Chicco Lil Piano Splash Walker, Splash

Chicco Lil Piano Splash Walker, Splash

A padded seat and rounded lines give a comfortable ride, while six brake pads help prevent falls on stairs. 3 height settings allows the walker to grow with your baby. DJ tray features keyboard, drums, buttons, lights, sounds and rattles. Folds flat for easy storage and seat liner is removable for washing.

Main features

  • Plastic, Nylon, Steel
  • Imported
  • Promotes development with music and rhythm
  • Padded seat, removable for washing
  • Folds flat for easy storage and travel
  • 3 height adjustment settings for a customized ride
  • Brake pads to help prevent falls on stairs

Verified reviews


so much fun!

I started letting my son play in this walker when he was about 4 months old. He would lean forward because he was still needing support to sit upright, so I started rolling up a towel or blanket and putting it between his chest and the walker. Let me tell you, he just loved it from the moment we put him in! He would just laugh and laugh and push off with his feet like crazy.I think we ejoy watching him in it more than him. I love the brake pads feature which prevent the walker from going over any changes in flooring, like stairs or a door jam. I actually took them off, as our house is only one story, and I am always near to him while he is in it.THe little piano tray is excellent, and has such a variety of sounds and songs that he can make. THey are not too annoying or shrill sounding, either, like so many childrens toys.It was not too hard to put together, although i did need to follow the manual pretty closely, as I could not figure out the pieces on my own. I think it probably took about 20 minutes to get all set up.I like that the music tray is removeable, so it can become a tray for little toys or even snacks later on.I wold highly recommend this toy, as my son seems to like it very much

Alejandra Wilderville, OR

My six month old loves this, but…

Loads of fun, he really loves this – my six month old is 25 lbs and 27 inches long, so finding toys for him is hard. hes too big for age appropriate stuff, and for other things that fit him, he doesnt have the motor skills yet – but this walker is a dream for us. Why I like it:1 – it’s fun with lots of options for sounds and entertainment2 – it’s really sturdy and made well (Yay for Chicco products)3 – it’s easy to clean when he spits up in it (reflux is a bummer)4 – the play station with all the fun stuff pops out and creates a little treat tray for your little mover and shaker5 – it has these great stopper things that keep him from leaving tile/wood to carpet AND they are removable if you’re cool with that.6 – it’s super cute and gender nuetral!My only complaint…the leg holes are kind of small – he has chubby little baby legs, and we have to wedge him in and out of it. its worth it, he loves it, but it’s just something important to note. my guess is that its designed for slightly older babies that are already crawling and have lost some of that baby fat, so as his legs get longer, he’ll fit it just fine.

Maude Mason, KY

Returned it 🙁

This item was missing a toy but most importantly it doesn’t go Hugh enough, my some is tall, great for shorter babies Nader 30″ in

Francesca York, NY

Disappointing and ackward

BOTTOM LINE: Don’t buy this walker, there are many better ones out there. This one is overpriced, already came with parts not working, and puts baby in a painful and ackward position.I was VERY disappointed with this walker, for several reasons.CONS:1) ackward positioning for baby: pushes baby forward and puts all of their weight and pressure on tummy, which hurts and makes it difficult for baby to walk, the whole point of the toy2) piano already not working: some of the keys were already not working. My baby has used the piano a couple of times and more keys are not working. I expected much more for $70!3) expensive: one of the most expensive walkers out there and definitely not worth it4) piano sounds and music annoying: we have a lot of baby toys that play music. We are pretty tolerant of them at home. But this piano was pretty annoying to us.5) baby can’t walk in in: our baby is 6 months old and very tall for her age. But she still can’t reach the floor even on the lowest setting! By the time she can use this walker she will already be able to walk.I should have bought any of the other walkers that Amazon offers that had more reviews. Definitely wish I had made a different purchase. Don’t make the same mistake I made.

Aurelia Breezy Point, NY

Great walker

We had a Chicco walker for the last baby and gave it to my sister. Got this new one because I liked the last one so much. The new baby didn’t use a walker for nearly as long as I would have liked, but that’s not the fault of the walker. The Chicco walker is well made and works pretty well on carpet. Once the baby got strong enough, carpet didn’t seem to slow him down, but there is a noticeable difference between how it rolls on linoleum and how it does on carpet. Gotta love those safety features that keep the wheels from rolling too fast.

