Chicco Polly Double Pad Fabric Highchair, Adventure

Chicco Polly Double Pad Fabric Highchair, Adventure

Product Description The Polly Highchair folds compactly and stands upright with space-saving storage. The tray is easy to remove with one hand and stores conveniently on the rear leg tubes. The one-hand seat adjustment makes it easy for feeding infants, playing, or just relaxing. Two dishwasher-safe tray inserts make clean-up easy. Two thickly padded fabric seat pads are easy to wipe clean. The seat is adjustable for baby’s comfort with a 7-position seat height and 3-position seat recline. The footrest height is also adjustable to accommodate baby’s growth. The 5-point safety harness and 4 wheels for increased mobility are also features. Recommended use for up to 37 lbs.

Main features

  • Aluminum, Plastic, Cotton
  • Convenient tray storage for the slimmest fold in its class
  • Seven height positions and three reclining positions for increased comfort
  • Most convenient maneuvering with one-hand seat recline and tray removal
  • Dishwasher-safe tray liner for easy clean-up
  • Safety comes first with the five-point safety harness

Verified reviews


Horrible Material!

We received this high chair as a gift and were really excited at first because we love the Chicco brand, however once we started to actually use the chair, we were disappointed.PROS:1. The seat reclines to different positions, which makes it easy to feed a bottle or solid food.2. Has different height adjustments3. Tray locks onto the back legs for easy storage4. Folds pretty easily5. Adjustable footrest6. Snack tray is removableCONS:1. The material for this design is horrible. It is incredibly hard to clean because it is not vinyl. Scrubbing vigorously with a sponge is the only way to remotely get any food off and even then it still looks dirty.2. There are too many little crevices where particles of food can get stuck.3. Removable tray has an awkward shaped bowl/cup holder – none of ours fit in the opening.4. The removable tray is supposed to be dishwasher safe, but it’s too long! It won’t even fit in our dishwasher.5. The tray doesn’t glide onto the arms very easily.Any mom should stay away from this chair (more specifically, this non-vinyl material) – ours continuously looks like we’ve never cleaned it. I’m hoping to donate/sell ours and get a new one with a vinyl cover.

Jolene Lakewood, NJ

Baby Planner Review

This product could be held up as an example of everything you don’t want in a high chair.1) Tons of cracks and crevices for food to get stuck in, and corners are impossible to clean2) T-bar connected to the tray, meaning you can’t push tray all the way in3) The crotch strap is too long for a baby, it hits baby in the stomach4) Huge seat. Ridiculously huge. Baby started solids at six months, and didn’t even remotely fit into the seat until 11mo! A 2.5yr old will fit great though…5) Hard to clean6) Absorbs dirty diaper smells7) Rollers don’t lock securely8) You need two hands to take the tray on and off. Anyone with more than one child can tell you this is a bad thing9) Tray is too big to fit in the dishwasher, and it sticks over the side of a double sink, making it hard to washI highly recommendFisher-Price 2012 Space Saver High Chair, ScatterbugorFisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat, Red/White.

Darlene Chapman, KS

Awful, and you’ll pay more for it too!

