Chicco Polly High Chair, Foxy

Chicco Polly High Chair, Foxy

The Polly Highchair’s seven height positions, three reclining positions, and one-hand tray removal make the Polly the most convenient highchair to maneuver. Its highlighted and clearly visible buttons won’t leave you searching for how to adjust the highchair to make your child most comfortable. The Polly also makes cleaning easy with its dishwasher-safe, tray insert and two cushioned, seat pads that are easy to clean. All vinyl seat pads are Phthalate free. Seven height positions and three reclining positions for increased comfort.

Main features

  • Nylon
  • Imported
  • The Chicco Polly puts safety first by including a five-point safety harness and brakes on all wheels
  • Seven height positions and three reclining positions for increased comfort
  • Most convenient maneuvering with one-hand seat recline and tray removal
  • Two cushioned seat pads that are easy to clean
  • Slimmest fold in its class

Verified reviews



Please do not purchase this highchair!! This was the only product that I did not obsessively research before our daughter was born 18 months ago and, boy, do I regret it. I bought because of the nice color combo which coordinated with our living spaces. Whoops!Cons — Dirty, dirty, dirty – this chair has so many cracks and crevices for food to fall, hide, stay forever…yuck. I am the kind of person that likes to clean up every night, but this is the one thing that must remain dirty until its monthly shower (literally, the only way to get this clean is the shower). Food gets stuck under the seat EVERY time she eats. Buy a chair that does not have seams and holes…or as few as possible. The worst is the tray – Chicco screwed 2 pieces of plastic together to make this thing, which means all of the crumbs/food get stuck in the narrowest crack FOREVER. There is also a clever hole right at the crotch, perfect to catch food. And don’t even think about sweeping the food towards the foot rest, as the food will get stuck there too. Of course!- Awkward bar at crotch – the leg bar is on the tray (vs part of the chair itself like graco) and too far forward on the tray. I cannot get the tray close enough to her. Another contributor to dirtiness…- Infant pads for shoulder straps too large – not very useful- Lap portion of belt always get stuck (plastic adjuster always get stuck in the back)- Too large for a small living space (only purchase if you have ample space)- Trays do not fit in dishwasherPros — cushions – seem comfy for little one and easy wipe down- infant cushion option is nice- recline- large enough to accommodate baby/toddler for awhileI am firmly suggesting that you do not purchase.

Kelli Blenheim, SC

Solid and Easy to Clean, With Minor Flaws

We like this high chair, but we still prefer our Graco Contempo for a few reasons.Pros:- Easy and quick to put together- Cover is plastic and simple to clean- Adjustable footrest is a nice touch- Folds up very slim, easy to slip into a broom closet or pantryCons (note – all of the cons are pretty minor, and would not dissuade me from buying this high chair or giving it as a gift – but they push it below our existing high chair for us):- Not a fan of the look of the removable tray cover. It feels like a protective cover for shipping that you would throw away, not a tray for use during meals. This is in part because it’s clear plastic instead of color-matched to the tray that fits on the chair, unlike most other chairs I’ve seen.- Tray locking is a bit awkward. Instead of smoothly being able to slide the tray on until it locks into the desired position, it has locking pins, and you have to squeeze the locking mechanism until you get the pins in just the right spot.- The fabric cover for the leg portion just hangs there loosely. There’s already velcro on the back of that portion so you can fold it up behind itself to make it shorter; it would have been a simple matter to have velcro on the footrest or velcro straps to feed through that could secure the fabric cover.- The 5-point harness also has a strange design. Instead of the usual design where the two waist/horizontal strap buckles have something on the top that can slide through a channel to link them to the vertical strap buckles, there is just a plastic snap hook on the vertical strap buckles that the waist buckles loosely hook to. It’s difficult to explain, but the vertical strap buckles basically look like this item:Strapworks Swivel Snap Hook -Fits 1 Inch Strapping. This has a pretty cheap feel and doesn’t feel like a snug fit.- Final annoyance is that if you just fold up the chair and swing the legs together, it doesn’t stand up straight and will fall over. You have to let the legs drift apart a bit more, like a tripod, before it will stand stably.Overall, it’s a high quality product, despite the cons above, and I’m happy to use it as a backup chair. But the minor cons and annoyances make me prefer our existing chair.

