, has ample storage space, and moves well. I gave this stroller 4 stars instead of 5 because some components are a little flimsy, but it is well worth the cost, regardless.

Esmeralda Windsor Mill, MD

As good as it gets for snap in strollers—Great features without being overengineered

I’ll start off by saying that I’ve done a lot of research on different types of strollers and have ‘test driven’ many strollers of friends/family and at the store. Somehow, either by purchasing them new or buying them second hand, I’ve ended up with five different strollers for two kids, since each seems to serve a different purpose. So I was a bit skeptical of a snap in/frame stroller. (With my first baby, I had a snap and go, which fell apart after only a couple of months of use). However, I had a c-section with my daughter and just needed something simple so that I could run in and out of places without having to carry the infant car seat.I LOVE THIS STROLLER. Even though it’s pretty basic, Chicco has designed it with all of the right features so that it’s super convenient, but not over engineered. Some of the features are even better than some of the more expensive strollers I own (BOB…I’m looking at you). At right around $100, I’d say it’s a great value and if you’re using the Chicco car seat, may be the only stroller you need until your child outgrows the seat.PROS:-Chicco Car seat locks in-If you’ve used any other frame strollers, you know that the Chicco Infant Seat won’t lock into place. You get the confidence that the car seat isn’t going anywhere and don’t have to bother with the trying to find both ends of the ‘safety strap.’ It snaps in and out the same way the car seat snaps into the base.-HUGE Basket-I love this basket. It may be the best basket out on the market in this price range. I haven’t used other Chicco Travel Systems, but this basket is so generously sized. I can fit my tote bag purse, a diaper bag and a gym bag in the bottom. (For perspective, it is noticeably bigger than the basket in my BOB single stroller and Peg Perego Vela). As an added bonus, you can easily access from the sides and there are zippers in the corners, so it is easy to access from the front and back. No more wrestling with the stroller to get the wipes out of the diaper bag! The material is sturdy and has held up well, despite abuse from all of our bags (vs. the snap and go, whose basket liner ripped within about three weeks).-Cupholders–This may seem silly, but it comes with two cupholders that are molded in to the plastic console on the top (not a mesh/canvas console). Somehow the cup holder is an added luxury with most strollers and when you get the ‘add on’ cup holder, it isn’t study because it’s made from flexible materials vs. molded plastic. This securely holds the cup/bottle, so I never worry about it accidentally falling or spilling on the baby. Plus there’s a little cubby in the console that easily fits a smartphone and set of keys and closes securely so they’re not exposed.-Adjustable handle bar–It’s nice to be able to adjust the height of the handle bar to one of three settings. I’m not extremely tall, but I see how this might benefit people that are taller than 5’6 and still want to push the stroller comfortably.-Easy to fold–It is a breeze! You just fold down the handle bar with two very easy to push in buttons on either side of the console and then lift a lever to fold it. I’ve folded this hundreds of times and it’s never jammed or gotten stuck. (I can’t say the same for my other strollers, but in all fairness, they’re much bigger, bulkier strollers).-Sturdy Construction–The frame of the stroller itself is not much, it’s pretty light, but still feels solid. I’m not worried about putting my baby in there. (As compared with the snap and go, which felt like it was going to blow over if you left it in the wind). The wheels are one of the biggest differences for me. They are solid and don’t seem to wear down. (The snap and go’s wheel’s are what made me return it…they were peeling off after a couple of months of light use—mostly indoors). There are brakes on each side and they feel solid.Overall, this stroller has completely exceeded my expectations and I’m so glad that I got it. Chicco has made a good quality stroller that would easily last through a couple of kids. This will last you until you figure out which more expensive stroller you want to buy. (If you’re a first time mom, I’d suggest waiting until after you have the baby to buy the ‘big’ stroller—what I thought I wanted and what I ended up getting were different once I’d lived with the baby for a few months).That said, Chicco has come out with a new stroller (Chicco Liteway Plus) that is an umbrella stroller that accommodates an infant seat.Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller, EquinoxHad I known about this, I would have considered that (Full Disclosure: I haven’t used this stroller, so I can’t attest that I like it more or less than this one.) That said, we have a Chicco Capri umbrella stroller (we bought it from a co-worker) that we used all the time for my older, toddler son (before we had our daughter). We kept it in the car for quick trips. Had I known that was available, that might have been a better option so I wouldn’t have to store two separate strollers (frame and umbrella)!

