Chicco TravelSeat Hook On Chair, Adventure

Chicco TravelSeat Hook On Chair, Adventure

The Chicco TravelSeat is the perfect travel highchair to fit your busy lifestyle The TravelSeat folds compactly and comes with a trendy carrybag Its fashionable Italian-woven fabric seat can be removed and machine-washed to keep your Chicco TravelSeat looking sharp

Main features

  • Folds flat and fits in included carry bag
  • Removable, washable thickly padded seat made with woven fabric
  • Weighs only 7 pounds
  • Rubberized grips won’t mark tables or pinch fingers
  • Easily negotiates table skirting up to 6″

Verified reviews


love the compact design — no floor space lost

I saw that a new model the 360 is available, and would go for that instead of this –This is almost perfect — I loved travelling with it, and its awesome. The consare that it takes a lot of wiping down to clean up, with quite a bit of elbow greaseand the gap between the seat and the counter/table is quite significant. So lots offood does get dropped down that gap. For everyday use, I found that its really messycompared to my prima pappa chairs with the removable tray, and vinyl seats. You haveto wipe down with a damp/wet cloth to clean up and since it is made of cloth itself,it gets wet and needs drying time before the next use. So breakfast to snack time1-2 hrs is not sufficient drying time sometimes for a really gooey breakfast messthat I had to wet wipe. Once a week or sometimes more often, I take it off, take outthe arm pieces and cardboard seat foam, and wash it in our laundry sink. (The curvediron peice stays on the seat since its just too hard to take off and put back on)The seat is too upright to use for an infant less than about 7 – 8 months old. So for the firsttwo months I had to use only my prima pappas that have a recline and lots more support witha five point harness. I did not have theses for my older son and switched from high chair tostokke when he was 2 or so.As a pro, it wipes up /washes up to look as good as new week after week and I have hadit for 6 mo or so of constant use. I have them up on my island, so that they can eatwhile watching me cook etc. and feel more part of what we are doing in the kitchen.I use the prima pappa’s still a lot and totally love those. If I had to give one up,I would say I would give up the prima pappas, but really could not have used theseto start feeding my twins for a few mo.

Nelda Deer Harbor, WA

We love this seat, but Houdini does too…unfortunately.

We’ve been using this as an alternative to a high chair for several months now, and LOVE the space-saving aspect and sturdy construction.We’ve had the usual issues that other reviewers have mentioned – our son loves “hiding” food on the floor by dropping it through the space between the seat and table, and when using it daily in place of a regular high chair, it gets super funky under the hippo grips. I shudder every time I take it off to clean it (which is obviously not often enough…”Um, honey? When was the last time we had spaghetti?”).Our main issue recently, and the reason that we’ll be switching to a booster seat in a few days, is the restraint system. It’s too flimsy. Our 17-month old son has easily figured out how to unclip himself, and will surprise us in the middle of every meal by suddenly standing up in the seat. This leads to trying to get him to sit back down, which leads to him playing the “stiff-as-a-board” game, which leads to frustration, which leads to food on the floor, which has eventually led us to…a booster seat. With a better restraint system.If Chicco would upgrade this feature, this seat would be almost perfect. We’ll definitely miss it.

Christine Stewart, MS

Buy the Red caddy version instead

Having owned both, I recommended the red caddy version instead. Both chairs are great, but the drawback is how difficult they are to clean. The red one is easier to clean than this padded one. The padding is unnecessary; first, them 11 month old isn’t big enough to come in contact with the padded sides and second, he’s only in there to eat (10 mins) not sit and read the paper. Besides the cleaning issue (you cannot wipe it down, you have to take it apart and wash it in a machine or bucket) its a great seat! We use it as our main high-chair and it folds down to bring it to restaurants. Must by the Summer infant table mat to go with this chair.

Jillian Jessup, MD

terrible for long-term use

This is the only high chair that my husband and I have used for our 18-month-old daughter. When she first began eating solids, we loved it because this chair allowed her to eat right at the table with us. It also doesn’t take up additional floor space, which is great.After nearly a year of use, though, we now hate this chair. Our daughter is a fairly non-messy eater, yet the hippos, the metal parts, and the chair itself are always laden with gross food particles. The few inch gap between the table and the edge of the chair means that loads of food falls on the floor at every meal. Super gross. It is also ridiculously difficult to remove the cloth fabric from the chair frame in order to wash it. Worst of all, the frame part that locks onto the table will no longer unlock! Even my (quite strong) husband cannot get this thing off the table. When we recently moved to a new home, we actually had to move with the stupid hippo chair still attached to the table.Like I said, we are still using the thing, but it’s more because we can’t get it off the table than any other reason. While it is really nice to not have the chair take up extra floor space, that’s really the only benefit to this chair. If you were only to use it now and then while on the go (and if you could get it off the table again), then it might be worth considering this. But it is a real headache of a high chair if you want to use it for daily use. Unless you think cleaning food up from the hippos and the floor several times a day sounds like fun, and unless you savor the idea of having to wrestle the cloth part off of the frame… and the frame off of the table… then I really wouldn’t recommend this chair. It may be durable and space-saving, but the extra mess and work created is really not worth it.

