Child to Cherish Marshmallow Clay Handprint Ornament

Child to Cherish Marshmallow Clay Handprint Ornament

Preserve the innocence of your child with a hand print ornament. This set Includes no mess clay, a rolling pin, 2 cutting rings and a ribbon. Safe and non-toxic air dry clay requires no mixing or baking. Child to Cherish is the original hand print company since 1987.

Main features

  • Preserve the memories with your child’s handprint, Safe and non-toxic air dry marshmallow clay, Use the box to store your ornament year after year, No mixing or baking required, Includes 5.5″ and 4.5″ round cookie cutters, marshmallow clay, ribbon, rolling pin, and hole punch

Verified reviews


It works great for a keepsake

I’ve used this product once before, and it worked just as well this time. It is a little bit sticky, but you can cool it in the fridge for a few minutes. I always put it on wax paper first, and use wax paper between the little rolling stick and the “clay”. You need to press a little firm to get a hand (or foot) print. I use a big circle cookie cutter, not the included ring to cut out the shape. The little straw to cut out the hole for the ribbon works perfectly fine. You need to let it air dry for 6 hours and then flip it over to air dry for another day. Mine always dried completely hard, and seem to hold up. I love having my kids’ hand-prints preserved.

Willie Lambertville, NJ

It is harder then it looks

The marshmallow like clay is not easy to work with.Not sure how others have done it, I had such a hard time getting an impression of the hand, or a foot.

Mallory Bustins Island, ME


Love this for christmas gift and is great for babys first handprint. Great memories! Will enjoy using this for my newest grand baby

Marci Pipersville, PA

Five Stars

easy to use, great for memories!

Myrtle Fayetteville, PA

It just doesn’t work

This kit really falls short of expectations. The included "tools" are ridiculous. You can’t roll clay with a dowel or cut it out with a ragged cardboard circle, unless you want a lumpy ornament with little bits of cardboard in it. I attempted to make an ornament only after fetching a rolling pin and biscuit cutter from the kitchen. After kneading my clay, per the instructions, there were still lots of little air bubbles. I pressed my baby’s hand into the clay, but the imprint was faint and showed none of the little lines and wrinkles that make a handprint unique to a person. What’s worse, most of the print disappeared as the clay dried! Skip this product.

Minnie Charlotte, TX

Worked for me – but you do have to press your child’s hand in very firmly to get a good imprint

This product worked for me. The clay is sticky when you first take it out of the container, but if you knead it per the instructions the stickiness goes away. It was very easy to make an ornament imprint of my three-month-old’s hand – even with her three older siblings “helping”. I made the ornament quite thick – a little over half an inch – and it feels very solid. I am giving this product four stars instead of five because you have to press your child’s hand in SO firmly – my baby was okay with it, but it seems like it would be uncomfortable. I also don’t find the hoops that are designed to guide the shape particularly helpful.I purchased this product as part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group (TM). All opinions are my own.

Fay Athens, WI

Works okay

This product was a little disappointing. The finished product was not as nice as I expected from the picture on the box. FYI make the hand or foot prints when your child is asleep. Much easier.

Alexandria Hillsdale, MI

Great product to make a nice keepsake

Easy to use and a nice keepsake. I used the same one for my son when he was a year old. I’d recommend to anyone with kids.

Eugenia Oreland, PA

Ok, but didn’t dry flat

The marshmallow clay was easy to work with and it was nice to be able to have a few tries when the baby was not so cooperative. I was able to get two ornaments out of the material (1 month old hand prints). I cut them with a glass instead of the circle that came in the kit. They did dry a bit wonkey… Not quite flat. And they are very very light weight.

Edith Dawson, GA