Chicco Smart Support Backpack, Red

Chicco Smart Support Backpack, Red

For Longer Lasting Adventures. Designed in Italy, the SmartSupport Backpack has a height adjustable seat to give your child the perfect ride. The energy absorbing lumbar padding and padded straps in breathable mesh ease strain and keep you cool. The frame is made of lightweight, sturdy aluminum so it’s easy to go everywhere with baby. The canopy is water resistant and a sun visor and zip off rain cover with ventilation holes protect from the weather. Loading and unloading is stabilized with a kickstand. A fanny pack and cell phone case help you carry everything you need while out and about. The fabric can be spot washed in cold water for ease of care and maintenance.

Main features

  • Height adjustable seat for a customized ride
  • Energy absorbing lumbar padding in breathable mesh
  • Lightweight aluminum frame weighs only 7 lbs
  • Water resistant canopy with sun visor and zip off rain cover protect from the weather
  • Kickstand for stabilized loading/unloading

Verified reviews


We ditched our stroller completely after we bought this

We bought this the spring of 2010, after signing our family up for some charity 5k walks/runs. Strollers and wagons, while practical for many uses- take up WAY too much space when participating in these type events so we bought this lightweight frame carrier. After the first walk we decided we’d never go back to a stroller again. I was elated to be able to take our baby WITH us on family hikes instead of having to get a sitter to watch the baby while we took all our other children. I began using this with my daughter when she was 12 months old and she is 20 months now and it has taken the place of the stroller in our van. We don’t use a stroller anymore at all- I love that our daughter can see what we see- and get a real birds eye view.My favorite features:LightweightSun/weather shieldcomfortable strapscell phone pocketdiaper/wipe pocket on the pack

Hillary Atlantic, PA

Not very comfortable, it’s sitting in my garage.

We got this backpack as a gift because we love to hike. Unfortunatley neither my husband or I could ever get it adjusted correctly for comfort. My son never seemed very comfortable in it either. We are 5′ 7″ and 5′ 10″ with average builds, so I assumed it would fit us. In addion to that, the frame makes it bulky and hard to bring places. It takes up almost as much room as a stroller in my car. This would be fine if it were comfortable, but it’s just not. I was bummed because I would love to have a comfortable hiking pack, but this has been sitting in our garage taking up space. We took it hiking a few times and it kills our shoulders, the frame comes up really high around DS so he can barely see out and seems smooshed. I just purchased the Ergo and it is a million times more comfortable for a toddler. DS seems to love it, and I can wear it for much longer than this frame carrier. Plus it is cloth so it folds up small and can be brought along anywhere, even in the bottom of the stroller in case he wants to be held. I would pass on this product in favor of a better one or an Ergo for the same price.

Chelsea Tigerville, SC

Ouch! Not worth it!

I tried this product instead of the more expensive options out there. I realized that comfort is worth the extra money. I tried it on for only a few minutes with my 28 pound son and my shoulders felt like they were going to fall off. Not enough shoulder support. I was so glad this happened in the first few moments and not after a hike. I immediately made plans to return this item (which is wonderfully easy with Amazon). Everything seemed to fit fine other than that, I am 5’5″ tall, medium built woman in relatively good shape. Thank goodness for EBAY, I was able to get a used, better supporting pack for cheap. Maybe a lighter child would fare better in this pack.