Cara Barnard, VT

Chicco Keyfit Caddy Frame

The frame is lightweight and the compartment at the bottom is big enough for a diaper bag or shopping bags. The drink holders don’t hold water bottles b/c they are too short and the bottles fall out easily. The compartment on the stroller handlebar is not large enough to hold an i-phone and be able to close.

Kris Dexter, MI

Lightweight and convenient

This is the perfect size and weight especially if you’re on the go and don’t want something too bulky. This was perfect for running errands.You won’t regret the chicco keyfit caddy and this is coming from a new parent who is tired of wasting money on trial and error purchases. When your baby has grown out of it you can sell it on Craigslist.

Lori Harrisburg, SD

Light, easy, use it everyday

I have been using this for over 6 months now and I’m a first time mom. This is so easy to use. It is super light weight. I have had other moms stop me and ask what it is when I’m getting it in and out of my car. I highly recommend this. I even use it carry groceries. The bottom section is great. It even zips open in the front so you can easily unload it.

Shelly Gallitzin, PA

Fantastic for the City

We use this frame with the Chicco Keyfit 30 as our only stroller. It is just right for use in an urban setting. It’s compact, so you don’t feel like a thoughtless monster wheeling a huge stroller through small shops or down narrow sidewalks. It’s never easy to wrestle a stroller onto the bus, but if you have to do it, this is the stroller you want. It’s super maneuverable. The cargo area in the bottom holds about four paper bags worth of groceries so it functions basically like a grocery cart that also securely holds your baby. I’ve pushed this thing across snow and ice, potholed streets and cracked and uneven sidewalks and while it’s not designed for off road conditions, it’s definitely up to the challenge – this is not a stroller you can only push in a mall. It folds and unfolds easily with one hand. It’s also light and easy to carry up the stairs, and small enough when folded to fit in our tiny foyer.I was really stressed out about stroller shopping for a newborn and infant because we don’t own a car, live in a small apartment in a city with rough winters, and take public transportation everywhere and most strollers seemed designed for people with cars and storage space in their homes. This stroller frame was the perfect solution for us.

Helen Endicott, NE


UPDATE: Just wanted to update my review. I’ve used the stroller now for nine months, and have been very happy with it. It’s gotten a ton of use, and has held up very well. Absolutely no complaints here! Just moved my daughter to a convertible seat, and retired her infant seat. Kinda wish she wasn’t my last baby…would have loved to hang on to it to use another time!This is probably my favorite baby purchase, which is kind of ironic as I almost didn’t buy it! Chicco came out with this just before my daughter was born. I’d already purchased the whole travel system, but was able to talk myself into buying this with the thought of leaving the bulky stroller in the garage for walks around the neighborhood, while this lightweight stroller could live in my minivan for trips into the store, mall, doctor’s office, etc. Been using it for 4 months now (starting with the ride from our hospital room to the car with my brand new baby), and I’ve never once regretted purchasing it!PROS:-Lightweight (can toss it in the back of my minivan easily with one hand)-Easy, one-handed steering (I have no problems pushing this and a cart at the same time…a little awkward, but easily done)-Easy, one-handed folding (really, I can hold my baby or groceries in one hand, and fold with the other hand)-Adjustable height handle (this was important to me, as I’m 6′ tall and can’t stand having to hunch over and/or alter my stride so I don’t kick the basket)-Dual cup holders (and even a small covered storage area for snacks, keys or whatever)-Nice, large basket (I’ve gone to Costco to “just pick up a prescription real quick”, and walked out with an amazing amount of stuff in the basket)-Reassuring, audible click when the seat gets put into placeCONS:-Nothing! If I had to come up with something, I guess it’d be that I wish it felt a bit sturdier. For example, when my 7yo walks beside the stroller holding on, and gets a little rambunctious as boys often do, I have to tell him to let go because the stroller will kind of sway slightly side to side. Or, when I tip the stroller back to go up a curb, it feels a little less sturdy than a regular stroller. That said, it doesn’t feel like it’ll fall apart when these things happen, it’s just me trying to find something wrong with it so I can fill this space. ;)Definitely consider getting this stroller frame! I’d buy it all over again, and am going to be so sad when she outgrows her infant seat and I have to start using a larger stroller. <sniffle>

