Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller, Equinox

Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller, Equinox

Build your own travel system with the 2-in-1 Liteway Plus stroller. This lightweight stroller conveniently converts from a toddler stroller to an infant car seat carrier for on-the-go parents and babies. The child seat features innovative forward-fold functionality to accept your KeyFit infant car seat with an audible click. For use in toddler mode, the enclosed seat also features 5 recline positions for sleeping children. The Liteway Plus has a compact 3D fold and carry handle for easy travel, plus trendy colors, modern tailoring, elliptical tubing and technical fabrics for a fashion forward look and feel. Other features include rear wheel suspension, toe-tap locking brakes, adjustable leg support, removable canopy with peek-a-boo window, storage basket and parent cup holder. Recommended for children up to 40 pounds.

Main features

  • 2in1 Lightweight stroller and KeyFit car seat carrier
  • Seat folds forward to attach KeyFitinfant car seat with an audible click
  • Onehand adjustable seat recline with 5 positions
  • Adjustable, removable canopy with zipoff rear panel and peekaboo window
  • Compact fold and carry handle for easy travel and storage

Verified reviews


Cumbersome to fold/unfold, not as light as competition, some bad design issues, watch my video review!

Sheila Shelbyville, MI

I’m not sold on it.

Eight years ago when I was expecting my second child I picked up a light weight Chicco umbrella style stroller and I loved it. It was only about 16lbs, it handled well, and folded up rather compactly. When I was presented with the opportunity to review the Chicco Liteway Plus stroller I figured it would be a good replacement for my seemingly ancientChicco Tuscany Stroller. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I love the Liteway Plus.Assembly for the stroller took less than five minutes. All you have to do is pop on the front wheels, attach the canopy and pop the cup holder on.The fabric for the stroller is nice, although it is textured which could make it difficult to do spot cleaning. The basket for the stroller is a decent size for a stroller such as this and isn’t too difficult to access. This is not a stroller where you’ll be stowing a huge diaper bag in the bottom basket. The canopy for the stroller is ok. If the seat back is fully upright the canopy can cover more of the child, but if you have it reclined you’ll find that less of the child is covered by the canopy. I don’t care for the tinted plastic window on the canopy since in my experience these plastic windows always develop holes.The folding mechanism is a two step process. You need to step on a lever and pull up on a knob to fold. It’s not something you’ll do with a baby in your arms. I think the stroller is a bit bulky once folded. I don’t think it takes up any less space than my Chicco Cortina full size stroller that came with my travel system. And, this stroller is not much lighter than it either. Don’t be taken in by the name “Liteway”, this is not a light weight stroller. Then again, maybe it’s called “Liteway Plus” because of the added weight and not because you can use this stroller as a carry frame for the Chicco Keyfit carseat.One thing I do like about this stroller is the recline feature. It’s super easy to recline this seat. You just press two levers together and the seat will recline. The seat reclines pretty far back making this a stroller you can use with a younger baby.I wasn’t impressed with the maneuverability of the stroller. With a 20lb baby in the seat, the steering was stiff and it felt like it was dragging (and yes, the brakes were both disengaged and the swivel locks on the front wheels were unlocked). My 16 month old looked massive in this stroller. The seat is very narrow and she looked a bit cramped in the seat. I can’t imagine her being comfortable in this stroller in another year or two.Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this stroller. While it looks attractive, it’s just doesn’t handle well and falls short in several areas. Perhaps Chicco should take a look at their strollers from 2005 and see what they did right back then that could be incorporated into their future models. If you’re looking for a good lightweight stroller that handles like a dream I’d suggest checking out the BritaxBritax B-Agile Stroller, Black.

Cindy House Springs, MO

I recommend this stroller to everyone!