Audrey Kunkle, OH

High Quality, Practical and Comfortable—Exceeded Expectations

We purchased this for my Father-in-law this year for Father’s Day. After doing some research, some cheaper and much more expensive, we decided to go with the Chicco because of it’s moderate price point and features. We also have a Chicco infant car seat and were very happy with that. When we received the product, it exceeded my expectations. The fabric, as with other Chicco products, was very high quality. The fabric was durable and thick and felt to be very high quality. The design of the product is very well designed as well, with obvious back support on the backpack, as well as thick straps at the chest and waist. My father-in-law has a history of back problems and was able to carry around my 27 lb. son for about 45 minutes with no issue (or at least no more than you would expect from carrying a toddler around for 45 minutes). The straps to hold the child in feel very secure and roomy and you can adjust them to really get a snug fit. The canopy was ample, but didn’t completely cover my son’s face some of the time, so I would recommend making sure your child has a good hat or the sun will go right on their face. The stand up feature is a huge benefit. It was nice to be able to open the legs to get my son all strapped in before my father in law picked him up. We actually were even able to use it as a ‘high chair’ as we stopped to get a snack and didn’t have to unbuckle and rebuckle my son to get a snack and a drink. (Though I would watch out because some snacks got trapped all over the back pack). At 16 months, this still worked because my son wasn’t quite tall enough to reach his legs. I’d say he definitely has another 18 months to grow into the use of this pack before it becomes to much. I would say the only minor issue is once you have the child in, it can be a little tricky to get the pack on and off. A second person to help definitely makes this process safer. If you’re planning to hike alone, this may be a consideration, but otherwise I would say it’s a non-issue. Overall, we’re very pleased with this purchase. I know that my father in law will use it quite a bit and it is such high quality that it will withstand multiple grandchildren (as well as being lent out to other friends for trips)!One add that I would suggest getting is theChums RearView Mirror. It is a little mirror about the size of a silver dollar on a carabeener with a retractable cord. There is a spot on the front of the backpack to attach it and it is useful to see what the little one is doing behind you. My father in law said this was a lifesaver because otherwise he couldn’t see how my son was feeling/doing.

Ebony Hawkins, WI

Wonderful view for the baby

My 7-month old granddaughter likes riding in the backpack, especially being able to see around from on high. It is well made and easy to put on.

Liza Westby, WI

Insufficient waist strap; uncomfortable for parents

We requested this on our registry since we’re avid hikers and wanted a backpack carrier that was affordable and well-reviewed. I’m not sure how others are using this carrier and finding it comfortable. Perhaps we’re hiking greater distances? Perhaps our baby is heavier? As someone accustomed to carrying the kiddo in an Ergo and Becco and accustomed to backpacking (carrying up to a 50-lb pack for an extended time in the backcountry), I know the importance of a decent waist strap. I know how much lighter and more comfortable a load can seem if it’s well-distributed. This carrier does not have a sufficient waist strap. Carrying our daughter in this carrier was immediately uncomfortable and, over just a few miles, painful for both me and my husband. We’ll have to return it and cough up the extra $ for a carrier with a better waist strap.

Jennifer West Burlington, NY

Great for hiking

My husband used it with our 7 month old on a hike. They were both extremely comfortable. In fact, she took her afternoon nap in there.

Mellisa Blue Hill, NE

Best single purchase in a long time

My husband and I like to do light hiking, but were kind of in a holding pattern with that until our son (now almost 2 yrs old) was big enough to hike with us. Surfing Amazon one day, I checked into backpack carriers just to price them out and see how complicated they were. This item was very reasonably priced and got almost exclusively good reviews, so I took a chance and ordered it. Based on my son’s reactions to his stroller and Moby wrap, I was sure he would consider the backpack too restrictive and uncomfortable and we’d have to return it.What a winner we have in this backpack! My son loves it! Truly loves it. He asks for it all the time. His daycare is walking distance from our house, so in good weather, we carry him home in it. Whenever he sees us coming with the backpack, he gets so excited and we can hear him shout, “BACKPACK!” He climbs into it himself and demands, “Backpack up!” Every strap is adjustable so it fits me at 5’7″, my husband at 6′, and my brother-in-law at 6’3″. Toting 35lbs on your back will never truly be comfortable (should have gotten this when he was lighter!), but once you adjust the straps correctly, it’s reasonable. Plus, think of the workout! We get some weird looks wearing the pack on the way to pick him up, but everyone thinks it’s a pretty cool contraption when they see us coming back with him smiling and looking all around.Someone complained that you need two people to get your child in and out of the pack as well as up onto and down off of your back, and that was something that really did concern me. However, those worries were unfounded. Having an extra person certainly makes it easier, but I have no trouble getting my son into or out of the backpack, nor with getting the toddler-laden pack onto my own back or down onto the couch/table/floor/ground singlehandedly.A few minor points: 1) the sunshade appears to not extend sufficiently to really shade my son (or maybe I’m not pulling it far enough out, or maybe he’s shaded perfectly well and it’s just my perception that he’s not; hard to say), 2) it does get a bit hot, but come on, you have a little space heater strapped to your back, so what did you expect, and 3) it’s very important to know exactly where to put your child’s feet when putting on the loaded pack. The pictures on the packaging weren’t especially clear and our son had to, um, explain a few things to us the first time. They should be in front of the metal bar but over the straps that goes around your arms. Using the mannequin picture as guidance, your child’s feet should hang freely over top of that three-point connection below the underarm and at the side of the waist. If you don’t get them over that strap, they could be caught between your back and the back-support strap. You might be worried that the foot of the metal bar will pinch your child’s leg, but trust me: if it was hurting him, he would let us know. Two months of our toting him around in the backpack an average of once or twice a week, and he has no complaints.Excellent product all around! Highly recommended!

