Chicco Lullaby LX Playard, Adventure

Chicco Lullaby LX Playard, Adventure

Why is this the #1 rated play yard in America? Because it’s an incredible value! You get four quality pieces of baby gear in one: a play yard, bassinet, diaper changing table, and versatile baby gym. The play yard has a thickly-padded, quilted mattress pad, compact, push-button fold, plus an electronic soother with music, vibrations, and nightlight. Use the toy gym on the bassinet or on the floor (the removable pad doubles as a play mat). Bonus: wheeled cargo bag included, so it’s travel-ready, too. You will get so much use out of this one purchase! Requires 6 “AA” batteries (sold separately). Bassinet supports up to 15 lbs., changing table supports up to 25 lbs., and play yard supports up to 30 lbs. Imported. Changing table stows away in a hanging sleeve on the side of the play yard Mattress pad doubles as a play mat and removes for machine washing. Machine wash cold with mild soap. Do not use bleach. Hang dry. Electronic soother includes remote control, so you can activate the music, vibrations, and nightlight without disturbing baby. With 6-minute auto-shut off. Play pen measures 40″L x 28″W x 31″H open and 32″L x 14″W x 10″H folded. Bassinet measures 38″L x 24″W x 12″H. Changing table measures 29″L x 19″W x 6 1/2″H. Wheeled carry bag measures 19″L x 11″W x 31″H with items inside. 5-10 minutes assembly; Phillips screwdriver required

Main features

  • 4 in 1 playard includes portable playard, infant bassinet, changing station, removable playmat with toy gym
  • Convenient for travel; Push button fold for compact pick up, nylon storage bag and wheels make transport easy
  • Features a quilted bassinet perfect for smaller babies
  • Changing table is thickly padded and has side store for quicker changes
  • Includes toy gym and toys, remote control electronics, removable mattress covering and quilted mattress

Verified reviews


Great for playing, not great for packing

This play yard is chock-full of bells and whistles and pretty much does everything except wash your dishes and sort the laundry, which as a new parent I thought would be fabulous. As an experienced parent, I can now say that it’s overkill. The biggest problem I’ve had with this play yard is its lack of portability. It’s big and clunky, but the worst part is that if you don’t carry all of the accessories, there’s a ton of extra space in the bag and the playard moves around and becomes a real pain to carry. To break down the accessories:Bassinet: Works well, only good up to 15 lbs. like other playard bassinetsMobile: Attaches to the four corners of the mattress, so if you want to use the changing table you have to take it off. Can’t be used when the mattress is in the lowest positionLight/Sound/Vibration Thingy: Vibration is too weak to vibrate the mattress, sounds are annoying, light times out so you might as well just get a night light in the room.Remote Control: Neat idea, but you have to point it directly at the unit, in a very specific, hard to hit spot, or it doesn’t work.Changing Table: Good as long as your baby fits in it. It goes across width-wise and is actually smaller than the whole width. Our son outgrew it by 3-4 months.Extra Pockets: Just okay, only room for 2-3 diapers in each.Carrying Bag: Practically useless unless you stuff it with everythingPadded Mattress: Just barelyOther problems are that it doesn’t fit through doorways, which I didn’t realize would be something I really wanted until after I had to break the thing down to move it from room to room.All of that said, it’s attractive and nice and roomy inside, so there’s plenty of space to play. I also have just used standard playard sheets like the ones made for other brands. It’s a great place for keeping the baby safe and occupied while I do chores, but we bought a second super-cheap, no-frills playard to use as a portable crib. I wish I’d saved the money.*******Update January 4*******Something else to be aware of–our son is teething and likes to chew on the edge of the playard (and his crib, and pretty much everything else), and his teeth are getting snagged in the fabric around the edges. It hasn’t harmed his teeth at all, but he’s literally shredding the fabric and it sounds kind of alarming when he pops some more threads. I wouldn’t call it dangerous, but it’s pretty ugly-looking, and since one of the only things this playard had going for it was being nice-looking, it’s definitely a negative. Our cheapo playard doesn’t have the fancy fabric around the edges and is impervious to the Teeth of Doom. Once again, I really wish I’d saved the money.

