Chomp Baby Pacifier

Chomp Baby Pacifier

Dummy Pacifier – Rocky Horror Keep Mr. Noisey under control. Ages 3 months and up. Soft silicone orthodontic nipple.

Main features

  • Keep Mr. Noisey under control.
  • Ages 3 months and up.

Verified reviews


Chomp Chomp!

I love this pacifier & so does my little one. I guess he loves all the attention he gets when he has this in his mouth. People are always doing a double take as they pass us by and then start to giggle. I use a paci clip that you can attach to the little holes on either side of the pacifier so my son doesn’t lose it.

Alicia Opa Locka, FL

Billy Bob Pacifier

Needless to say, I bought this as a gag pacie! My daughter and son-in-law just moved to his home town in Mississippi before having first baby. I saw this and got a big kick out of it!! It is a great pacie and looks crazy cute in baby’s mouth. I am ordering another for my other daughter in Tennessee!!

Robyn Fox, OR

I just realized something

I bought one of these for our baby and I just realized that I haven’t seen it yet. I’m wondering if mom hid it from me because it makes the little girl look ridiculous. If so, it has done its job well. I’ll have to try and find it.

Malinda New Berlin, WI

Funny but not effective

I bought this because the idea was cute. In reality, this is a heavy pacifier and of little to no practical use. Want to take a few cute photos? This is a funny prop. Want to provide a pacifier that does its job, there are better choices.

Nettie Idlewild, TN

ha ha ha

I really don’t know why exactly I am attracted to these things… but I think they are fun and look hysterical. Although if the baby is very young this brand tends to be on the heavy side and the baby may not be able to use it.

Luz Enochs, TX

Cute but baby doesn’t like it

This product was so cute when my son used it, the problem is that it doesn’t match with his other pacifiers and he doesn’t use it. He will keep it in for a few seconds to snap a picture but not long. He is very attached to the Avent pacifiers.

Marissa La Joya, TX

Okay If You Don’t Plan To Use It 24/7

This pacifier is adorable when paired with my 6-month old’s “monster” onesie for Halloween. The pacifier is made well and doesn’t have any harmful products like BPA. My only issue is that the pacifier is way too heavy for my 6-month old to keep in his mouth. This is a very heavy pacifer so it’s not something we use daily, or all day. He has pacifiers that he uses all day at school but this one would not serve that purpose. I bought it mainly for Halloween and for that it is great.

Juliana Leetsdale, PA

Five Stars

fun toy

Susie Slayden, TN