Hester Coy, AL

Perfect Walker

If you want an “actual” walker for your child, this is the one. I purchased another brand at Wal-mart and had to return it. We could not determine why our 8 mo. old grandson could not reach the floor even on the lowest setting. We finally realized the problem with the one purchased at Wal-mart. The seat in the walker gave the baby a sitting position instead of in a standing position. Also with the sitting position seat, the baby’s feet began to turn blue from just hanging in the seat. The Chicco gives the standing position and is perfect for your child to be able to touch the floor.

Michele Pearland, TX

Not for chubby babies-seat is too narrow!

This is my second walker for my daughter. She started with the Joovy walker at 5.5 months which she outgrew in 1 1/2 months because it’s too short for taller babies. My daughter is about 75-90% on height and 50-75% on weight chart. I heard that the Chicco walker runs taller so I purchased it. The ride is not as smooth as the Joovy, the seat fabric feels rough but it definitely runs high. At 8 months (28 inches and 19 lbs), she is using the lowest setting. The major problem is, the seat is so small and tight, her thighs get constricted. I doubt I can use it much longer. You would figure, if it’s made for taller infants, shouldn’t the seats be wider to accommodate bigger infants? The Joovy is the opposite. It runs low but the seats are huge. I have yet to find the perfect walker for my daughter.

Dollie Claudville, VA

Good up to 12 month old

I bought this walker when my daughter turned 10 months old. Sh is been using it since then and it is great. She is now 12 months old and I see she can push herself to get out. She could probably get out of it by pushing herself using the sides of the walker. I’ve seen her trying so I woudln’t recommend this passed 12m. She is also cruising by herself and trying to walk with help.

Margie Tow, TX

Keeps my little guy busy!

I actually discovered this walker while at a friends house and when I put my son in it, I knew we had to have it! This walker is actually great for younger babies and older babies because seat really adjusts to both. We use this every day. Our boy feels independent as he can glide where he pleases. The activity tray has a lot to do. It keeps our boy busy for hours. The only issue I have with it is that it is a little bulky and heavy compared to your traditional walker. When he comes running at you and rams you in the feet it really hurts lol but other then that its a great walker and I would recommend it.

Shelly Weldon, IA

Be mindful when ordering

This is wonderfully made, as most chicco products seem to be. Nice and sturdy.I’m not happy with it, reason being is at order point, there are 2 color options.We liked the ‘birdland’ print. We liked the "walker" play tray. We ordered the bird land, when it came we were disappointed to find the driving tray, not the piano we expected.Make sure to order by tray, not by color.Other than that, no complaints.

Suzanne Waverly, KS

chicco walker

What a great product. Baby loves it and wants to be in it all the time. He just loves the little keyboard and plays with it constantly.

Marian Bethesda, OH

Just what we wanted

The Chicco Birdland Walker was just what we wanted for our grandson! After reading lots of reviews on various other walkers, I chose this one for the features, colors, safety and price. I like how the colors are exactly the way they are shown in the picture. (Not sure why it is named “Birdland” but doesn’t really matter) I wanted something he could use at our house that would allow him to be upright and mobile, but safe from an active dog while he’s learning to walk on his own.There are a variety of car sounds he can activate by turning the steering wheel or grabbing the shifter and the other buttons. Also it has dog barking and cat meowing sounds, a turn signal and a mirror. There are two volume levels, three height adjustments and a nice wide base he won’t be able to tip over.The seat has generously sized leg openings and seems very comfortable for the baby, who is average % in weight. It feels sturdy and secure, and has a cute, easy to clean cover. This walker had “some assembly required” but still it only took my husband 15 minutes or so to put it all together, mostly because the cover fits so tightly. Even though our grandson is not quite 5 months old, he is already getting the hang of all the gadgets, and laughs and kicks his feet the minute we sit him in it. He is in the 80% on height for his age and his feet just barely touch the floor on the lowest setting, so we just put a pillow under his feet for now. I’m sure in a few weeks he’ll grow enough to stand flat footed and be ready to learn how to get around on his own soon. I think we’ll get several month’s use from this item before he grows out of it.The gadget tray lifts out completely so you have an open area underneath to use as a snack tray or a place to put suction toys or whatever, a very nice feature. It’s also easy to wipe everything down after he’s been drooling and chewing on it!Good price and the music is not annoying like so many other baby products these days. Would purchase this again and recommend to others. Reminds me of the walkers we had when our son was small, invaluable as a safe place for pre-walkers and and crawlers to play, snack and still be able to follow the grownups around while we cook or fold clothes. Also makes a great place for baby to watch a few minutes of TV with you when you sit down in the evening!