This is one of those cases where “cheaper is better.”I always read reviews before purchases- ALWAYS. Except this once. This chair was last in stock at Babies R Us and on discount. I snagged it, thinking it went well with my kitchen and since I live in a teeny condo (which is even teenier these days) I liked that it folded so flat.Well…THE TRAY;It sucks. The tray is HORRIBLE. My child is highly active and impatient, and let me tell you- I don’t have the time or energy to line this dumb tray up perfectly to slide onto the arms. Which is what you have to do… perfectly. And it’s harder than it sounds as it’s fussy. The leg divider, which will keep the baby from falling off, is ON the TRAY. This means you MUST use the seatbelt. Annoying, because it’s really not necessary to use when the leg divider is on the seat where it should be. I think this makes it dangerous too. But that’s not the worse of it.THE MESS;Ok, they also sold me on the whole “remove the tray top to wash” thing. But it sucks. Why? Because I have a standard dishwasher, modern and so forth- and the stupid tray doesn’t fit. That renders the dishwasher aspect useless. being that the removable top is a bad design anyway, after many uses I decided to try it without- and just use the high chair’s table ala plain. MUCH better. No crevices. Wipe with a washcloth and voila! So you’re paying for something that’s useless, ugly and more work. That’s not the end of the mess though. And we know that babies are messy, right? That’s why the designers should have NOT created a zillion hard little teeny tiny crevices for food to get lodged into, right? Wrong. Well, at least they’d make the seat covers easily removable, right? WRONG. The seat’s got more crevices than a mt. everest. And taking it apart is near impossible and will take you an hour or so to both take apart, clean and put together. Have fun with that. Yeah, I tried to “clean it completely” ONCE. After that, after realized what an enormous waste of time it was to dissect this chair to remove all the crumbs, I gave in. It’s a filthy, disgusting chair that’s near uncleanable. I’m a neat freak, so this essentially makes me want to vomit. I take such care in dressing and cleaning my child- and then I set him down in this germ filled disgusting whatever. Ew.THE “Space saving FOLD”Um… yeah. This is what I thought was so cool about this. I’m really, really pissed off that when it folds, it can’t stand on it’s own. That makes it dangerous. It’s big, top heavy, and obviously, there’s a toddler running around the house that occasional uses this thing. So, in my teeny tiny house- I have a great big, nasty high chair open at all times, taking up the amount of space of the designer’s mother who I’m sure is 400 lbs or so. (yes, I’m insulting the designer’s mother, as I’m so ticked.) If you DO try to fold this monstrosity, the TRAY dosen’t fold with it! And it’s indeed- HUGE. (the tray) so you get a big, dangerous folded high chair and a goofy large sized tray on the floor next to it. The floor, because it’s so poorly balanced and huge that’s where it’s going to end up anyway. I also think that’s disgusting. How would you like you’re eating surface to go on the floor? So open it stays. And I trip on it. constantly. I want to throw it out the window. Cept it wouldn’t fit, and it’d likely kill someone on the way out. And no one would want it. On the plus side it appears indestructible, so it’ll remain useless and horrid for thousands of years.THE COSTWell, at least I didn’t pay alot and got a great deal, right?SO, I thought I was getting a deal- with it 10% off and all. So I paid $130 for this debris entrapment system. There are at least 4 highchairs on the market at $60-80 that are FAR better designed.I’d sell it if it weren’t for the guilt of placing the curse on someone else- that didn’t read the reviews. Plus, who would want a crumby nasty high chair that dosen’t fold and stand on it’s own?End of rant.

Bessie Wolcott, CT

This high chair is great!

I don’t know what the other reviewers are talking about when they say this high chair isn’t great. Its very easy to fold, adjust, and the tray is easy to put on. Yes, you do have to align the tray with the tracks to make it click, but that’s expected with ANY tray that is placed securely. You should ALWAYS strap your child in the highchair, and the straps on this seat are great and safe. The cloth cover does dirty easily, so you have to wipe it regularly. It does stain more than Vinyl would, but of course since its cloth!All in all, I love this highchair for my daughter. It’s compact, easy to adjust, very cute, sturdy, and has so many great features. It even reclines all the way down for a newborn. ALthough a bit steep on the price, I highly recommend it.

Wendy Modoc, IL

excellent features but DRY CLEAN COVERS? seriously?

so many features makes this helpful for all ages and stages. My only issue is that the straps don’t tighten very small- they are loose on my son but he can’t escape so they aren’t too bad. Love this and it looks great in my kitchen. After all, who really wants gaudy prints on all kid products? Then nothing matches and your house looks like a zoo.UPDATE: after a few months use, and more messy eating from my 8 month old, I discovered the attractive green cover is DRY CLEAN ONLY. what mom has time for that? not the best idea, Chicco, but you’re still my favorite high chair.