Chasity Munith, MI

Space saver, easy handle, great high chair

This is a nice high chair and so easy to handle. I have uploaded a few pictures to show the colors better and how slim it is once folded – fully assembled.I’ll start by saying that it was not difficult to put this chair together. There’s no need for special tools or even a screwdriver. It took me about 15 minutes to put it all together.Things that I like:- Folds so slim that can fit behind the door once feeding is done.- Cleans super easy, the double tray it great. So easy to wash in the sink.- There’s no fabric involved the plastic/vinyl that covers the seat is easy to wipe.- The height adjustment is a neat feature it can really go very low if necessary.- The colors, not too flashy.Things I don’t like:- I can’t carry it around. I have to roll it on the floor (but the wheels are not good for my floor) I am a small gal and can’t lift this chair because the legs keep coming down. The legs don’t want to stay put if I lift the chair up, they roll down making me stumble and bringing the chair legs to an odd position.There are other features that this chair has like safety harness, adjustable foot rest, loocking wheel mechanism, and all the buttons to help lock in the chair.Overall, this is a very good chair for the price, sturdy, and easy to put away.Last note:I invite you to ask questions or comment before hitting the unhelpful button. I’d appreciate your feedback thank you.

Vicki Pitcher, NY

Very good high chair for the price

I’ve got four kids, so I’ve been through a few high chairs. This is not the best of the bunch, but for the price, you get a pretty good chair. Handling and cleanup wise, this compares pretty well to thePeg-Perego Prima Pappa Diner High Chairwhich cost $50 more. The Chicco folds up a little easier, but it’s easier to take the tray on and off on the Peg Perego. On this, like most models with a padded seat, cleanup is always a bit of a hassle. Food gets stuck in crevices and you need to clean it regularly. I vacuum mine for quick cleanup. I also don’t like that the post attaches to the tray. On the Peg Perego this is part of the seat, and gives you a little help keeping your kid safely in place while you buckle them in.For an easier to clean, but much more expensive padded chair you might look at theOXO Tot Sprout Chair. Even easier to clean and fold up, but lacking any pads is theBABYBJORN High Chair, White. But of course these two chairs will cost you about $100 more than this Chicco. At the same price point as the Chicco, I just haven’t found a better chair. I’ve seen the Graco and Fisher Price chairs at friend’s houses and they never seem to like them that much. They are often less stable, and usually much harder to clean. It’s worth comparing since they are always coming out with updated models, but in my view the Chicco is currently the best chair in this price range.

Clara Prentiss, MS

If you want a space-saving, easy-to-clean high chair the Chicco Polly Foxy is a perfect choice …

There are innovative features galore on this use-friendly Chicco Polly High chair for everyone, including baby. There have been some changes from the previous versions of this chair, the most important for parents, grandparents, and caretakers, is the “fabric” on the high chair. Nothing worse than having a fabric that you can’t clean up. Toddlers can mess up a chair in no time flat. There are not one, but two padded seat cushions. No, you cannot throw them in the wash because there’s no need to do so. They are made of phthalate-free vinyl that can be quickly wiped down. Other innovative features such as the space-saving fold are the same, but the headache of having to try to wipe down a fabric that absorbed food and drink is gone.MEASUREMENTS:Measures 41″ H x 31″ W x 25″ DWidth of 7.25″ (18.4cm) when folded.PROS:++ This high chair has a “Space-Saving Fold” that will enable the user to tuck it away after feeding. It’s so compact at a width of 7.25″ (18.4cm) that it can be stowed away in many areas in small living arrangements or can be transported in a car to Grandma’s house.++ There are three reclining positions so you can adjust the chair when you are feeding an infant.++ There are seven height positions so you can adjust the chair as your baby moves into toddlerhood. When those legs and body lengthen, you simply make an adjustment. There is an adjustable foot rest. No need to buy another chair.++ The non-skid table tray is quite handy if you want your child to sit at the table with you. Simply adjust the height of the chair and push it up to the table.++ The “one-hand tray removal” makes things not only easy, but safe. The buttons on the MagicSnap tray are easy to find and makes adjusting the tray quick and easy. The tray snaps in solidly and won’t budge.++ There are two “fabric” seat pads. These are not cloth, but rather are made of phthalate-free vinyl. There’s a nice gender-neutral piping and an attractive Chicco logo. The seat pads are quite stylish and when the mood suits you, you can simply change them out. One is a light gray and the other a patterned darker gray with what looks like bubbles. Wipe up is simple.++ There’s a five-point safety harness that will keep your child safe.++ There are brakes on all the swivel wheels. A simple flip of a plastic switch and you’re done.++ There’s a removable tray liner for easy cleanup.++ The chair will accommodate children who weigh up to 37 pounds.CON:– I simply would have liked to seen the wheel assembly made of a heavier-duty plastic.If you want a space-saving, easy-to-clean high chair the Chicco Polly Foxy is a perfect choice. This is an expensive item, but a durable high-quality one. I like the simple style, especially the fact that there are two seat cushions that can be swapped out. If you get tired of looking at one, you can simply use the other one. It’s a perfect choice if you are a grandmother like I am … when baby is not in residence, I can just put it in a closet until next time. This is not an inexpensive chair and perhaps should be put on a Wish List so that grandparents can purchase it. This is a beautiful, functional chair that would be a nice addition, especially if you need a space saver.