Amelia Ware Shoals, SC

Easy to assemble

I love this walker. It was very easy to assemble and I don’t like to put anything together. The base on the Chicco brand is wider than other brands. Even when she bumps up against shelves she can’t reach picture frames and decorations. The music is cute and has a volume control.

Angelina Glenwood, IL

Good walker

I almost didn’t purchase this one due to the reviews about chunky babies not fitting the leg holes. My daughter has chunk legs but she seemed fine going in. It’s a little snug to get her out but it’s a nice walker. If her legs didn’t fit i was going to cut the top of the leg hole to make the opening bigger. The piano on top is fun and she likes to push all the buttons. The board has two sound volumes. Its not that loud and you can block it out. Once my daughter figured out that it moves, she is walking all over the place. She did 5 laps around the house. It does come with breaks, although i didn’t put them on due to all of our stairs have doors that stay closed going downstairs. I can always put them on later if i need to. It has three heights that you can adjust and lock. Now she has the ability to chase me down if she can’t see me. Easy to put together too.

Kaitlyn Caledonia, IL

Granddaughter loves it

I purchased this for my 6 month old granddaughter and she loves it. Every week she is able to move more and more. I was a little worried about the stairs in our home, they are open and we are not able to fit them with a gate. This walker states it has brakes and can lock when front rollers hit a lower area. We tried several times and different ways and IT WORKS….It absolutely locks and will not move, when front wheels go past floor area onto open air on step. We are very happy with the walker.

Sierra Wantagh, NY

So versatile!

this thing is just great. My baby is 7.5 mo and 20 pounds. She can reach the floor flat footed on the lowest setting. The toy tray is removable and you can feed snacks or even a meal if you like. It folds pretty flat so it is nice to travel with. We haven’t taken it anywhere just yet but expect to soon! My little girl has chunky legs and at first I was worried it was too tight on her little thighs.. she doesn’t seem to mind it at all. This has been great because she is able to move all around safely. She can’t really reach anything to the sides either cause the bumper keeps the car pretty far from things. I imagine this will change as she becomes bigger. She has started to experience separation anxiety and instead of having to carry her when you leave the living room she is able to just follow you wherever you go. I have even seen her trying to chase the dog. Great buy! I definitely recommend!

Betty Garland, NC


I love this walker. Purchase it a few weeks ago, and it is the best toy I brought for my baby so far. It looks great, has many music functions, and is portable.

Lynnette Kanaranzi, MN

Great toy!

We have been using our Chicco Lil Piano Splash Walker for 4 months now. At first it was great for putting the baby in and letting him play with toys we put on the tray. He learned to walk around in it but we don’t use it much for that. At 8 months he enjoys being in the walker only outside in the driveway as he has some freedom. The removable toy that comes with this has become his go to toy all day long. He LOVES flipping the pages, playing with the beads, and the music. We play with this toy on the floor, in the car, everywhere. The toy part requires batteries but in 4 months with heavy usage we have only replaced them once. We do like that we can also use the tray on the walker for different toys and/or snacks when we are outside. This was well with the money!

Tricia Bacliff, TX

So many sounds! Light weight

I purchased this walker because it was the lightest weight one I could find. My mother already purchased the "little piano splash" walker which makes all kinds of sounds, including farm animals. I wanted to get this one just to have something different. I absolutely love it. It’s light weight, makes TONS of sounds, and the volume adjusts. It makes farm sounds, plays songs, and makes all kinds of car noises. My nephew loves it.

Shelia Sebastian, FL


We bought before our grandson was even crawling. He had many hours of fun running through the house in this walker. He loved the music and noises that the tray provided for him. Even after the walker broke (I fell on it, other than that it was very durable) my grandson still wanted to keep the tray that contained the music and sounds. It was a great buy.