Shelly Indio, CA

Very uncomfortable for short or tall person!

I ordered this item after reading through the reviews. While some were negative, most were positive so I decided to give it a shot. I should have trusted the negative reviews. I am 5’2 and my husband is 6’3, both fairly fit people. We both found that this carrier was extremely uncomfortable. The bottom of this pack dug into my tailbone when I wore it and my husband just couldn’t find a way to adjust the straps so that it was comfortable for him. I am returning it after attempting to use it once on a hike. The chest strap is not adjustable (up or down) and actually doesn’t tighten enough for my thinner frame. We were so excited to upgrade from a soft pack to a framed pack but this just turned into a disappointment.

Carmela Humboldt, TN

Super uncomfortable

I suppose you get what you pay for. I am 5’2" and the lumbar portion dug into my back in the worst way. My husband is 6’5" and the lumbar portion was in the middle of his belly. Very uncomfortable for both of us. Also, the strap which is supposed to offload some of the weight basically just pulls on your belly. My son did look happy riding it in, but I will be returning and upgrading to a Kelty 3.0. Oh well.

Marion Dover, PA

Great carrier for daddy

I carried my son for 9 months. I used the smaller front carriers until he was a year old after that its daddys turn because he is just too heavy. My husband and I go on hikes fairly often and we put him in this and it works great. I attach a bottle strap to the side so he does not toss his bottle down in the woods for us to never find again. My husband says its comfortable and the baby usually falls asleep about 10 minutes in so I am guessing he is pretty comfortable too. I do help my husband hoist the carrier onto his back but he can do it himself easily. I do adjust where the babys feet sit so they are not under the straps while being carried as it can cut off circulation if they are pinned against the persons sides. My only tip make sure all the straps are secured do not assume the baby cannot get out they can! We leave the baby in the carrier and set him upright during picnics

Jerri East Berlin, PA

Right on.

We have a very healthy 24 lb 5 month old that constantly looked uncomfortable in the forward facing, back-to-belly, type carriers. In addition to this it was always a pain to get him in and out of the carrier. With this one, it allows our child sit and look around, AND safely fall asleep against the very adequately padded sides. Restraints are top notch. Sits up independently so one parent can safely load and unload the little one. I find the shoulder straps superb, and very seldom use the belly strap. All in all, very pleased with this purchase and recommend it highly.

Rose New Meadows, ID

Chicco Smart Back Pack

Had to return it because my son didn’t need it but loved the idea of not having to push a big stroller.

Lakisha Gibbon, MN

Great backpack and great value

My 11 month old loves this backpack and he doesn’t typically like anything that he is strapped into (stroller, car seat etc). It also seems like a no frills carrier which is what we were looking for. We live in Hawaii and many hiking trails get pretty hot. The sun canopy isn ‘t that big but we just put a hat on our son anyway. I saw many reviews about this pack not being comfortable but it seems like they are from people who aren’t used to carrying any weight on their shoulders. We are boy active hikers and former military and this pack seems just fine. Highly recommended for the price and minimal material.