I drive a small hatchback so this was the only "travel system" stroller that would actually fit in my car! I was actually registered for the original Liteway and just accepted the fact that we wouldn’t be able to do the whole car seat snap in thing. When they released the Liteway Plus I was so excited!!! There is a bit of a learning curve with it (like most baby products it seems!) but once you know what levers/snaps to do it is really simple and easy to manipulate. So just read the manual before you try to use it! 🙂 The car seat snaps in/out as easily as it does with the base that goes in your car. The stroller itself is so easy to steer. I’ve used it mostly in stores but I’ve also used it around the neighborhood and in grass at the park. Held up to everything wonderfully. I’ve had so many people come up to me in stores and ask me about the stroller and I’m happy to recommend it! My son is 9 months now so we use it without the car seat and he loves it. As it isn’t as bulky as other travel systems it is much easier to maneuver in stores as well! Finally, in addition to loving this product, Chicco’s customer service is top notch. I broke the canopy through my own stupidity (don’t forget to collapse the canopy before folding up the stroller!! oops) and I called to ask them how to buy a new one. They just looked up my stroller by the code on the registration sticker, saw it was still under warranty and sent me out a new one with no hassle. They were very nice & friendly and the call center is US based.

Bobbie Williams, IA

LOVE this stroller

So happy to have found a stroller that will work with my baby from birth until he is a toddler. I love that my keyfit attaches to the stroller and that it is not as bulky as the common travel systems that exist today. It folds up very small, I currently am storing it in the corner of the room until the baby arrives and it doesnt take up much space. I have been pushing it around the house to make sure I really like it. Seems easy to maneuver. Takes a few tries to realize how to fold and unfold, but once you do it a few times it comes naturally. Even at 37 weeks pregnant I can fold it up and carry it around if needed. Will update this review in a few months once I can put it to actual use.I was planning on buying the original chicco caddy and liteway separately, so I am very happy that this option exists – saved us (or well family members who bought this as a shower gift) money.Also, I purchased the Diono Buggy Buddy Stroller Organizer to go with the stroller for extra storage. It attaches easily and is the perfect size for this stroller so I recommend buying that at the same time as the stroller.Update: have been using the stroller for two months and still love it! Very easy to fold up and store in my car. Easy to push. I will say there isn’t much storage space but I don’t mind that as much. My diaper bag on the handle and my Diono buddy have been working well.

Kathi Burlington, IL

Umbrella Stroller with a Little Extra

We have aChicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base, Adventureand have always used it with aChicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller Frame. I have been looking for an umbrella-type stroller as an alternative to our larger strollers.I love how this little stroller can still be used with the infant car seat. It is easy to attach, and the audible click is reassuring.Our large diaper bag does not fit well into the under-seat storage, but my purse fits easily.We have a couple of really large (and really heavy!) strollers, so I am always so relieved when we use this one. It is so easy to lift into and out of the the trunk, easy to unfold, steer, and navigate.If I had it to do over again, I’d skip the Caddy Stroller Frame, and just get this…much more useful!

Lynne Delmont, PA

The Best Stroller we have!

The Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller, Equinox is the best stroller we have in our inventory. We have a total of four strollers – two “2-in-1” baby carrier/stroller combos a really light weight “Good Baby” stroller and Chicco Liteway Plus and the Chicco is the most useful and most often used by far.The baby carrier/stroller combos (which the Chicco Liteway is as well) are sturdy and heavy framed. They are also extremely bulky and eat up all of your trunk space when stowed. Since our baby is now a toddler he doesn’t need the carrier anymore and a lightweight but sturdy stroller is desired for our arrangement and the Chicco Liteway fulfills that order very handily. The Chicco is lightweight but sturdy, the wheels spin smoothly ( a MUST for long walks, the handles are angled in a surprisingly comfortable position and the straps that hold baby in place is strong but comfortable. A nifty cupholder is also included and the sun shade works quite well and on many occasions, we’ve tipped it all the way forward to shield baby from strong gusts of wind as we walk outdoors.Every piece of the Lightway Plus feels like a quality product and not some flimsy, budget, corner cutting affair (which we suffered through with the “Good Baby” lightweight stroller from China.) With quality concentrated construction, assembly was a breeze and pieces snapped together with ease and the manual was easy to follow. Evrything reeked of “competence” and that’s something that’s missing from most of today’s consumer goods.Folded, the Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller took up about 40% less space than the other “full-sized” strollers/carriers and that is also something that we have cherished now that we have it. More space in your trunk for groceries! Hooray!Very, very recommended!

Marianne Tonopah, NV

Almost perfect stroller.

