Child Artwork Frame – Lil DaVinci Artwork Display Cabinet Frames & Stores Up to 50 Masterpieces – 12″ by 18″

Child Artwork Frame – Lil DaVinci Artwork Display Cabinet Frames & Stores Up to 50 Masterpieces – 12″ by 18″

Child artwork frames from Lil Davinci allow you to continually update your wall art by adding new masterpieces to display and showcase. Tastefully showcase your children’s masterpieces with the Lil DaVinci Store & Display Art Cabinet. A discreet hinge allows you to open the front of the L’il DaVinci Art Frame and easily swap out pictures or artwork. The spring-loaded corners make it possible to hold 1 to 50 pages so you can archive all of your children’s creativity. Each frame is made from wood with a black matte finish. The 12″ x 18″ picture frame can be latched closed to prevent unwanted tampering. Reduce refrigerator clutter, encourage your child’s artistic talent, and transform their art into framed masterpieces with the Lil DaVinci Store and Display Art Frame. The art frame can be hung vertically or horizontally (mounting hardware is included).

Main features

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  • Lil Davinci Display Case Frames And Stores Up To 50 Masterpieces
  • Opens From the Front – Proudly Display Your Child’s Artwork
  • Wall Hanging Template Included With Hardware To Hang Vertically Or Horizontally
  • Black Wooden Frame With White Matte Highlights The Artist
  • Update Your Artwork With Your Child’s Life

Verified reviews



I really don’t like the idea of having a fridge full of artwork, so I purchased this frame as an organized way to display my kid’s art. It is terrific. It was easy to hang on the wall, and simple to open and add more pictures to. I also loved the fact that you can turn it horizontally and hang it on the existing hooks…so whether the picture is of vertical or horizontal orientation, it is a snap to display! It is really well made too. One other bonus, is that even if the artwork isn’t the 12×18 dimension of the frame, the spring-action will still hold smaller papers in place.

Ada Russell, IL

Turn child’s work into art

This is a terrific way to display children’s art in a sleek and sophisticated way.I wish there were other mat color options besides white, since my kids’ artwork is usually on white paper already. Also, the frame is too heavy to swing open/reload on the wall, I still have to take it down every time we add something new.

Ursula Hamlet, NC

amazing two-in-one display AND storage!

This is exactly what I was hoping for. It made the perfect Father’s Day gift for my husband’s new office. I bought the larger frame so that I could display large AND small pieces – before I gave it as a gift, I had a matte made to use for the smaller works. I am very happy with it. The latch works well, and the frame looks professional. I can’t wait to show off my toddler’s artwork!

Jessica Pahoa, HI

Works like a charm

We bought this for my daughters art and I am so happy I did. The work easily fits in, from her special drawing pad, and I’m able to display and store her work easily. The frame is well made so art stays in place and the frame stays closed while hanging.

Trudy Bradenton, FL


I did not want to throw away from of my daughter’s art and it was just piling up on the counter. This frame is very well made. Super easy to install as it has a guide to place the nail holes… so you do not even need a ruler or measuring tape! Easy to add pictures to. Will be a cherished item in our home for years to come.

Melody Iola, TX

What a brilliant idea!

My son is 2 and is in preschool. He brings home all of these adorable projects but my refrigerator was getting out of control. Thank you to this brilliant frame! He feels so proud when he sees his drawings go in. I have 2 in different sizes but I have found the larger to be best for the size projects he makes in school.

Alice Bippus, IN