Margie Hattieville, AR

Playard Rates Tops for these Parents and Grandparents

Chicco wins hands down in our books. It may be full of bells and whistles as someone states but for these parents and grandparents some of these are worth the money and the others might work or not for your baby because all babies are different. Here is our review of the product & accessories:Bassinet: Yes only works till 15#s but your baby at 15#s is probably not in need of a bassinet – those are for newborns. I agree the others have a somewhat ‘labeled upper and lower mattress positions’ however you aren’t going to leave a baby in that upper position when they are more mobile anyway.Mattress: Same or better than the other brands. They are all boards with some padding but this is a baby who needs support and not a cushy mattress. The boards come out great for washing etc.Mobile/Vibrations/Light/Music: The mobile is not set up to be for the Bassinet as the changing table get’s in the way. It is ok for the playard however I do not understand why you put 4 zoo animals and then a bunny. Either zoo animals; farm animals or domestic but don’t mix. The vibrations for soothing and the entire playard has a vibration but not much in the mattress but since it is not attached it just can’t. This movement if you were only 15# may be more like a boat in a storm and since babies can’t tell us but research does, it comes with vibration. We use it some but not consistently. It is more for soothing and again we don’t know what it feels like to a small newborn. The light is great at night or in a darker room and again night lights work for all kids as reassurance. The 5 songs are regular lullabies. This is very adequate for the size of the area and the volume is plenty for soothing, napping or reassurance in a strange place for sleeping.Remote Control: Ours work from every open place in the house that could see the playard. It handles every option of the control on the playard including volume. The sensory setting for starting if baby wakes works great and keeps interest can sometimes settle without waking them.Changing Table: Beats every other model and other portable beds, playpens etc. Since it sits sideways, (only realistic way it can) it is supported on top and bottom by the side bars of the playard to give it the strength to hold babies up to 20#s plus. The other brands bend as there is no support on the inner side. They are only supported by the end-rail and the baby starts to roll towards the unsupported side. Some try a strap on that side to hold to top or bottom but because they ‘flip’ or have only the bar support on the side, those straps can’t hold securely like the Chicco does with both top and bottom supported by the side (metal padded) rails of the playard. We chose Chicco for many factors but this was the tops in our book. Because of its support on the side rails, we have changed babies up to 8 and 9 months on it.Extra pockets: One of the worst things (a minor one at best)are the end pockets. They are 12″ long and there is a 6″ wide one in the center and then a 4″ inch one on each side. We use the center one for diapers however don’t put more than about 3-4 in there as you pull one and they all come out. The skinny ones we use for burp cloths and extra onsies etc. The top of the changing table has a single fairly shallow pocket that could hold wipes (but not a huge package) and the bottom has the same shallow one but divided in the center that works for creams, etc. They seem to work ok but could be deeper and more versatile. The top flaps and the zipper allow you to be able to take the end one with the three compartments off completely.Carrying Bag: Works ok and if you pack it right, the rollers on the playard help roll the bag. If you don’t take all parts, it will roll around in the bag but that is true of anything. Use some bungy straps or big rubber bands (LOL) to secure it if the rolling around bothers you. If you don’t pack the changing table, you will have extra room but we use all extra space to pack extra diapers, clothes and other things we will need.We have searched and used other brands and we can say that the playard and temporary bed are all about the same. Some have the music, vibrations etc. and some don’t but the changing table makes this the top brand to buy as well as it’s construction, sturdiness and dependability. If you go look at others, push down on the changing table and look to see how supported it is. Then imagine how a 25# brick will be supported. Will it bend it? If so then your baby will eventually roll to the unsupported side. The insecurity that this makes the baby feel and the problems trying to get a diaper secured on that side with a calm baby is hard and then trying it with a wiggly fussy baby just adds to your frustration.We feel Chicco’s features, durability and especially the changing table support makes this our top choice. Assembly was easy and so is packing it up. We give it a five star.