Amelia Ukiah, OR

Hate this thing with a burning passion

Seriously, hate it! I bought this new 3 years ago when my first was born and have been using it (and hating it) 3-5 times a day since. It is impossible to clean. Gets absolutely disgusting and the fabric requires scrubbing and is still visibly dirty. I do machine wash it which helps but it takes 24 hours to dry and I’m without a high chair in the mean time. I’m going to purchase a vinyl cover now that child #3 is on the way. This chair is offered with a vinyl cover- get that one and you will be much better off. If I had to do it over I would get one of those modern, minimal all plastic ones.

Amie Dale, IL

The best high chair in the market!

I used this high chair with both of my kids and I love it. It is very easy to clean. When the cover of the chair got a bit dirty I would put it in the washing machine in gentle cycle and let it air dry and it came out as new. I have used it for the past four years and it looks brand new. It reclines perfectly and it accommodates the needs of a growing toddler. FYI Chicco has an excellent customer service, I lost both of the pads of the chair and they sent me the the pads and some extra parts for my chair for free. Highly recommend it!

April Vaucluse, SC


This highchair ticks me off to no end! I want to buy different one, but feel stupid to throw this one away after paying so much for it.Pros:-Reclines, we used this feature a lot in the beginning.-Supposedly easy to pull up to the table. We haven’t tried this yet.-AttractiveCons:-The worst thing is that it’s a nightmare to get the tray on. It slides on from the front and the baby kicks it and brings her knees up blocking it. On other highchairs the tray often comes down onto the arms. You have to hold the tray “just right” and put your foot on the bottom bar to keep the whole thing from sliding back and it still often takes several attempts to get it on. I should have known when I saw the floor sample at a store and the arms were completely torn up from people trying to work the tray. The problem is that the arms just don’t line up properly. They need to be pushed together just a little bit. It helps to push them together while putting on the tray, but that takes 4 hands.-Crevices everywhere that food gets stuck in, also gets between the two pads, the tray and the tray cover, and in the buckle.-There is no reason to have such a large and awkward tray-The wheels always get locked by mistake. Don’t know how it happens. I’m afraid I’m going to scuff up my floor moving it and not realizing the wheels are locked.-Huge pain to adjust the belt for a 6 month old. You have to take it apart to get the belt small enough. Now that she’s 9 months, I need to take it apart again to make bigger.

Janelle Silver Creek, MN

Not perfect but we like it anyway.

I agree with the other reviews about the tray being annoying. I pinched my finger when I was putting the darn thing together. I don’t have a problem “putting the baby in the seat with one hand while putting the tray on with the other” cause we just sit it down on the table while we strap the babe in. It’s really a minor detail for us but it can be a huge detail to someone who doesn’t use the harness. It all depends on your habits like if you don’t like to set your tray down, etc.Other than that I love it. I can’t fit the tray in the dishwasher but it wipes off incredibly easy. I love the adjusting features I had no idea high chairs could adjust in so many ways. I hate to admit this but my favorite part of the chair is the color choice, gray and green. The adjustment buttons are orange so they are easily noticed. Also our chair came with two trays. I’m not sure if this is a standard feature or if we just happened to get lucky but I do think it is a feature of the chair.**UPDATE**Pros: I LOVE the color combos.Incredible amount of areas to adjust.Kid is comfy in it.Folds up thin.Adjustment features are easy to use.Five pt harness can be changed to 3 pt.Comes with two removable tray tops.Cons:The wheels are cheap and even when locked the chair still slides everywhere. This could use some improvement. I also accidentally kick the locks a lot but it’s not a big deal since like I said, it still slides.The cover says not to wash or dry it on the tag so at first I was like “WTF how do you clean it?” I decided to stick it in the washer anyway on cold wash, delicate, no soap (high level since the chair wont collapse into the water and will stick out), hang dry. All the spots came out. After I figured out how to wash it, it wasn’t a problem anymore.The tray is weird and has to line up perfectly to attach. It’s annoying but it takes me only a couple seconds. If I strap him in first then not a big deal cause he’s not going anywhere. Since the crotch-bump (whatever its called) is attached to the tray you have to make sure your kid’s legs are straight or else you bend his legs up in it. Another issue since it’s attached to the tray is you have to turn the tray upside down to sit it down so you have to clean the tray off before you remove it to take baby out.