Ashlee Farrell, PA

Easy to use, sturdy, compact

We love this chair and use it at home all the time. It’s very easy to put together and use. It’s also very light and compact for on the go. I’d recommend buying a silicone mat to put under the parts that grip the table. Not only for baby’s food messes, but will help protect the table from any scuffing, although we’ve yet to have that problem.

Ursula Avery Island, LA

nice chair but not ideal for older baby

The product design is very nice and it mounts to my table which has a 4.5 skirt on it. My 18mo was unable to pop out of it despite there not being a 5 point harness. The quality it very nice and cushiony. My 4 1/2 year old daughter thought it was very fun as well. The reason I gave it only 3 stars is because it is really designed for a child who is not a self eater yet. There is pretty large gap between child and table so you know what that means. .. ginormous mess if you were to even think of allowing them to try to feed themselves this way. There really should be an attachment tray but for some reason there is not one available for this travel seat:/ I am returning it and ordering a simple chair mounted highchair. I bought one for my mom years ago and not sure why I didn’t just do that sooner. This chair would be great for restaurants but again, not for self feeders.

Erin Oxford Junction, IA

convenient and easy

Best hichchair! We needed a clamp on one to decrease clutter in our dining area. This is the only one that would fit our table since it has a thick-ish "skirt". We are really happy with it.

Doris Flagtown, NJ

Good chair!

We’ve had this chair for over a year now. We really do like it, but cleaning it is a HUGE pain in the rear. Removing the fabric is a process and putting it back on is just as big of a pain. It is hard to collapse the ‘arms’ by myself. It’s been really great up until about 3 weeks ago. Our little one likes to prop her feet on the ‘arms’, which has led to some misalignment. However, we use it all the time and, even with my complaints, I would highly recommend it!

Carolyn Homeland, FL

Great compact chair

We bought this for a trip, and wound up using it every day at home too. We were able to use it when he was 5 1/2 months old, when he was first able to sit up on his own. We love the compact size — no more tripping over the high chair in the middle of the kitchen! Our son likes being able to sit at the table with us at dinner. It installs easily, is very secure (we were actually surprised how stable it is), and the cover comes off and is machine washable. The clamps are deep enough to get around the trim under the table, and the rubber grips don’t leave marks in the wood. It folds up flat for travel.Downsides — I wish it had a wipeable surface for daily cleaning. The clip for the safety strap often sticks, so we sometimes struggle getting him unhooked. The space between the chair and the table means more toys and food on the floor.

Lizzie Pasadena, MD

Alright, odd distance from table

Pros:- easy to set up and take down- cover can be removed and is machine washable- colors are gender neutral- lightweight in the bag and easy to carry- has harness to strap your child in for safetyCons:- there is a strange amount of space between the child and the table when this chair is set up, it sits several inches away which means tons of food falls to the floor- no tray (which might alter the above mentioned problem)- the braces, while adjustable, do not fit on all tables: they won’t fit if there is anything under the table (such as leaf attachments), a lip around the table that is too wide etc.- because the child’s weight is suspended from the table it won’t work on lightweight tables, such as outdoor dining tables/folding tables etc.Overall this chair is alright, but limited in it’s usage. We’ve used it when traveling and we didn’t want to bring the high chair to use in a rental, or if we are headed somewhere and we’re not sure if there will be seating for our daughter, but I might shop around were we to purchase this type of chair again. The space between the table and chair are really wide and mean there is always going to be a mess on the floor. Were I to purchase a chair like this again I think I’d look for one with a tray.

Lynda Shell Rock, IA

Great for on the go!!

I love this chair. I got it as a baby shower gift and can say its one my my favorite items that I own. I go out to eat with family and friends at least once or two times a week. I never go without this chair !! Its so nice to know that if there is dirt in the highchair its my sons dirt and not some other kids. I feel way better with him putting his toys, and his mouth on the sides of this chair then one in a public place.I dont really like how long it takes to unassemble and reassemble this product in order for it to be washed, but in all reality, I can spare 10 mins a week to mess around with it and wash it.This seat is the best purchase you can make !!!

Hannah Montrose, IA