Imelda Rio Rico, AZ

great product

I would recommend this product. Easy to clean and easy to setup and breakdown. I take it wherever I go.

Lilly Salem, WI

Perfect for our needs!

So I haven’t had to actually use this yet, I will update this review when I have. Our little one hasn’t made his appearance yet. However, this pack and play is MUCH nicer than the one I original wanted (Graco brand). I have never setup a pack and play and it took my maybe 15 minutes with reading the directions. The pad is pretty hard since there are wooden pieces that go in the pad, so I purchased the Carters Velour sheets and they fit perfectly! The changing table is nice and I expect we will be using it often. This will be in our bedroom for the first 2 months or so being used as the bassinet as well as being packed to go stay with my parents very often. I could easily fit the pack and play back in the bag it comes with, but taking apart the rest is a pain. I figure for packing, I will just unzip the changing table and leave it at home with the toy bar. The bag is nice as the wheels stick out so you can roll it while in the bag. It is a little heavier (as I’m only 5′), but its sturdy! Haven’t really tried out the remote or noise attachment yet other than to make sure it worked (which it does). All in all, so far I love it and it fits our needs perfectly. Very portable without the changing table and toy bar. I figure if I was to take the changing table, I will just throw it in the car separate rather than taking it apart and putting it in the separate pocket in the bag.

Darla Forest Hill, WV

Better than a Graco

For the reviewers who think this is difficult to assemble and pack back in the bag…you’ve obviously never owned a Graco! lol I bought this on clearance (it was a re-packaged item) at another store and it was missing the manual so I had to figure out how to assemble it on my own. It took me about 5 minutes to get it all together and the same amount of time to take it apart. Unfortunately whoever had returned it was a smoker and they tried to cover the stench with fabreze…not pretty, so I had to return it to the store but I’ll definitely be buying another one (brand new this time). I’m also amazed at people who complain about not being able to get it though a doorway…seriously?? I’m pretty sure NO playards can fit through a standard doorway. If that’s what you need/want then go with a small bassinet with wheels rather than a playard/bassinet combo.Things I love about it:-The mattress pad is machine washable!!! We had to throw out our Graco pack n play because my son threw up all over the mat. We hosed it down, tried to clean it, and it molded…yuck.-The play gym. Play gyms cost between $30-70 so the fact it’s thrown in with this playpen is pretty cool. I love that I can use it on the floor or in the playpen.-The changing table. It can be flipped down to the side when not in use and even zipped off.-It’s much more study than all the other playards out there and is obviously better in quality as well.Downside:-it’s too heavy for me to lift as a pregnant lady but easy for me to wheel around. Fortunately, when the time comes for me to lift it in and out of the car for trips, I’ll no longer be pregnant…so this isn’t really even a downside.

Carolina Juda, WI

This thing is perfect

To be upfront, my husband and I haven’t actually used this as a playard yet, just as a bassinet and as a changing table. This pack and play is extremely easy to use for both.PROS: The nightlight and music are great. The diaper changing area has enough little pockets for everything. It is very sturdy. I can’t believe how this huge thing can fold up so small! It is easy to drag from one room to another.CONS: I can’t really feel the vibrations (when I put them on) in the bassinet sleeping area – but who knows, maybe my baby can. You can’t use the pack and play as a changing table and a bassinet at the same time – meaning you have to take off the changing table apparatus to use the bassinet. However, while a bit of a con, the changing table fits neatly into the side of the pNp and is also very sturdy and well made. I looked at some of the others that had the changing table attached to the end of the pNp and I don’t know how comfy I would feel putting my child in that.Overall, definately 5 stars.