Valarie Hurst, TX

Has lots of bells and whistles – but a nightmare to clean

This chair has been a total disappointment since we first got it for our son. It is sturdy and durable, but it has some major drawbacks especially when it comes to cleaning.PROs:-Folds up easily and stores nicely-Has two removeable tray tops so that you do not have to clean the entire tray after each meal-Very adjustable (with caveat… see cons)-Tray is easy to put on and removeCONs:-Tray is very large- much too large for a child’s normal portion of food and a cup- Because the tray is so large, it cannot fit into our standard sized dishwasher (despite being ‘dishwasher safe’)-The chair and padding cannot be washed easily- Chair should be made out of a ‘wipe down’ material for easy cleaning or made from something machine washable.-The cushions on this chair are labeled ‘hand wash only’… this is a major inconvenience.-The shoulder pads – which get dirty at almost every meal – are only removable by disassembling the straps.-These shoulder pads should be velco or snap on and off to allow for easy removal and cleaning.- Despite otherwise being very adjustable, the recline is fixed on this chair. As a result, you cannot set your child to sitting fully upright. The chair is always reclined.

Carmella Damascus, MD

Easy clean up!

Its great material thats easy to wipe down. My daughter loves to play, eat, watch mom and dad in the kitchen and she just hangs out! not recommended to use as a baby sitter, neighbors might call the cops on you!

Shauna Rice, MN

Great functionality, price, and style

This high chair works great in homes that don’t have much space because of it’s slim fold.Pros:- Slim fold (easy to fold too)- Many different recline and height options (rarely used though)- Can be rolled around which is great to keep baby around while mom cooks/cleans.- Removable tray for cleaning makes it easy to keep the eating area cleanCons:- Heavy – but the wheels make up for the weight- Some crevices can trap food, but a weekly vacuuming will take care of that- Price – a little on the high side for comparable high chairsIf you’re looking for a full high chair shopping guide, visit AllMomsArePerfect dot com and look under ‘baby gear essentials.’ You’ll also find great advice on preparing for the hospital delivery, sleep training, and selecting a stroller.

Deloris Doon, IA

Great high chair

This is our first and only high chair so I have nothing to compare it to, although I did do quite a bit a research. Super easy to assemble without tools and IMO it looks and feels better than other high chairs I saw in the store. We have the Endless design which looks great. Very easy to clean, rollaround and put the baby in. Right now we have the leg rest completely horizontal and with the seatback at the lowest setting it makes for a decent place to take short naps after feeding (you can remove the foot rest). If you don’t want to use the sholder straps they’re removable. The tray is a little on the large side if you’re trying to move it around one handed and I wouldn’t mind if they made it a bit easier to slide it in. We also tend to inadvertently engage the wheel brakes, but that could just be us. In the end, no regrets with the purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Melba Lakefield, MN