ChooMee Sip’n Food Pouch Toppers | 2-Pack | Red Purple

ChooMee Sip’n Food Pouch Toppers | 2-Pack | Red Purple

ChooMee’s Sip’n soft top is the first and only pouch top providing flow control and cap. This silky smooth chewy sipping valve finally gives baby control over the flow rate of their food. Attach it to your pouch and no longer worry about messy spills and pureed explosions. Better yet, teething babies can happily chew their pouch spout with comfort. This innovative multifunctional design allows you to maximize your pouch performance!

Main features

  • Chewy, flow control valve with cap and strap. 4 Key Benefits: Protect Mouth, Prevent Spills, Maximize Nutrition, Promote Independence
  • Package contains two Sipn soft pouch toppers. Reusable, dishwasher and freezer safe
  • Fits majority of food pouches both reusable and prefilled
  • BPA, phthalate, lead free

Verified reviews


Great for baby

I have these Sip’ns in every color, and need more! My baby is 8 months old and will rarely take solids or purees. We started giving her pouches with the Sip’n on top, and she loves it! She is much more willing to take purees from the Sip’n than from a spoon. It’s also super soft, squishy, the valve is fantastic, and the cap lets me save leftovers (I wash the cap first.)The colors are very jewel-like too. We primarily use these on top of Squooshi and Infantino Squeeze Station pouches, and also pre-made pouches like Happy Baby. Great product!

Jenna Palos Park, IL

Awesome baby product!

My 10-month-old loves eating, but hates being spoon-fed. He likes pouches because he can feed himself. I bought the ChooMe Sip’n tops because I was tired of cleaning up the mess from self-feeding. They work perfectly, I have not had a bit of food escape from these. And my son can still feed himself.After two days of use, my husband (the greatest skeptic of all things “baby” I have seen) declared them “Genius.”We mainly use these tops with Little Green Pouches and Yummi Pouches, but have also used them with pre-filled pouches. They have fit on all of them, although with the refillable pouches I find I have to twist the caps a little more to seat them properly. Since we don’t have a dishwasher, we use the nipple end of a bottle brush to clean these, which works very well.I definitely recommend ChooMe Sip’n tops to any parents who feed their kids with pouches.

Pansy Mendon, OH

I recommend these to moms everywhere!

If you want to use pouch foods with your child, but you are afraid that they will squeeze the food all over themselves…this is for you!!These lids are the best that I’ve seen. They are durable, wash nicely, have a lid, have a valve so food can’t get out without suction, and they attach to the food pouch so you don’t lose them.I made a point to research other tips like this before buying a second set, but I found that nobody else out there has lids for the tips–the other brands are tips only.These are great for road trips, restaurants, etc. So happy I found these!

Brianna Gregory, AR

Pretty good, not perfect

These work fairly well, but like many other tips for food pouches they are not perfect. I also ownPouchPop Topper 2 Pack for Pouch Feeding, 4 Months Plus – Red/Orange, so I will try to make a comparison of the two.Functionality: The benefit to the ChooMee tops is the little valve that prevents accidentally-on-purpose spills when baby squeezes the pouch. The top is all one piece of silicone and the valve itself is a thin piece of silicone with a slit down the middle. PouchPop tops have no valve and baby can just squeeze the food out everywhere. Well, both have their pro’s and cons as far as the functionality. The ChooMee tops are awesome at preventing accidental spills, but they are also really difficult to suck the food out of unless the puree is very thin (I mean watered down regular yogurt with no fruit thin). So most of the time we end up using the PouchPop tops because even thick purees will come out of this just fine. Because there is no valve, these allow a lot of food to flow out at one time, so young babies might have a hard time with that.Caps: The little cap on the ChooMee feeder is a nice touch. These are great if baby doesn’t eat all of the pouch at once and you don’t want to take this off to replace the cap temporarily. PouchPops do not have these. Although this isn’t a huge issue for us, my baby does sometimes get distracted by the cap hanging off of the ChooMee top and would rather play with it than eat.Staying put on Pouch: ChooMee tops push onto the food pouch and kind of “snap” on. They are super easy to put on and even more easy to take off. This has been our biggest issue with these caps. My 12 month old is constantly taking off the cap, then the contents of the pouch spill everywhere. The PouchPop tops screw on to the cap and have fit every pouch I’ve tried (squooshie refillable, infantino pouches, and store bought pouches). These definitely win in this category because my baby cannot get the off of the pouches. Update: I recently bought theSquooshi Reusable Food Pouch | 8 Pack – G.O. Pattern | Refillable Squeeze Pouches for Kids of All Agesand the ChooMee tops are perfect for these! It is harder to snap them on, but my baby can’t get them off. I still use PouchPop toppers more often because I tend to make thick purees that flow more easily through the PouchPop.Overall: Both are made of quality silicone material, they are super easy to clean, and work decently for their purpose. Neither is perfect. The ChooMee caps are probably better for younger infants (6 months and up), and the PouchPop tops are probably better for older babies (12 months and up) when the baby is better about not squeezing the pouch too hard and they can handle more food at one time.