Kelley Friant, CA

The best purchase ever.

I have an 11 week old and have been using the Chicco KeyFit30 travel system. It was a very generous hand-me-down. After the fifth outing by myself with the baby (while hubby was at work) I wanted to vomit at the thought of the in and out with that massive travel system stroller. I got an SUV and it barely clears the trunk. Anyway it will be great to have when my son is old enough for the stroller but someone recommended this caddy. After reading all the reviews and going back and forth with the “is it worth it” questions, I decided to buy it. One thing I struggled with is – how long will he actually be in his car seat that fits this caddy and should I spent this money on something that in many ways feels so temporary? Now I can comfortably say HECK YES! If you are thinking about it just do it. You won’t look back. It’s so lite weight, easy to push, narrow, and for something so small it has a TON of storage space under the carriage. I am SO happy with it and honestly even if I can only use it for a few months its a small price to pay for the incredible convenience it offers. LOVE!

Liza Oakfield, WI

Great stroller!!

I had been given a Chicco Keyfit car seat when I had my son. I knew I wanted to go a stroller that the car seat clicked into. I saw the generic one that can be purchased that is a far amount cheaper. I was going to purchase the cheaper one but based on the reviews I read on the Caddy stoller I decided to spend the money and get the stroller that was specifically designed for the car seat. I am sooo happy I did. This stroller is great!! I use it every day. It can be folded up and opened up with one hand which is great. Getting the car seat in and out is also very easy. I would recommend spending the extra money and buying the stroller that is meant for the Chicco carseat.

Johanna Tibbie, AL

Good in some ways but there are other options out there

This was our first stroller. It is great if you have a small car. So light weight and easy to get in and out of the car. However, don’t think you have to get Chicco stroller just because you are getting the Chicco car seat. Our son just graduated from the infant car seat and we moved on to a new stroller and I’ve come to find out that there are soooo many strollers that fit infant car seats! I LOVE our new 3 wheeler. The Chicco stroller is only good on smooth surfaces. It has no off roading ability whatsoever. If you want any kind of terrain or shock absorption, don’t get this stroller. The main point is that there are tons of options out there but if you want a basic, light weight, easy to store frame, this is fine.

Mindy Elgin, PA

Perfect !

I got this stroller frame because my bob stroller which I love is just way too heavy and difficult to set up bc my baby is still newborn so I cant just put her in the stroller quite yet I have to set up the attachment and stroller and carseat! So i purchased this ….and honestly I couldn’t ask for a better product the cargo space rocks for just being a stroller frame and I can easily set it up or put it away in my trunk when I’m in a hurry ! It really holds a lot of stuff and its very light weight I would recommend it 🙂

Michaela Willow Hill, IL

Couldn’t live without it!