Patti Manlius, NY

Great purchase!

This is a great playard. My baby is 2 months old, and I have been changing him on the attached changing table, and laying him in the bassinet to play, since he was born. He doesn’t sleep in the bassinet because he sleeps much better in the swing or carseat, but he is very happy to lie there and look at the dangling animals for a little while. Both the bassinet and changing table surface are well-padded. Overall, it feels very safe. When I put my baby on the changing table (he is still under 15 lbs), I feel very confident that with the depth of the sides, he is very, very safe lying there. I do not have to keep a hand on him at all times, which is very nice when I have to grab something. Also, that attached pockets for storing diapers, etc, are very handy.

Cheri Winchester, CA

Lots of pieces, but well built

My husband worked for a specialty baby store delivering and setting up furniture, playards, rockers, etc. He was able to put this together in just a few minutes since he had done it MANY times! I was still sitting there reading the directions and surprised by all the pieces there were when he rolled it in the bedroom. We never used the changing table, but have used the bassinet and playard DAILY for the past 7 months. She loves the animals, the music, and the light. However, on the bassinet feature, you can’t really feel the vibration. Haven’t tried it since we took out the bassinet, but if your small baby likes the vibration, don’t count on it with the bassinet. It hasn’t worn out, is still easy to transport to the grandparents, though it is a little heavy for me. I like it, but I wouldn’t want to have to put it together by myself!

Jaime Fogelsville, PA

Great play yard!

Love this for baby! Was very easy to put together – I did it by myself in 20 minutes when I was 9 months pregnant. Have used it for four months now and couldn’t do without it! Great that it’s on wheels, too. Easy to pack up and move around in it’s carrier. Don’t use the changing station with it but great ad-on just the same. Great overall!

Mariana Silver Lake, WI

Almost too good…

I got this pack n play for my daughter, and we used it every night for the first 5 months of her life, because the top bassinet level was more convient than using our crib. We kept the pack n play right next to our bed (because we were blessed with a baby who wanted to wake up every 2 hours to feed for 4 months…). I was so thankful to have this pack n play. We never used the animal mobile, because it got in the way when trying to put her in and take her out…but now that she’d older, she still loves to play with the little animals.I say that it’s almost too good, because it’s a little bigger than necesary… I liked the wheels, but they are huge! For the few feet that we would scoot the pack n play around, there is no need for huge stroler sized wheels… and the wheels make it A LOT harder to put the pack n play back in the cover for traveling. Some other pack n plays i’ve seen have wheels that are a lot smaller and will still fit inside of the carrying case, but these wheels are so big that they have to fit outside of this ackward case, and has to be turned just right for the handle to come out the top… a bit cumbersome for quick traveling needs. And as much as I liked the bassinet and changing table for what we used it for, now that we use the pack n play for trips only, and now that our daughter is too old for the bassinet, all that extra stuff gets in the way. It was nice that everything could all fit into the carrying case when we needed it while she was young… but they soon grow out of that, so now we’re stuck with a ackward traveling case. I will say that I had to take the pack n play with me on an airplane trip, and used that extra compartment where all the bassinet stuff goes as my suitcase. In that case, it was VERY helpful to just have one bag when I was traveling alone with all the other baby stuff too. So I guess it’s all a matter of what you need the pack n play for…. If you are looking for something that you know you will need to take down and put up alot for traveling, then this pack n play is a bit cumbersome for that… but it really was a fantastic pack n play when we mostlly just kept it set up when our daughter was little (she’s now 19 months). It is very durable and well made, easy to keep clean, and safe. I’m glad I have this pack n play for the next baby that we’re having soon, to use in our room again with the bassinet until he’s sleeping well, but I also just bought a smaller pack n play that does not have all the extra bells and whistles at a garage sale for 4$, and I love that one a lot more for quick traveling and set up.