Jeanie Wrenshall, MN

Leg openings are too small.

My 7 month old granddaughter loved the walker, especially the piano keys that play both music and animal sounds. However, the leg openings are so small, that I had to really tug to get her out of it. I will not put her back in it, because I am afraid I will hurt her when trying to pull her out. She weighs 19 pounds, so she is not extremely chubby. I would caution people not to order this walker, if your baby has legs that are even a little bit chubby. (She also has a Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo, which has leg openings that work fine for her.) If not for this problem, I would have given it 5 stars. I did not return it, because I have another grandbaby on the way, who might be able to use it. One good feature is that the tray insert with the toys can be removed and played with separately from the walker. She is at least able to get some use out of the walker, thanks to this. She loves all the musical toys on it.

Wendy Pitkin, CO

Cool Little Car

I bought this for my 4 month old because he was so active. This provided the perfect outlet for all his baby energy. He scoots from one end of the house to the other following me as I clean. The construction is solid and the design is far better then your typical walker. The multiple height settings are a plus as well as the removable activity tray. A couple months later he still loves his walker and likes to sit outside with me in the evening while I tend to the garden. One word of warning his super powerful chunky little legs are no match for the safety stoppers. He has been off roading in garden more than once. Bottomline very cute and not another piece of baby junk.

Bridget Mesa, WA

Smooth ride

I purchased this for my 11 month old son who is yet to walk. I’ve read a ton of reviews looking for the right walker and this one seemed to sum it up. One thing I’m disappointed with is that “all” wheels do not swivel 360 degrees as one reviewer commented on. This was one reason why I purchased this particular model but it serves its purpose nonetheless. The front swivel and the back just roll front to back. It has 3 height adjustments which are easy to adjust and provides a smooth, jerk free roll. As others have commented, it has music and sounds which aren’t annoying from a variety of songs to animal sounds such as cow, dog, duck. The quality is like anything else now a days, cheap plastic made in china but its been holding up well. The colour, although has some magenta, is not gender specific which is nice. Took about 10 minutes to put together and my son was zipping around the house. Overall we are happy with this purchase.

Leanne Mamaroneck, NY

Great product!

Fits my super tall baby boy where others are too short. We left off the "snubbers" for stairs and he can motor around our carpet great (we have no stairs). We had one of these for my daughter and loved it as well.

Audrey Concord, VA

great walker – hours of fun!

We needed something for the next step from the jumparoo – which we LOVED. I wasn’t sure about this walker – but it arrived and I love it! It has lots of sounds and buttons to keep a curious baby busy – and it has different height levels so that a baby of any size can touch the ground. Its also great because he can grab the cupboard knobs but the walker blocks them so they don’t open – for now – that is great!!! The toy insert also removes so you can have an empty tray to put suction cup toys or snacks. Highly recommend this versatile baby toy – we like it so much we travel with it (it folds up nicely too!)

Rosa Seabrook, TX

Love it

My 9 months baby love it. We got this when she was 7 months and she was not tall enough to walk on her own. However she was able to tip toe and push herself forward.Setting the walker up was easy, took me less than 30 minutes. One thing I didn’t like was the seat cover, it took some pulling down in order to stay in place. Other than that, this is great busy it keeps the baby busy while I can work on something else.

Brianna Frenchburg, KY

really cute

very cute walker with "car" functions, such as steering wheel, blinkers, horn, etc. keeps baby entertained for a short period.

Jasmine Bear Creek, NC

must have walker

my little one loves this walker, easy to move around in, watch out all new parents, this walker means mobility so all the baby proofing should be completed especially outlets, the baby in the walker is the perfect height for electric outlets. the piano walker has great songs and sounds, very entertaining. The seat and cushion does make the baby lean forward a little bit when in it. break pads work great too. would recommend to anyone

Francisca Dwarf, KY


My granddaughter loves this thing!Not too difficult to put together, if you start with patience. Well work the work!

Rhoda Wallingford, KY

Weird seat postiton

This is a cute walker. It makes good sound and flashes some lights. I’m not crazy about the seat poisoning. My son is 7 months old and always leaning forward in an awkward position. I saw someone mention this in another review and wished I had payed more attention before buying this.

Tricia Ranger, GA