ciao! Baby Portable High Chair, Black,

ciao! Baby Portable High Chair, Black,

DELIVERY ALERT: This item ships in its original packaging and may be visible upon delivery! Ciao! Baby Portable Travel High Chair, Black The ciao! baby?portable high chair goes with you anywhere -picnics, camping, vacations, tailgating, and grandma’s house. – All one piece and requires no assembly; Easily unfolds, locks into place, and folds back up in seconds – Lightweight and flexible design; weighs only 8lbs – Durable material with a clear vinyl tray cover that easily wipes clean; Built-in cup holder – Comfortable lap belt securely holds child; Meets ASTM high chair standards Recommended Age/Weight/Height: up to 3 years Product Dimensions (in use): 23″x23″x32″

Main features

  • Portable high chair
  • No assembly required
  • Lightweight 8 pounds
  • Carry bag included
  • Up to 3 years

Verified reviews


Must have

We purchased this so we had a chair for our daughter at our parents’ (her grandparents’) house. I saw another review suggest using it in a restaurant and it worked out great! Pops up in seconds and our daughter loves to hide cereal in the cup holder. The owner of a burger place liked it so much that he is going to buy a few to keep on hand at the store for people who visit.The only issue that I’ve noticed is the locks that hold the legs open seem a little flimsy.

Amy Laurie, MO

handy to have

This item is a little overpriced – but its made in America, it is extremely durable and well built, and is super nice to have. It literally folds up like a camp chair and goes anywhere. The safety buckle is a little tough to use. I don’t know who designed it but i’d like to see them get a squirmy 9 mo old through that loop and get their legs through the holes without bending something the wrong way. we bypass it most times.

Zelda Luck, WI

great idea but …

my little guy needs extra support when he sits still and home highchair has 5 point harness. I wanted to use this one at a restaurant but no harness and I was worried about him not having the support he needs so haven’t used it yet.

Georgette West Boylston, MA

Great chair to take to restaurants

We went out on Mother’s day and took this chair with us to a restaurant. Everyone asked where we got this from. It’s a great chair. Very useful.We have a 8 months old baby and sometimes it was a bit difficult to get her inside the seat belt that comes with this chair. But overall I very much like this chair.

Elise North Thetford, VT

Excellent for travel, compact enough to take everyewhere

This is an excellent item to have when travelling or camping with a small child. It’s seems very sturdy so far. I would have given it 5 star but I knocked of a star for the price. Portable chairs like this sell for an avg of 20.00 but I guess since they won’t sell as many of these explains the higher price point. Overall if you are out and about this is a great item to have especially when you go to a restaurant and they don’t have a high chair (happens more than you’d think) it’s nice to have this in the trunk.

Nelda Pie Town, NM

Some Pros, Some Cons…

I got the orange color and I’ve been using the chair for over a week.PROS:1. Folds easily, sturdy,2. Good for travel, folds up well, lightweight3. Will fit a large baby with large legs (my son is 30 lbs at 11 months and in the 100% percentile)CONS:1. The tray sags. It’s not good for holding a bowl or something like that2. The straps are pretty useless, the design of the straps is just bad.3. It is very pretty when new but the plastic stains easily. That’s just a cosmetic issue, but still.

Christian Loyalton, CA

The Best Invention Since Sliced Bread

The Baby Portable Travel High Chair is hands down the best idea. It stems from the idea of the portable chairs used during camping trips or children’s sporting events. The chair is extremely durable and features legs slots for the little one, waist belt to keep baby secure, and a plastic table top area with cup holder for easy wipe off. I use mine when we go to restaurants. It also works indoors and outdoors. If the chair gets soiled, it can be hosed down very easily. Great Product!!

Essie White City, KS

Great for travel

Have taken this a few times on road trips and it works great indoors and outdoors and provides a sturdy setting for our son to still eat his food. He is only 10 months right now, but it can be used for a few years and I prefer him to sticking to sitting on his own when eating as opposed to use holding him. It is better for him this way and also won’t start any habits that die hard. I see it in the mall or other dining out places where kids want to be held or coddled and won’t sit in their high chairs and that is something we want to avoid and this is a great solution for that!