I had read and heard recommendations to buy a car seat/caddy combo before my baby was born and I am so glad that I did!-The frame is very lightweight and easy to lift in and out of my car for any errands we are on, especially compared to a lot of the bulky travel systems that are available-Once folded, the handle can fold inward and fits well into the small trunk in my Honda Civic–I still have room for groceries!-The one-handed fold is incredibly easy and fast. I always look for easy-to-use buttons (I have arthritis in my hands) and I was not disappointed with this system (or any Chicco products!) This is one of the differences I noticed while comparing this caddy to other, generic frames in the stores such as the Snap N Go that are a bit more difficult to use-The steering really is one-handed and incredibly easy, again another improvement over the Snap N Go. This is important when I’m trying to get my baby in and out of doors by myself and steer around the grocery store with a basket in my hand!-The basket is large enough to hold a lot of items…which is always important for an over-packer like me

Nicole Prince George, VA

Best choice

Light and easy to transport. Underneath storage is also very convenient. Much better than our massive stroller we got with the first one.

Marion Coles Point, VA

This thing is super light and convenient

This thing is super light and convenient. It was my favorite stroller option for the first 6-7 months. I also like that I can wear my baby and use it to carry the groceries since I live in an urban area. I will say it is not the most cost effective, long term option for a lot of people because my b=daughter likes to face out these days. But for the price, it’s a nice convenient option. I still use it when I’m running errands where I’m popping in and out of a lot of places quickly so I don;t have to keep taking her out of her car seat and putting her back in.

Mayra Delbarton, WV

Great for going out and about with a baby!

I love this thing. It’s especially awesome when I am going out with my baby on my own, no need to mess with getting the stroller set up, get the baby out of the carseat, etc. I click her out of the carseat base and click her into the stroller. It’s lightweight and easy to fold out and to store. I was on the fence about buying it and I am SO glad I did. Absolutely LOVE it!

Nellie Albany, MN

We almost (stupidly) returned this!

When our son was about a month old, we figured we didn’t need this item as we had a jogging stroller and anywhere else I’d just carry him. So, we almost returned this. Then, when I realized we were about to go out of the country, I thought this could be a good option so we wouldn’t have to travel with the large, clunky jogging stroller (which also happens to say “Please steal me!” all over it.) It was a lifesaver on the trip! Folded up easily- could fit in the trunk of even the smallest taxi- and it allowed us to travel with baby in his little carrier/carseat which was the safest alternative when zipping around the dangerous streets of a large city.Baby is now almost 10 months old and is still fitting in his carrier carseat (thank goodness!) so I still use this stroller (we call it the “skeleton”) every single day. It’s so wonderful, lightweight, easy to use…I’d almost go so far as to say it’s among the best and most useful baby items we purchased so far.Yeah- it’s not rugged- and I wouldn’t take it off-road. It was a bit tough to work with on the clunkier streets of Buenos Aires which are often cobblestone at worst and just very uneven at best. But, despite all the abuse, the stroller still held up and is going strong which for $100 is a heck of a deal!

Lily Amboy, IL

Incredibly light and such a smooth ride!

When I started out looking for a new stroller for our second child I didn’t want one of the huge, bulky travel systems I was suckered into buying with my first son. I had already purchased a Chicco Keyfit car seat and I really loved it. This helped me decide to search their line of products when I happened upon this stroller. This stroller is incredibly light (probably just a pound or two more than an umbrella stroller). It is easy open. In fact, this stroller can be opened with one hand. This stroller is rugged, provides just enough storage for a diaper bag, drinks, and keys. It feels like it glides even on rough pavement and gravel. I highly recommend!

Eliza Northridge, CA

Lightweight and convenient

This stroller was super easy to put together. We haven’t used it yet (baby isn’t due untilMay) but so far it seems like exactly what I was looking for. It folds up easily and fits in the car (CRV) with no problem.

Elinor Plainfield, CT

Perfect fit!