Eddie Deputy, IN

ChooMee top + ReSqueeze = Happy Mama and baby

You can see my review of the ReSqueeze pouches under that product. Even without the ChooMee’s the ReSqueezes would be great, but adding the ChooMee made it perfection. My son hasn’t figured out how to squeeze the pouch on his own yet and giving him the food without the ChooMee was difficult because I couldn’t really tell how much I was squeezing. I put a ChooMee on and he went to town. He loved the soft silicone. I simply made sure that the spout stayed full by squeezing the pouch and he could decide how much he wanted. Plus, he’s teething and I think he liked being able to stick the ChooMee far back in his mouth with the cold puree inside the pouch. Great combo!

Constance Marbury, AL

Keeps 12 month old from spilling pouches

My baby loves himself some pouches, but he also doesn’t quite understand that when you turn them upside down they WILL leak all over you. With the ChooMee top’s valve he no longer makes a massive mess with pouches (you could technically turn it upside down and intentionally squeeze it out, but we’re not there yet….thankfully;-).In addition, when sucking on pouches before he used to start crying mid-pouch because he would scrape his gums or roof of his mouth on the hard plastic white neck. With the ChooMee covering this part of the pouch, he now chews and sucks on the pouch with no problem. Worth noting – he definitely enjoys gnawing on it and I haven’t noticed any wear-and-tear yet. Also have yet to encounter a pouch that the ChooMee doesn’t work for.Though initially I was kicking myself over the cost, I have long forgotten what I paid and am one happy camper.

Dona Davy, WV

A sanity and carpet saver!

My toddler is a tough one… She is such a picky eater that often she’ll only eat baby food pouches – and only if allowed to eat while walking around (ridiculous). Anyway, that’s fine, until she decides she is done with whatever pouch she has and tosses it across the room or squeezes it all over my carpet. *sigh* But these – these are genius! I have had them for about a week so far, and I have not had to spot clean my carpet once since! No more drips, no messes on my carpet! My carpet and my sanity are saved because of these things! And, the little attached cap part is great for on the go. Love them.

Rebekah Terre Haute, IN

Good price good product

We got these bc the ones everyone had recommend were no longer being sold. And my 7 mo old kid loves em. He does prefer to chew on the tops rather than the food we squeeze thru most times- ha! Beware you have to push hard and sometimes it’ll explode thru the kid so be careful when squeezing or you’ll end up a kiddo w a mouth full of purees and have to chance their clothes! Good price, good product.

Cherie Everly, IA

Fabulous product–works great even for 4/5 month old

Great for travel to prevent huge messes on the go and helps with transitioning baby from milk to solids. Great!!

Marsha Yatahey, NM

Helpful during Teething!