Olive Jena, LA


We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this high chair and recommend it to everyone with a baby. We take this to bbq’s, friends house, when we go camping or stay in a hotel. It’s amazing. The only thing I don’t like is the table top doesn’t lay flat, it leans towards the baby. Aside from that it’s very durable, well made and something I can see us using for a very, very long time. We get SO many compliments on this chair.

Georgina Granger, MO

great for travel

we bought this while traveling to my in-laws – it’s not good for a full-time high chair but it did the trick while traveling

Kasey Waynesburg, OH

Meh. Bring back the Evenflo travel high chair!

It’s just OK, but the way it’s designed the "tray" part slants down toward the baby, creating a food slide right into your kids lap. Lot of fun. Not. But it is a high chair that is portable and will do in a pinch.

Anita Mount Sterling, WI

Perfect on the go or camping

This is a great chair. We have used it several times going to the park, visiting family and friends have borrowed it to go camping with. This chair is a huge win in our house.

Mandy Blairs, VA

Must have

Love this chair. We have used it for travel many times already. My girls love sitting in it. I like that it has its own tray attached so I can take it in restaurants and not have the girls eating off the table (or grabbing at things on the table).

Leigh Colton, CA

Great chair for travel

Great for camping or taking on picnics, to other homes. Only downfall is that the tray part is not even, so food tends to roll towards baby.

Lily Buffalo, OK

Works good!

A little spendy, but hopefully I get my money out of it.. Its a nice chair though! People seem to like it as they comment on it often

Joni Lakeland, GA

Awesome concept, super handy

This high chair in genius! Folds up small, light weight. Great for camping or when we are visiting friends and family. It’s sturdy and definitely keeps my daughter contained. However the tray is not very sturdy and seems to slope down. So if you put a grape on it lets say, it would just roll into baby’s lap. Great for snacks, but I basically had to hold the food and hand it to her piece by piece or it would slide off the tray. Great for sitting around a campfire too and the cup holder was nice. We filled it with food and used it like a bowl.

Angeline Lehi, UT

Nice and compact

I bought this a few months ago before my child could use it. I’m looking forward to actually being able to take it out and use it at the park or in a restaurant. It’s super easy to use after the first time. It seemed a bit tricky to figure out how to set it up, but it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. I love how compact this is as well. I have it stored in our hallway coat closet and people would never know that I had my high chair sitting in there. Very handy. Has the same fabric texture as a camp chair. I imagine it’ll get a lot of use this summer as we get out more.I’ll update this review once my child has used it a few more times.

Joan Casar, NC

Food slides to baby. Wife quit using it.

The weight of the child causes the table platform to tilt back toward the child (the platform is not independent and is attached to the seat). Eventually my daughter ends up with a lap full of food (more so than normal). It is ok for travel use but I honestly don’t understand the high ratings. It could be better.

Vonda Black River Falls, WI

Pricey but worth every penny

We originally bought this for camping but we use it all the time.It is great for bring over to others house that do not have a highchair.Easy to clean

Roberta Grulla, TX

Great portable high chair for little ones

We have used this high chair countless times, however we’ve had to stop using it because our 1yr old is too big to get in and out of the chair easily. He still needs a high chair, and we’re a bit disappointed that this one is so snug. However, when he did fit into the chair it was great, he loved being in his chair and it’s super easy to set up, clean, and transport. We had a good 8 month run with this chair, definitely will keep it around for baby No. 2.

Deidra Orangeville, UT

… she has shoes on but otherwise the chair is great. My daughter doesn’t mind sitting in it

Can be a little hard to get my daughter in and out when she has shoes on but otherwise the chair is great. My daughter doesn’t mind sitting in it.

Marguerite Hiwasse, AR

The best portable highchair ever!!!!

I bought this for vacation for our 7 month old and it is amazing!!! It fits in the carrying bag like a fold up chair and opens up for set up easily! The only thing I would change if it was me is the leg holes as they are a bit smaller for babies with little chubby legs. I had so many parents ask me where I got this and were amazed how well it was made and set up!

Olive Mystic, CT