Tameka Yonkers, NY

Not worth the money

The grandparents just got this chair at their house. We have the Fisher Price Rainforest. The FP is much much better (and cheaper too). The straps on this chair are annoying hard to adjust, which makes a big difference when you are reclining the chair, since that changes how tightly the baby is cinched in which means you have to adjust the straps all the time. Also, having the stump underneath the tray is just bad design. Our baby has gotten pinched a couple of times already, and I’m sure it will be a regular occurance in the future. The tray thing doesn’t fit into any dishwasher I know (unless that’s the only thing you have in there). If it weren’t or all the effort the grandparents put in to get this thing, I would have made them return it. It gets two starts purely because it’s a functioning high chair.

Krystal Pagosa Springs, CO

Make sure you choose a vinyl pattern!

This chair has been useful from the beginning! When our baby was very small, even before we used it for feeding, I reclined the chair all the way, and it gave me a place to sit him while I prepared dinner! As a newborn unable to support his head, he was still able to lie comfortably in this seat.I love that there are many ways to adjust the angle of the chair and the angle/height of the foot rest, always making it a comfy seat as my son grows. He’s 18 months now, and still very happy in it. I recently took off the shoulder straps (which he no longer needs) and just use the waist belt so he feels less confined. Again, very adjustable features!Note that some patterns are fabric and others are vinyl. I originally got a fabric one, which is the less preferable of the two. But, for about $27 and $10 shipping, you can order a replacement pad by calling Chicco’s customer service number. A generic high chair cover can be anywhere from $20-30 dollars, so spending a little more for the Chicco one made sense.A replacement set comes with both the top and bottom pad, plus the matching shoulder pads. My original pad was th “Romantic” pattern (fabric), which got stinky even with regular wipe downs using a warm, soapy cloth. According to the care instructions, the pad isn’t supposed to be machine washable, and I didn’t want to risk ruining it beyond repair. I ordered “Cubes” pattern (vinyl), and love it. Since I didn’t have anything to lose, I did throw my fabric one in the wash, air dried, and it came out fine. Probably wouldn’t machine wash the fabric one too often because the plastic inside buckled a little. But now I have a great vinyl one, plus a back-up (maybe to use with our second child in the beginning because it’s softer and won’t be getting food on it at that time).Chicco’s website shows all the patterns and what type of material each one is. Plus, Chicco’s customer service is excellent! I received my pad in 5 days from the date I ordered it.

Monique Saint Paris, OH

I love this chair!

I can not for the life of me figure out all the negative reviews on this chair. I didn’t buy it on Amazon to begin with so I didn’t see how it was rated.I love the chair! It has two removable tray covers which are totally handy when they have made a mess out of the meal which they will and you want to remove the mess to clean them before picking them up to clean them off. I have walked around with food on my shoulder one too many times… (before I realized what the trays were actually for)as for the straps, I used them in the beginning but then took them off and used the tray as my son got bigger and was able to sit on his own (he never wanted to sit until he could crawl)The tray pushes in nice and snug so he can’t wiggle out which I thought was a really nice feature that you don’t have to use the straps then. As for the complaining about the difficulties on putting the tray on I say why take it completely off? you can pull it out to a locked position that gives you plenty of room to take the baby out or put them in. I do agree that it can be a pain but since I hardly ever take it off completely it isn’t an issue.As for the mess, I beg you, have you ever seen a clean highchair? Maybe I just know only the messiest of kids but every high chair I have seen has spots where food collects. You can’t expect a highchair to stay clean. I’m nit sure what those people are thinking. The seat has “two” covers. One that is machine washable and one that is not. The one that is i just toss it in and then let it air dry. You can wipe it clean but it will need to be washed. I don’t do anything special with it and it hasn’t fallen apart or anything like that. The other cover is one that always stays on and it says it should only be wiped down. I haven’t tried washing it in the washer yet but wiping it with a wash cloth seems to work perfect anyway so I haven’t needed to machine wash it.Like I said before I love it!