I love this stroller. On baby number four and we have ended up with a different stroller for each child so we’ve gone through a few and this is by far my favorite! I wish we would’ve bought this first! The only bad thing I have to say is the storage basket is a bit of an afterthought. It doesn’t fit much of anything. Our diaper bag won’t store down there so it is most commonly a catch-all for things the older children decide they don’t want to carry. I love that it is lightweight and compact-much better than any bulky travel system stroller-it can go anywhere with you. We have no problem fitting it into the back of our Dodge Durango with the third row seat up. I love that it is very stable. You can hang a diaper bag and coats or shopping bags on the handles and not worry about it tipping. It’s dual purpose. The best possible stroller if you want one that will accept a car seat. But it will only work with the KeyFit series which isn’t really a negative considering it is one of the best-making it one of the most popular-car seats on the market. If you’re even thinking about it-buy this stroller! You won’t be disappointed!

Shirley Centerville, UT

Great 2-in-1 stroller, a better value than a traditional travel system

Note: Updated July 2013 after the arrival of 2nd child, as I can update fully on using the Liteway Plus in stroller frame mode. Updated again in April 2014 after over one year of use with both children.As of the most recent update to this review, we have a 3.5 year old and a 9 month old. With our first baby, we did what the bookBaby Bargainsrecommended new parents NOT do: buy a travel system consisting of a stroller with an infant car seat. The statement made in the book was that travel system strollers are simply too big/unwieldy and don’t necessarily meet the needs of an individual family. Instead, the authors suggested getting an infant car seat and stroller frame such as theBaby Trend Snap N Go EX Universal Infant Car Seat Carrier, then shopping for a stroller with specific desired features after the baby had arrived.Like I said, we ignored their advice and opted for theChicco Cortina KeyFit Travel Systemwith the Keyfit car seat (22 pound weight limit) and Cortina stroller. We had the Keyfit recommended as an infant car seat by several friends and relatives and figured that we liked the stroller well enough – as it turned out, the Keyfit was indeed an excellent infant car seat but the Cortina was too bulky. My daily driver is a crossover SUV and the folded Cortina occupied 90% of my cargo area! We can recall using it less than a half-dozen times before giving up and resorting to babywearing or lugging the Keyfit on its own. When our daughter was 8 months old we bought aBaby Jogger City Miniwhich was a big improvement over the Cortina in virtually every respect, but still bulkier than a stroller with an umbrella-style fold. As we continued wearing our daughter in wraps and carriers until she was around 2 years old, our need for a stroller was not as great as many families.Then I got pregnant. Our older daughter was nearly 3 when our second daughter arrived, and was already past both babywearing and frequent stroller riding. We have long since sold our Cortina to the local children’s consignment shop, but we decided to upgrade our Keyfit from the seat with the 22 pound limitChicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seatand assumed we’d either get the Chicco adapter for the City Mini or buy a secondhand stroller frame. Then in January 2013 I saw a video about the Liteway Plus stroller on the Chicco website and we decided to check the stroller out in person.When we went to the store to try the Liteway Plus, it was set up for use as a stroller. Our older daughter immediately hopped in and went for a ride, liking it so much that she initially refused to get out! After we convinced her to climb off, it was a simple matter to convert it to the stroller frame. We grabbed a Keyfit from the car seat section and it snapped in and out easily, just like docking into the car seat base.What sealed the deal is the fact that the Liteway Plus is both a stroller frame and a toddler stroller. It simply offers better long term value than buying a stroller frame AND a compact stroller. Do the math: a Keyfit Caddy plus a Chicco Liteway stroller have a combined MSRP of $240, while a single Liteway Plus handily accomplishes both functions for an MSRP of $180. As a mechanical engineer myself I looked at the Liteway Plus and thought, “Why did no one think of this sooner?”We used the Liteway Plus in toddler mode for our older daughter from 2.5 until