Jill Sellersburg, IN


Bought this for my newest Granddaughter & it’s great! Easy to assemble & disassemble, sturdy, easy to maneuver & the baby loves it! She loves taking naps at her grandma’s houses in it & is happy to play with the toys in the off times we put her down! The toy ‘arch’ is a little tricky to snap on, but on the whole, this is the best I found. We must have looked at 15 or more of them, for the price, quality & ‘gender friendly’ styling, this was the best.

Josefa High Rolls Mountain Park, NM

Way better than any of the negative reviews will lead you to believe.

+Strong and sturdy.+Actually not heavy; I don’t know where that is coming from.+Yes, the vibration IS sufficient.+Extra sheets are not necessary. If you wish, use a baby’s r us spill pad on top of the bassinetinstead.-Wider than the graco stages pack n play. But if you buy chicco lx, then you have alreadydecided on getting something bigger.-Haven’t figured out a way to have the changing table and animals attached at the same time.This could be a non-issue as I have seen such a configuration on display in the stores.-Definitely should change the light bulb to a brighter one or LED.-Often recommended carter’s quilted sheets interfere with the animal attachment and cause thebassinet to bunch up or cave in the middle after baby’s weight is added. As I mentioned above,the extra sheets are unnecessary.

Bessie Kempster, WI

Great product!

We got this for our baby, we still havent had the chance to try it but we already assembled it, and i have to say, it was very easy to do it. My husband did the job on that part, and all he did was follow the manual which is pretty easy to understand. Before we got this playard, i did a lot of researching and reading because i didnt want to get something cheap that may put our baby in danger. I am very familiar with the Chicco products because i am from Europe and it is valued as a number One brand for baby gear. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the prices here were even cheaper on the equipment then they were in Europe (i know them because i have had friends who bought it for their babies back there).Once i saw it and read the reviews i made up my mind very easily on this product.It arrived on time, well packed, with all the parts inside, assembly was very easy and it fits perfectly in the living room.With this playard you get more options …. the baby can sleep inside, there is a changing basinet, and later on when the baby is bigger it will be still useful for him to play inside and be safe while you do other things.I took off the changing bassinet because i plan on doing the changing part somewhere else, due to the position of the playard in our living room. But i will still use it, only on different location 🙂 The basinet is well padded and cushioned and it is steady to keep the baby safe, it even has a small belt to put around the baby so he wont roll over.The material of which its made is of a nice quality and easy to take off and wash in case of an accident.I also love the colors :-)As for the lullaby, we tried it, and it works, and we love it. The sound is not too loud, which is good, but still we put it in that direction to where the attachment will go to his feet, not to his head so he is not exposed to the sound directly. I dont think we will use the vibrating option because it will suck up the batteries right away and its still not too strong.As for the toys, we love them too, but i wont be using them right away, i will wait when he is little bit bigger.I recommend this product and i plan on getting the other gear from Chicco as well.

Stacey Bowmansville, PA

Not what the picture showed!!!!

I decided to purchase this because of the storage on the sides. In the picture it looks like a nice size storage pocket…..well it’s not. The whole brown piece on the side of the pack-n-play does not really come with it and the huge mess pouches, well not so huge. In the photo it makes it look like the pockets come almost to the floor. The real story is they are three very small mesh pouches that you CAN’T really FIT ANYHTING in. I gave it a 3 star because we decided to keep it, (mainly because we would have to pay to ship it back because of where we live) we did like how it has the "sound" activated music and vibration setting. This way when the baby cries it will start the music and vibrate so hopefully it help the baby self sooth till we get there. I have not used it yet as the baby has not yet arrived but I think it will be ok, knowing what I know now for the money I might have looked at a different one.

Angelia York, ME

Good Product!

We purchased this playard to match the stroller/car seat we bought for our daughter. The material and finish is excellent. The only suggestion I have to the manufacturer is to improve the documentation. None of their products were easy to put together (except car seat which doesn’t need any assembly).

Kaitlin Elton, WI