Monique Glen Fork, WV

Love it!

The Chicco Smart Support Backpack works great. We have used it to carry our 2-year old (approx 25lbs) during hikes. So far it has held up well. There is about an 8 inch height difference between me and my husband and the backpack adjusts easily to fit us both. We both find it very comfortable to wear.

Nola Kent, IL

It is nice

I bought this so that we could go on hikes. The problem is we are on a budget so I wanted something affordable. This was in the price range and had decent reviews. I have used it on walks and it was actually quite comfortable for me. (I am 5’8") We recently took it on a hike (finally) and it held up well and didn’t bother me, and our son seems to enjoy the ride whenever he is in it. He is about 30lbs and 34 inches. I don’t mind that there is only a small pouch in back, because my husband carries a backpack with our supplies.

Eleanor Cowden, IL

Skeptical at first, but now I LOVE IT

I waited a full two weeks (using it everyday) before writing a review, so that I can give a hopefully balanced perspective on this. I wasn’t in love with it at first. I thought, oh my god, my shoulders hurt carrying my 21 pound son. But then I remembered a salesperson at REI store (when I was looking into the Osprey and Deuter backpack carriers) telling me a trick that perhaps most people don’t know – that "the majority of the weight should be on the HIPS/WAIST." Now, this is very important to remember, people — it does make a difference when you make the belt around the waist TIGHTER (as tight as possible, if I may say). I did that and voila, 90% of the problem is solved right there. Once the belt around the waist is tightened, it naturally creates most (I say ‘most’ not ‘all’ because I don’t want to mislead anyone here) of the weight on your WAIST, not your shoulders. Now, I can go for walks around the neighborhood for an hour, and I feel fine. My only comment is I wish the shoulder pads were a bit more padded for comfort – so I am looking into buying those padded memory foam car seat belt strap covers. (I will update once I get that and let you guys know how that worked out). I love this backpack carrier so much more than the other higher-end big name brands such as Osprey/Deuter, etc — those were GINORMOUS for my small frame and three times the price as well. I take my son in this to zoos, museums, walks, etc. Well worth it!!

Susanne Cross Plains, TN

Great — lightweight, sturdy, comfortable and affordable

This frame backpack is $100 – $200 cheaper than the ones we looked at in REI and other stores. And it’s smaller and lighter, and fits better! I’m 5’6" and a bit short-waisted, my husband is 6’2" and very long-waisted, and this backpack fits both of us comfortably. Most importantly, our 19-month-old, 22-pound daughter loves riding in it when we go hiking, exploring nearby towns, etc. So glad we didn’t spend two or three times as much on a "designer" backpack when this one does the job perfectly well.

Alexandra Jefferson Valley, NY

Very Pleased

We purchased this carrier for our trip to Ft Davis, Texas where a lot of hiking is involved. My husband, who is 6ft 2in. had no problem with it at all. It fit him perfectly and he said it was very comfortable. Also our 1 year old daughter who weighs 21 lbs. loved riding up high and being able to see everything. The only down side to it is there is little storage space but that really wasn’t a problem for us seeing as I had a back pack with me that carried all of our 5 kids things in it. So all in all a good product at a good price. I would recommend it to anyone.

Teresa Lecompte, LA


Bought it based on reviews and it’s great. Our daughter is 19 months old, she fits really well in it and enjoys the hiking very much. I was a bit worried she will not want to sit in it but she’s been having great time hiking with us. It has sun cover and rain cover (which we lost already unfortunately). Have been very happy with the purchase and would recommend it to everyone.

Freida Indianola, IA

Great Product

This backup is wonderful. It fits me 5′ 10″ and it fits grandpa 6′ 5″. The stand makes getting the baby on and off easy. Baby could not be more comfortable riding in this.

Amalia Galva, IL