the baby arrived, and then in stroller frame mode for the baby from birth to 9 months when we transitioned her from the Keyfit to a convertible car seat and switched the Liteway Plus back to toddler mode. Overall we have been thrilled with the purchase and recommend the combination of Keyfit 30 and Liteway Plus to every expecting family we know. We plan to have a third child in a few years, so we’ll definitely get our money’s worth out of the Liteway Plus before our family is complete.A summary of our impressions after using the stroller for over 1 year for both a toddler and an infant, and in both modes of use -Assembly: Easy – all you have to do after unboxing is snap the front wheels on and attach the canopy and cup holder.Maneuverability: Good, although not quite as effortless as our City Mini. The front wheels can be fixed or allowed to swivel depending on terrain and preference. Like any compact/umbrella stroller, this is not a stroller you’re going to use for serious offroading but would be perfectly fine at the soccer field or park.Parent features: A cupholder and small baseket is the extent of it, but we travel light with the kids anyways. The basket can hold a smallish diaper bag or jackets/light coats. OurPatemm Padfits easily, as will ourDiaper Dude Diaper Bag, but my big Vera Bradley baby bag does not. While it has an umbrella style fold, the Liteway Plus is bulkier when folded than most less-expensive umbrella strollers including other options from Chicco. It still fits nicely in the backseat footwell of both vehicles, and very easily in the cargo area of my Equinox and the trunk of my husband’s Camry.Folding: OK. I admit we’re very spoiled by the City Mini’s fold. Unfolding the Liteway Plus is similar to any umbrella stroller and involves releasing the side latch and pushing down on a small foot pedal until the stroller locks open. Folding it involves actuating a foot release and then pushing up on the small foot pedal. There is a carry strap on the side.Conversion between modes: Easy and quick, involving two parachute clips, two sliding pieces for attaching the seat to the frame, and a zipper. Conversion is faster without the canopy in place, and we removed the canopy entirely while using the Liteway Plus as a stroller frame. There’s a nice protective boot/cover that folds out from the foot rest to cover the seat back when folded forward into stroller frame mode. We recently switched the baby from the Keyfit 30 to a convertible car seat and I realized in a store parking lot that we hadn’t switched the Liteway Plus into toddler mode; I was able to convert it in around 2 minutes while holding the baby on my hip.Use as stroller frame: Good. When out and about with our newborn running quick errands, I often clicked the Keyfit right into the Liteway Plus, which can be easily maneuvered through the store with one hand while the other hand holds a shopping basket.Use as stroller: Good. The canopy seems small compared to the City Mini and is relatively ineffective on a windy day. It has a “peekaboo” window in it to see your child. It’s simple to change seat recline and harness adjustments, but we find the harness buckle to be a bit annoying to unfasten.Child comfort: In stroller frame mode the child’s comfort is by default that of the Keyfit, so I’ll focus on comfort in toddler mode. Our very verbal 2.5 year old (at the time we bought the stroller) gave it her immediate seal of approval, and the baby has also been comfortable! The seat offers 5 recline positions and adjustable leg support. The harness straps are adjustable in height at three positions, with the highest spot still offering plenty of growing room for our tall older daughter. The recommended upper weight limit in toddler mode is 40 lbs, which may not be sufficient for a very big toddler but is more than adequate for her at 29 pounds at the time we bought the stroller.Quality: The frame is sturdy and feels solid – this is no rattly, cheap umbrella stroller. The cover is the same nice fabric that’s used in the Keyfit and Nextfit car seats and can be removed for washing. It has held up well to over a year of frequent use in the New England climate.Pros:~ Excellent long term value due to the 2-in-1 functionality~ Easy, quick conversion between stroller frame and toddler mode~ Good maneuverability and child comfort~ Far more compact than a Chicco Cortina or other comparable travel system strollerCons:~ Not quite as compact when folded as a cheap umbrella stroller~ Annoying harness buckle in toddler mode (fabric covers the buckle and has to be pushed aside to unbuckle)~ Skimpy canopy