I love this thing! I am sad that we’re about to move our baby out of an infant car seat into the next one, because that means we’re on the hunt for a new stroller. So far, the only stroller we have is this caddy with the infant car seat. Here is why we love it:Light-weight! This is so easy to get in and out of the car when running errands and making several stops along the way. I’ve also had to use this extensively on public transportation, getting on and off buses and trains in Japan for five months. I need to lift the baby in the car seat with the stroller attached, and I’ve been so thankful that the stroller frame doesn’t add much weight at all.Compact! I hate strollers where the front wheels extend out so you are in danger of tripping people, or where they are so wide you can’t fit into compact spaces. This stroller frame is compact front-to-back and side-to-side! Again, this was put to the test during our five months in Japan. I love that the frame itself isn’t much larger than the infant car seat, and the adjustable handle folds all the way down. I can fit into crowded buses, trains, and the tiny elevators all around Japan with ease. Other American moms I’ve met during my travels have had a much more difficult time maneuvering their large strollers around. I can also fit through any of the pay stations at the train stations, and most of the other moms with their various strollers need to go to the extra-wide lane.Adjustable handle! My husband and I have a height difference. We love that we can raise the height for my husband, or lower it for me.Large cargo space! I can fit so much under the car seat! Since I don’t have my car in Japan, the capacity of the cargo space has been put to the test. I walk to the grocery store and need to bring home my groceries. If I spend all day out, I need to bring enough food, diapers, clothes, etc. for my baby and me, and we have no problem fitting it underneath. My friends usually need to wear a back pack or something in order to tote their supplies, where I can always take everything I need (and sometimes, take things for others).I like the little covered storage area in the parent center. I keep my keys, camera, cell phone, mints, lip balm, or whatever, up there for easy access. Sometimes, it takes a little juggling to get what I want to fit, but I like that it’s there.These are the only cons:The cup holders are too small. I can jam my water bottle partially down, but it’s unstable and tips out if I go over bumpy terrain.The wheels aren’t great off-road. I get bogged down in gravel, sand, and sometimes, grass.I love this stroller, and it has set the bar high for its replacement. It has definitely been put to the test over the past five months in Japan, and around home before that, and I am so glad we went this route. I frequently receive compliments on this stroller caddy, and people are always asking me where I got it. I highly recommend it!

Meghan Eldorado Springs, CO

Love this stroller!!!

I didn’t want to fork out the money for a chicco travel system so I wound up getting the carseat and this caddy to save money. The caddy is wonderful. It’s lightweight and opens and closes easily. My husband who is 6’2″ and me at 5’7″ both thought the handle bar height was adequate. The basket at the bottom is nice and big. I purchased some heavy duty hooks to go on the handle and I just take this with me grocery shopping with my little one. I put the reusable bags on the hooks and in the basket below and it makes my shopping trip easy. The chicco keyfit 30 snaps right in with ease. Even my husband was impressed with how user friendly this was. I’m going to miss it when we have to get a bigger carseat and can’t use it anymore. But I’m sure it will come in handy for the next child we have. Get it, you won’t regret it.

Chandra Squires, MO

very handy

This is lightweight and easy to use. It has a big basket for storage too. The only downside is that it doesn’t fold down small and still takes up a lot of room in the trunk.

Kellie Delight, AR

Perfectly Convenient – Would Definitely Recommend

This is a great stroller to keep in the car – we use it all the time for quick shopping trips or really any time the baby will stay in her car seat outside of the car for any length of time.The frame is extremely light which is wonderful when you have your hands full. It is also super quick and easy to fold and unfold, again wonderful if you’re holding your baby or something else in your other hand.The basket underneath is quite large and will hold my way-too-big diaper bag that won’t fit in other strollers or enough items to forgo a separate basket while shopping.The only reason I didn’t give this product 5 stars is because it does seem a tad pricey, especially since it can only be used as long as your child is in an infant car seat, but it is made really well. It would also be nice if it would fold over one more time, but since it’s lightweight and rather thin when folded, it’s not that big of a deal.

Kimberly Bay Springs, MS