Buy this to help your baby eat while they’re teething or if they are fussy eaters and play with the food bag.Otherwise they don’t make a huge difference. Please consider the Pros and Cons below. My experience/observations will help set your expectations.My expectations when buying this product:I get a soft tip, so when my baby feeds himself, he doesn’t damage his teeth, since when hes teething, he likes to chew on things. I also expected it to control the explosions/flow of the puree.My review system:I believe an item should get 5 stars if you are glad you bought it, despite any shortcomings. Anything lower than a 5 star, indicates that I regret buying it, and the stars merely reflect my level of disapproval.How I used it:I placed the Sip/Soft Tops over the puree food bags, expecting my child to squeeze the bag and feed themselves. He only chewed on the top. I had the squeeze the bag. My mother-in-law squeezed the bag too hard, and he spit everything out.Good observations:-Main Point: $10 for 2 caps to use over and over again-1. Baby is attracted to the color
• the squeeze bags have normally a white tip, not so attractive, but with the orange and blue tips, the baby will want to put their mouth on it2. Its nice and soft silicon3. Two tips included4. Good for teething5. If your baby chews on the tips of the squeeze bags, then yes, you need to get this, chewing on the hard plastic tip is not good for their developing teeth6. It will prevent explosions if the bag is dropped or turned upside down
• often the child will want to try the underside of the bag or drop it on the ground to see what happensCritical observations, not necessarily negative, just set the right expectations:1. The ‘doors’ are not water tight
• Even with a liquid, the seal on the ‘flap’ isn’t water tight or anything2. Thin silicon film at the tips – easily torn
• I cleaned the tips with the nipple brush that comes with a bottle brush, i rammed the nipple brush thru and thru, it ripped the thin silicon film, however, this did not effect the products function3. Cap/Cover does not stay on perfectly
• The attachment strap tends to flex back into its natural position, pulling the cap/cover off in the process4. Does not prevent back flow
• The flaps are too thin, not air tight seal anyway5. Does not prevent squeeze explosions
• My boy placed the puree bag on the table, and pressed the palm of his hand on the bag, the puree shot out. The tip reduced the expelled amount by like 10%My baby boy gets a variety of food to choose from, usually we have 4 bags open for him. apple sauce, veggie, fruit, meat bag, so it started becoming a hassle to wash and clean the tips.If your baby is able to feed himself straight out of the bag, WITHOUT playing with the bag theres no need to use these adaptors.But BUY these! and use the adaptors when your child is teething. Or if they like to play with the bag, i.e. turn it upside down or drop it on the ground. This will save you the frustration. They will help!

Carlene Ketchum, ID

Great product.

I bought this to use with the make your own squeeze baby food bags so my 7 month old would not hurt her mouth. I used it today and she loved it, cut down on the mess some too. It fit perfectly on the infantino disposable bags and is easy to clean.

Chandra Junction City, AR

must buy

Great product a must have for pouch use if u don’t want a mess I only gave it 4 stars because I did have one rip a little bit sure if it was from washing or baby chewing still works just not as mess proof still awesome product

Chandra Iowa Falls, IA

Only thing of its kind but some flaws

This is the only thing of its kind as far as I know so, for that reason, I really appreciate this product. I like that it protects my baby’s mouth and teeth from the hard spout of food pouches. It contains mess fairly well. I also think my teething baby likes chewing on it. It took no time for my baby to figure out how to use the ChooMee Sip’n Soft Top.My 2 complaints about the product, however, are that the top pops off easily and the ring is cumbersome; it hits my baby’s face everytime she tries to use it and I have to keep the ring away from her face.

Darlene Mooringsport, LA

they are great.

I bought these when my son was about 4 or 5 months old. My child did not actually understand these until he was about 16 months old. Now that he does, they are great.

Dee Fort Bidwell, CA

Wish I’d Had These Earlier!

I bought the cheaper version of these where there isn’t a valve first for my (then) 6-month-old and what a mess! I decided I’d give these a shot and they’ve been heaven sent! My little guy is not a fan of most baby food and being fed from a spoon, so the pouches were a good solution and these keep the mess very minimal. I’ve already sent about 5 friends to this link to get some for their little ones. I just wish I’d had these with my other two kids.

Alexis Vest, KY

Sadly, useless.

I ordered 2 packs based on the great reviews – this cap sounded great, I couldnt wait to try these.But i don’t get it. Baby gives one good squeeze and the food squirts right out the choomee cap. Did nothing to control mess, I may as well have given her the pouch without the choomee cap. Have 4 of them (being so excited by the good reviews and all) so I tried different caps to make sure I didn’t just have a defective one. Sadly, nope.Don’t waste your money.

Ashlee Kelseyville, CA