Alma Dixfield, ME

Takes a beating and still working well.

A friend gave me this unit after her 2 kids used it. I took it happily because another friend had given me her older Chicco after her 3 used it and then my older 2 used it. It functioned great through all 5 kids but I gave it away thinking we wouldn’t ever need it again. Well, I’m so glad to have this unit. I would definitely have purchased this very same unit if I had needed to (if my friend hadn’t had handed it down to me). It is great and cleans well except the creases but I imagine that would be any different with any other model. I give this product a thumbs up.

Jasmine Lewis Center, OH

It’s a Great and Functional High Chair

We’ve been using this chair for over 3 years now. First with my daughter and now with my son. I can still get it to look brand new with proper washing. With that being said, remember, this is a high chair. They WILL get dirty. YOU have to wash them. If they made a self cleaning high chair I might be inclined to have more children.The fabric comes off great when its time to go in the washing machine. We’ve washed the material several times and it still looks great. How things hold up after washing is very important to be in regard to baby products.With that said when I have to take the fabric off I give the plastic a good wipe down. All food items and stickies wipe off easy and this hasnt had any staining, which is also very nice.The larger portion of the tray does not fit in your dish washer, it’s not meant to. That should be hand washed when it gets gross. This Highchair comes with 2 tray covers. Those awesome little things fit into the dishwasher. They’re clear and also show no signs of stains or aging.Yes this high chair is big and awkward, but they all are. I give it 5 stars because it’s functional, easily cleaned, and still looks new after 2 incredibly sloppy children. I also love the green color.

Rachel Mallie, KY

Ok, but for the tray

The good features of this high chair are that it folds up easily, has a wipeable cushion, 5-point harness, recline (both the seat back and leg support) and adjustable height. The recline feature was fantastic when my son was 2-4 months old and I was just looking for a place to safely put him in the kitchen while I cooked dinner.The downsides of this high chair are (1) no crotch bar in the seat — you cannot strap the baby in one-handed because he’ll slip out if he wiggles the tiniest bit before you get him buckled in; (2) the crotch bar is attached to the tray — my son constantly kicks at it when I’m trying to put the tray on the chair; (3) you need three hands to put the tray on — the arms of the chair have to be perfectly lined up with the grooves in the tray while you simultaneously depress the button on the center of the front of the tray. Add a squirmy baby into the mix, and it usually takes two people to get the tray onto the chair.Finally, because the crotch bar is attached to the tray itself, you can’t take the tray off to put the tray down anywhere if there’s any kind of food on it that might roll or drip off. Thus, when ‘self feeding’ starts, this becomes a problem because you have to clean the tray first to take it off before you can clean the baby (who, by this point is screaming to get down because he’s done).

Cora Augusta, GA

From a fathers perspective.

Pros:Wheels on bottom for rolling around the house.Adjustable back angle.Adjustable hight.Dish washer safe tray and tray cover.Easy to clean.Easy to fasten straps.Adjustable foot rest angle and height.Easy to adjust as baby grows.My daughter can’t escape the straps.Cons:Cant think of any.Review:From a fathers perspective this is an intuitive design with many adjustments. I feed my daughter (11 mo.) 5-6 meals per week so there is no real routine. I just kind of let her play in the kitchen while make something for us to eat then put her in her chair and let her eat while I clean the kitchen. So the fact that I can roll her around in the chair to change her view keeps her entertained longer and gives me more time to clean, eat or whatever else I need to do. If by chance she falls asleep in the chair I just recline the back and let her sleep. The detachable tray that covers up the main tray makes washing easier.

Ofelia Garrard, KY

Plan on getting the hose out after each feeding…..this thing sucks.