Margery Gully, MN

Excellent alternative to the Caddy alone!

We originally had the Keyfit Caddy for travel (this wasn’t out yet when we got the Caddy). Our son is a little older now (9 mo) and still uses the Keyfit carseat, but doesn’t love being in it when he doesn’t have to Therefore, he didn’t like the Caddy much anymore. This is a wonderful alternative! We can still use it with the carseat if he is asleep and we want to keep him in the carseat, but can fold up quickly and easily to be an umbrella stroller. He loves how open it is to see out. We also like that it has recline positions. When we were in Mexico, he slept in the stroller reclined back almost every afternoon by the pool!It is very lightweight and folds up smaller than the Caddy does (because it folds all the way in, not just in half), but it seems more quality. The ride is nicer and smoother with better wheels.We did have a few issues with the side panel not staying clicked in at first, but after some use, it seems to have settled and is working okay. Also, the buttons to adjust the part that folds down behind his knees don’t seem to function properly, but it isn’t really a necessary function anyway. For a first version of the stroller, we are really happy!

Michell Elwood, NJ

Great Stroller

We have had this stroller for almost four years and we LOVE it. This stroller is easy to control, the back lays down almost flat, and it folds up small to put into the trunk of a car. The only improvement I wish I would have had would have been the ability to stick the pumpkin car seat into the stroller some how, but to be honest they outgrow the pumpkin car seat so quickly and they will be able to use this stroller so much longer that I would definitely purchase this if I had to do it again. Although the manufacturer would probably not like it, we have on numerous occasions, put both kids into this one stroller. We put the back all of the way down, put the oldest in the back and the youngest in the front. This lasts until they start to fight with each other. In a pinch it works great! We even took it with us on a trip and stuck it into a stroller bag for the plane and it held up pretty well.

Rhonda Carter, SD

super handy

due to the weather, just started using this with my 4 month old and love how easy it is to pop on the pumpkin seat and go – folds up super nicely and is easy to maneuver – light weight and easy for a weakling like myself – definitely recommend!

Shelley South Salem, NY

Great stroller

I got this stroller because it is more compact than the original Chicco stroller, but can still hold my Chicco infant carrier. It’s great for smooth surfaces – in stores and on smooth pavement. The ride is quite bumpy for an infant if you’re on rough pavement or other rough surfaces. I hope to use it for many years to come!

Penelope Willisville, IL

awesome product

So I LOVE this stroller. I get a lot of people stopping me and asking me about it. The only downfall is it doesn’t quite fit across the back of my car. I have a Ford Flex, so it’s a pretty big car and it can only go in the back if I put the third row down and lay it long ways instead of across the back. if the front wheels were removable it would be a lot more user friendly in terms of fitting in vehicles.

Tracey Shafter, TX

Love it!

I have the matching car seat, so this was a no brainer for me. I love the everything about this stroller!

Latisha Jasonville, IN

Great middle-sized stroller

We bought this stroller after using the Chicco Cortina travel system for a few months and deciding that we couldn’t stand all the extra bulk of the giant stroller that comes in the travel system. The Liteway is amazing! Still fits the carseat for when their little but turns into an umbrella-like stroller as they get older. We still have plenty of storage space in the bottom and our son likes it because it’s less bulky and allows him to see more from the seat. It folds up and down very easily and is simple to use. The canopy is a little smaller than the canopy on bigger strollers which can be an issue when it rains but so far, that hasn’t been a big problem for us. We absolutely love how easily the front wheels pop on and off for storage in the car and when it’s folded up, there is a handle on the side that makes carrying it a breeze!

Lilian Otisville, MI

Great choice!

After trying out every stroller in the local baby stores and not finding one we were happy with, my husband and I decided to order this one without ever having seen it in person. We read lots of reviews and everyone seemed to love it and we can be added to that list. The stroller is very versatile and we liked the fact that it could be used with the infant seat. It’s light weight and folds like an umbrella stroller. It’s very, very easy to fold and unfold. As an umbrella stroller, the seat reclines and it secure enough that our 3 month old can ride in it with no problems.

Magdalena Knox, ND

Defective and not worth the 2-in-1 hype

I ordered the Liteway Plus in anticipation of a plane trip where I needed both a stroller and car seat at my destination. I wanted to gate check the stroller and the guidelines require an umbrella stroller. I also thought that since it’s a two in one that I would be pleased to use this in toddler mode in a few months.I actually ordered this from BBB with a 20% off coupon and free shipping. It took a few extra days to ship, but arrived two days before my trip. The stroller was easy to assemble/convert to frame mode. However, when I clicked in the Keyfit 30, the left side did not click. I called Chicco and they asked me to send in pictures of the car seat and stroller to assess the warranty. Forget that. Satisfaction guaranteed at BBB so I just returned it instead. My car seat clicks into the base every time and clicks into the Chico Keyfit Caddy every time.The Liteway Plus was also too heavy for my liking at about 20 lbs. It does not stand when folded and does not have adjustable handles. For the price and weight, these should be features.We’ll stick to the Caddy until Baby can use a traditional umbrella stroller, and choose an umbrella stroller that is lighter weight. For the price of the Liteway Plus, you can get the Caddy and an umbrella like the First Years Ignite.

Rose New London, TX