Child to Cherish Handprints Tower Of Time Kit in Pink

Child to Cherish Handprints Tower Of Time Kit in Pink

Handprints Tower Of Time Handprint Kit is for the first five years. This includes nontoxic plaster, instructions and decorative ribbon. It is a great baby shower gift.

Main features

  • Tower of Time, Handprint Kits for the first five years
  • Includes nontoxic plaster, instructions and decorative ribbon
  • Great baby shower gift

Verified reviews


Follow user tips for great results

Thanks to other reviewers posting tips on how to get the best results this kit is great! Tried the given instructions’ way and the results weren’t so great. I’m no chemist so I don’t know if it has anything to do with temperature or altitude. However, following users tips fixed the problem.For us the biggest issue was water. One reviewer suggested using half the water indicated. We had to use about 3/4 for optimal results. Also like suggested, keep stirring when water rises to the top during multiple handprint attempts. This helps keep the consistency right and make followup attempts easier.

Kayla Crum, WV

I just hope it looks better after the first year

The directions call for 1/4 cup and I found it was too much, as I mixed powder came up the sides and it never reached that firm of a consistency. My daughters print looks very messy but I didn’t try to get it perfect cause she’s 1 and hates the feel of anything sticky on her hands.

Alfreda Jackson, OH

Wasted my time and money…

I really wanted to like these but I was faced with a couple of problems. (1) My daughter’s hand as too big for the 1-yr-old tin. (2) I tried to get her handprint anyway and discovered that the plaster dried FAR too fast to even get a very faint imprint. The instructions say that I could have scraped out the plaster and sent the empty tin back to the company for a free replacement of the plaster (after paying for shipping). I chose to dispose of the whole set after trying for at least 10 minutes to get the plaster out of the tin — yah right!As an alternative, I found a clay imprint set that allows for molding and remolding if it doesn’t turn out well. Clay is the way to go — not plaster!

Loraine Huachuca City, AZ


We got this as a gift for our baby and I am SO happy we did not pay for it! This product is awful. The design on the tin leaves much to be desired (as a professional artist I’d like to know who did the awful typeset!) but that’s the least of this product’s problems. The real problem is the plaster, and after reading reviews on here beforehand, I completely agree with the bad ones. We followed the instructions **very carefully** and the mixture was a complete failure! We mixed it continuously for about 15 minutes and it did not turn into a “toothpaste consistency” until we let it sit for 10 minutes. The water kept floating to the top so we had to mix it occasionally while it sat. When it was “ready” and a “toothpaste consistency” we took baby’s hand to it and she was actually pretty cooperative. We pressed the hand and each finger into the plaster and got NOTHING! The plaster was in no way too hard, it was the right consistency for an imprint but we could not get one of her little hand. We gave up after 6 tries (baby was frustrated by then) and I tossed the plaster in the trash. I saved the tin so I might try buying some clay that can be baked and will harden. Don’t waste your money on this garbage! And the insert from the manufacturer saying they’ll ship you another little packet of plaster for $5.00 … what a joke! Not worth that. Save your money, this product is so frustrating and disappointing it will have you near tears!

Audra Lake View, SC

Good so far

I got this just before my daughter turned one. I almost messed up the year one handprint, but luckily it turned out okay. I think originally I made the clay to watery, so I had to wait around for it to harden and was almost too late to get my daughter’s hand on there. I still have to do this 4 more times, so I assume I’ll have perfected the process for her 5th birthday. Not to mention she’ll be old enough to understand that she has to hold her hand flat. But this is such a cool keepsake idea, I’m glad I found it.

Renae Decatur, TN

Now what am I going to do with it?

I just finished year 4 with my first born. The quality is very good. Tins nice and plaster looks like plaster of paris. I messed up the first year but that was my fault. Husband had to chip the plaster out and I used some of year-five plaster to redo it. (Guess I will buy more plaster for year five, or ditch it outright. They say you can get more plaster from them but I cannot see a reason for going through them.) Looks bad. And baby moved a lot so it looks like he has six fingers. But really, I think of that as an experience and kind of a funny story to tell. By year four, my son knew what to do and was all for it. Got a good impression this year. My main problem is that I realized that displaying them is hard and takes space I do not have. It would be better if it were hung on the wall. Five independent tins just do not work for display. I did not buy them for my second kid. We just do the salt-flour baked dough hand prints. Cheaper and they help make the dough. Much better.

Mildred Black Diamond, WA

Easy to Use

Super easy to use and it does make a cute keepsake. The colors are cute and the price is fair. I’ve seen this more expensive at stores.

Roxanne Whitmire, SC

Great keepsake

I just did this for my son. I followed all directions to to t. I saw this a little bit too late since he’s 19 months now but I still managed to squeeze his hand into the year 1 tin. He has big hands so he really should have been in a bigger tin, but like I said I wasn’t able to do this when he was actually one where is hand would have fit better. The consistency of the mixture came out good but after pouring into the tin, making sure level with no air bubbles, and then washing my son’s hand the mixture was more solid then I thought so I didn’t end up pressing my son’s hand as hard as I should have so I had to redo it. It’s hard when their young he wanted to hold his hand flat but at an odd angle. We managed to get a print that looks pretty nice. It will be nice to do this again when he turns 2. Great for keeping memories!

Rosa Pelzer, SC