We purchased this to go along with our other Chicco brand items, stroller, car seat and pack n play. We have been happy with everything else except for the high chair. On the outside it looks nice and easy to set up to how you want it, but when it comes to cleaning it….it is a absolute cluster. First, the under fabric gets dirty and isn’t easy to clean, pretty much expect stains to stick around. Second, and this is the big one, the under seat (the plastic seat) is split at the bottom, so it has a nice little channel that food and just about everything gets into to. Because the pad lifts up, our daughter drops every food item down and goes under the pad into this channel. This means that I have to strip this puppy down every time and either hose it off or vacuum it out. Not easy enough to wipe down, you have to do the afore mentioned. Food gets into all these little cracks and crevices in the chair and I tell ya, 10 day old Banana is horrible. I have washed the pad in the washing machine which helps, but they could have designed the seat in one piece to help on clean up. I really wanted to like this chair, but the constant cleaning issues means I will probably sell this and get a new one.

Kirsten Bar Mills, ME

The Good and the Bad

There are good and bad things about this chair. You decide which you can deal with. If I had it to do over I would probably buy a different high chair, but this one is serving the purpose well enough that I can’t justify the expense.Pros:1) Cleans up easily (nice vinyl material that wipes right off)2) Has a removable second vinyl layer so that when you need to wash it you still have a seat cushion underneath. (I myself haven’t used this feature because my little man isn’t that messy yet.)3) Fairly nice looking (I didn’t want anything too crazy cartoony…I wanted neutral colors to go with my decor)4) There is a spot on the back of the high chair to hang the tray.5) Two removable tray covers are nice so that you always have a clean tray.Cons:1) The tray is a pain in the butt to line up single-handedly (I’ve even pinched the little one’s thumb trying to manuever the thing into place)2) The removable trays do not fit into my dishwasher. (If you have a higher quality LARGE dishwasher, they may fit.)3) The feet of the chair have a fairly large footprint. Takes up a lot of floor space.4) When folded flat for storage it is hard to keep it balanced…I’ve had it slide out and fall to the floor on my tile kitchen floors.5) Although having a second tray cover is nice if you want to always have a clean one on hand, it would have been nice if they made the covers so that they could connect and hang on the tray. You end up with a high chair that has a place to store your tray with one of the covers on it, but then you have to find somewhere to store your spare cover. I suppose Chicco was thinking you would always have one tray cover in the dishwasher, but again…the trays don’t fit in most dishwashers.

Bette Boynton, PA

Worst high chair I’ve ever had the misfortune to own…

Unfortunately, this is the worst high chair I’ve ever had the misfortune to own. The tray is difficult to slide onto the armrests, you’ll often get one side in and not the other, it always takes me several attempts. Crumbs and mushy food easily get stuck in corners of the armrests, the footrest, and the inside rim of the main tray making it difficult to clean. The lift off tray top should be designed to cover the entire tray as the exposed sides of the main tray end up getting dirty and grimy after each meal. After owning the highchair for 2 days the buckle jammed on one side. My baby was small enough that I was able to pull him out with only one side unbuckled, but I then spent about forty minutes attempting to unbuckle the stuck side. Still stuck and still waiting to hear back from customer service about it…I have used several other high chairs that do not have as many issues as this one.Pros: Easy to collapse for storage, baby seems comfortable in the seat, height adjustment feature

Sasha Boulder Creek, CA

Not recommended

This is a bad, bad, bad design:1. It takes up a lot of floor space (21″ x 29″) when in use. Not ideal for small rooms.2. The tray does not slide on smoothly and often goes off-track when you are trying to side it in.3. The tray is poorly designed. There is an attached hard plastic piece that is designed to be straddled by baby’s legs when it is in place. However, when the tray is slid in, it is easy to push the tray too far in and smoosh baby’s crotch. Unpleasant. The same plastic piece prevents the tray from being set aside and laying flat somewhere for storage or just to set aside for a moment while putting baby in or out of the high chair.4. The chair is excessively HUGE. My 6 month old son is still too small to be buckled in snugly in this chair.I’ve seen a much better designed chair by Safety 1st. It is much easier to get baby in and out of the chair because of a much better tray and restraint design.

Nettie Englewood, OH